Exclusive Interview with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Winsor Harmon.

Winsor Harmon talks B&B!

When Soap Opera Fan Blog recently talked to Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester), he was enjoying a weeklong break from B&B’s new shooting schedule. Even though he was keeping busy ‘potty training’ his new French bulldog and working around the house, he was able to find time to chat with us about his new outlook on life and what it’s really like to work on The Bold and the Beautiful.

With Halloween just days away, Winsor giddily shared that he just got his and his five year old son’s costumes. As they will both dress up as Optimus Prime from “Transformers,” Winsor let it be known that family is what’s most important to him. “I’m at a point in my life where I try to make every day productive instead of just wasting a day. It’s at the time now in this county and this economy where really I’m just trying to make good at something on a daily basis. And of course my son, my five year old is my main focus. I just want to be the best dad I can be.”

A former Texas A&M football player, Winsor also enjoys staying active as he often participates in charity sporting events including the annual Jayo Invitational Volleyball tournament in Los Angeles and the Malibu Triathlon, as well as racing cars.

Of course he also has to report to work every once in awhile, but since he still enjoys working on B&B, it’s not exactly a chore. While Winsor explained that he doesn’t like to discuss his character’s storyline, he was more than eager to share what a wonderful work environment he is part of.

“I was talking to Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester, B&B) and she’s like, ‘We have it so lucky because we really enjoy working with each other.’ There are a lot of shows where the actors have egos and this and that and they just don’t enjoy working with each other. We enjoy working with each other. We love it. We really do. You might not believe that, but we absolutely enjoy working with each other. We like each other. I’ve been on sets where the actors don’t like each other and it’s not fun,” Winsor shared.

Aside from hitting the jackpot where his castmates are concerned, Winsor attributes his continued contentment working on the soap to the show’s creators and producers, the Bell family. “I don’t work for CBS, I work for Bell-Phillip and they instill that. When you first start the show, their hand is out to you and they invite you to their house and they share meals with you and they just instill a level of respect from the top all the way to the bottom,” he marveled. “Even the interns. I’ve spoken to several interns who are like, ‘I want to stay here because I really like working here.’ It’s a fun place to work. So that’s credited to the Bell family.”

Having worked on B&B for over a decade, Winsor is understandably associated with Thorne Forrester, but that doesn’t mean he shares the same traits as his alter ego. “I’ll talk to anybody and I’m a very down to earth person and I think it catches a lot of people off guard because of the mystique of The Bold and the Beautiful and being a Forrester. You know [The Forresters] are surrounded by jets and money and [people] think they may be a little uppity, but what they see is, I’m just a normal kid from Rockwall, Texas.”

This normal kid from Rockwall, Texas who grew up on a 25,000 acre lake hunting and fishing, is looking forward to setting sail on the 2009 Soap Cruise in January. To read his take on this ultimate soap fan event, read the rest of our interview with Winsor on our sister site,

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  1. From B&Bfan

    I think they should get Winsor Harmon back on B&B and give Thorne a big storyline. B&B is actually a bit boring without Thorne! He needs to be on there.

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