Galen Gering Bio

Name: Galen Gering
Character Name: Raphael ‘Rafe’ Hernandez
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Birthdate: February 13, 1971
Career Highlights in Soaps: Galen is best known for his performance as beleaguered detective Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on fellow NBC soap Passions. He originated that role in 1999 and played it until the series’ completion in 2008.
Claim to fame: He was named one of the 50 most beautiful people by “People” magazine in 2000.
Trivia: He is the co-founder of Reel Access, a website containing an extensive database of talent demo reels for industry professionals to view.

Photo Credit: NBC

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  1. From vickie

    Luis is so right for sami.They make the perfect couple.vickie

  2. From vickie

    Yes I like the post.It gives u so much information.vickie

  3. From Lois

    I wish your writers would really find a life partner for Sami. I have watched Days since 1968, and they have always, always made turmoil for Sami’s love life. I think she should be hooked up with either Lucas or EJ! With all the kids she had she should have a “family” life now. Move on to better story line there for Sami

  4. From monica

    I think sami should hook up with Rafe. He’s so hot!!

  5. From donna

    I think Rafe and Sami have great chemistry!! Let’s get them together, PLEASE!

  6. From Cheryl

    Sami and Rafe are so cute together. Thanks for bring Rafe onto days!!!

  7. From DOOL fan 2009

    So now that Sami can go home – will Rafe still be on the show??

  8. From Catherine

    Thats what Im wondering. I love the whole Rafe and Sami story line. I hope Days keeps him on, and as sami’s man.

  9. From Heather

    I think Sami & Rafe should absolutely be together.I wish he would stay on Days also. Him and Brady. With Passions gone we need to look at those pretty faces!

  10. From Poppyseed

    Sami & Rafe are perfect together. I would like to see them have a lasting relationship, not just temporary.

  11. From JessicaLynn

    I hope Rafe stays on the show. The chemistry is great between him and Sami. It’s been a while now where i’ve been able to say I can’t wait until tomorrow’s show to see what’s all due to Sami & Rafe..please keep them going!!

  12. From Katie Avner

    I really hope that ‘Rafe ‘ will stay on and he and Sami can get together. He adds a lot of life to the show, now that so many others have been dropped. not worth watching anymore, But I will wait a bit and see what they do with Rafe. Sami needs to marry him and then watch things go!!

  13. From KarenKathleen

    I totally love the way Galen plays the part of Rafe. Rafe has become my favorite character on Days. He and Sami are perfect together. Rafe doesn’t put up with any nonsense from Sami, but he does it in a “good guy” way. Love, love, love him!

  14. From Stephanie

    I am so glad Galen has joined Days and he is perfect for the part of Rafe and perfect for Sami. I am loving him and hope he will be around Salem for a long time to come. I am a huge Safe fan.

  15. From Katie

    I really hope they keep Rafe on the show as Sami’s man! If I see that Rafe & Sami will be on the next day when they show the previews at the end I really anticipate the next day. Their chemistry is awesome, way better than Sami with Lucas or EJ.

  16. From Helen

    Keep Rafe on the show and bring back John & Marlena. Get rid of Max and Melanie, The show just isn’t interesting any more. !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. From Maria

    I love Rafe and I can see him and Sami together. Please let it happen.

  18. From Liz

    Rafe and Sami make a great couple. They are so cute together.I hope he stays in Salem a long time. He has the same birthday as mine. Feb 13. He’s real cute.

  19. From TERESA


  20. From Lissie

    I love Rafe. He is a breath of fresh air for Days of our Lives. I absolutely love him with Sami. They are definitely the new “Super Couple” of soaps. Please don’t say he is leaving the show.

  21. From Erin

    I LOVE Sami and Rafe together! Together they are SAFE!! I have seen Sami with Lucas on and off too many times to count. I liked her with EJ, but then he turned out to be a Raping Bastard and now is his father’s shadow!! Neither one of the relationships lasted. I want Sami to be with Rafe and have it end happy. Sami deserves that much! and as long as Rafe can just Ignore EJ’s ways about Sami…the two of them will be just fine. Sami and Rafe have the Best Chemistry since Chelsea and Dr. Jonas!! I want to see the two of them together happy with Grace in the middle. BUT….I really can’t wait to see Sami and Rafe Romantic together…kissing, caressing each other in slow motion..with music in the background skin on skin making love…and then they wake up together in each other’s arms holding each other talking and caressing each other the next day. THAT is what I want to see!!! So put that To the test Producers…Please!!!

  22. From Erin

    I also wantd to say that I am soooo Happy and glad that Galen Gering joined the set on Days of our Lives. He is perfect with Alison Sweeney. They have the chemistry and I hope he stays on the show for a long time. My goodness he just came here in December. I love them together! I watch the show every day and anticipate if they are going to be on the following day.

  23. From Erin

    Rafe aka Galen Gering is breath-taking. I love his beautiful brown hazel eyes and his jet black hair!! He’s the most attractive guy I have seen on Days in a super long time!! He just adds sooo much to the show!!

  24. From Gail

    Amen to that Erin!!! He and Sami are great together— the chemistry is the best and hottest. She needs a good guy in her life and he could be it. EJ and Lucas pale in comparison to Rafe. Keep those love scenes coming. THey are the best. Sure gives a kick to my day!!

  25. From Gloria

    I don’t usually enter comments but I have to for Rafe. He is the best character on this show. He is down to earth, tells it like it is, and with Sami (the perfect match if I can say so), he keeps her on her toes and doesn’t fall for all the stuff she’s pulled. Not to mention, they look absolutely darling together (a hot match)! I hope you keep them together and make it work.
    You did it with bo and hope. You have the conflict but in the end, they work it out.

  26. From Gloria

    I thought EJ was hot but Rafe takes the cake. I just recently started watching Days and I’m going to keep watching!

  27. From Barbie

    I live for Days just to see Rafe. What a man and drop dead good-looking to boot. Don’t mess this up. They should be the new super couple on Days. Evryone else is boring. Let’s get it on!

  28. From Ann

    Rafe is the best thing thats happened to Days in a very long time and I’ve watched the show since it began 40 years ago! I don’t see how anyone couldn’t help falling in love with Rafe and he makes a great partner for Sami, keeps her in her place, sees right through her, but lovingly. Hope he stays on the show forever! Galen is a terrific actor, really keeps my interest. I’m 71, but if I were younger, I’d look for a guy just Rafe. Because I still work part-time everyday, I record the show everyday and can’t wait to relax at night and enjoy watching Days of Our Lives.

  29. From Phyllis

    ditto to posts #23,27 & 28
    I’ve watched Days since it started on day # 1 and have seen couples come and go, but Sami and Rafe are hot, hot, hot ! Lucky girl !

  30. From Kim

    I agree with all you Rafe fans. He is just soo hot, so sweet and perfect for Sami. She so deserves to have some happiness in her life. She has four kids now, it is time for her to settle down with one man – Rafe. What a lucky, lucky girl. I am so envious of Alison!!!

  31. From Joy

    Galen, you had a picture with Amy and James and yourself with Amy when she was a child. She just graduated high school and is headed for college. I thought you might enjoy a picture of her now. Let me know —

  32. From granny

    love Rafe and Sami together. if he can find out what nicole is up to even better. bring back John and Marlena. salem isn’t right without them. love Bo and Hope. please find a good mickey for maggie, her character is so just out there. get Will a haircut. the writers need to quit dropping people for no reason. some of it just doesn’t make sense. I have been watching since the beginning and and the story lines are sometimes not connected very well.

  33. From Linda

    Galen is the hottest person to be on Days of our Lives in years!! He is perfect for Sami. She needs some guidance in her
    life and he is just the perfect person for her. They have great chemistry and they have done some great acting with the whole baby Grace storyline. Days, please keep Sami and Rafe together. It is the makings of a supercouple!!!!

  34. From Judy

    Galen is the best thing to hit Days since Deidre Hall and Drake Hogysten. I agree that he is perfect as Rafe. He is a natural. When you can act without acting, that’s the best there is. While I have never really liked Sami with Lucas and kind of liked her with E.J., she and Rafe are the perfect pair. Keep them together. However, if they become as popular as \John and Marlena\ they may be a thing of the past. Let’s hope TPTB have learned their lesson. boro

  35. From Rebecca Anderton

    Yes I am so glad Galen Giering is on Days I loved him on Passions as Luis. I got to meet Galen at the Day of Days fan event last year and he is so nice.

  36. From joyce

    i love the fact that rafe is on days! i loved him on passions as well as arianna who played teresa on passions.i want sami&rafe to hook back up they make the cutest darn couple! I cant wait for the day when rafe blows nicole out of the water for the baby switch!
    so many people will be affected.rafe is hot!!!!!

  37. From Lyn Mazzei

    Rafe and Sami WOW!!!! What a couple!!! He is the most georgous actor I have seen anywhere!!! They make a couple that just has to be the greatest since John and Marlena!!! Go Rafe and Sami!!!! Keep it up writers!!!!!!

  38. From Lyn Mazzei

    GO RAFE and SAMI!!!! What a couple!!! WOW!!!!

  39. From tt

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  40. From Celestine

    Please Keep Rafe n Sami together and raise all the beautiful children of sami’s….

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