General Hospital Spoilers For November 3 – 7!

Spoilers for next week:

80′s GH fans should probably brace themselves for a good ride next week. With Scott trying to remind Laura of how good things used to be between them, and Luke doing the same, we’ll all probably end up in an emotional heap somewhere. Should Luke stay with Tracy or go with Laura? That is exactly what Laura will challenge him to decide. Oh yea, there’s a nice dose of adventure in the mix, too. What else would you expect from Luke and Laura, right?

Robin and Patrick will have a pretty big week, too! After months of relationship drama, their little girl is finally born. The blessed event isn’t without its share of drama, either, as there will be HIV complications to contend with. Robin is scared silly for her baby, Robin’s friends and family are scared silly for her, but ultimately, Soap Opera Fan Blog can report that Patrick’s prayers are answered. Now let’s just hope that he prayed for both of his girls, right?

We’ll finally get to learn more about what’s going on with Sam. She confides in Jason about what she’s been up to. Jerry is able to rope her into his deadly scheme, however.

Sonny’s world isn’t looking much brighter at this point. Next week finds him still bent on revenge. Only this time, he ends up in a life-threatening situation. Guess who helps him out? Carly. Their now-famous chemistry kicks in, but they both fight off their attraction to one another. It’s a good thing because Jax has been watching them!

For fans who like to know when the other cement boot is going to drop (and in Port Chuckles it always does), Soap Opera Fan Blog will post new spoilers on Thursdays for a sneak peek at what to expect the following week. If things get really juicy, we’ll pop new stuff in more often than that!

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