General Hospital Spoilers For October 29 – 30!

Here are some mini teasers for Wednesday and Thursday:

Hey, maybe this is the week that a couple in Port Chuck can actually go to their wedding and leave as husband and wife! Nah, don’t get your hopes up. There’s going to be a fair share of drama (don’t worry, there won’t be a sniper or anything) leading up to Robin and Patrick’s big moment, such as:

Elizabeth and Jason find a few quality moments alone in the church, but Robin and Patrick’s guests start arriving before anything juicy can happen.

Patrick appears to be a no-show, but Robin isn’t worried at all. While her friends and family worry that she’ll be standing at the altar alone, she’s calm, cool and collected! When Patrick finally rushes into the church after completing an emergency surgery (on Anthony, details below), Robin’s water breaks before they can exchange vows.

As for Anthony’s surgery, he collapses while with Claudia, but she doesn’t lift a finger while he appears to be stroking out! Johnny, however, is a good son and can’t bear to watch his father die. Anthony is rushed to General Hospital and Patrick performs emergency surgery, with his newly found half brother Dr. Matt as his trusty assistant.

As for the other couple who didn’t actually marry on their wedding day, Sonny and Kate seem further apart than ever. Olivia quietly seethes in Sonny’s general direction as she warns him not to break her cousin’s heart by marrying a mob princess instead.

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