General Hospital Weekly Summary from October 20 – 24!

One for the history buffs! Finally, here’s a storyline that those of us who have watched for decades can sink our teeth into.

Scott finally found out that Lulu was the one who killed Logan and he wasted no time in confronting her about it. As he promised to make sure that she suffered from a lethal injection, Laura came to life and ripped into him for threatening her daughter! She assured Lulu that she was alright and then told Scott that he needs to pay for killing her father! Scott told her that he never got the chance to father his only son, but offered a suggestion. He said that if she would come with him, ‘no questions asked’, he would let Lulu go. Lulu begged her mother not to go, but Laura assured her that Scottie wouldn’t hurt her. On their way out of town, Scott told Laura that he wanted her to fall in love with him again.

Tracy found Luke in Mexico and suffered quite a few follies. They were jailed and released, drunk and sobered and finally Luke gave her the slip so he could hightail it back to Port Chuck to help his female offspring.

Sam couldn’t seem to convince anyone that Jerry set her up. She ended the week handcuffed in the interrogation room as Lucky told her that he needed to get out of town to get away from the whole mess.

Anthony told Claudia that the only way Sonny would get to head up the Zacchara organization would be if he married her. Sonny said, “Hell no!” and Claudia pretty much seconded the motion. Instead, she went to Jason and asked him to marry her so that they could disarm the old man. They made it as far as the Justice of the Peace, but he refused to marry two such unaffectionate people. Claudia told Jason that she would have to marry Sonny now and that won’t bode well for him.

Sonny found out that Olivia had a son when he answered her cell phone. Olivia explained it away to too many one-night stands back in the day and said that she simply didn’t want to share her beautiful son with a man who didn’t want her. Sonny said that she should bring Dante to Port Charles to meet Kate.

Jax and Carly remained in a stalemate. She agreed to sell half of her shares to Nikolas and ended up making Nadine jealous in the process. Jax, not to be outdone, arranged to buy Spoon Island out from under Nikolas as payback.

Robin and Patrick were surprised with a bridal and baby shower, complete with tequila shots, at Jake’s. Coleman sat at the bar with Patrick while the women gushed over Robin amidst pink presents and a cake.

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  1. From Olive

    I’m very happy Laura is awake – I think this will be very interesting. I’ve always been a Luke and Laura fan…but I’ve really come to enjoy Luke and Tracy, so I’m looking forward to see how this plays out.

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