General Hospital Weekly Summary from October 27 – 31!

It was a week full of love and only a little evil. Can you guess who brought out the dark side for this week? Claudia Zacchara, of course. Read below!

The lead-up to Robin and Patrick’s wedding was surprisingly heart-warming. The bride was secure and calm, although everyone around her was nervous and ready to think the worst about her groom! Anna and Mac were devoted parents who were full of emotion at the thought of their little girl who was about to become a wife and mother. But who could have known that the ‘mother’ part would come first? Just as Patrick (who was late to his own wedding because he was performing emergency surgery) and Robin arrived at the altar, her water broke!

Laura and Scott’s adventure took them via private jet to the place of their honeymoon – Los Angeles. Laura remained pretty open-minded about the whole thing, but continually reminded her captor that her recovery might be short-lived and she really would like to be with her children. Scotty persisted, however, to recall memories of when they were newlyweds and she seemed to enjoy the journey back in time. By week’s end, Laura came right out and told Scott that her heart belonged to Luke. Scott recounted by telling her that her true love Luke had been married to Tracy Quartermaine for three years! Ouch.

Luke and Tracy had a heck of a globe-trotting adventure this week. After stealing a rinky-dink, drug-smuggling plane, they had to crash land when they ran out of fuel. They cleaned up their act and made it to Shadybrook somehow, and soon found that not only was Lulu gone, so was Laura! When the doctor in charge reported that Scott Baldwin had taken Laura, Luke did a quick trace of Baldwin’s credit cards and headed off to LA with Tracy in tow.

As for Laura’s kids, Lucky and Nikolas decided to believe Lulu and her story about Laura waking up and taking off with Scott. Grandma Lesley sat with them and told many stories about when Laura and Scott were young and in love. When she recalled that they honeymooned in Los Angeles, they decided to head out west to find them.

And now for the ‘evil’ part! Miss Claudia remained unmarried, but that’s only because the Justice of the Peace refused to marry her to Jason because the two clearly couldn’t stand each other. She told Ric what her father had in store for her, and he was ‘not’ pleased to learn that his new lover was destined to marry his brother. Later, she taunted Anthony with her newfound power over him to the point of terrorism and the old man collapsed. She told her seizing father that she used to pray for this moment and it didn’t appear that she was even considering calling 911. Thankfully for Anthony, Johnny rushed in and did the deed.

Hence, the emergency surgery that Patrick had to perform rather than show up on time for his own wedding. Matt offered to do the work so that Patrick could ‘get shackled’, but Patrick insisted that Robin would understand. He also asked his half-brother to assist in the surgery.

Our cliffhanger this week was a doozy. There was an explosion on the waterfront, designed by Karpov, that sent Sonny sinking to the bottom of the harbor. Also in the midst of the action were Jason and Sam. Who will survive to retaliate? Next week will surely tell the tale!

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