GH Actors in New Web Soap. (Updated!)

Updated on October 28:

Strike TV has officially launched and soap fans can watch the first episodes of “Life in General” and “Greenville Central,” two web dramas that feature several General Hospital actors (as well as other soap faves). What are you waiting for? Come back and tells Soap Opera Fan Blog what you thought!

Previously reported on August 25:

Do you miss Lindze Letherman? How about Scott Clifton? Do you feel you don’t see John Ingle enough now that the Quartermaines seem to have been permanently placed on General Hospital‘s back burner? Well, Soap Opera Fan Blog has good news for you. Forget the TV, just stay right were you are in September and you’ll be able to see these three soap favorites along with many others on a web soap called “Life in General.” (Okay, so I didn’t really mean that you should forget TV. But surely you’ve got time to do a tad more surfing in order to get a glimpse of Georgie and Dillon’s faces, right? They may be different characters, but they will always be the face of Georgie and Dillon.

“Life in General” is written by GH writer Karen Harris. It gives you another look at soaps by making a soap about the making of a soap. Do you follow? Think “Tootsie” only no one’s in drag…I think. Adrianne Zucker (Days of our Lives, Nicole) plays the head writer of a long-running soap called “Greenville Central” and other castmates are Brynn Thayer (One Life to Live, Jenny Renaldi), Robert Desiderio and JoBeth Williams.

The premier of “Live in General” is set for September. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you posted on the rave reviews.

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