Soap World Mourns James E. Reilly.

As we have announced both on Soap Opera Fan original site -Read the notice here. and on, our sister site, James E. Reilly has passed away at age 60.

James did to soaps what no other writer has. He wrote groundbreaking storylines that we likely will never see again on any other soap. He made us stare in awe and even made some laugh, and yes, others upset, with the imaginative and maybe for some, bizarre, stories. Remember the Marlena Possession storyline? That was his! What about the space age-like Gemini Twins storyline, that both confused us and made us think. Nobody can refute that the Melaswen Island/Salem Stalker storyline wasn’t an original idea, can they? He was also innovative in his work on Passions. He created witches, devils, Fluffy, the humongus and scary cat, the hermaphrodite, Vincent, who became pregnant with his own father’s child, a mermaid… he was a pioneer! What other show at that time had two women in bed together, two men in bed together… the list goes on!

We will all mourn James E. Reilly for what he brought to the soap world, and we offer our deepest condolences to those who knew him and loved him.

Reminise with us!

Although there were many, many different interesting storylines and characters on Passions, which, from our list (which we realize can’t hold them all) is one of your favorite things about the now defunct show? If you can’t find the ones you prefer, please remind us of them, in the comment section below!

Now, let’s check out a few video clips together. You’ll have to click here to see the clips!!

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  1. From jian

    innovative in his work on Passions. He created witches, devils, Fluffy, the humongus and scary cat

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