Terrell Ransom Jr. Bio

Name: Terrell Ransom Jr.
Character Name: Theo Carver
Birthplace: Royal Oak, Michigan

Career Highlights in Soaps: Days of Our Lives is Terrell’s first major gig on TV.
Claim to Fame:
He starred as Corey in the live musical in “How to Eat Like a Child (and Other Lessons in NOT being a Grown-up)” at the Young Stars Theatre.
Trivia: He is the third actor to play Theo.

Photo Credit: NBC

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  1. From Carol

    Terrell is awfully cute. He’s doing a terrific job playing the character of Theo…especially an autistic child! Keep up the good work, Terrell. :)

  2. From ladyjo

    I agree! He’s an amazing actor and he’s only five years old. I think he should be nominated for a daytime emmy.

  3. From Juja

    Sweetheart<3 Love this child in days<3

  4. From kathy dupuis

    This little guy is a real cutie, and he’s from my neck of the woods. How cool is that.

  5. From BJ

    Terrell is doing a fantastic job! I have a nephew that is autistic and this little guy is so convincing. For 5 years old, he’s one of the better actors on the show.

  6. From Amber

    he’s definitely a cutie patootie, reminds me of my nephew who is 4.

  7. From Paula

    I didn’t know he was only five!! See you in the movies Terell. You are a great little actor.

  8. From smarler

    the lil guy plays the role well just wanted 2 know if hes really austic my son is 17 an has aspergers

  9. From joyce

    the little guy is adorable,great actor,yes he deserves an emmy!!!
    he’s awesome

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