The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers October 27 – 31.

The fallout of Rick’s accident begins.

As promised, the end of the week’s spoilers have been added for The Bold and the Beautiful week of October 27, plus some bonus November Sweeps info!

Now that Rick is incapacitated, he has plenty of time to stew. He’s apparently using that time to blame all of his problems (past and present) on the man who he hates most right now – Ridge. Even though that is taking up most of his time, that doesn’t mean he can’t make room for other people, namely his parents. But while he makes an outrageous demand of his mother, he shares a powerful moment with his father.

Rick isn’t the only person Brooke has to worry about as Taylor lets it be known that she isn’t going down without a fight.

As for the Pam situation, Donna thinks Pam is faking her condition and doesn’t want her to get away with it. However, Ann comes to town and she and Stephanie double team Donna to try and convince her otherwise.

Thomas comes home this week and he and Steffy learn of Stephanie and Taylor’s plan regarding Ridge. Now that Taylor’s got the big guns on her side, namely Stephanie, will Thomas and Steffy be able to resist helping their mother out?

There’s no telling what Taylor’s plan involves, but apparently Brooke unknowingly helps her rival out after making a decision that Ridge is none too pleased about.

Later, the Forrester family shares an emotional moment when Stephanie, Taylor, Thomas and Steffy lay their cards on the table to Ridge.

And of course, the end of the week finds Rick continuing to manipulate his mother. There doesn’t reallyseem to be an end in sight on this one!

We’ll be back with more spoilers next week, but in tell then, check out our B&B news, cast bios, comings & goings and polls.

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