The Young and The Restless Spoilers for October 28-31!

Confessions, doubts and a return of a past character should make this week sizzling! Plus, Hallowe’en comes to GC!

Jack erases the tape of his voice recording Vic’s fake journal. Adam is shocked to the bone when Jack lies that he has no idea what Adam’s on about regarding the taping or forgery! What’s Jack playing at and how long will Sharon stay married to this liar? When Sharon drops by the tack house for Nick’s signature on Noah’s class trip, Phyllis’ jealousy continues. Once Sharon leaves, Phyllis calms down and realizes that Heather played on her insecurities. The duo head to bed but a crying Summer puts their lovemaking to a halt! For now, I’m sure. They’ll make use of the sofa at one point, as we all know! Meanwhile, Sharon leaves their place only to start questioning her own marriage. At the coffee house, she has a visit from old friend Brad, who has news that all charges have been dropped.

Meanwhile, Murphy plays a visit to Marge, and takes her home with him to sober her up! “You know what they say, it’s five o’clock somewhere,” she yells, happily! The real Katherine opens up to Gloria about her ‘friend’, course, Glo thinks Kat’s her own friend! Speaking of friends, Amber and Katherine go leafing through Katherine’s archived news paper clippings. Old times are shared as they look for items for Kay’s book. Katherine even finds a piece on Marge and the kidnapping, but Jill soon tries to put the kibosh on the book! Look for Marge to ask for a favor from Kay, later in the week.

The Newman’s continue to discuss Victor with Heather, who has traced him to France. Let’s get them there, already, shall we? Nikki wants to find somebody that Victor would open up to and calls ‘somebody’ – likely Ashley, since she returns to GC again Friday and Victor’s silence is broken this day!

The younger kids, Noah and Eden share a kiss this week while Lily’s fantasies are dashed, and Karen makes a confession. We’re really curious about this one. Many theories going around the office. Share yours!

Teaser for the coming week… things get more complicated with Glo and Lowell, when Michael learns new info and meanwhile, Katherine’s position is jeopardized at Chancellor!

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