The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Oct 31- Nov 4!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Greetings all you delicious ghouls and goblins. This week, I’m giving you spoilers… from the crypt… they’re a fright, so hold on to the edge of your coffins!

Adam proposes marriage to Heather…and she accepts. AHHHHHH! But later, Victoria promises to BURY her half brother Adam, knowing that he had something to do with this supposed journal of Specter’s (Victor).

Marge tells Katherine that some days she doesn’t even recognize herself anymore. Maybe if she wouldn’t look at the bottom of a bottle?? Katherine agrees that she knows all too well what she means and Marge lets Katherine take her to an AA meeting…. where they learn to drink bloooood instead of booze. No offense meant to anyone. Just my little Hallowe’en joke.

Corpse bride Sharon questions Jack-o-lantern about his involvement with Adam and how it pertains to Specter’s (Victor) diary! With her lack of trust for him high she goes to Paris, where she and Nick (don’t get scared) share a kiss!

Unselfish and pitiful Nikki goes to my beautiful Ghastly (Ashley) to help Specter (Victor) out of his depression. Ashley considers it, ponders her frightful past with Victor, then agrees to go into the depths of hell to find him! Rumor has it that passion flares up after they find one another.

Kevin finds a bag of money, not candy, this Hallow’s Eve, which is better?

What are your plans this ghoulish Hallow’s Eve? Who are you dressing up as to go to your parties, to give out candy or to take your kids trick-or-treating?

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