The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For October 27 – 31!

PhotobucketKatherine meets up with her double, Jeffrey returns, Adam and Jack play a game of cat and mouse and Halloween is celebrated among many!

Katherine met her look-alike Marge in the darkened bar and listened as Marge talked about all of her misfortunes since their last encounter. Before leaving, Kay offered to help Marge with an open-ended invitation to call her, which Marge later did.

Jeffery returned to Genoa City and decided to give Gloria another chance but admitted he never got rid of the face cream – and warned that their marriage was now simply a business partnership! Later, after returning from a bar, Jeffrey informed Gloria that he’d seen Katherine drunk!

Kay was excited to hear that her publisher friend was interested in her memoirs, which infuriated Jill, who didn’t want their personal life to become public. Having had enough of Katherine’s strange decisions, Jill threatened to have her removed from the board – and demanded that she go see a Neurologist! When Kay refused, Jill went forward with her plan to force her out!

Over at the tack house, after Heather overheard Summer tell Phyllis that she was afraid of ‘the bugs’, Heather realized that the Newmans found the planted ‘bugs’ and had been stringing along the authorities! When a Mexican FBI agent approached Nick on a flight to Buenos Aires, he managed to handcuff the man to his seat and was able to elude authority!

Though the charges against Brad in the Walter Palin case were dropped, he still vowed to make Jill pay for turning him in! Later, Brad shared his news with Sharon and comforted her own troubles with a hug – while Phyllis witnessed the whole exchange suspiciously!

Nick arrived home and tried to claim Phyllis’s insecurities over the bond he had with Sharon – because of Noah. Later, arriving at Newman, Nick and his family were confronted by Heather, who admitted to knowing about their little scheme! Though she left them with a warning to come clean in regards to Victor, Nikki came up with a plan then took off on a flight overseas where she met with the only person who could get through to Victor – Ashley! However, those left behind, on Halloween, were filled with the feeling that a ghost was present on the ranch and became freaked out when the rattle that Sabrina gave Reed demanded their attention! Had Nick and Phyllis stayed up later, they would have seen an image shadow over Victor’s photo, whispering, “Victor.”

While Adam tried to get one up on Jack by giving the forger his contact information, Jack beat Adam at his own inexperienced game and made it look as though he had nothing to do with the scheme! After Adam found out, as well as hearing that a magazine had bought the diary, he vowed that Jack would not get away with it and was furious when Jack acted as though he had no idea what ‘forgery scheme’ Adam was talking about! Jack then advised Adam to stay quiet, so no one would find out Adam was behind the whole thing!

When Sharon walked in on Jack and Adam’s argument, as well as Jeffery reporting to Jack about the ‘you-know-what’ plot, she demanded that Jack come clean with her – for the sake of their marriage! After Jack refused to give Sharon the answers she needed, she approached Heather about it! Though both women agreed to keep their eyes and ears open around Jack and Adam, Sharon was shocked to see an envelope, reading ‘Victor Newman’, delivered on Heather’s desk – and managed to get her hands on another copy for herself! Later, little did either know, Heather read the diary and issued a warrant out for Victor’s arrest, while Sharon and Nick read the copy of the diary themselves – shocked by Victor’s admission of guilt.

In France, Victor was befriended by a priest, who gave him refuge from the world around him. After the priest contacted Nick, and gave him the address to the church, Victor confided in the man about how alone he felt – and about the guilt he’d carried around since Sabrina’s death.

The Genoa City Athletic Club was the site of a big Halloween bash where many of Genoa City’s finest were decked out in costumes. While Lily received a text message from a new dating prospect, Karen confessed to Neil that she had a hysterectomy years ago – but would have loved to have had kids with him. Outside, though Noah and Eden couldn’t get into the adult party, Eden gave Noah a spontaneous kiss before heading on her way!

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