Video Clip of Daytime Vet Roscoe Born Singing.

He may be the mustachioed master of evil when it comes to the world of Daytime, but Roscoe Born has other things to keep him occupied than causing mayhem.

He’s best known as The Young and the Restless‘ Tom Fisher (shot in cold blood, RIP) or Days of Our Lives‘ Trent Robbins (stabbed in cold blood, RIP), but he was also killed on One Life to Live while he was playing Mitch Laurence and his daughter, Jessica, hit him over the head with a lead pipe. In the real world he likes to lend his time and talents to encouraging people to get out and vote at election time. Born wrote and performed this track, “Blue State Mind, Red State Soul,” which the editors at Soap Opera Fan Blog managed to cull from the chaos of YouTube.

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  1. From Christine Fix

    RIP poor dear Trent! I thought he sounded pretty good! Was surprised – didn’t know he could sing. :)

  2. From Christine S.

    I’m so dissapointed that trent had to go from “days of our lives” we’ll miss him alot. I love his new song.

  3. From adrienne

    Roscoe it the bomb. He has a messsage, a style, he is soulful and I want to hear more. Do a Little Dance Across the floor for Me. More music from this multitalented beautiful man.

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