Video Clips: Few Select Clips of Deceased James E. Reilly’s Work!

If you’re coming from our James E. Reilly death announcement, to pay tribute to this writer, you will find a few selected video clips that we have posted for your viewing pleasure, to remember a groundbreaking writer.

If you did not come from that link and were not aware, James E. Reilly passed on last weekend, at the age of 60. Please feel free to click the above link for the announcement, and then help us pay tribute to him by reminiscing about old times, below!

James E. Reilly, as we explain in the announcement, wrote for various soaps, but those of you reading this particular announcement will especially remember him writing for either Days Of Our Lives or Passions. Though there are many storylines that we can recall made us laugh, cry or, even a little crazy, we decided to select these clips to remember the zaniness by!

Marlena’s possession and exorcism!

He also was responsible for writing the Susan Banks storyline that made me laugh more times than I can tell you. Though sometimes JER’s work drove me nuts, I loved Susan Banks and her goofy way of talking… “He’s just mean mean mean…” Susan’s interrupted wedding to John!

Do you remember Melaswen? Check out this video….Marlena’s on her way there!

How about little Timmy and Tabitha… and don’t forget Toto!

Can you recall the drama of Sunset Beach’s Poseidon Adventure storyline?

What are some of your favorite clips or scenes from JER’s writing? We’d love to hear from you, below!

Photo courtesy: Kenneth Bank.

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  1. From Betty

    I loved the Susan Banks character and all the other characters Eileen Davidson portrayed. My husband and I could not wait to come home from work and rewind our vhs recorder and watch Days. We were both hooked. This was just the greatest.

  2. From Melissa Sommer

    My favorite scenes are from
    Days Of Our Lives:
    When John saves Marlena from the secret room and Kristin’s secrets come out,also when John first proposes to Marlena a little after the secret room.I also loved John and Marlena’s Wedding in 1999.That was great.

    From Passions I would have to say when Norma chased Timmy and Tabby on Christmas.I thought that was funny.

    From Sunset Beach I would have to say when Olivia got her son back and Gregory got what was coming to him when all his secrets came out also Meg and Ben’s Wedding.

  3. From Christine Fix

    It was totally amazing having Susan Banks. I agree! :) Oh I forgot to put up a Sunset Beach clip. Let me do that!!! OMG Miss that show!!


  4. From Christine Fix

    I added the sunset clip one. Sorry about that. I suppose I could have added ones from all of his work! LOL There were a lot of cool SB storylines, but this shows many of the actors, so I thought it fitting! :)

  5. From sharonsgrtmom

    I also loved Susan Banks and all the characters Eileen Davidson portrayed. My daughter was only about 11 then, and had never been interested when Days was on. But we both loved watching Susan and laughed so much. My daughter became hooked then and has watched since. Unfortunately it has gone down hill in recent years.

  6. From mIssy

    they are fun to watch I love history stuff keep up the wk. they are great past times

  7. From Paula

    I think Tabby the witch should move to Salem. Days needs a boost of something.

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