Where are Soap Opera Fan’s Days Of Our Lives Updates?

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Although we bring our readers weekly Friday summaries of The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless, some may wonder, “Where are the ones for Days of Our Lives?”

Since Days of Our Lives was the originally in-depth covered soap on Soap Opera Fan, along with the now defunct Passions, we continue to offer our readers daily updates on our Days page! So if you miss the show, don’t forget to stop by to get your daily fix!

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Fun fact! Amy Mistretta wrote this story just for you on October 3rd, 2008 |

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  1. From Carol Crawford

    Hey love this idea! One thing about Days no one seems to have mentioned yet — of course we know Sami (Alison) is really pregnant – she was with EJ the very day Lucas got out of the hospital,which was BEFORE the blackout on July 4, and the doctor said she was already in her second trimester. Well wasn’t that the same July 4 that Nicole & EJ were in the elevator and did the deed – which was just after he slept with Sami? So Nicole would be about as far along, but she is not even a little bit showing, and she was suffering from nausea, which is usually prevalent only in the FIRST trimester! I hope they get their timeline a little more credibility! LOL Thanks!!!

  2. From Where are Soap Opera Fan’s Days Of Our Lives Updates?

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  3. From carolanncarolann


  4. From Elaine

    I love the idea of Sami and EJ. I feel that EJ balance Sami more than Lucas. Lucas is to weak for Sami and she had to stop being herself. I would like to she Sami grow up and decide choose EJ. Brady is coming back and him and Nicole can get together.

  5. From Marilyn

    Sami & Nicole are pregnant by different men. Not sure who yet, but it all happened when Stefano turned the city upside down, and he had each of them impregnated.

  6. From Angela

    I love Daniel and Chelsea and I can’t wait to see them back together!! They are the hottest, the most romantic couple I have seen on Days in a long time! I do hope they writers put them back together as Daniel and Chelsea are so so so meant to be!! Daniel and Chelsea are absolutely wonderful together!!

  7. From twinny

    I don’t know. Seemed to me that the purple haze only made the people come face to face with their deepest inner fears.

    Sami terrified of Stephano and thinking EJ was Stephano, indicates that she still thinks EJ will become just like him.

    New John coming face to face with Old John.

    Tony being rejected and ridiculed by his father.

    Marlena’s discussion with her twin sister about what she did with Stephano.

    etc. Looks like another one of Stephano’s plans to terrify really just backfired on him again?

  8. From kevin casiano

    rafe and sami should get married

  9. From kevin casiano

    rafe finds out he tony son

  10. From KEVIN

    rafe finds out he tony dilema son

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