Blake Berris Leaves Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives, can report another loss in the casting department.

It’s been announced that Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) will actually be leaving the show in January. This won’t come as a shock to many. Since he went off the deep end and killed Trent Robbins, prison or a mental facility seemed to be the only options for the character. This will make him the first character in a very long time who will actually be punished for committing a crime. Since he’s actually taken responsibility for what he’s done, he’s managed to prove that the Horton’s really are classier than everyone else.

This loss follows on a string of losses for the show. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black DiMera) are both departing from the show (read more here) and, amidst the rash of deep budget cuts that are being made to keep the show airing, many are nervous that more departures may follow.

In the meantime, Berris already has work on Primetime TV. He has a recurring role on the series, “The Starter Wife” and, with his excellent performance on Days, to add to his reel, he’s sure to get more work.

Soap Opera Fan Blog wishes him all the best in his future career.

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  1. From Lisa

    Aww man another one! Dena should be fired JMHO!

    Wished him luck!

  2. From Tiffany

    I love Blake’s character. It was nice to have a “nerdy” guy on a show where looks seem to be everything sometime. It made the show be believeable (not referring to being possessed or coming back from the dead though). I will miss Blake and his character. I wonder what will happen to the Chelsea story line. Esp if Dr Dan gets invovled with Chloe also.

  3. From Susan Jones

    I’m sorry Nick is leaving – I liked the character – he was refreshing and sweet. I wish him a lot of luck and I think I’ll start watching the Starter Wife.

  4. From Heath

    I am sad to hear Nick is leaving the show. I have enjoyed Blake Berris’s portrayal as Nick since day 1. He is a very good actor and I was looking forward to an interesting story with his character having a dark side. I am scratching my head why Days is getting rid of another great actor. I would have preferred to see Melanie leave or Stephanie. And as far as Deidre and Drake leaving, I am going to miss seeing them. In fact, as of 2009, I will no longer watch Days once they are gone from the show. No one else on the show has any appeal. I was starting to really like the Nicole pregnancy story. But it looks like they wrote her characer having a miscarriage and she will hide it from EJ. I can’t stand to watch a recycyled story of this fake pregnancy (the way Kristen did it in 1996-97). I think I will just watch GH and OLTL….they are both a whole lot better as far as writing and stories right now. Hope that one of those shows will snatch Deidre and Drake….that would be awesome.

  5. From Dan

    Wow, another nail in the coffin as far as im concerned. I have been a days fan for more than 20 years now. Thru all the ups and down, ive been a loyal fan, but this is just too much. With John, Marlena & now nick and lord knows who else, days will be forever changed. It’s been a great ride, but I will no longer watch!

  6. From Eva

    this show is going to hell in handbag and very quick like with all these good peeps leaving geez

  7. From Lucy

    Hey Ken Corday, here’s a suggestion for your budget cuts, roll up the streets of Salem and be done with it. No one wants all these replacement characters you are bringing on. The show is done, let it die. If you don’t think so, read the blog under John and Marlena’s departure.

  8. From Tamee

    Sorry 2 see him go, but I have no doubt he’ll go far. He is a great actor and I personally think he is nice looking.

  9. From Adventures in Laurie Land

    I’ve been watching since 1985. The show just won’t be the same w/o Jarlena. (Memory+Happy Ending PLZ) Nick reminds me so much of my nerdy husband- loved his character. I hope he does big-budget movies soon. Stephilip is okay with me, they’d make a great supercouple. They could replace Tanorexics Bope. God, I hope Dr. Dan doesn’t hook up with ALL the women in Salem! Gross. He’s losing his appeal with all the hookups. Can’t wait to see what new story lines will happen next year!

  10. From kimberley

    i would just like to say i agree,they are totally ruining days of our lives,if you want to save money get rid of melanie and all these new faces and lets be serious getting rid of john and marlena is the dumbest thing i ever heard well i hope they get their head out of their asses and keep the days of our lives cast as is.oh and p.s it wouldnt be a total loss if nicole died off :) can’t stand the B$@%h

  11. From Melissa E.

    I am not happy to see Marlena, John, or Nick leave the show. I really liked their characters. This is a big outrage! :< The show will never be the same. This is a messed up move on the writers part! They need to rethink this whole situation.

  12. From Swirly1129

    Nick leaving – sad to see him go. They should have gotten rid of Melanie (a waste of time). The powers to be on DOOL seem to be pissing off a lot of people with the changes coming to the show, especially with John and Marlena leaving.

  13. From Oldie

    It is pretty obvious that the head honchos on Days don’t give a darn about the people watching, all the loyal fans that have been around for years. Do they not listen to anything we have to say. Where do they come up with these decisions. And I agree, they should have gotten rid of Melanie a long time ago.

  14. From Diana Wilson

    Sorry to see Nicks character go but understand he needs to be punished for the murder of Trent but come on has everyone forgotten that EJ raped Sami and shot John and all the other things his daddy dearest has done but they don’t pay for there crimes because EJ is hot he get rooted for to be with Sami and have everything go his way I wish they would have gotten rid of Melanie first can’t stand the character.

  15. From Debbie

    Why is it the favs. must go & then they leave people like Melanie…..come on already someone wake up the writers. Dr. Dan is getting old also. He was great on Summerland but I just can’t get into him on Days. BTW, where has Anna been?

  16. From starkiss0910

    i will be sooo sad to see nick leave the show…i wanted him and chelesa to get back together..they were hot!!!!!

  17. From nitnetnut

    Seriously, Days has been going downhill for a long time. The story lines are getting worse all the time. Half of the characters have no story lines at all…….Lexi, Abe, Steve and kayla, yikes, and Melanie,when will someone please slap her up!! I too will most likely not watch anymore, I have been loosing interest every time I watch. The writers are really BAD! Come on, lets get real, make something happen already. You can watch once a month and nothing has really moved. I am so disappointed in what they did to John! The whole soap stinks these days!

  18. From debbie

    Don’t let Marlena and John go!!! They aren’t just great actors they are also very nice people. In 1998 I visited the Days set when my daughter’s friend was on a MAKE A WISH trip. We were able to meet several cast members. We have also been watching for 20+ years. I will not watch if they go.

  19. From Nancy

    I hated that Nick is leaving the show. He was one of the good guys and he was good for Chelsey. Now, John and Marlena is leaving…to bad but I’ll be leaving too.

  20. From Angela

    I have a feeling the producers of the show are getting rid of the good characters on purpose so ratings wil drop and they will have a reason to cancel the show. What a shame-I have been a faithful Days fan for 30 years. I used to watch the show with my mom when I was a little girl.

  21. From maggie

    I stopped watching when they shipped Belle and Shawn off into the sunset, was only a matter of time that they would rid the cast of the only ones who held the show together, now it’s Marlena and John, Nick, who else? May as well just rename show as it has become something of a joke, almost as ridicilous as Passions

  22. From wendy

    I like everyone else have watched DOOL for 40+ years when Alice and Tom were the super couple, I remember Julie and Doug, when they were the center of the story(it is fun to see them on occasion)and Maggie(Red)and Mickey (see how long I have watched) then there was Bill and sister Marie. I remeber the day the original Roman and Marlena(twin sister Samantha) came on. It was even fun seeing him return as the crazy doctor. I love Bo and Hope, Kayla and Patch but there story line has suffered since the Joe was born. PLEASE get rid of Melanie(cute sort of but irritating character) I am sick of Dr. Dan looking at Chloe with those puppy dog/sad sack eyes.
    (Natalie is a beautiful actress but her story line is stupid, why would Chloe and Nicole be friends with their history. Anyway enough complaining. I will miss Nick I loved his character but at least he is going on to bigger and better things, like a different network. I hope this is just another stunt to get more ratings and give veterans a break to stretch their acting chops. But please leave well enough alone. I am already turning off NBC with the demise of prime time, I like Jay at his regular spot and Conan where he is. Money is tight for all of us, it is a business but leave something in this crazy time for all of us to enjoy the good old DAYS.

  23. From Bobbi Franklin

    Since Drake,Deidra,have both left, as they are the leading couple on Days, & my favorite ones to watch. The rest of the program has become cheap crap! I’ve been a loyal fan for 42 years, & hate to say it,but they have destroyed the only soap I watch! I will not watch Days again,they have ruined it for me. meme

  24. From Pat

    I’m sorry to see Nick go. Good Luck to him. I really expected to find out, at some later date, that Nick covered for Melanie killing her father. She is more in character to be doing something like that….a very devious person. I am turned off by Melanie, I, too, would like to smack her… although I’m sure she is a sweet girl in real life. Best to you, Nick.

  25. From Sex Toys

    I haven’t watch Days of our Lives in a while, but he was always my favorite on that show, that’s too bad.

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