Days of Our Lives Inks a New Contract!

Salem lives on thanks to a new deal!

Although Days of Our Lives just celebrated its 43rd anniversary, fans of the soap have been living under the shadow of near constant speculation that their beloved series would be cancelled in the near future. Now, they finally have a little light. NBC has announced that they have signed an 18-month deal with Sony Pictures TV. This means that Days current contract, which runs out in March, 2009, will be extended until at least until September, 2010. In the deal, it is also stipulated that an additional year could be possible if certain goals are met and this could keep the mayhem alive in Salem until September, 2011.

What else could this new contract mean? It means that budget restrictions will be forcing the makers of the show to change things. This could involve sets but may also involve some casting changes. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of details as they are released. For now, we are simply thrilled that the show will be continuing to air for at least two more years.

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  1. From Julie

    Congrats on the extension of time! Nicole could loose the baby, Sami get her act together and marry EJ (or I’ll marry him!), find the killer that is lurking around, and let’s get into the holiday spirit and have some happiness happening!
    Thanks for listening, Julie

  2. From Lisa

    Yay congrats to Days!

    To Nicole,

    You don’t say that Nicole loose the baby…we wouldn’t wished that on anyone…..that’s harsh and rude…

  3. From Tiffany

    I hope that with some of the new goals will be to have some faster moving story lines that do not take months to figure out or that go on and on forever.
    Way to Go Days. I was starting to worry where I would get my daily dose of fiction…my other so-called life!

  4. From kennedy

    Congrats Days!! Youve made me a happy woman….now that Galen is on I wont stop watching it!!!!!!1

  5. From soapsfan25

    If they don’t start doing better than what they have been doing within the past year or more…then it will be no wonder why they possibly couldn’t renew the show. I’m talking about dragging stories out way too long…as fas we like to see the stories build, the plot thicken and then soon after that we like to see the surprise ending but Days has the tendency to drag the plot out way too long and as fans we almost always lose interest…we need to be kept on the edge of our seat yes but we need to know the big picture and more details about where the story is headed without dragging it out too long. Also, as fans we hate to see wonderful storylines started and left unfinished/dropped….thats one of the worst things you can do to a dedicated fan. Case in point the Daniel and Chelsea storyline….Days invested 6 months into this couple and then bam about 4-5 months into the story because of so much “backstage drama” and “re-writes” they threw Kate into the story which clearly judging from a LOT of the reactions and views just from various people on various sites… did not set too well with the fans…..I am still not too happy with the show for that and I have been a dedicated viewer of this show for 20 years. I love the show but theres always room for improvement and I really do hope they fix this mess!!!

  6. From Nancy

    Ya. I love Days!! I look forward to it every day!! But they need back Belle and Shawn which probally will never be the same without Martha and Brandon or jason Cook… that was one Big Mistake for Days!!!

  7. From Jean

    Great they have extended the Wonderful news! I too wish Nicole would lose the baby–it’s a pretend baby so I don’t feel bad about saying that. That would be a pefect setting for Sami to tell EJ she is pregnant because he will feel bad about the “N” baby, so Sami can rescue him. Those two are just so great together and it would be so nice to see Sami actually happy once.
    I would love to see them bring Martha and Brandon back.

  8. From Thalia D.

    I am so sick of seeing Abe, his wife and Theo. THey all suck. What is the outcome for this kid? I turn off the show when it comes up. What a lame story idea and no wonder why they attempted to cancel you. Get EJ with Chloe and stop this madness.

  9. From Pat

    Glad that Days will continue. I have been watching since the first day (all 43 years of it).

  10. From Lisa B

    The story line on Theo is an EYE opener for mother with kids with Autism. It’s a bit boring, but very realistic for alot of mothers and maybe even mothers to be. The kid playing Theo is either really Autistic or he is one …. of an actor. I love to watch how well he does. He is a better actor than alot of others on the show. Nicole shouldn’t loose the baby, but Sami “on the show” should loose the baby, but NOT in real life. Of’ Course no one wishes for someone to loose a baby in real life, this is a show guys. Sami has enough kids on the show. Regardless, I love Nicole and Sami. Do wish they would stop the music men for both.

  11. From Lisa

    Nicole shouldn’t loose the “baby on the show”. She don’t have any kids to throw into the mix. Sami has 3 already, and One already by Ej. I do wish Sami “on the show” would loose the baby. NOT IN REAL LIFE. This is a show NOT REAL TV. and I don’t think anyone means any thing Harsh or rude like that. I love NIcole and Sami both. I just wish the writers would stop playing musical men with both of them !!!

  12. From Lisa B

    I’m sorry, I’ve noticed there’s another Lisa on this blog. I will try to either put a B at the end of my name or use Katlady as my blog name. BLog #10 is mine. Just incase someone gets mad at my blog, Get mad at me not the other Lisa. SOrry guys. SHould of paid more attention to the names, but normally I only read what is wrote not who wrote it. Again, SOrry for any confusion.

  13. From Lisa

    I’m sorry for the confusion. I’ve noticed there’s another Lisa on this blog. I will try to either put a B at the end of my name or use Katlady as my blog name. BLog #10 is mine. Just incase someone gets mad at my blog, Get mad at me not the other Lisa. SOrry guys. SHould of paid more attention to the names, but normally I only read what is wrote not who wrote it. Again, SOrry for any confusion.

  14. From Regina

    I am so thrilled that Days will be on for a little while longer. I do hope it never gets cancelled. I have been watching since I was in the 7th grade and I am now 27. I think the show does tend to drag on and on and that needs to stop. It does get boring and frustrating. On that note I was sooo disapointed that Sami and Lucas did not get back together. Those two keep comming so close just to get seperated again. I cant stand it! And no I do not think sami and E.J. need to be together, I am sorry but I for one can not forget everything he has done to her, and everyone else it sickens me. Yes he is hot but that is besides the point. And I do hope Nicole gets to keep the baby no matter who she ends up with.

  15. From kristin

    I am so happy that days gets another 2 years thats great news. But i worry about the long term. I have watched this for as long as i can remember, im 27 years old my mom started me watching it. She has watched it since she was a child, since it first aired. We will be horrified if we have to see it all end!! we love days soooo much!!!!

  16. From Jennifer

    I am –so- happy that the show is getting renewed. I’ve been watching this show for years now.

    I’m not a fan of the budget cuts and letting their experienced staff go in order to bring on less experienced actors who have pointless seeming characters that don’t really do much for plot focus. If only they could develop bigger stories with the characters that they already have on hand, that would be so much better.

  17. From maribeth

    been watching for 42 of those 43years and would be lost without my \Day’s\. i just wish they’d get back to basics and focus more on the Horton/Brady families and lose all these wacky story lines of brainwashing, posession and all the other silly stuff. Lets have some happy times for a while.

  18. From R K

    I am so happy DAYS will continue on. Please don’t every cancel this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. From Wyndee

    I think that they should stop droppin the Vet actors as well. The story lines are def. a show of the change in writers and many of the long time fans are just plain getting annoyed with this crap. I have been watching Days since 1977 and all I can say is thank god for DVR so I can fast forward thru the stupid storylines. I never liked Nicole from the beginning and she is such a loser. She needs to have the baby and get killed off so Stefano can kidnap it and really have an air he can raise and mold. EJ and Sami should be together they are perfect for eachother!!

  20. From PK

    I am so glad Days will continue. I have been watching this show many years. I also would like Belle and Shawn brought back. Keep the show going!!

  21. From Laurie

    Please don’t leave. I’ve been watching ‘Days’ for about 40 years. It is the high light of my day. I have felt as if all of the cast are members of my own family. I have had parties with neighbors during weddings, we’ve cried together. Salem is a ‘real’ place to me. So please. Continue. Do not think of cancelling.

  22. From sandi

    I love DAys I’ve been watching for 26 years. I have been hooked but latley the show has been so boring. Everyone is write the story lines take forever. My suggestion get these young kids of who cannot act. Bring back Shawn & Belle you were crazy to let them go. I would love to see Sami & Ej together so lets not drag that out let him in on Sami being pregnant..please… Also let Nicole be the dru;nk bitch she’s always been this nicey nice stuff gets fast forwarded everyday..

  23. From Mary

    I like EJ and Nicole together! What a hot love scene Tuesday! More grown up feel to it than when he was with Sammy!


  24. From Joyce Thacker

    I am sooo glad to hear that Daysis to continue.I have been watching it for 30 + year. It was begining to get boring for awhile, but is now soooo good again. But I am so very sorry to hear about James E.
    Rielly dying. Its almost like losing a family member. Since he turned ” Good Guy”, I really enjoyed seeing him and he will be very much missed. I don’t see how he could be replaced, but I thought that about ” Austin ” too.
    But can’t really say that I miss him or Carrie. I do so wish that you could get the original ” Belle and Shawn back, the substitutes ” sucked ” and I sure don’t miss them. Keep up the good work, and please let me know if there is any way that I can find out more about James B. Rielly,s death. I am so sad about it. He was great.

  25. From Luci

    I really didn’t want my real name published, just ” Luci “.

  26. From Linda

    Well as far as I’m concerned if they are getting rid of John and Marlena the show is better of being cancelled, they are the only reason I watch it, they are the only reason to watch it.

  27. From lisa googe

    my family has watched since day 1 and i am a parent of 3 autistic kids the theo story is ok but id like to see stephano have more input as well as ej and why would they get rid of marlena and john if they want to improve the show and make the autism storyline work better my kids have days names andrew, hope, and john lucas husband vetoed the number one name i wanted stephano hes my favorite and no one could fill his role ever except for joe mascolo he is a true artist my husband says well u wanted the show to stay and john and marlena together and well u get both but then the couple will go poof ……..very mixed up camper here .

  28. From FONDA

    I dont like how stories are dragged out. Learn to end the stories and start another one, and its okay to put couples together. We like to see couples get together and not make so many mistakes. The show was good when it had good couples together. The writers like to keep couples apart and put them with someone they dont love. I dont like that part. The show is just getting very boring. Please do a better job.

  29. From LindaC

    So glad to hear that that Days will continue, but does need to do a little revamping. Some of the story lines are really weak. Don’t have Nicole loose her miracle, she needs to give Sami a run for her money. Sami needs to grow up and decide what she really wants. Just heard on the radio that because of budget cuts they are removing John and Marlena in January. How terrible!! Why not some of those weaker story lines. Days belong to John and Marlena..they are Days.

  30. From Judy

    I have been watching Days since 1965 and have enjoyed all the story lines. The stories used to move much faster than they do today. I wish the writers would go back in time. What city would allow a Police Commissioner to work on the streets with his wife? What happened to their daughter? The writers made a big deal about Hope’s pregnancy and since she has had the baby she hasn’t been shown only about 5 times. When she is shown again she will be 15. I am glad DOOL got the 18 month extension but to what expense? They have to let Deidre and Drake go to make things work? They are part of the mainstay of the show. Both actors have been dedicated to the show for 32 and 22 years respectively and now to make it a success the show lets them go. Not a smart move. Now the show is being carried by all young kids and their whiny ways. The kids don’t have enough background to make a solid show for the future. I hope the show reconsiders Deidre and Drakes position with the show and the audience.

  31. From happi2bwu2

    I am happy that Days will continue for the next year or so BUT, don’t get rid of the veterans. The whole shows foundation is John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, Phillip and whoever. Lots of fans will be lost when these actors are let go or on hiatus. Bring back the good old story lines, get rid of the “kids” with fluff for story lines. Get your teeth back into this show and it will flourish for ever – I have been watching for 35+ years but if the old vets are let go, I am gone.

  32. From Sue

    Yahoo!We still have DOOL but we do need to keep Marlena and John as John used to be. Sami does need to grow up but I prefer her with EJ. Please do not let them end up together. I also do not like Kate with Daniel.

  33. From amanda

    Glad Days will go on for more “days of our lives”. I really hope they don’t get rid of John and Marlena but I would not miss all of the mushy gushy flash backs that they used to show over and over again. The original Shawn and Belle would be great. I like seeing some of Passions actors on the show, I have missed them and think they are a great addition. I can’t stand a few of the character or their actors. Abe, Roman, Melanie, Chelsea, Max,Daniel, and Nick drive me crazy. They are lame and pointless. I also don’t like “good” Nicole or “dying” Kate. They need to be involved in more action. Hope Austin and Carrie never come back, glad to see Brady though. Sami does need to pull her head out of her but and quit being so rediculously stubborn, it would be more fun if she would actually submit to her true feelings sometimes instead of fighting all the time. Hope needs to stop being a cop because she’s not good at it and start being a mother. She lost Zach and almost fell apart and now she has hardly nothing to do with her daughter, that’s horrible. EJ and Nicole and Lucas and Cloe are not good couples, there is no real chemistry there. Well that’s all, please get is figured out and don’t loose the vets they ARE the real Days of our Lives.

  34. From wanda

    John and Marlena have been fired.

  35. From Jean

    I have been watching DOOL for 42 years and am very sad that it may be canceled. It’s been a part of my life for so long. It has had it’s boring shows but for the most part it’s been something to look forward to, especialy with some of the older actors. I hope they keep Marlena as she is one to replace Alice Horton who was the
    wonderful matriarch for so long that kept the families together.

  36. From SamiFan

    I agree with Julie……YAAAY Days in on for another year. The only thing that I would change in Julie’s comments is let Nicole get with Brady.

  37. From Juls

    Firing Marlena and John is a big mistake. Who is going to take their place? I don’t think interest in the younger story-lines will EVER beat, much less equal the interest in Marlena and John. They ARE the show – if you need to get rid of some actors, get rid of the more recently hired, not the mainstays of the whole show. What are you thinking?

  38. From Kate

    Personally I am ready to stop watching the show. The fact that anyone would want to Sami with her rapist disgusts me and I am sure rape victims everywhere. Whether the actors have chemistry or not is not the point, it is wrong to put Sami and EJ together and the writers need to move on. I was really liking Nicole and EJ together. I am willing to give EJ a second chance with someone other than his victim and so are all of the fans, so why can’t you all give Nicole a second chance. Why do women always try to bring down other women. Nicole has made mistakes in the past and she is trying to change her life around. Cut her some slack. The writers really made a mistake by having her lose the baby. I think scenes with Nicole trying to handle a screaming infant would have been hilarious. Thanks for reading all my frustrations. If Days can fix some of their current mistakes, I think the show could be around for a very long time.

  39. From gloria

    I have been watching this show since its beginning, taping it when I worked, and am very happy it will be extended. HOWEVER, what are thinking when they talk about firing John & Marlena??? This is five nails in the coffin if you ask me—lots of other people could be let go without noticing……I hope they reconsider….

  40. From Judy

    I’ve been watching since 75 and now with the loss of too many of my favorite characters (john and marlena to mention two new losses) I’m afraid I won’t be watching any longer past their time on screen. I suspect that the powers that be once again forget that there are many folks of my age who have long been fans and watched the show.

  41. From Robin

    When someone loses a baby, it is spelled “lose”. “Loose” is when you’ve lost weight, and your pants are loose.
    Do I sound like the teacher that I am?

  42. From Tina

    I’ve been watching since 1965. My sisters and daughter have watched for years. We hate to see the old favorites booted or killed off, then replaced with lackluster new characters. The story lines keep repeating over and over without much variation yet there are so many better options it’s hard to understand why the writers can’t figure it out. Please put Sami back with Lucas. Give Tony, Anna, Victor, Nick, Steve, Kayla, Julie and Doug more face time and dump some of the younger actors. They whine and feel sorry for themselves so much they need to be slapped and told to wake up. I HATE that John and Marlena are leaving. Sickens me. Bringing Galen on is fantastic. I miss Passions. I wouldn’t want to lose Days. Poor writing has gotten them into this mess. The actors are great but they don’t decide the story lines or the dialogue. Bring back Jack Deveroux and let’s have a little humor on the show.

  43. From Joyce Russell

    Please put Sami and Ej together and let them get married and raise their Kids
    another thing Daniel and Chelsea were good together–
    Life Rafe but not for Sami
    Lets get real–bring back Jack Jennifer and abby—abby–would be good for max.
    Vivian and Caroline would be intersting with Victor stir up some action– stefano can still do his mischief always good for the show. Sami and Ej first before Christmas please–Then maybe have Sami Marry EJ New years

  44. From Susan

    I’m glad they got a reprive, but not a the cost of the main charactors!! As I said somewhere else, Why not write an 18 month wrap up to DOOL with everybody finally in a happy place…The End
    Bring back the stars of DOOL and AW and Passions and start a new soap with some decent storylines and no repeats!!

  45. From Susan

    Just so you don’t think I’m a newbie with no attachment to the show, I have watched all 43 years,except for a few when I went back to work and there weren’t any VCR’s yet.

  46. From Dahlia de Hoog

    I started watching Days when passions was cancelled and I can now say that I am a fan. Although I would prefer a more fast paced storey line, I would be extremely disappointed if the show were to be cancelled. Days is also quite popular in Canada.

  47. From Palmira

    I’ve watched Days of Our lives since day one except when Marlene was possessed. That was too much for me. If the show cancelled, I would be devastated. Love all the characters, they are my “family”. My children grew up with them, and continued to watch, most of time, it was taped cuz they are all working out of the home.
    I am elated to hear the show is extended till 1010..then who knows what will happen…extend to 1012

  48. From Palmira

    Yes I like the

  49. From candycane

    I am very dissapointed in the show and the road it has taken. I have been watching for over 20 yrs and can’t belive how bad it has become over the past 8 years.
    There is very little to like about the show.

  50. From cc

    No I do not like the direction that sOf web site has taken either. It was much better when dustin ran it.

  51. From RandiGirl

    I LOVE Days. I hate to hear about budget cuts and stuff like that. Don’t get rid of John and Marlena. PLEASE get rid of Melanie, Chloe, Daniel and Nick. Kate could go too. I wish Philip wasn’t leaving. It’s nice to have eye candy to look at every day. Talk about a good day when EJ and Philip are on.
    I agree with other comments about the writing. It could definitely be a lot better. I don’t know what I would do without Days.

  52. From Jean

    Love it. I am so glad the show will go on I have stayed up with days since the very first episode. didn’t watch it for a long time and now haven’t missed an episode for years. So glad it will still be here. I never want it to end. The kids are there to carry on.

  53. From Shannon

    Whewww… Congrats on another year! I am really getting into the Phillip and Stephanie thing!!! They are great together! Sami needs to stop being stupid and tell EJ the truth, but we all know what is going to happen…Sami gives her baby up for adoption and Nicole adopts it. Kinda harsh! Someone needs to put Melanie in her place before she ruins another love for Stephanie!

  54. From kelly

    I have been watching DOOL for 5 years and it has become my favorite show. I am so glad to hear it will be extened until 2011, but what will happen after that. DOOL cannot be canceled, I recently read they are number 3 in the rating of all the soaps. The story lines are good, I wish they would show more of the veteran actors, they make the show.

  55. From Dot

    I have watched Days and Another World since day one. I will not watch another soap if or when Days is off the air. I hope they will get John and Marlena back together before they leave the show. Maybe even the old John back.

  56. From Annalisa

    They can’t cancel days! Thats the best soap – Can we see more of the original kids – brady, belle,eric,carrie,austin, billy, kinda getting tired of stephanie, max,chelsea,melanie – storie line is getting old. Isn’t Phillip Stephanie’s uncle since him and Bo are half brothers? Kinda gross putting those 2 together!!!

  57. From Dot S.

    I’ve been watching Days since Hope was 5 years old and Jennifer was a baby. Letting John and Marlena go is a big mistake. I’m much more interested in their lives than all the teeny boppers’ lives combined.
    The more of those I have to watch, the more bored I get.
    I’m also glad someone knows how to spell the word ‘lose’.

  58. From Loretta

    I’m so glad we get to continue watching DOOL for at least a few more years. I’m one of the old viewers. I first started watching my junior year in high school mow needless to say I’ve turned 60. So I’ve seen alot of family members leave the show. At first you think they aren’t replaceable but they all are. The Horton’s and Brady’s are the clans though and need to keep some old traditions.

  59. From missy

    I am glad to hear Days will stay on for at least 2 more yrs. I use to watch this w/my mom as a kid and got my kids watch it with me. I hate to see John & Marlena go, if you need to get rid of people b/c of budget costs, what about the new characters who are so whiney and annoying to the show. This soap is known for Marlena & John, any more veterans go and I don’t think I will watch this anymore-you will loose alot of fans. Look what happened to ER, lots of viewers lost b/c you bring in new ones and the plots stink.

  60. From Kathleen

    Thank God! I have been hoping and praying that I don’t lose my FAVORITE show on TV. I started watching when I was 17 (that was 34 years ago)and I just can’t even picture life without DAYS. While I’m happy that we have an extension until at least 9/10, I will not be happy unless I hear that DAYS will not end….ever (well, at least not as long as I’m alive- I don’t ever want to be without it. It’s like my big extended family and if it ever actually goes off the air it will be a huge loss). I also pray that Deidre and John don’t leave either!!!!

  61. From Linda

    I to have been a Days fan since it first came on the air when I was in middle school. And am glad it has been renewed, but at what cost? I can’t see us ‘older’ viewers watching it on a daily basis anymore because there will be no more of the ‘old’ characters on the show anymore! I understand having young story lines, but what about us who have been with you since Day 1?! Getting rid of ‘John’ & ‘Marlena’ is one of the biggest mistakes the producers could ever do! The show also needs to get rid of ALL of its writers and hire all new ones!

  62. From Angie

    Days is by far my favorite show of all time. I’ve been watching since I was 5 (my mom got me hooked) and am happy to see it will be on through 2010. I must say I was disappointed with where the storyline was going-especially with Daniel-I mean Chelsea, Kate, Chloe. He is quite the ladies man…or is he:)

  63. From Angie

    I have been watching Days since I was five (my mom got me hooked) and am happy it will be on until 2010 but the story lines need to pick up. The whole Daniel thing with him being with 3 different women in the past 6 months I mean come on! I hope the writers can pull things together and maybe even bring back some veterans!

  64. From Angiehand

    please let cole and daniel stay together,thier love making scenes can strt afire. alsoyou can’t cancel the show i have watched since 1964. let nicole and brady get together.

  65. From Sherri

    I will be so happy when ej finds out about the baby swap and her lies and see that he truly loves Sami and they get back together to raise their children. Let Brady have Nicole i think he could keep her straight and rave could get killed in a stake out,

  66. From hattie

    been watching “days” from the beginning— would be devistated if the show were cancelled.—have enjoyed each character and appreciate their commitment to the program……lots of hours and hard work has paid off for the series….keep going—you would be missed!!!!!!!

  67. From hattie

    great site!!

  68. From Jennie

    I LOVE ‘DAYS’! I watched it growing up, my kids watch it, friends, neighbors, everyone that I know. Its such a good show and ths actors are like old friends. It would be a big mistake to lose ‘Days’. Thats all we really watch in the daytime. We enjoy it so much, the story line is so juicy. I really miss the seasoned actors, any chance they might do guests shots? The writers are really tying up alot of loose ends well.

  69. From Anhka

    Days is a part of my life that would be tragic if it ended. My mother & grandmother & mother-in-law and my husband’s grandmother watched it as well. It is a great soap. So glad to here that it has managed to hang on for several more months. We do miss John & Marlena though.

  70. From Kate

    I’m so happy that Days will be around for at least awhile longer. It has been apart of my life even before I could fully understand what it was about. My mother watched if faithfully from the first day to when she recently took ill and became unable to watch. When she was in hospital I used to keep her updated to what was going on, so it was still apart of her day. She has since past on and Days helps me to feel somewhat still connected to her as it has become apart of my life now too. Keep going strong Days your the best Soap.

  71. From PHYL


  72. From Cathy

    I have been watching this for at least 30-35 years. If this goes off I WILL ABSOLUTELY DIE! this is the highlight of my whole day. It really is. The new writers are awesome! they already took off Passions which was hard to get used to, but I had only watched that for 2 or 3 Years. This show is wonderful and I think they need to do whatever they need to do to keep the show going for as long as possible. More than 2-3 years that’s for sure!

  73. From sheila

    Ive been a days fan since the late 70s. I,m glad the show was’nt cancled. However, I will miss John and Marlana they where my favorite couple. I realize days usually drags their story lines out for ever and ever but I think thats whats kept me watching. What makes me mad is when they do a cast change in the middle of a big story line. Like when they changed Belle and Shawns characters I never liked either one of them so I dont care if they ever come back on the show.

  74. From PEGGY TRENT

    I have been watching DAYS and loving it for 30 years. I really hope it is never cancled. I wish all of the older cast members had not been taken out of the show like Marlana and John and there are a lot of others, and i think that’s what is hurting the show.
    I wish more couples would get married and stay true to their mate’s this would help the story line. I really hope Raff and Sammy
    get married, but i’am sure they
    won’t or they will drag it out for
    forever. I just really hope they
    never cancel my show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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