Days of Our Lives Loses Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn!

The end of John and Marlena?

Following on the news last week that Jay Kenneth Johnson will be departing from the cast (see story here, more bad news is coming out for fans of Days of Our Lives. It turns out that the major budget cuts the show will be suffering to keep it on the air will mean that supercouple John and Marlena will no longer be part of the show. Both Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black) will be departing the show in the new year.

Producer Ken Corday explained the decision to let the two veterans go in an interview with SOD, “The
couple will be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will
be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time. It was a very tough
decision to make.”

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of more details of this story as they become available. We’re deeply saddened to hear this bit of news. The loss of two such iconic characters who have deeply situated themselves in the lives of so many Salem residents and major plot lines over the years is enormous.

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  1. From Joyce Elaine Bird


  2. From sweetnsassy

    I am devestated to hear that Deidre and Drake will be dropped. I am in shock.

  3. From sissy

    are you people nuts???????? you keep firing the veterens on the show that we ALL LOVE!!!!!!, to bring in new characters we could care less about…i.e.Melanie. I understand the budget, but instead of always firing the vets, fire the actors who are new, that we are not invested in. I’ve been watch DOOL for over 30 years and these vets need to stay. Just because they make more money(as well they should)is no reason to fire them, as I said fire a few newer actors with less pay to even it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. From Karen

    Days shouldn’t have even bothered to renew if they were going to get rid of one the three couples that keeps Days running, Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope and John & Marlena. As far as I’m concerned, you can get rid of everyone else. These couples are who we bonded with in the first place. Bad move on Days part. Really Bad!

  5. From Allie

    Unbelievable!!! Why did they even bring John back? His stoy line had been horrible since he came back. Why would Days do this to their fans?! I’ve just been waiting for everything to get better with John and Marlena and now this… This saddens me a great deal!

  6. From Anna

    This sucks – i think i may stop watching the show after 38 years because of this!

  7. From k

    I’m so disappointed that John and Marlena are going off the show. John isn’t the same since he is now a robot but with bringing back Brady they should keep him.
    Without the John/Marlena story lines, the show is definately going to lose it’s ratings!!!

  8. From Judy

    This is devesation, why get rid of vetrans like then, take of the newer people. I hope that days can some day see the way to get these two back from a long vacation, once the economy gets back on its feet somewhat, but I understand you have to do what you have to do.
    Good Luck John & Marlena

  9. From Lisa

    After watching DOOL for 20+ years this is the final straw. The writers have been horrible. They never give the fans what they want. The stupid storylines have destroyed this show. what is stefano without john and marlena? What is the show without them? Bo and Fancy face (Skeleton) can’t take their place. Steve & Kayla can’t either. You want to save the show? Get a fan help write the show!

  10. From LEE

    I think it’s pretty bad when you will bring on a bunch of new comers from a show that was cancelled and take the place of such icons as John & Marlena I guess the real reason is it doesn’t take as much money to make the novis’s happy. STILL STINKS !!!

  11. From Marti

    I am surprised, but, not really that upset about this. I am glad that it seems that they will be reunited, before leaving. Bo and Hope went away for a while and the show is still here. If and when they are brought back, maybe they will have the story line they deserve. I hope that they let John keep a little of his edge even if they let him get his memories back. before they go.

  12. From LAURA

    why are they letting them go they are a major part of the show we have been waiting for them to get back together just so see them leave this is just very disappointing they should keep them on the show

  13. From Lucy

    Ever who is in charge of this is not very smart. Sami always has to have her mother to go to. Who will she go whinning to now. Who wull be going next?

  14. From Christine

    What??..this is just ridiculous,why would they do this?..We have been waiting for a John and Marlena reunion forever and now this??

    This is just absurd!! Days will suffer because of this mark my words..

  15. From johnnie

    Days of Our Lives has had a fantastic 45 year run. If this is the best they can do to keep it running, thens its probably time to just let die while it can still die a dignified death.

  16. From Richard

    This is unacceptable. I am so close to not even watching this show anymore. I think the show has to have a veteran core and have the rest of the cast built around them. I love what Steve and Kayla were but they are a waste of time with these new writers and I’d rather see them go than Jarlena. Get me a petition because I will happily sign it.

  17. From Acog

    This is so unbelievable I have watched DOOL for as long as I can remember and it is unsettling to know such established veterans will be leaving. Since Passions has been gone I have watching other soaps, and Day’s writers needs to get it together. They have story lines that have not ended in 20+ years.

  18. From Sheri

    I’ve been a Days fan since 1974!
    I am totally devastated that Deidre & Drake will be let go. I don’t know if I can watch the show after that happens. It really stinks!! They don’t deserve that, nor their fans!

  19. From Cindy

    I can not believe this. This show really is going to suck. They have already gotten rid of Shawn and Bell, now Marlena and John. Who is next BO & HOPE!!!! I might have to find a new show to watch.

  20. From Kathleen

    I CANNOT believe this! I have watched this show since I was a very young girl (just turned 45!). My grandmother got me hooked, and I am sooooo sad. This is the ONLY soap I watch anymore, and this literally breaks my heart. I LOVE JOHN AND MARLENA; the characters and the actors. They have such great chemistry together-like Bo & Hope. What will happen next??? Obviously, something is very WRONG with the management of DOOL. How very sad for the actors but the show. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to watch this. I’ve been waiting for them to bring the old John back, and make this stupid thing they did right again….. I cry every time I watch John and Marlena together. Whoever is fattening their pockets, remember the saying “you reap what you sow”!

  21. From Marlene

    This whole thing is ridiculous.
    They string fans along for months with an unbelievable storyline and then write the prime cast members off the show? Budget cuts? Again?
    If I were Drake and Dee, I’d never come back to the titanic. They are much too talented for Ken Corday and deserved alot better.

  22. From lilly

    I can’t take anymore! I will find a new soap to watch that is stable.

  23. From Lilly

    I can’t take this anymore. I will be looking for a new soap that has some stability.

  24. From Diana

    I am glad. Marlena annoys me.

  25. From sabinakarsan

    Not Dedire that is it no more Days for me

  26. From Karen

    Well, Just heard NBC’s Days is letting go Deidra Hall and Drake Hogestyn. Well, see ya Days I will not continue to watch! I bet I will not be the only one either!

  27. From Becky

    Not good news at all. Why can’t they cut out actors that don’t have main story lines like Maggie or Victor or Roman? I would hate to see them leave as well but taking out 2 prime actors who have major story lines doesn’t seem very smart. What gives, writers?

  28. From Stacy

    WHAT ARE THE WRITERS THINKING?! This is so disappointing.

  29. From ali

    I’m so upset. I’ve been watching the show for 15 years and I’ve been a fan of them from theday i started watching Days. I think this is a very bad move for the show.

  30. From forever fan


  31. From Saddie

    Its about time. I mean I have been watching this show since I played sick to stay home from kindergarten. I am very excited to have Passion actors on days. Hopefully they will be given better lines and story plots. Days needs to move forward and bring in new faces to stay competative. Not Melanie though!!! She is painful to watch and listen too. Also, maybe now that Marlena is gone Sami can finally start ascting her age. Her character is such a disservice to the actress. Just ask yourself, if you stop watching for a year and you turn it back on, it has not moved forward in any of the stories. Its always the same. And you all know its true. Just a suggestion but I think that a story line with Stephanie and Rafe would be great.

  32. From Sue

    Big Mistake!!! veteran actors keep the show going.Think this will hurt the show.Maybe even be the end of it.

  33. From Grandma K

    This could well be the end of Days. We the Fan don’t seem to matter, so who are you writing for?

  34. From Tinobabe

    Very sad to here this. Once they leave, I won’t be watching the show anymore. It will be my second soap I stopped watching because of budget cuts.

  35. From Debra

    There has to be other ways to cut without ripping out half the heart of the soap. Please rethink things and see if something else can’t be done. John and Marlena are the best. Their chemistry is awsome. Sami has to have them to help keep her in control. Maybe just give them a vacation for awhile but DON’T dismiss them.

  36. From Vanessa

    If you get rid of John and Marlena, that will be it for Days. I have devoted the past 35 years to Days. I have followed many stories, have loved and hates many stars and followed many strange stories. but if John and Marlena are being let go, I will stop watching Days. I have supported Days for many years, but you have made up my mind. GOOD BYE TO DAYS. John and Marlena shows that everlasting love ispossible. My hope is that Ken Codday gets the ax too.

  37. From Maria

    I really dont care that they are leaving. I think they are boring and Marlena annoys me. Im just really happy because now I think Kate will get all better. Maybe her and Roman will get back together with Marlena COMPLETELY out of the picture and there can be a thing with Roman, Kate, and Daniel.

  38. From mythic

    they should get read of steve and kayla again instead thay havent done anything since thay came back on.

  39. From Cecilia

    I have been a fan of DAYS since I was 12 and I just turned 50 last month. I am very saddened to see what is being done to this show. John & Marlena are major characters and DAYS won’t be the same without them. They make you believe in staying together forever through good times & bad times. Over the years you have tried new story lines with new characters but they haven’t lasted long. If you want the fans to watch, you need to keep the main characters on the show. Management has made a terrible mistake getting rid of these two. I don’t think I can watch DAYS anymore.

  40. From Elana

    Why get rid of John and Marlena. Get rid of people like Melanie, Nick, Stephanie and the list could go on. You people are not going to be well liked by several thousands of viewers…..KEEP JOHN AND MARLENA

  41. From Kathy

    If they do go through with this STUPID move I too, will stop watching after 30 years. Get rid of Nick, Melanie, Daniel, none of these characters have 1/3 of the storyline potential that John and Marlena do.

  42. From Grandma26

    I would rather see the show cancelled then to cut the two people that always kept the show constant, no matter how weird the plot got. I have been watching since 1968 and don’t know if I will continue after they leave

  43. From pati

    You should just cancel the show now. It sucks, Melaine gets on my last nerve, Steve and Kayla are never on. John and Marlena are the only reason I watch. Sammys story is always the same. BORING.
    35 years of watching this has been the worst.

  44. From Melissa Sommer

    Have you completely lost it?? John and Marlena are the reson I started watching Days to begin with.If they go I am going.I love John and Marlena.They are the true SUPERCOUPLE of Days Of Our Lives.I will absolutely stop watching Days if John and Marlena are let go and so will my friends.We love John and Marlena you send them off you just sent Days Of Our Lives off.I have stood bye Days of Our Lives for all the storylines so far even when they didn’t make any sense even when you killed John in that car accident I continued to watch hoping you would bring Drake back as John and when you did I was thrilled just to be dissapointed again to find out it wasn’t the old john but some kind of new john who isn’t in love with Marlena.Now that they are somewhat getting back on track and heading for a reunion you are writing them off,THAT IS RIDICULOUS.JOHN AND MARLENA (DEIDRE HALL AND DRAKE HOGESTYN) ARE DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

  45. From karen akers

    I watch Days, for John & Marlena,
    Bo & Hope Steve & Kayla. I have in fact been watching with my mom and sisters & friends since we were small kids. WE HAVE ALL DECIDED TO TELL KEN CORDAY TO CROAK AS WE WON’T BE WATCHING AND LONGER AFTER JANUARY.

  46. From karen akers




  47. From Nann

    I haven’t liked John’s character for quite some time, so it will not be difficult to see him gone. And, the same things keep happening to Marlena over and over. I really like her, but the writers have ruined her character, along with John’s.

  48. From karen akers

    how stupid are you at DAYS.

    I hope Ken Corday reads this blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  49. From DANIELLE


  50. From Andy R

    When NBC canceled Another World and replaced it with Passions, I never watched Passions. If Days really lets Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn go, I will never watch another day of Days. There won’t be a Days after the contract is up with NBC because no one will want to watch Days. We Vets who have been watching Days for what seems like forever will not fogive Ken Coraday. Shame on him. This is not his parents DOOL. (HInt:Get rid of the new people that no one cares about and bring back the Vets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. From James

    WOW!!! Did not see this coming! I think it is a hude mistake. Marlena is the core of DOOL, like Susan Lucci is on AMC!! Stop bringing new stars on and kill Nick off, he is a killer but im sure they will write in as an “accident”. I will still watch Days bc im a fateful fan but Im not sure how long the show will be on due to this!!! BAD MOVE!!!!!!

  52. From Gretchen

    Are you kidding me? I’d love to know what the reasoning is behind the latest downfall of a once great soap opera. John & Marlena are an iconic couple that has helped Days maintain whatever loyal viewership they have left. The stories have been so crazy over the last few years. Almost a shame it was renewed.

  53. From Kate

    I have read various Days blogs throughout the years but never felt so strongly about something to post a comment until now. I have been a faithful daily viewer for years even when my friends have given up. I keep telling them it will get better so I have vowed to stick with it. I was so happy to hear NBC had renewed their contract and now this news about Drake and Deidre comes out. They are what got me watching so many years ago and I keep hoping they will be back on the front-burner and stay there. I agree with another poster that said why even renew the show if they are going to get rid of two of the biggest fixtures on the show? Days, I have supported and defended you, but I can’t anymore. You have lost one of your most loyal viewers. Marlena and John are a couple of vets that make the show. You have just signed your death wish. With moves like this, you will be canceled before it snows in MN – oh wait, it snowed this morning!

  54. From Deneille

    I am in total shock! I cannot comprehend such a destructive decision. These 2 incredible actors have been the heart and soul of Days forever. Having loyally watched this show for 28 years, I can honestly say that the day Drake & Deidre walk off our screens will be the day I forever turn off Days of our Lives…

  55. From Brandy

    Guess this is the end of Days for me and I have watch since the first episode with my Mom. Interesting that they have to cut the budget then you see how many new actors are in the “comings” and I couldn’t care less about any of them. Guess I’ll have more time in the afternoons and more space on the DVR. I fast forward through about 2/3rds anyway.

  56. From sharon

    u got to be kiddind, Whoever is writing this show needs to STOP cause u cant write . Take the new ones off and leave the old ones along,u take off marlena and john bo and hope u might as well take the show completely off. I t wont be worth nothing .I have watch this show since I was 7 and I am 47 now so believe me when I say u who calling them self a writer please give it up u are killing the show,

  57. From Jan

    John and Marlena are two of the main reasons I have watched Days for the past 40 + years. Bo and Hope are the other two. If Days looses John and Marlena, they will lose many, many viewers. If finances is the real reason they are being let go, let most of the “kids” go…they are boring with stupid story lines

  58. From Tammy

    Well, I’ve watched Days for 43 years. So, I’ve seen them come and go. The road that they’ve taken John down has just been horrible. I hated to see the scene last week when Brady came home and “Bad John” didn’t seen to care. While I really do hate to see them leave, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I do agree that they should get rid of Victor and the new Mickey (Kevin Dobson) although he’s a good actor just can’t play the role of Mickey Horton. Let’s put people like Victor, Kate (who’ll probably die of cancer), Steve, Kayla, Maggie, Mickey, Roman and Stephano on suspension and keep great actors like Drake and Deidra. I’ll keep watching because Days is the only soap I care to watch.

  59. From chrisyb

    Well, I guess I will be done watching in January 2009…I met Drake Hogestyn at a fan event—he was very cordial and I got a great picture with him…
    This will be the end of Days and their fan base…Great job NBC…

  60. From DBus71

    I am sick of the young folks joining and the same old crap with them! Yeah, hire these lame characters and have lame story lines and get rid of great icons! I am going to stop watching TOO! I guess I will have to switch back to CBS who value their veterans on the shows!

  61. From Tiffany

    This is absurd. John looked like he was going to have a good story line with Brady back, and his sickness has been another forgoten story until just last Friday. I have heard so many people say they watch \days of our lives with Diedra Hall\ Now you can no longer say that. I started watching days when Marlena was locked in Stefano’s room by Kristen. She is what brought me to love the show…I think I am just going to cry now!!! Pooo on you!

  62. From shirl

    that SUCKS

  63. From shirl

    Okay, here it goes….. fire/layoff whatever you want to call it the following people:

    Stephanie, Max, Rafe, Chloe, Nick, Melanie, Dr. Jonas and all the new people that are lined up and KEEP John and Marlena. They are worth every penny they are paid.

  64. From Greta

    Seriously, this is the worst move Days could have made. I’ve been watching for 20 years but without this super couple, my “days” with Days may be numbered. Get rid of Nick and Melanie instead or Abe and Lexie. They are way more boring.

  65. From Peggy

    This is the most upsetting news by far..why would you let the two most favorite characters leave..and bring in new people from another soap…you better go back to the drawing board before you lose all your loyal viewers..I have watched Days for 40+ yrs..not sure if I will bother now..

  66. From Linda

    Stupid, stupid, stupid! What are they thinking? John and Marlena are the most charismatic of all the actors on Days. The show will be totally boring without them!

  67. From Denise

    This is so crazy!!! I can’t believe they are doing this again to Drake. We the fans do not deserve this. Drake needs to stay or Days will be losing all of its viewers. Also Deidra, this is unbearable. I have been watching since the exorcism storyline. John and Marlena are what made me become such a big days fan. without them I am leaving now. It saddens me that Ken Corday would do this yet again. That mans parents must be thinking what a disapointment he is. He ruined what was once a great soap. I will not give up on Drake, I fought for his return last year and never gave up and he returned. I will just have to write twice as hard this time and who ever is a Drake and Marlena fan should do the same. It just might work. Lets all write are butts off. Drake and Deidra deserve it. write write write!!! Fight fight fight!!! we love you Drake

  68. From ejluvsami

    To get rid of Marlena and John is a huge mistake. You will loose a lot of fans because of this. Deidre Hall is and has been one of the best actresses ever! She is wise, gracious, honest, caring, etc. How can you let that personality go? There are several new actors you could let go of such as Melanie, Nick, Kate…..

  69. From Dona

    Disgusting! Can’t believe I am writing again today – just wrote last night also re the departure of Philip. I have never written to you before and have been a Days fan for 40 years. But I just cannot believe you are getting rid of all the truly good actors and personalities on Days. I would not be surprised to find myself departing from Days as well. Find it all very sad and unnecessary. Get rid of the new and useless people.

  70. From Sabina Karsan

    They are not serious about cutting Drake and Deidre out Deidre and Drake are Days of our Lives what is Ken Corday thinking No Dee no me. I am sure there other Deidre Hall fans that feel the same way

  71. From Sabina Karsan

    They are not serious about cutting Drake and Deidre out Deidre and Drake are Days of our Lives what is Ken Corday thinking No Dee no me.

  72. From Theresa

    I can’t believe they will get rid of the best actor/actrist on the show. I look forward to watching John and Marlena. They are the best, you can’t get rid of them. I think some of the newer people could go since they aren’t very good at all. John and Malena will be missed!!

  73. From CARLY


  74. From libby

    OMG!!!! This is an amazing disappontment in a show that I have loved since it came on the air. Most of the comments I have read hit the nail on the head – get rid of the newbies (like Melanie)to save some money. Money comes from viewers, and viewers go away if they are not happy. I am one viewer who is very, very unhappy at the news that two of my favorites, two of the bedrocks of DOOL will be going away. Well, so will I…apparently TPTB don’t much care what we dedicated viewers think.

  75. From Melinda

    I can’t believe they are doing this. I have watched days for over 20 years and i have to say that this is just wrong. I happen to love watching Marlena and John they has so much chemistry together that can and never will be replaced no matter how hard they try. They just lost a loyal fan in me!

  76. From Melinda

    They just lost a loyal fan in me. There will never be another super couple like John and Marlena. That couple is what made Days what is is today. I guess i have to find another soap to watch or just quite watching them.

  77. From Susan

    As a fan who has watched the show since the beginning, the news that John and Marlena are leaving is horrible. There are so many characters I would cut first before I let these two go — how about axing Max and Stephanie, Chloe and Brady, Nick and Melanie, Chelsea, Abe and Lexie, and of course Kate has a fatal illness so hopefully her contract is up soon. I’m sure if you let some of these actors go the show could surely save enough $$ to keep Marlena and John under contract. Of course, it’s that all important youth demo they have to preserve by keeping all the youngsters with their mindless storylines. Personally, I now fast forward through many of their storylines as I find them boring. I love the core couples like Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope, and of course Marlena and John. The show is making it easier to finally stop watching by letting Marlena and John leave. It was cruel when they let Drake go before, but to bring him back only to let him go stinks. I hope the PTB rethink this moronic decision.

  78. From Christine

    I cannot believe this,have they lost their minds or what!!!! How can you get rid of John and Marlena, this is rediculous!!! We don’t need Nick and we don’t need Melanie if you want to cut the budget. They can go I would rather see John and Marlena. Well I guess this is how they get people to stop watching so they can cancel a show right??!!

  79. From chantal just put an end to the show completely because those two there is no days of our lives.. why let go someone so important while you can get rid of a few that are not …I’ll never watch days again if they let this happen I am beyond pissed..unreal let drake go before and lost so many viewers imagine now ..might as well just stop the show completely while you’re at it.. unacceptable..

  80. From Sharon Day

    I will no longer watch the show if
    Marlena and John are gone. They\
    have kept this show going for many years. I have been watching since the late 60′s early 70′s an this will break my heart.

  81. From DK


  82. From Sharon Day

    I have been watchig this show for over 40 years and have been a loyal
    fan without Marlena and John I am sure that I will be able to find something else to do.

  83. From julie

    I am kind of glad Marlena and John are leaving. Their storyline has been boring for so long. John’s storyline has been going on for ever it seems. And Marlena I never saw her with any of her kids or grandkids even talking about them. I rather see Martha Madison as (Belle) and Brandon as (Shawn) back now that JOhn and Marlena will be departing.

  84. From sheila

    I have been watching days for almost 30 yrs…I must admit first I was quite amused with the “new” John, but now its quite old. However, the ignorance behind letting go two of the shows best vets baffles me and I doubt Days will be watched anymore in my house hold. I agree with some of the other statements, get rid of some of the newbies that I fast forward thru….

  85. From julie

    Days is making a big huge making letting Philip go. They should find a way to work with him on his contract and keep him on. Very disappointed with Days. If they keep letting the wrong people go. I will no longer watch it.

  86. From Mary Ann

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! What the hell is Days thinking!!!! John and Marlena is “Days of Our Lives”! There should be another petiton to save John and Marlena.

    Get rid of Daniel, Kate, Melanie, Nick, and those other crappy characters that are making me thank goodness for the Fast Forward on TiVo.

  87. From C J


  88. From BH


  89. From mergirl

    i agree with all the others BIG MISTAKE !!!!!! you will loose many many fans.. the show has been centered around the three main couples and to take them awya you may as well cancel days! i for one wont be watching

  90. From Joanne


  91. From elizabeth moss

    what in the heck is days powers to be doing. to me i think they want the show cancelled.Over at days are making dumb decison . Yall are going tolose so many viewer if yalll take marlena and john off the show. dumb , dumb decision. Fired melanie,nick,chelesa,step.max and keep john and marlena. if you wnat to keep the showon andsave all of the cast of days job. the rate days is going they want have to worry about budget cuts. noone will have a job.

  92. From Barb

    They couldn’t possibly be stupid enough to fire these two. I believe this is a big publicity stunt, just like a few years ago when they (supposedly) fired half the cast, but they all somehow came back to life. I hope so !!
    I have been watching DAYS for 40 years now, and would hate to give it up, but I won’t watch it without the heart of the show and that is Marlena & John.

  93. From Lissie

    For sure I will no longer be watching Days.

    First you make Nick a lunatic.
    Then, you get rid of Marlena and John.
    What the heck are these writers doing?
    And Philip is going, too?
    Enough is enough already

  94. From Anita

    I have watched the show since 1970 and this really upsets me. You are taking the greatest and leaving the weakest, Chelsa, Stephanie to name a few. I am not sure how much longer I will be watching if I have to keep watching this self-centered girls whine.

  95. From aimee

    I have been watching Days for since I was 11. Since they have so many teen twits like Melanie and Nick on the show I have stopped watching. Having Marlena and John leave the show is just one more nail in the coffin. I won’t go back to watching until they have less twits and get Marlena and John back!

  96. From Trel Kay

    I have watched DOOL for over 40 years. These people are like relatives to me. This past year or two has made me wish the show would just tie up all the loose ends and have a final show with Alice on it and just go to soap opera heaven. The writers have totally twisted all the histories of the characters and nothing makes sense anymore. So many storylines were started then just dropped without a reasonable explanation. Just get it over with already so we can grieve and go on with our real lives!!!!!.

  97. From Trel Kay

    I have watched DOOL for over 40 years. These people are like I have watched DOOL for over 40 years. These people are like relatives to me. This past year or two has made me wish the show would just tie up all the loose ends and have a final show with Alice on it and just go to soap opera heaven. The writers have totally twisted all the histories of the characters and nothing makes sense anymore. So many storylines were started then just dropped without a reasonable explanation. Just get it over with already so we can grieve and go on with our real lives!!!!!.

  98. From jenn

    This doesn’t make sense to me! DOOL FINALLY renews their contract then they are going to get rid of John, Marlena and Philip?! This will only decrease ratings! Can anyone make any sense of this? I sure can’t!

    P.S. I agree with you Mary Ann!

  99. From Carmen

    Unbelievable!!! Get rid of Kate,Melanie,Nick & Chels! This Sucks….

  100. From L


  101. From brandi

    This is the worst decision yet in a long line of crappy decisions. this kind of thing will make sure that Dool is canceled. I am ready to stop watching already and I have been a fan since 1993

  102. From Brooke

    I think that it does suck but I dont think that I will not continue to watch. Im more intrested in the other story lines anyway. Like Sami E.j Nicole and I really like Melaine. I also hope that Belle and Shawn come back soon. I really like John and Marlena but they arnt the only reason I watch!

  103. From Amanda

    PLEASE don’t remove them from the show. They are what makes the show worth watching. If you remove them from the show, I will stop watching the show. PLEASE KEEP THEM ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!

  104. From Alta

    If this is a ratings stunt, I hope it works for you, Kenny.
    I don’t find the limited entertaining tripe of the younger set watchable, I fast forward it. Nor do I like the overdose of the railing, dysfunctional, ever immature Sami.
    The last day Deidre airs, is the last day I watch.

  105. From Alta

    I’m done with the show!

  106. From Martha

    please do not let Marlena and John leave the show!!we love to watch them together on the show. Please keep them staying on DOOL.. NO REASON for them to leave the show! the show will hurt and decrease ratings!!!

  107. From Heather

    Unbelievable!!!!…I am speeechless and in shock! What is Days thinking? But then again the story line potential has not been used so they must not been thinking! Nothing has been done with Stefano since his return, nothing much with John either, same with Steve and Kayla, Marlena hasn’t really done anything either, actually Bo and Hope haven’t done anything spectacular either lately (and their all of a sudden vow renewal was just sort of thrown in their). Days is trying to save their show but I think they just killed it!

  108. From Nancy

    Well that’s it then. They’re the reason I started watching Days years ago and they’ll be the reason I stop.

  109. From Ann

    I have watched DOOL since the very first show; I’ve followed it through all sorts of traumatic casting decisions and while I recognize the economy of laying off the two top viewer draws, I am absolutely devastated with the news about Deidre and Drake.Surely there are other economic ways to save $$.

  110. From Deb

    April Fool? In November? It must be because NO show is stupid enough to make a move like this. I have never commented on a soap before – or written to a soap for any reason – but I must say this – I have watched Days from the first episode (with my Auntie) and have followed it since. I have disagreed with some of the ways the show has been handled – BUT I have never given up on Days and especially Ken Corday. Not that it matters to the show, but John and Marlena’s last DAY will be mine too!

  111. From Carol

    Bad decision. How about getting rid of annoying Melanie, steve and Kayla don’t add anything to the show and how about Hope. She clearly needs to go somewhere for a while to gain some weight.

  112. From MARY ANN


  113. From Tim

    I haven’t watched for awhile now, it just got dumber and dumber!
    I just reed about it from time to time, It’s been about 5 years now since I watched and I started in 1972, you can do the math! I don’t know who the new characters are and don’t care to learn either!

  114. From Wendy

    WOW…Iwas born in 1964, the same year as Days. My mom watched it from day one, so I know I’ve been watching Days since before I can remember.The past 12 years I’ve watched it without her(god bless her soul) but I do beleive I’ve been watching for th both of us.We will watch John and Marlena reunite and when they say good-bye…so will we.

  115. From kathy

    I am so upset, once they leave that will be the end of my watching the show, I have been very upset with this whole past year of stories……seems like we wait, and wait for something big to happen, and nothing, finally get a good storyline with John and brady , and they pull the main actors due to budget cuts???
    Well they will see what this means to the show, i am sure many will feel like myself and jumo on another soap bandwagon, I am thinking GH, they still have all their veterans…

  116. From Sylvia

    I, too have watched for 43 yrs. and this is the only soap I have watched. I’m disappointed about John and Marlena. Let EJ and Nicole go. They have no connection to the Bradys or Hortons, the original families. Please keep some of the older actors and give them something worthwile to do. Bring their kids back-Shawn and Belle,etc. Get rid of Melanie, even Max could go.Phillip should have stayed. Put Lucas and Sami together. These younger people could be the future for the show if They have story lines with the older group. I know a lot of people will disagre.

  117. From Tina

    They have just killed the show, why bother to renew. Everyone has been so excited that they were to come back as a super couple and now we’ve been lied to…….where is Patch? where is the storyline with his detective work? Anna and Tony…so many starts but they just fizzle. The young kids are boring. Dump 4 of them to keep John and Marlena. Soaps are based on history and tradition, if you take that away, you have nothing. Seriously!! Corday – get back to basics – stop jerking your fans around, that’s why you are losing the show. It should be as plain as the nose on your face. We get it, why don’t you?

  118. From Leaving Salem forever

    This is the biggest mistake the producers could make. Vets are what make people come back to the show. Sure we like to see new people come in and story lines change. But something as drastic as this will turn more viewers away. Isn’t the point to try and KEEP the people who come back time after time to see how their fave’s are doing?

    The writing has gone downhill as well. They are making characters do and say things that they would never do. Things that are so contrary to who the character is you would think they don’t understand how the character was established.

    My mom, my daughter and I have all been loyal fans for years. I just can’t watch anymore. Instead of enjoying the show we sit there and make fun of it, and how out of character the actors are being written. It’s sad. I used to really love it.

  119. From Sue

    If they are going to take Marlena and John off, I will be very, very disappointed, but I will be very, very angry if they don’t reunite them before they go. They are the only reason I have been a loyal fan for years and years.

  120. From Gary

    Are you crazy???????????? The two people who can keep the fan’s coming. This is totally the stupidest move I believe I’ve ever seen. Day’s all I can say, re-thank this.
    I feel you will loose the very loyal fans whose kept days going all these years.

  121. From Chief

    She campaigned for OBAMA, so I lost all respect fo her from that point on….so Good Riddance! Maybe she can get a position on his Cabinet..or have more time for more surgery!

  122. From carol lego

    I have wached Days from day one. You should not let Marlena and John go, they are what hols this show together. Let Melanie go she is no good for the show. Bring back Shawn and Belle and keep Marlena and John .Why did you renew the show if you are going to get rid of the best stars? Do not do it you are ruining the show.

  123. From Michelle

    What in the world are you doing? Not cool, not fair, and a very bad move! John and Marlena are a necessary base! Instead why not get rid of Mickey and Maggie, Melanie, people we never see Caroline! Not them what happened last time this happened! You lost viewers!

  124. From Jan

    This is such a major mistake. I have watched Days since the very first day. Always rushing home from work to turn on the vcr. This will not happen when they leave the show. Marlena and John are the super couple of Days. What purpose do the young actors have? Their story lines are boring and going no where. Where are the old days when you planned your entire day around Days and The Doctors?

  125. From David

    If they are faced with budget cuts why do they keep putting on new characters? I would rather see them take out some of the teenagers and 20 somethings. Cut out max, stephanie, chelsie, melanie,the geeky kid, and take doctor dan while your at it and leave the stars who carry the show in place. Also, don’t bring old characters, like brady and chloe, back until the shows budget has stabilized. People are more interested in the characters they have come to know and love. Nobody cares about new people or people that have been gone for a long time. Work with what you have and when cuts are needed get rid of lame characters first not the stars.

  126. From Linda

    Stupid, stupid stupid! I’m truly disgusted. I have been watching since 1973 and this will probably be the end for me. You want to save money??? Get rid of the current writers and hire whoever were the writers during the strike. OR get some of the fans to create the ideas. If you read any of the boards you will see some fantastic ideas by fans.

  127. From Disappointed Fan

    I have watched this soap opera for over 30 years and I can’t imagine its continued success by taking away its anchor stars, what is Days of our Lives without John & Marlana??? Why not get rid of Max, Stephanie, The Carvers? Then you bring on all these new ones?
    Makes no sense to me how you think you will remain and keep your veteran viewers.

  128. From Pam

    My last viewing day will be the day John & Marlana leave. This show is getting ridiculous anyway.
    No big story lines anymore. Why would you bring in new people and dismiss the veterans, the glue that holds the show with the viewers…The Brady’s and The Hortons..not all these doctors who have no ties, or these young people who serve no real purpose in the story. I can’t believe you honestly think this is a good move!! LOST FAN OF OVER 30 YEARS

  129. From cheryl

    Am I the only one who will not miss them? I am sick of the “new John” but I also got tired of hearing “old John” say “That’s a fact” all the time. Marlena has always been a wimp, letting Stephano do whatever he wanted to her and her family. Most women will fight for their kids, but not Marlena. At least, not until recently. I finally just started liking Marlena when she finally fought back and put Stephano in a well-deserved coma.

    But please do not replace them with a bunch of kids. And get Melanie and Nick off the show – Please, please, please.

    Love the interaction between Sami and the FBI agent now.

  130. From kiki

    I will no longer be a fan after the departure of John & Marlana.
    I have watched since the late 60′s
    DOOL is the Brady’s and the Horton’s and John & Marlana. Why are bringing on all these newbies?
    Write better storylines for the vets of the show. You have taken John & Marlana away and put them apart too many times already. So now you are going to be put them back together after we have watched all these months waiting for that and then take them off completly? I’m done as of that day. I will never watch again.

  131. From kiki

    You have to be kidding me!! You are going to put them back together after months of waiting for that to happen and then take them off for good? Have the writers lost their minds? I could care less about Daniel, the Carvers, and these new faces..leave the stars in place. Why are you bringing on more boaring actors that have no connection with Salem, The Brady’s or the Hortons. I am done!

  132. From Michelle

    OK, now I have heard it all. My opionion is to keep John and Marlena and let go some vet’s that don’t have what it takes anymore. Like Maggie for instance, what type of story line does she have? I love watching both John and Marlena, how is it that the ones who play a great role needs to get the cut? Are they at least going to have them appear like they do Doug and Julie?
    DOOL’s might not make it till they expire, they are going down hill now!!

  133. From Kay

    I won’t be watching when they are gone. THis is a really dumb move on your part!

  134. From Patsy

    I’ve been watching DOOL since day 1. I loved the old story lines. I keep waiting for some old fashion writing. I want family – values – and reality – In the old days you had Alice & Tom for family and values and Bill, Laura and Micky with the reality that we have to deal with things that aren’t perfect. Today we need John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Patch & Kayla (the way they were) Stefano, and Victor and Caroline and Maggie. EJ, Lucas and Sami add excitement to the show. Get rid of the rest. I often turn the chanel when Chesea, Stephanie, Max and the others come on. If DOOL lives it will have to find a few old family values, actual virgins and how about a new night club with Julie,Doug and Maggie running it. An actual murder case with court room excitement. Hey, I’ll write for you!!!

  135. From Chris

    I think this is good for the show. Marlena and John are completely boring and it’s time for them to move on. It is completely gross when they have them making out. How old is she now. 65 year old woman don’t go around making out.

  136. From Amanda

    That’s it!!!!! I’ve had it, that’s the last straw!! I’ve put up with a lot from this show, from useless pairings to boring storylines that go nowhere. If John and Marlena go, then so do I. This is just more proof that poor Days has gone to hell, and it won’t surprise me at all when they finally get pulled.

  137. From Clear

    I think they should kill off Hall’s character with her all purpose grimace, and keep John to find a new less stupid mate.

  138. From Julia

    this is UNBELIEVEABLE!! I used to watch days every day!! and lately I have not been because the story lines have been boring (the whole Melanie thing…) and now with John and Marlena leaving it is going to be even worse. I want the good old Days back! We lost Shawn and Belle last year and now this!!

  139. From Brenda

    is this a permanent thing or is it only until they figure out what will happen to the ratings without them I will tell you FLOP! I cannot believe they would be 2 people to get rid of they are a crucial part of the show what is Days thinking.

  140. From donna

    the keep bring these new doctors in for what leave the people you are going to bring in off get rid of steve and kayla don’t ever really see them anyway. keep john and marlena and bo and hope bring shawn and belle back keep brady and chloe get rid of nichole melenie nick micky and maggie daniel kate and victor bring back jack jennifer and abby if the days is about supercouples not doctors I don’t know why days needs 4 or 5 doctors. they have never had more then 1-3 If marlena and john go after they got rid of jack and jennifer then shawn and belle and now john and marlena I have watched days for 26 years and I will quite watching Theres enough night time shows to keep my dvr busy if they can’t fix the show.

  141. From Christine

    How disappointed I am. I too agree you could get rid of many of the new people. John and Marlena are the heart of the show. I pray that something will change. Now I know why Days keeps losing watchers

  142. From Jan

    John and Marlena are the best. Why don’t they release some of the younger actors. Their storyline is not interesting or exciting as the established characters. The older actors or the bones of the show and should be front and center. I have watches Days for Nov 8, 1965. Please fix this.

  143. From Ruth

    I am an avid Days fan and enjoy reading the posts. I have never submitted one but couldn’t sit back and let this last decision go without a comment. Having watched the show since the 1970′s, I definitely agree that it has been on the downhill slide lately. But to get rid of Marlena and John is the last straw. The show won’t be worth watching anymore. Please reconsider your decision!

  144. From Loy

    I’ve been watching DOOL for the past 30 years and after the news of Marlena and John being axed you can add my name to what I’m sure will be a long list of dedicated upset viewers. Get rid of Max, Melanie, Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie and Kate instead

  145. From Kate

    Seriously? Why is everyone so upset? They have had their run and there story is always the same lame thing. Its old. I’m part of the NEW generation of Days, and i don’t care about all the old people on the show. I like the new young people. Just because you have been watching for 40 years doesn’t mean the new fan base wants to watch a bunch of old people all the time. Marlena sucks as an actress, and is a total sissy, and whenever John kisses her-or anyone for that matter- i wanna barf. He looks like he is about to devour her face. ew. Get rid of them. Also- get rid of Lucas. Not even cute, and he is so mean to Sami. They don’t have a “great love”- he second guesses her all the time and never trusts her. EJ and Sami need a real shot. Lucas can go, Kate can go, and Dr. Dan can go. I wanna see how this Melanie thing plays out. I’m ready for Steph to move on from Max though.

  146. From mar

    Are they kidding?????
    No Marlena & John, then no Days for me. I’ll watch until they ride off into the sunset…then we are over!!!

  147. From linda

    hate to see john and marlena go, but i am excited about the newcomers, rafe and brady, what hunks, also hate the ej and nicole story, want to see ej with his beloved sami!

  148. From Pat Finch

    Why don’t they axe 10 of the actors that aren’t any good on DAYS or that the fans do not like to follow to equal John and Marlena’s pay…I will not watch anymore!

  149. From Nancy

    I have been watching Days since 1965. It is the only Soap that I have watched. The vets of this Soap are so important. Let some of the less interesting people like Nicole, and the new people go and keep John and Marlena. I know you are trying to draw young people to the show but you are loosing a lot of long, long term fans. Thank about that.

  150. From Kat

    What? No more John and Marlena??? That’s crazy

  151. From Racer Girl 09

    They go I go!!!!! Get rid of Kate, Melanie, Nick(SUCH A NERD!!), Roman, Stefano, Victor and all of the other ones that are no good at acting!! Can’t stand Kate and her drama!!! Never liked her from the beginning. Also send Nicole and ger whinning packing!! Don’t like her either. You people are ruining a good show, let the people from Passions go somewhere else not DOOL!!! Won’t watch when they leave!!! You better listen to the viewers people!!!!

  152. From Cindy

    They have just let the heart and soul of the show go. Might as well take it off the air.

  153. From Carolyn

    Not Marlena and John……Ive been watching DOOL since I was a kid. I am now 46 years old.. I really thinking about leaving the soap behind. Days for goodness sakes….Make Nick a killer….and keep Melanie and Kate…what are you thinking??????

  154. From Karen

    We need to keep the veterans on the show…we need John and Marlena

  155. From Elaine

    I have been a fan of the show for close to 40 years. What is going on here. Out with the people who have made this soap for many years and in with the new that no one cares about. This makes me want to quit watching. I hope they will reconsider. Soon all the show veterans will be gone and you may as well begin a new soap. I am very sad about this decision.

  156. From Brandie

    No way! Not that I dislike Kayla and Steve but if you had to get rid of a power couple they would be better the John and Marlena. John and Marlena’s story line is just picking up. Guess for those of us still willing to watch will find out if anything good can come from Days now.

  157. From loretta

    They will kill Days by taking John and Marlena off the show. Might as well have let it be cancelled and leave with dignity than let it die a slow death like it will without John and Marlena.

  158. From Millie

    Have the writers lost their minds? Why in the world would they want to get rid of John and Marlena, they are the only reason that I watch the show. It would make more sense to get rid of the ones that don’t know how to act and don’t have any real part in the show. The show has really gone down hill and I can’t see it lasting much longer with all the young actors that Days has on there now.

  159. From lynda

    take a hint from the fans – DO NOT LET JOHN/MARLENA CHARACTERS DEPART. But then again, it’s always about the money, isn’t it!

  160. From Karen

    If they get rid of John and Marlena, they sould just cancel the show now. I won’t be watching all the young goofy people they have shoved on us. I have watched since 1985, and this really sucks. Karen

  161. From Janice

    Marlena and John are what Tom and Alice were, the backbone of Days. This is the only soap I have ever faithfully watched because I beleived it showed values in the storylines. Why ruin a good thing? .

  162. From Chocolite

    How sickening! I have read all of the blogs, and have duly noted that about 95% of the comments are from long standing fans (like myself) and only about 5% are from fans who have no knowledge of the histories of the beloved families of this show and how their lives are entwined. I have watched this show since the late 60s, and always loved the storylines revolving around the Super Couples. These actors/actresses have become like members of our families. John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, Shawn & Belle, and so on and on. I must admit that I was fed up with Days because of the awful writing and horrible storylines. However, even with the introduction of non-interesting kids, I was excited about the return of John and Stephano, and thought that finally the vendetta would be resolved one way or another. But poof….all hopes of this storyline vanished in thin air. And….now on top of it all, to get rid of Marlena and John, as well as Phillip. All I can say is HORRIBLE DECISION! This is the biggest and worst joke of all. I can only imagine that it will only be a short time before Bo & Hope and other beloved characters will be cast aside. What is even more unbelievable is that beloved characters will be let go and characters such as Melanie, Max, Nick and Stephanie, to name a few, will be kept on staff. In the real world, the last hired is usually the first let go when economic problems develop, and the ever-faithful, productive employees are kept on. I think the best thing to do will be to tie up all storylines (like Passions did), give everyone a happy ending, and let Days ride off into the sunset or wherever battered and/or nearly dead soaps go.

  163. From Scarlet

    I have been a Days fan for 43 years. Marlena and John make the show. I really don’t think Days will be able to survive without them. I can understand the budget cuts and all but Marlena and John are not the characters that should be written out. They are the backbone of the show. Please reconsider.

  164. From Darlene

    I actually will stop watching Days now with John & Marlena leaving (and Phillip), as it’s been rather boring anyway. Just have that soap opera replaced with some talk show.

  165. From connie

    No wonder they are leaving they haven’t been used on camera. John and Marlena have been so underused that its almost been like they are gone. The show would be able to afford them if they were a front story burner and on camera. (the ratings would be up). Ken you need to understand we love John and Marlena.

  166. From Sheri

    The powers that be have lost their minds! I have watched Days 30+ years, I can’t believe what they are doing to the show!

  167. From cheryl

    Chris said “65 year old women don’t go around making out” referring to Marlena and John.

    How old are you, Chris? I’m 66. We are not dead, you know.

  168. From Christy

    This sucks, why can’t you leave the good characters and get rid of say Kate and Danielle, they are horrible and should be the ones to go. I think you would be surprised at how many fans watch mainly for John and Marlena.

  169. From Erna

    This is absolutely the worst thing they’ve done in a long time. Quit adding new characters that go nowhere and are not invested in our show. What’s the sense of keeping Days around if you get rid of my favorite characters? I don’t care how you do it. This is just wrong.

  170. From Diane

    Think about it really. They are having to get rid of the highest paid people and are hiring new people at far less salaries. I doubt they really want to get rid of Deidre and Drake but they have to be close to or the highest paid people on the show.

  171. From Linda

    Taking John and Marlena off the show will not make it or break it (although they certainly deserve better treatment in their “old” age). All you old-timers like me have done without them before. There is so much wrong with this show right now they should just cancel it and put us all out of our misery. We would soon get over it.

  172. From Kathy

    Well, I stopped watching Days when Drake left the last time and now since he and Deidre will both be going…I will stop again! I am a fan for over 20 years! Super couples like Marlena and John, Bo and Hope, and Steve and Kayla are why I watch this show. They keep me young! Without them it is just another soap and I won’t waste my time!

  173. From Kathy

    I stopped watching Days when Drake left the show the last time. Now since he and Deidre are leaving I will again stop watching the show. I have been a Days fan for over 20 years. Super couples like John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, and Steve and Kayla are what this soap is all about for me! Without them this is just another soap! So why waste my time! If you want all ages to watch then all ages need to be on this soap! Now that Alice and Tom are not on the show we NEED Marlena and John more than ever!

  174. From Ruby

    These stars are the heart of the show. When they leave there will be no heart in this show. This is the only soap I watch, because of this couple and BO and Hope. They keep the history of the show alive.

  175. From Jennifer

    OH well, I guess I will stop watching Days after John and Marlena leave. The only good couple left are Bo and Hope. Now if they got rid of some of the newbies like Melanie, I couldn’t care less. I can do without Melanie and Nick and yes, Sami. They really messed her up. All I am saying is that I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was 5 and I am now 27. The stories were so much better back then. Now it is all focused on the teen/young adult characters and all the classic characters like Roman, Steve, Kayla, Abe, Lexi etc have all gone to hell. They have no storyline if if they do, it is totally boring and drawn out. If John and Marlena leave the show, at least let John get his memory back so they can depart on a happy note.

  176. From michael mintzer

    i am deaply sad that there will be no more marlana or john on the show… i can still remember the show when they got married last and it makes me cry inside to know that the show has CUT the two main people…

  177. From kitty

    I don’t this is a wise decision! For us who have watched days since the begaining they are the two main characters! Please reconsider

  178. From Anita

    I think the producers and head honcho’s of the show should do a viewers poll and let the public decide if John and Marlena are worth keeping… I think they’ll find that we love John and Marlena. It’s a very sad day and I think my DVR may go on strike!

  179. From jerry

    I’ve watched Days pretty steadily since 1987. Marlena and John were always my favorite characters (along with Victor, Stefano and Kim) but I will definitely stop watching the show if these two go. If NBC and Days don’t care about what their fans want, then I as a fan don’t want any part of this show anymore. Maybe they should have just ended it. Because Days without it’s iconic characters won’t be worth watching.

  180. From M G.

    I am a third generation Days of Our Lives viewer, my grandmother, my mother and now me – and my girls are fouth generation…one who is pregnant will make fifth. I will not be able to continue to watch without John and Marlena. Other cuts could be made – Nick, Melanie, Dr. Dan, on and on – I have no clue why John and Marlena would be cut. Money is tight with everyone and our soaps are sometimes the one bright spot in our days. As a professional myself I enjoy coming home from a long day at the office listening to other peoples troubles and being entertained by DOOL. I will find another soap.

  181. From Jo D.

    They could save money by letting all the non-important characters go and not effect the show like losing main characters especially the following John and Marlena have. You might as well stop the show, you will lose your longtime faithful fans. Why Chelsea, Chloe, melanie, Stephanie, they could all go and be unnoticed.

  182. From Brenda Gonder

    I am so mad to hear that there will no longer be marlena and john on the show. They are the two major characters on the show. I’ve been watching them for years. Its such a waste. I know budget cuts but why can’t let someone else go. they are favorites on the show. sorry to hear this.

  183. From Cindie

    This mistake is HUGE!!!! Get rid of the new characters and Steve and Kayla , they are always boring!!!!!!!

  184. From Jolena Fan

    I agree with many of these comments. I am furious that the veteran actors are the first to go. I have wathed this show since the early 1970′s. I have been a huge dedicated fan. However, I am extremely disapointed and that this IS A HUGE MISTAKE! These 2 characters are part of what made Days what it is, along with Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, etc…The show needs ionic couples such as these to stay stable and constant. It is what has kept many viewers coming back all these years. I hated the first time they let John go and thought it was an AWFUL mistake, I hope Days writers realize it before it is TOO LATE and figure out another way to keep DAYS live on with these 2 wonderful actors…I do not like many of the young actors that have been brought on as the future of Days. The younger actors lack charisma, chemistry, and talent to keep viewers interested in the show. Please Please Please do something ELSE AND KEEP THESE CHARACTERS A PART OF THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!AS FANS AND AS VIEWERS OF THIS WONDERFUL SOAP.

  185. From mimi

    Just when you think Days could NOT be more stupid they get rid of the 2 main best people on that show . Days IS Marlena and John. That will finish me on the show.

  186. From Kim

    I cannot believe that DOOLS is going to take off two of the best loved characters on the show. Just when I was thinking Days was on the right path they go and do this. As of January 2009 I will no longer be watching the show. There are so many other characters that could be written off…why them????

  187. From From-Since 1967

    Take Max, Melanie, Nick, Chelsea, Daniel, Phillip, Stephanie, Anna, Nicole, Chloe, and Lucas and you will have plenty to pay for the greats like John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, and so on.

  188. From Tia

    You have got to be kidding? This couple has been the heart of this show for years. They gave me hope in my personal life and you know it happened to me..that kind of love. Can’t the producers get rid of some of the no name, no interest, no future actors in order to keep these two icons? What is the real reason behind this decision?

  189. From Lillian

    I have been watching from the first day it came on 40 some years ago. Never watched any other soap
    all these years but I guess I will have to start watching something else. I can’t believe they are letting John and Marlena go. They are the show.

  190. From Peggy

    I was never a big fan of John and Marlena and since they haven’t had much of a storyline lately I can see why they are being let go. They are cutting the ones who make the most money. I have watched this show for 35 years and have seen some of my favorite characters come and go. Maybe when the economy gets better they will bring them back for all their fans. Time will tell!

  191. From Brenda

    I was sick to my stomach when I heard Drake and Dee were fired. The last day they air is the last day I watch DOOL, and I have watched since 1975. TPTB has just pulled the plug on Days. I hope Drake and Dee find roles on better soaps who appreciate them. As for me, Y & R will have my undivided loyalty from now on.

  192. From Teri

    Keep Malena John and Phillip on the show. It wouldn’t be the same without them!

  193. From Megan

    That is absolutely rediculas!!! And an extremely stupid move, people will stop watching the show!

  194. From g. baxter

    When John and Marlena depart so will I. Iused to be loyal but now have found myself disinterested and I know its because John and Marlena have not been on. Sammy is better with Ej(sort of reminds me of the young Bo and Hope) Chelsea’s storyline is stupid. John and Marlena gave some semblace yo the show. You’ve lost another viewer. Won’t be long before you totally ruin the enitre show.

  195. From Carly

    WOW !!! Anyone think the writers and mangement wants everyone to quit watching – why not go ahead and cancel the show now.
    Would love to see a night time soap with all the best vets.

  196. From sherry

    This really sucks i have been watching the show for 25 year. Now I have my daughter and son hooked to it. We watch it every night after I get off work and they get out of school.If the couple leaves the show i will quite taping and watching it. You need to get rid of the 5 new people you hired and keep them 2.

  197. From Pat

    I’ve watched Days since it came on. John and Marlena are a hugh part of the show. I think I’ll quit watching. There are other people that should be cut that aren’t important to the show. You people aren’t thinking.

  198. From Dee

    This is utter bullsh*t. Ken Corday is making a HUGE MISTAKE. ‘Days’ ratings will go down even more without Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn playing supercouple John and Marlena. NBC, PLEASE CANCEL DAYS NOW!!!!!!

  199. From Ruth

    OMG,What are they thinking? Marlena and John are so much a part of the show , I have been wathcing for over 25 years and the show is going down hill with the people leaving and poor story plots.

  200. From Karen

    Doesn’t make sense; DAYS keep saying this actor and actress are leaving due to \budget cuts\ yet they bring new actors and actesses on board after others leave. Several of the newest cast members aren’t good actors/actresses yet they keep them and let the good ones go. NOW with John and Marlena being left go, I will NOT be watching DAYS any longer. There are too many other SOAPS on TV to watch! After they left John go the last time and the outpouring of fan mail you would have thought the writers and producers of the show would have learn their lessons – so for me it’s going to be FAREWELL TO DAYS.

  201. From Sarah

    we have to stop looking at this as a doomsday scenario. It is awful but they need to be refreshed. Think about how many times marlena has been kidnapped and factor in johns memory lapses. The characters deserve a break. Perhaps they can travel to Ireland to search johns heritage. Maybe they can end up in Colorado to bring eric back to Salem? They are not dead. They can come back in 2010 for February sweeps or to end the show. Stop looking at the negatives.

  202. From sheila

    this just don’t sound right at all why every time they wanted to pick john and marlena off the show they what keep the show going. why don’t days pick melanie,nicole,kate take them 3 off and leave the supercouple on. john and marlena bo and hope kayla and steve are the most supercouple on days and they keep it going. if they gong take them off so i be no long days fan i go find me another soap i’m geting sick and tire hearing days take the supercouple off they don’t have to pick them they can take off melanie,nicole,kate off what the word geting wrong with days.

  203. From melissa

    What is with the insanity of the producers? You take away the most vital personalities of the show and what do you have left??? Answer: another cancelled show. Days better pick up the pace with what little they have left. Psyhco Nick, dreadful Melanie, overprotective Max, whiny Chelsea, and the list goes on. Get Sami back in Salem where she belongs, do something/anything with stephanie and room for her to grow with philip..he’s leaving too. Have Lexi get a grip on dealing with her child and her other issues. Get rid of Stefano, for good. Let new ideas and situations taunt the citizens of Salem. Keeping up that storyline is like kicking a dead dog.

  204. From alain

    The show needs them to survive. Cut all the new people who are going no where on the show. Save the money you waste on them and keep the ones that have made the show. Their are certain characters that you should not compromise on and these are 2 of them. Try bringing the old John back and give decent storylines to them which is needed. You are trying to remake Days into a new soap that won’t float. Keep them, we want them……

  205. From Cathy

    Well, I’m with the rest of the consensus. I won’t be tuning in anymore. I can’t stand the new characters, nor will I ever! I loved Days when Kristen, Vivien and Ivan were on. Those were the best! So long Days!!

  206. From Arlene

    I have watched DOOL since Day 1. It’s hard to believe Ken Corday is allowing John & Marlena to exit the show. I think the writers should be fired and bring writers on that appreciate the super couples who made the show successful. Don’t understand how they can hire new faces and fire the veterans. We all want the veterans and not the new faces!!!

  207. From Sandra

    I’ve been watching Days for 25 years. If Marlena and John go, I’m going with them. Who really cares about the likes of Melanie or dysfunctional Lucas. Why did you guys even bother to renew the program?

  208. From judy

    I have watched days since its beginning.With the loss of John and Marlena, I will be saying goodby to days as well.

  209. From Michele Cass

    I can not believe this……bad move…..they are the back bone of the show….KEEP JoHN & Doc!!!!!!!
    I have watched this show for 40 years…….listen to the loyal viewers!!! :(

  210. From Marilyn

    I am NOT believing what I just read… I have been hooked on DOOL from day 1 …when Televisions were black and white and they had tubes in them not circuit boards. remotes were not even thought of and now you are wanting to get rid of Marlena and John ?……stand back and ask yourselves WOW how STUPID am I …maybe this is the reason we are going off the air is it because we are making such DUMB moves like this….which causes us to lose our ratings. What are you all on anyway?

  211. From nancy leblanc

    story won,t be the ame without john,marlena.hoe jnikdosen,t go to jail.should let 2 othr ones go nstead of john,marlena.

  212. From Kay

    Totally unbelievable! Big mistake letting John & Marlena go. Not a smart move to “save” the show. You will loose a lot of fan base as you loose this talented couple. Days will NOT be the same without them.

  213. From gizzbat

    I am so disappointed that John and Marlena will no longer be on the show. I have watched it for so many years and they are my favorite couple. With all the years of story lines with them coming and going, it has been great to have them both and I have been waiting for more of them and more great story lines with them. They are a huge part of Days and they definitely should be staying!!!

  214. From Lois

    I can’t beleive that you would do this just when their story line is getting good (Marlena & John) You surely can find some other way to make cuts like Mel and Nick for two or Steve and Kayla. Stefano, Victor but keep JOHN AND MARLENA

  215. From CAROLYN


  216. From pammer

    Can’t believe the news about John and Marlena. Have been waiting so long for him to get his memory back and them to be reunited. After 36 years, I, too may stop watching this show. It’s been so boring for so long now. The only bright spot was during the writers’ strike. Whoever thinks fans only want to see endless boring scenes with Melanie, Sammi, Max, Stephanie, etc. etc. will force the end of this show.

  217. From Lesley

    I think if they need to make budget cuts they should let go people like Nick,Chelse,Stephanie,Melenie All the young kids with no story lines. Keep the veterans..that’s why people watch the show. They get rid of Bo&Hope that’s the end of Days for me. I’ve been watching for 30 & more years!!!

  218. From Fan Since The Beginning

    I too hate the thought of Marlena and John leaving!!! It wouldn’t surprise me thought that they are brought back to keep the show afloat. Remember the story line where Marlena was killing off everybody, including Alice? Remember how such a stink was raised and they had to bring some of them back? Bet’cha that’s what will happen again. Either the show will be canceled or Marlena and John will be be brought back to save the show.

  219. From FooFoo

    I am done!!! When they leave so do I. I have been watching the show for 39 years, but All My Children here I come.

  220. From Tracy

    I think Corday knows exactly what he is doing. He got his 18 month extention from NBC and now he can run the show into the ground. When it is cancelled he will moan an groan about the shrinking audience and NBC had no choice. I think it is time to end the show now!!!

  221. From Kim

    This will definetly be the end for Days of Our Lives. Drake and Deidre make this show. Maybe the powers that be should not have written in all these new characters (Melanie, Trent, etc)and then they would not have to let this two veterans go. Lately all of the super couples have taken the back burner and it shows in the ratings. The thing to do would be to give these couples: Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla and John and Marlena more story lines. If these actors are let go, I hope they do not come back when they are begged to in order to save the show. Poor thinking Ken!!!!!!

  222. From Carol

    Thats it no more days for me as far as I concerned they can cancel this show

  223. From Bern

    Ok DOOL writers, you guys need to read these sites! It is stupid to take two strong favorite couples and get rid of them. I understand the budget situation but you could do without others to keep them. Kate for one can go. She is a useless character. Melanie, Nick and Dr. Dan can go also. Nicole or Chole can be next, it doesn’t matter which one of them. They’re both stupid. Nicole does have some humor to her though. Those are the kind of budget cuts you should be making, not the major vets the fans love and tune it to see. Sorry but this is just suicide for your show. I would think long and hard and maybe just keep them off for a month or too and cut your budget else where and get them right back in the show!

  224. From sheila bly

    Please don’t do this to us again, John and Marlena are the icons of the show and you have cut them before to miserable reviews so why try it again? You’re gonna be sorry!

  225. From Heidi

    I can’t believe this! I’m in shock!! I’ve been watching for over thirty years and this is just ridiculous. Don’t they remember what happened when they wrote off Deidre Hall before- Salem Strangler storyline? They had huge protests outside their studios. To choose to get rid of Deidre and Drake is a huge mistake.
    The writers really need to reexamine their priorities, get rid of the newer characters and focus on the veterans. They are the people who made the show popular in the past and could bring it back to it’s glory. We need more John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, Tony & Anna. What about Stefano? Why bring Joe Mascolo back if Deidre & Drake are going? I would do whatever I could to streamline the budget and keep the veterans.

  226. From Louise Sanders

    Keep John & Marleana , Drop these others Bo & Fancy Face are stupid so is Kayla & her Mate, Melaine, Chelsea,Max they could all go with my blessing, If John & Marleana go so will I .

  227. From DIane LM

    I cannot believe this. This makes no sense to me. DOOL writers drop a super couple and are going to leave ridiculous characters like Melanie, Nick, Chelsea, Max etc. They renew their contract and get rid of the best. We watch Days for Marlena and John, Hope and Bo. What’s going on here? Who is going to want to watch the show after this. We went through this one time before with the Salem Stalker and it didn’t work – please, please keep John and Marlena!! Even Patch and Kayla can leave instead since their roles have been minimized not J&M!

  228. From Kathy A

    DOOL is certainly losing it!!!! All of the mature, most loved characters will be gone. After all these years I will say good-bye too! Can’t take all the repeated sentences (over and over and over) and the children screaming and screetching and the replays. The last day John and Marlena are on will be my last day.

  229. From Rita

    Show will stink now will be loosing alot of people watching John,Marlena,Hope and Bo are the main reasons i watch it. dont know if i will now or not,get rid of Melanie,Nick,Chole and Nicole they stink/

  230. From Kimberly

    I have been watching Days for 30+ years. They need to get back to what made this show. The Hortons. The only Horton’s left are Hope, Lucas,Maggie and Nick. And sometimes Mickey. But the new Mickey is terrible. Loved him on Knotts Landing, but hate him on Days. He doesn’t fit the part. But the last one was way too old. Anyway, bring back the core families and let the newbies like Melanie go. I’d love to see Doug and Julie back permanently. As well as Shawn and Belle. Stefano can also go. His character is about as far as he can go. And lets put Caroline and Victor together. Personally, I won’t miss John and Marlena. They really haven’t had a good story line for a long time.

  231. From Ellen

    This is unbelievable!!!! I have watched this show since I was a small girl with my Grandmother and have seen the show throughout its ups and downs. Instead of firing seasoned and well loved actors try replacing some of the current writers with some that actually can come up with believable scrips and not those story lines that are so predictable and with characters that you do not even care to become concerned with in the first place. I understand trying to encourage new viewers but I truly don’t feel that the current path is the way for this to happen. You should remain as loyal to your viewers as we have been to you over the years – even throughout the farce of Marlena’s exorcism fiasco.

  232. From Michael

    I can’t believe Days is taking out Diedra Hall and Drake Hogestyn are out whats wrong with Ken Corday?
    Ken its time to take a pay cut yourself to keep the stars that draw people into your show.
    Diedra is the first lady of daytime and you have got kidding me.I was happy to hear Days was renewed But not I am not so sure.

  233. From Lynn

    You have GOT to be kidding me.. they might as well cancel the show…

  234. From maddie

    I have watched Days for the past 14 years, only for John and Marlena. I will never watch Days again. What a sad mistake.

  235. From Rose

    What a freaking mistake to get rid of these actors. I have watched DOOLS for the past 30 years and if they leave I will definitely stop watching Days. Get rid of the young people please, Love Sami and Lucas.

  236. From Linda

    I have watched Days for over 40 years and wonder why the writer think these new people are going to do for this show? John and Marlena are the new Tom and Alice! The show needs them and the writer need to understand this, they are making the wrong choices and will bring this show to an end quickly if they continue to make bad choices like this one!!! The writers need to read these comments and listen to the viewers!

  237. From days fan for 20 years

    The show will never be the same. Why cant we get rid of ppl who havent been there long like Melanie or somebody. Please dont take away Marlna and John, and lets not forget about Phillip. I can not beleive this, after so long and such desperation to bring the two back together, and plus Brady just came back!! How could this happen.

  238. From Stephanie

    Are you serious. Lets get rid of all the veterns and bring on new people whats the point. Im so sick of them getting rid of the people we all know….Shawn and Belle, Carrie and Austin and so on. Im so annoyed with the people that keep making these decisions. Might be time to look for a new soap to watch.

  239. From Lynn

    This really stinks! Days you have just lost a loyal fan! What’s the point of bringing on all these new faces only to get rid of fan favorites. Who’s next Bo & Hope?!?!

  240. From Lynn

    This stinks! Days you have just lost a loyal fan! What’s the point in bringing on all these new faces only to get rid of fan favorites. Who’s next Bo & Hope?

  241. From Kristen

    Terrible decision!! But then again with such terrible writers it’s a wonder the show didn’t get dropped b4 two major characters!!!

  242. From Marilyn

    My dad is 82 years old my mother is 77 they love Days…they don’t miss a day, if they have to leave they have the VCR set to record the show so they don’t miss it that day. taking off John and Marlena (the vets) so the ratings will drop and the show will go in the dumper is like taking an hour of their life away each day…at their age they don’t have a lot to look forward to…they are true vet watchers back when it was Marlena and Don Graig….THINK ABOUT THE MISTAKE YOU ARE MAKING, When days first aired housewives all over the
    U S A loved the show now men ,women, boys, girls of all ages love DAYS do you want a show that people loved so much coming in to go out being hated?

  243. From Dorothy

    If John & Marlena go the show can go to for allI care!

  244. From Dorothy

    If John & Marlena go the show can go also, as far as I’m concerned!

  245. From Nicole

    I have been a viewer of DAYS for 20 years and have been DISGUSTED with it for about 5 or so. Ever since they decided to fill it up with a bunch of stupid young teens with problems that even people in their 80′s have not gone through is when I had to roll my eyes and say here we go! Divorced, married, multiple kids, different fathers and all at the ripe age of 17. I have never posted but I have to laugh that John & Marlena are leaving. What took them so long. I cannot believe Bo & Hope are still there with all this goofiness. The story regarding John is OVER or it should be. The acting is HORRIBLE on all the newbies part, including Sami Brady! Sometimes she is good but I do not think she is the greatest and I do not like her on that weight loss show AT ALL! Sorry, getting side tracked. I don’t think DAYS is the only soap to fill up the cast with people just out of diapers but as soon as that started to happen, I KNEW it was not going to last. DAYS success as I know or have known was OVER a long time ago. I remember them switching writers but they need to do it again and also hire some GOOD ACTORS or its time to lay DAYS to RIP! Talk obout the turnover. I went on a site and could not believe all the comings and goings! I can hardly keep up with all the families, step siblings, half siblings, used to be a horton now a brady or vice versa, including the stefano clan. Ugh, so long DAYS. It’s time to hang up the towel.

  246. From June

    If John and Marlena go I will stop watching Days–after 25+ years. The young people on the show have very little talent so who would want to watch them? Samantha and EJ will be the only interesting two left.

  247. From Florida Days Fan

    If John & Marlena are let go, you might as well end the show. I realize that they must make big money, so let a bunch of the do-nothing characters go. I have been a fan for over 25 years, but don’t think I will continue watching. This is a big mistake.

  248. From Anna

    TRAGIC!!! “Days” will die by suicide! Such an unwise decision. The ratings will drop drastically. Many have already stopped watching the show after learning this. A terrible mistake will be made if Marlena and John leave…….

  249. From LouWeez

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID Corday Productions. ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  250. From Marilyn

    sorry it was Marlena and Don Craig (typo) not Graig.

  251. From Anna

    TRAGIC!!! This will be the death of DAYS!!! Many have stopped watching already after learning about this ‘suicidal decision’.
    Days will be NOTHING without Marlena and John….What’s wrong? Can’t the writers come up with something exciting for them?….I can…..

  252. From Florida Days Fan

    What was the point of extending Days for 18 months to have it end like this?

  253. From VERA

    Why get rid of the stars. They only do as the writers direct…..Its the writers that have to go….Leave the cast as is..Get rid of all the babies, and with new writers a better story line….
    If my favorite stars go……so do I..will be looking for another soap to watch.

  254. From PAM

    UGH. There are so many other characters on this show who fans could care less about. How about fire a dozen or so of the minor people to save money for the LEAD characters. I skip through other story lines to get to these veterans. Big mistake – the beginning of the end.

  255. From Kim3652

    Please get everyone to sign the save John and Marlena Petetion

  256. From PAM

    UGH. What a mistake. There are so many other characters on this show who people could care less about. How about they fire a dozen or so of the minor actors to save money for the LEAD actors. I skip through other storylines to get to these veterans. If Marlena and John are fired it’ll be the beginning of the end of Days.

  257. From Madelene

    I will NO LONGER watch this dumb-ass show.

  258. From Elana

    This is absurd. I don’t think I am going to watch the soap anymore. General Hospital will be my new soap…sorry you guys don’t know what you are doing and obvious by all the negative comments…..way to go

  259. From Gail Morris

    This Sucks. Think I will stop watching now. Have watched Days since it started. The new storylines and people that have been added really suck. I would much rather see that stupid Melanie go. How about Kate and Nicole. Never understood why you brought Nicole back anyway. You have to have the Vets to keep the show alive. People that we have lived with all our lives. You tried taking John off before also Marlena, it didn’t work.You can cut expense by letting all the young stupid brats go

  260. From Grace

    I’ve been really disgusted with the story line lately but now saying that you’re letting Marlena and John so, well thats one less show I have to record during the day. You bring in all these new people who MEAN NOTHING and you just push aside the important people who have meant so much to the show for so many years. DUMB MOVE CORDAY AND UNFORTUNATELY THE SHOW WILL PAY FOR IT.

  261. From Terry

    This is the death of days. I have been watching for 40 years, and without the main characters the show is nothing. Its the lifers that watch the show not the young people they are playing to. I will not watch any more. Thanks for the stupidity.

  262. From Ann H.

    Why now when the show is really getting good ,they do this .There are other more boring characters on the show that need to be axed??? John and Marlena are whaaaaay more interesting than some on the show.This will be the end of DAYS.

  263. From TweetyGurl

    “This is Suck”! Why are u letting them go? I had been watching DOOL for 14 yrs. To be frankly honest Drake and Marlena is the best perform then Hope and Bo. DOOL made a mistake for letting them go.
    So far this show had been downhills. I’ve deciding stop watching DOOL after Drake and marlena leaving in Jan 09. (Good Luck)! Watch your rating is going down. U Suck!

  264. From Carolyn

    Are you people kidding? You may as well just cancel the show. You should have polled the viewers first to see which characters should go…Melanie(boring), Nick(dull), Chloe(user and abuser)…people like that, not people that have been a part of the show for such a lonnnnnnng time! I don’t think you considered your viewiers when making this decision and it could cost Days in the end because people won’t watch anymore. Is that how you want to end the series…with poor ratings and dumb storylines? Think again, and renew Diedre’s and Drake’s contract. You’ll be LUCKY if they decide to return!

  265. From mikey


  266. From maggie

    Why the big fuss over john & Marlena? They have been on the show long enough. Kate should be let go also. i do not like her. If the writers are smaart they will put Lucas & Sam back together. I cannot stand Chloe. I didn’t like her from Day 1 when she married Brady. I’ve watched Days for 50 years , but if lucas & cfhloe stay together i might be one of the ones who stops watchin, also.

  267. From Monica

    Unbelievable! I am afraid you people are going to lose alot of fan base ove this one. I too have been watching DOOL for nearly 40 years. My mother started me on it and I have been faithful ever since. Shame on you Ken Corday!

  268. From Monica

    Unbelievable! In reference to the firing of Deidra and Drake, shame on you Ken Corday. You won’t have too many fans left. You’ll end up going off the air anyway.

  269. From Brady

    Get rid of Patch and Kayla (dull), Stefano (same old story), Maggie (no part anyway), but John and Marlena? Nuts. Lower ratings means the show won’t make it past the new contract, if that long.

  270. From mary

    i dont understand why they let the older couples go but bring on new people! i was waiting on john to get his memory back. this soap is going downhill. FAST

  271. From Judy

    I cannot believe you will get rid of Drake and Deidra,Why get rid of them when there are so many new ones. I have watched “Days” from day one. That shows my age aso I will really miss them.

  272. From teresa of cleveland


  273. From teresa of cleveland

    mistake on first few words(i am hurt by this news)

  274. From teresa of cleveland


  275. From Kim

    I am still in shock, and honestly I almost cried. I can’t believe where this soap has gone to, now without one of the MAJOR super couples I am not too sure Days will survive. No wonder they only renewed the contract for 18 month. Why not try cutting the salaries of the writers!! Bring in some fresh ones or better yet let the fans have a say in the story lines!

  276. From lola

    I started watching Days in 1970 with my grandmother. This is t he end of the line for me. There are so many new characters to get rid of. This will be the end of Days, everyone might as well get their pink slips because the show won’t get renewed without them.

  277. From Matt

    Ok- I’m dissapointed, but for all of you saying why don’t they get rid of the new people instead of John & Marlena? Who do you think is paid the most on the show? It’s just like a professional sports team doing a firesale. When you’re in a budget crunch, you get rid of the stars and bring in the youth movement which is cheaper. Can’t say I like it, but at this point I would rather the show stay on the air.

  278. From sue

    you will be losing much more than just two will be losing a huge fan base…they are why people continue to be faithful watchers.Nobody care about the low budget actors you keep being into the plot and have to kill them off. Somebody better re think this poor decision before you really do have to cut the entire show.

  279. From Barbara Hefner


  280. From ANGIE

    I like what another fan has said….Days needs to get one of us to write the show,I know we could do better than the current writers.I have watched Days for a long time, and being the LAST SOAP STANDING on this network speaks volumes.However, getting rid of FAN FAVES…JOHN AND MARLENA…..VERY STUPID MOVE!!!!!

  281. From Lynn

    They might as well cancel the show now..It’s over without these two!

  282. From Jane

    After watching this show for more than 30 years I will probably stop if John and Marlena are taken off. I love the chemistry between them.

  283. From Count-Sebastian

    Everyone who is reading this relax! John & Marlena ARE NOT LEAVING Days for good! This is a ploy to bring back all the kids back inside who went outside to play. This is a Publicity Stunt. They’ve done it before, i.e. Marlena killing all the vets some years back. Hell, I came back to watch too. I went out to play too, but it brought me back. It’s the same here!

  284. From TERRY

    I have been watching the show from the beginning. I am very sad to see Marlena and John go. I too will probably find another soap to watch. I understand budget cuts, but I would like to know if Ken Corday is cutting his own salary.
    Days has been going down hill for quite a while now. I AM SO SAD AND MAD!!!!!!!

  285. From jenny mueller

    to all the responders of this news, i grieve with you all who are fans of this soap. john and marlena are the heart of the soap besides, hope and bo, and to let john and marlena go is a very big mistake, and i think there should be a save john and marlena petition. i for one would be glad to sign it if there is already one, could someone show me where to go to sign it thanks

  286. From paula

    I have been a days fan since 1974, and have seen many come and go. But Deirdre and Drake, is a big mistake. I do not like the new John but tolerated it because figuered the story line would change. They are so few left that made days the soap it was. It’s really too bad. They used to be such an integral part of the show and change of writers back and forth screwed everything up. It’s really too bad.

  287. From Cathy

    I have followed Days since I was in junior high…30 years. I’ve struggled to keep up with the story lines while working full time. I guess I won’t have to bother anymore once John and Marlena are gone. I could care less about the new faces.

  288. From Cathy

    I have followed Days since I was in junior high…30 years. I’ve struggled to keep up with the story lines while working full time. I guess I won’t have to bother anymore once John and Marlena are gone. I could care less about the new faces. I’m done.

  289. From Joanne


  290. From Deb

    Ken Corday must be nuts! Deidre Hall is the Heart of Days since Francis Reed has been ill. Anytime you read about her from new actors coming on the show, Deidre is the one person who everyone respects. I have watched Days for over 40 years. Ever since Drake has come back on the show, the writing has been horrible. “John and Marlena” is the backbone of the show. “Bo and Hope” is great and I am a longtime fan of theirs, but they can’t carry the show by themselves. Please don’t ruin the show and allow people like myself to stop watching a show I have grown up loving. I feel sometimes as if I know each actor.

    You could get rid of some of the teens on the show. Then the show could get back to the ratings everyone expects.

  291. From Rita

    What exactly is happening in the offices of DOOL? No storyline for Steve & Kayla, same old routine for Bo & Hope and now they get rid of John & Marlena? What exactly does that leave the viewers? A bunch of whinny characters portrayed in some cases by actors who are painfully unable to act.
    I’ve been a loyal viewer since 1974 but I’m done watching if this happens.

  292. From Joyce - loyal Days Fan

    Do “they” even know who there audience is??? We are loyal people who have been watching for 30 years. My two daughters 37 and 26 are very loyal fans too and even tape the show if I am not going to e home,just as I do and as my Mom does. Leave the “New” people out. The show does not need more young blood. If they have to cut somehwere, cut Abe,Lixie and their son and of course Nick, Caroline, Victor. We love Sammie, EJ, J and M, B and H and P and K, Phillip, ohter than that, cut away!!! Put John back to work at Basic Black. These people need to “work” and set good examples for the young people on the show. Shut down the cheating heart, that should save some money! If J and M go, so wo we! They have monkeyed around with the show for some time now trying to distory it…. leave it alone and fix it… just FIX it!!

  293. From Laura

    sheesh, losing deidre and drake is like losing family members.

  294. From Nicole

    What are they thinking? Why would they get rid of Marlena? I can think of lots of people they can get rid of to meet budget cuts here are a few examples:

    I would even be willing to get rid of Hope before Marlena.

    Marlena is important part of the show, I understand maybe there is no need for John. But Marlena? She has a long history with the show. With all of Sami’s crazy and annoying storylines, she needs her mom to maybe keep her in line. Since I have watched days about 15 years ago,have seen many of my favorite characters for example…Carrie and Austin, and Belle and Shawn. Now you are getting rid of Marlena, maybe I should stop watching the show.

  295. From Debbie

    I quit watching when they “killed” John and only started again when he came back. It looks like I can delete DOOL from my DVR

  296. From Penelope

    I agree with the majority of the posters, if they leave Drake and Deidre go they might as well cancel the show right now. I have been a faithful viewer for 32 years and the demise of those two characters will end my DOOL watching for good. They need to get rid of Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, Max, Nicole, Chloe, Kate, Dr. Dan, Rafe, Brady, Phillip and Melanie and keep these two great veteran actors. Ever since they have not had a good storyline the ratings have gone in the toilet, why the writers can’t figure that out I will never know. I assume they are well educated people, but their writing has been completely lackluster in recent years. Same old storylines over and over again. They don’t seem to realize that no one cares about storylines involving the so called “teeny bopper/college” crowd. It’s good storylines involving the veteran actors of the show that bring the viewers. I hope the writers at Days and Mr. Corday rethink this latest decision. It is truly the death of DOOL.

  297. From JACKIE

    How could you even think about getting rid of the best actors on the show.You should get rid of Max and Nick.Well, I guess I’ll stop watching Days of Our Lives,It’s been thirty years.

  298. From chris


  299. From barb

    TO bad, I hate to see John and Marlena cut from the show they are so exciting to watch!! why couldn’t you get rid of 2 boring characters like Bo & Hope?

  300. From chris


  301. From Jeremiah247

    Life is constantly changing. Did you really think these actors would be on the show forever.

    Get over it already. If you don’t like what they are doing on the show, change the channel. Simple as that. No one is making you watch it.

  302. From VIC


  303. From Camille

    No wonder NBC’s ratings keep dropping, they get rid of the best
    I have watched days for over 30 years, when John & Marlena go so will I Big Big Big mistake

  304. From Camille

    I have been a “Days” fan for atleast 40 years. I have been to every Christmas celebration and have cried at every ornament hung on Gran’s tree. I just can’t believe this latest lame decision re John and Marlene!
    The show needs the “older generation” to show how relationships can thrive and endure. The writers can’t just pump in young people and expect to keep us veteran fans. Life is made up of all age situations and there is a benefit to seeing the interactions between them.
    Established couples such as John and Marlena are a pure asset to life in Salem.
    This truly is a poor decision, and one which sadly could lead to the demise of our beloved “Days”!

  305. From Sunni

    OK guys, yeah, this really sucks, but even in the article it says “for an undisclosed amount of time”. How long does anyone really disappear in Salem? They will be back before we know it. We will see our John and Marlene “Happily ever after” we all want to see, they will go on a trip to reconnect, then come back with Sami is in another mess. Calm people. Nothing ever changes that much on this show!

  306. From mARY


  307. From Another Angry Viewer

    You know… maybe this is good news… I have been looking for 1 final reason to stop watching this show!!! After watching for over 25 years, I am tired of seeing the same stupid story lines over and over again!!! Maybe Deidra and Drake see the writing on the wall and secretly want out!
    Good luck to both of them! I’m sure I can find something far better to do with myself for 5 hours/week!

  308. From Nicole

    I think they are just trying to run Days into the ground. I think NBC wants to fade out soaps and have other programming. I believe, this is only the beginning. I’m sure there will be more actors gone in the next year.

  309. From Valley Girl

    The last day for John & Marlena will be my last day of watching Days Of Our Lives. I have been watching this soap ever since it came on the air, but no more.

  310. From Frances

    Oh no! I sure miss Marlena and John. (Writers) you better watch out. The rate will go down all the way. Please Keep them stay on. If you let them go. I will stop watching DOOL.

  311. From Cheri D

    You have got to be kidding me!!! I had already lost interest in the show with all the new characters and storylines because of all the people from “Passions” coming to DOOL. Passions failed because no one on that show could act! I still kept up with the goings on through I’ve been watching since the show came on the air in 1965, and I would beg to stay home from school to watch it. This is the final straw. The head writers should read these forums to see how the fans really feel. I will no longer watch the show or even try to keep up with it on the web. I no longer care. Mcdonald Carey must be spinning in his grave!

  312. From Bill

    What a travesty! I will no longer be watching Days after they both leave. I hope that the show looses all veiwers, what a shame, I’d rather see it cancelled

  313. From Derek

    It seems all these writers we’ve got now only care about what they want it seems that they couldn’t care less what The fans of the show want. Getting rid of John and Marlena is one of the biggest mistakes they have ever made. They were the reason why I watched the show everyday. All I can say is if they want to get rid of all the good characters and keep people on there that we don’t care to see like Melanie, Nick, Max, Stephanie and Chelsea then they can do it without me watching

  314. From rosemarie

    Please don’t let them go!! I have been watching days for at least 30 years and it won’t be the same. You have to keep them on!!!

  315. From Norma

    I have been watching Days for about 40 years. If you get rid of John and Marlene, I will have to say farewell too. You should get rid of the writers instead. The story lines really suck.

  316. From Marydeen

    I am disappointed that John and Marlena will be departing but hopefully they will be back in the summer or fall of 2009 with a feel good plot line. This country is in need of a good story. Okay for them to go for now, but please bring them back. :(

  317. From Diane

    I am so disappointed in this decision to get rid of John and Marlena. I hope the show will reconsider before losing a lot of viewers, including me.

  318. From Connie Smith

    Are you crazy? John and Marlena are Days of our Lives. Do you think only young people watch this show? The younger characters on this show are sooooooo boring.

  319. From FROM DOROTHY


  320. From maribeth

    Frankly if it’s true, then days has done a great job of transitioning them off anyway. I haven’t even noticed. And I have watched the show for 43 years or more, well since Susan martin killed David over Dickies death on the swingset, and Julie was a teenaged babysitter. The story lines for Marlena have been non-existent for awhile and this whole john memory loss thing is stupid and boring

  321. From dsindle

    When, oh when, will the powers that be realize that DAYS fans are fans from days gone by and that we like to see the veterans?

  322. From Beverly

    I have watched Days since the very first episode 43 yrs. Ago. It is now the only soap that I watch. I am very disturbed that they are writing out John and Marlena. They were my two favorite characters. With them leaving I probably will no longer watch this show as I like the other characters, related to John and Marlena more than anyone.

  323. From Troy

    I have read all of the comments regarding the departures of John and Marlena and I can’t agree more. What a HUGE mistake by that prick of a producer who’s name is called Ken Corday. I hope he get’s to see all of these comments. I know I won’t be watching anymore. Who wants to watch the same stuff, over and over, like Nick,Melanie,EJ,Nicole. They should change the name to Melanie of our Lives. I hope NBC wakes up and cans this show from it’s line-up. Days has already bad rating, But now it’s going to get worse. Rest in peace DAYS.

  324. From Brenda

    I just can’t believe this. I have watched DOOL for 41 years. My mom got me into this show when I was 4. My mom and I would get together each day just to watch DOOL. Now that she has passed away I still watch as it helps me to still feel close to her. She loved Marlena and John and so do I. The show will not be the same without them. If you want the show to keep going on you should rethink about letting them go. Please Keep Marlena and John.

  325. From Carolyn

    Instead of bringing on all these new characters why not keep the ones we love. I grew up with Days and now I don’t even reconize it.
    If it’s not broken don’t try and fix it.

  326. From Christine

    I have been watching the show for about 15 years, and I LOVE John and Doc!! This is a huge mistake and they will have no choice but to bring them back. Didn’t they learn their lesson when they tried to write John off, and then he came back. Like HELLO, the ratings are down, but now you are going to let these 2 go….STUPID MOVE. I will be done with the show once they leave. I mean whats next they are going to take away Bo and Hope….stupid stupid stupud

  327. From Christine


    Didnt they learn their lesson when they tried to write John off, and then they brough him back bc of all the write ins. They are a major part of this show, and the major reason I am still watching it. I mean whats next going to kick Bo and Hope off. I mean the show is in jeperdy so why take John and Doc out…….STUPID STUPID STUPID!

  328. From AJ

    I have watched Days since the very first airing, I think this new story line STINKS!…how can one person reprogram some one to be a robot like they did with John…STUPID!.. if you are going to get rid of anyone, get rid of all these new young NON-ACTRESSES, and if you do want new blood, at least hire someone that can act.
    You talk about budget cuts but then you turn around and hire…how many??? 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 and maybe more new actor and actresses…stupid! I think I just may stop watching the show, the storyline has been getting worse instead of better in the last 6 months..I kept hoping it would improved, but realize it won’t..the writers for the show STINK!

  329. From Olive

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!? How STUPID are these PTB??? Jay Kenneth is fine – but Diedre and Drake – that’s just insane! This show has had its issues over the years but lately, its just ridiculous! The storylines don’t make sense and they keep adding people who do NOTHING help. Well, that’s ok – I really needed to drop a soap anyway!

  330. From sweetchkke

    Oh my …..Please keep Marlena & John…the show wont be the same without them….they are one if the reason why the show is so exciting….please dont let them go.

  331. From Anna

    Ridding Days of Our Lives of John and Marlena is like asking fans to breathe without air. They are the life of this show and will be a huge loss. Throughout the years, Marlena and John have been the backbone that has kept Days alive and without them I really fear it will falter. Please reconsider!

  332. From Nance

    Years ago when we thought Marlena was killed (it was really her twin)I threw myself on the floor and vowed never to watch DOOL again. Too old to do that now but…. so many people called in that it went on the National News that Marlena wasn’t really dead. Maybe we need a petition or everyone calling in????

  333. From Jan

    This is just horrible. I just cannot believe it. I stay up late everynight to watch the Days of Our Life until Midnight because the channel does not give a better time slot for Days. I never miss a show. My day is just not complete with out tuning in to watch Days. Now if Marlena and John is not going to be apart of the show I just don’t know if I can continue to watch. Please rethink your decision.

  334. From Connie

    Good! I’m glad they are off for awhile at least. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the acting, but the Character of John is so disgustingly annoying grunting and growling all the time, and the character of Marlena aka ‘Doc/Blondie’ is extremely weak. and the character is pathetic. Send them off for awhile until Days can find writers who can REALLY write stories for these two!

  335. From Kim

    I agree with the others. This is absolutly crazy!!! John and Marlana should not be cut from the show..Get rid of Melanie, her voice drives me crazy. Stephanie can go too, but not John and Marlana.

  336. From Chrissy

    this shows a bitch. i was already mad about jay kenneth johnson leaving but this just sucks. i’m probably going to quit watching this stupid show.

  337. From JH

    Hey Writers,

    You better listen to your fans.
    You are as good as gone, if you
    get rid of J & M. Mark it down..

  338. From Carol Benson

    I have watched DOOL for 41 years and do hate to see the ones with history on the program leave. Please come up with a good story line for the “old timers” rather than kiss them goodbye.

  339. From tracy

    That is real stupid letting them go. what are you thinking. the best 2 actors on the show. if you have to let someone go, let it be the newcomers not the greatest character that they have on the show. Better keep them on or your show will go down the tubes.


  340. From JH

    Better listen to your fans
    writers. If you get rid of
    John and Deidre, you might as
    well say goodbye to DOOL and your
    jobs, which I might add, you’re
    not doing well at any way.

  341. From leslie

    I am so sad to see them go…it seems like everyone is leaving days, I dont even watch most of the show anymore tivo has allowed me to fast forward through the dud parts but now what am i gonna fast forward to…probably wont even bother. and yeah kinda upset that this robot John has dragged on forever and now he is gonna leave the show…what kind of writers are they anyhow.

  342. From STACEY

    I am disgusted with the decision to let Drake and Deidre go from the show… Out of all the people you could let go, you had to choose the most loved and most favorite super couple of all time, I think it’s disgraceful… and it shows that you do not care for your fans, “IT’S NO WONDER DAYS DOES NOT WIN ANY DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS” the choices you have chosen are wrong…. Who’s next BO and Hope???? if that happens you better just go off the air…

    Disgusted Fan!!!

  343. From Trish

    I’ve watched for decades. In fact, it’s the ONLY soap I’ve EVER watched.

    I abhor what you did to the “John” character. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Days of Our Lives “IS” John and Marlena.

    I’ll quit watching. You need better writers anyway.

  344. From MA

    After several decades of watching DOOL’s, Corday has now given me the reason to stop watching after his decision to let Drake and Deidre go. Thanks, it was getting so bad anyway.

  345. From MattG

    This show is a series of missed opportunities. I have been scratching my head for months now because of the way they minimize Steve Johnson. He is one of the best soap characters of all time, and they just throw him on the screen in some weak storyline and then he goes away for weeks at a time. This John and Marlena departure just proves that they don’t have a clue how to utilize their bread and butter characters. The writers should bring back the intense stories that used to drive these main characters, and then they would see their ratings go back up. Don’t get rid of your best actors, get rid of the writers that don’t know how to use them.

  346. From Charles

    I am going to miss John, as he is a great character.

    Marlena needs to go. How does she ever keep her job at the hospital is something I am trying to figure out, as it seems that she has hardly ever been there over the years. How many people could keep their job while taking that much time off?
    Her relationships have been so screwed up, it’s no wonder that her kids have had screwed up relationships. If one wants to know why Sami is like she is, just look at her mom.

    They screwed up by not really going very deeply into the Stephano/John battle, but we get to deal with this murder of someone who really wasn’t there long enough to make things in the long run really make any difference. I was really hoping that John and Marlena would divorce and to see him as a single playboy.

    But this is a soap,and this cut will look for money wise, but we all know that both John and Marlena will return after 6 months at most.

  347. From Shelly S

    That’s it. This is getting ridiculous!!! I’m done with it! John is so out there with his character right now, but Marlena?? Bad call!! Won’t matter about the budget, when all of the fans stop watching.

  348. From Chris

    If you take Drake & Deidre off the show, you are crazy. Everyone likes John & Marlena together. Please keep John & Marlena on the show or your ratings will go so low that you won’t be able to stay on the air untill 2010. Ken Corday if you just have to make pay cuts, then cut your salary & leave them on. You said that it was a diffuclt decision for you to make, yeah right, we haven’t seen them together for awhile & now they are off the show. I personally hope you lose a lot of sleep over this

  349. From Pam Berman

    I have been a Days fan for 40 years, but when John and Marlena go, so will I. What are you thinking? Why not cut several insignificant cast members instead? Your ratings have been poor to date–they will plummet now. You have made a very bad decision. You have also lost one of your most devoted fans.

  350. From Lucy

    I am 57 and I’ve been watching since I was a teen. I will be leaving with John and Marlena. The ‘family’ feel of the show is gone. Poor story lines. If you can’t keep the actors that have made the show, then take it off the air for good, put us all out of our misery.

  351. From Venus

    I have watched days since day one! True, the story line with John and Marlena is dragging along; however, if you want to get rid of anyone, get rid of the BS with Stephano. Even though I think Stephano is one hot older guy, his part is way past due for change! that whole plot is getting sooooo overbearing. There are several characters that could be eliminated, like Nick,Max’s sister, whats-her-name, even Brady. He has long been forgotten, now here he is back to screw things up, I’m sure. Besides, the old Brady is MUCH better looking!! LOL I guess that Sammi will be next to go, since she has her own show.
    the writers need to get some fresh ideas if they want to keep the show alive.

  352. From Venus

    Yes, it’s interesting

  353. From DC

    Have you people lost your minds? One of the best couples in daytime soaps and you’re letting them go. Boy, this stinks.
    I sure hope ya’ll come to your senses.

  354. From Selina

    I can’t beleive that they are so stupid to get rid of john and marlena it was bad enough when john went off I quit watching the show until they brought him back just to see that he was being potrayed as a unfeeling idiot now they are both leaving thanks for nothing days! I have been a loyal fan for over 23 years but this is it no more as soon as marlena and john leaves I leave, you are trying to save money get rid of the younger generation of actors you just put the final nail in your coffin!!!!!!!!!

  355. From Maria

    If Marlena and John leave the show, its sad to say \Days of our lives\ is over. The ratings will do down! Its really really sad! Bad decision.

  356. From Paige

    John’s storyline HAS been horrible since they brought him back. With all due respect, shouldn’t you people have more respect for your veteran actors and release a few of the newbies instead? You will be lucky if you get great actors back if you continue treating the faithful ones like that. I am sick at my stomache at all of the recent senseless changes. I think finally, finally, I can walk away from DOOL. Sadly, but finally.

  357. From Paige

    With all due respect, shouldn’t you people have more respect for your veteran actors and release a few of the newbies instead? You will be lucky if you get great actors back if you continue treating the faithful ones like that. I am sick at my stomache at all of the recent senseless changes. I think finally, finally, I can walk away from DOOL. Sadly, but finally.

  358. From Paige

    John’s storyline HAS been horrible since they brought him back to us. So now, we don’t even get to have any time to enjoy the real John we all miss? Nice of you writers, very nice. With all due respect, shouldn’t you people have more respect for your veteran actors and release a few of the newbies instead? You will be lucky if you get great actors back if you continue treating the faithful ones like that. I am sick at my stomache at all of the recent senseless changes. I think finally, finally, I can walk away from DOOL. Sadly, but finally.

  359. From Nancy

    I have been watching Days for 30 years or more. To get rid of John & Marlena is a BIG mistake.I agree that some of the newew ones should go like Melanie.I am soo tired of her whining! I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch if you fire the favorite characters. They are what made your show in the first place.Please reconsider.rotten

  360. From Sutton

    I am stunned!! I have been a Days fan since the whole Shane & Kim era and I have to say..I think you are making a big mistake. I really think that letting Deidre and Drake go will be the beginning of a demise for Days. I know there are many factors involved when you make this kind of a decision but you really need to listen to your viewers unless this is your plan to take Days off the air permanently because if that is your plan…you are off to a good start. My devotion to this show will be forever changed.

  361. From Pat

    I’ve been watching DOOL for 32 years. Although I love John and Doc, I feel that he alone should stay. His new image has been great against Philip. Also, I enjoy his true feelings of being a confadont to all others. Marlena has been boring. It’s just “I can’t change John”. Sammy will do fine without her as long as daddy’s around. I will continue to watch, however. I don’t know what I would do without DOOL in my life.

  362. From Patricia Snoots

    There are a few actors on Days that you could cut, but please leave Deidre and Drake. “They are Days of Our Lives”. I have been watching since the very first episode in 1964. It won’t be the same without them!

  363. From Jill

    The “new” John has been such a breath of fresh air for the show and if you take him and Marlena off the show, you may as well cancel the show. What a terribly sad loss for the fans. I’ll be done watching when they’re gone.

  364. From Amanda

    I don’t think that Days has a clue to what the fans like and don’t like.. I have been watching Days for 23 years, and each year the show is slipping away. Why get rid of Marlana and John..What about Nick and Melanie or Dr. Jonas or somebody like that. You are taking away the constant things we look for.

  365. From Mary

    Letting Marlena and John simple sucks! I have been a days fan since it first aired and I was a teenager. I have held the tradition of watching this show even when it was at it’s worse. But with Marlena and John gone then I will also be gone. No more staying up to watch the DVR or Soap Net. What a stinking thing to do veteran actors and loyal fans. It’s bad enough that we have to live everyday with the reality of the real rotten world and now we can’t even take solace in viewin our favorite soap.

  366. From Pat

    I understand that sacrifices must be made in order to keep DOL on the air; but, the storylines that are on at this moment are really mundane and ridiculous. We don’t even see Kayla and Patch too much anymore. It’s as if DOL is going out of its way to reach the younger generation, who probably really don’t watch the program every day as many of us do. As I’ve said before, I’ve watched DOL since day one, and would like to continue seeing our old friends Marlena and John stay on. It’s been tough enough to not see Alice Horton anymore.

  367. From Lynn Miller

    I to am a long time DOL watcher – even now I tape it if I can’t see it – I have been bored with a lot of the story lines lately – but losing Marlena and John is ridiculous and sad – I’m sure the ones who make the most money are being axed as part of a budget cut but why bother renewing when you are just playing to the younger??? generation? Who makes the most money and spends the money on your sponsers – not the young people – it is those of us who have supported this show for years! I’m not sure I will watch after January – who’s next Bo and Hope? Obsurd decision!!!!!

  368. From Marcia

    I can’t believe they are letting Marlena and John go. I started watching the show about 35 years ago and stopped for several years. I decided to try it again about 15 years ago when I saw that many of the “old” actors were still on. I was hooked once again. But lately the story lines have been so boring and now that two of my favorites are leaving, I think it’s time to find a new soap opera to watch. The writers really do need to listen to the fans.

  369. From Lynnda

    What a stupid move. They along with Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla make the show. I would think of getting rid of some others before the corner stones of the show. I guess the show will not be worth watching any more. Thank the Lord I have XM Radio to listen to during the time that Days is on in my town. I would think long and hard about this decision, doesn’t seem like a good move to me.

  370. From vixen

    I’ve been watching Days on-and-off for over 25 years. Looks like it’ll be an “off” year once again.

  371. From DevotedDaysFan

    I can understand having to cut the budget…but I cannot understand getting rid of Hall and Drake while at the same time bringing in new actors and retaining characters no one cares about. I know Hall and Drake probably demand a lot of money, but I would think the show could succeed by focusing on 3 “core” couples: John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, and Steve/Kayla. The show NEEDS those 6 characters. The rest, even the ones I like like Phillip, are expendable. Someone PLEASE get rid of Max, Chelsea, Melanie, Nick, Kate, Daniel, Abe, and Stefano. That’s 9 right there that would save the show some $. I love Stefano, but how many retreaded “Stefano” storylines can you have?

  372. From sweetnsassy

    Its obvious to me that the majority of the fans thinks this is a huge mistake. Somebody better change their minds or the ratings of all these loyal viewers will show up in sweeps weeks. Drake and Deidre are being replaced with younge people we never heard of last year and don’t care about. Your loyal viewers think someone in a suit has lost their minds.

  373. From Charlie

    I Tivo every episode and ff right through all the boring stuff…i.e. melodramatic-melanie, doctor-dolittle-Daniel, lamenting-Lexie, tame-Nicole. The writing has gotten so dreadful. I do like the addition of nuBrady and Rafe, and it will be interesting to see if this new blood infuses the show with more interesting stories. I’m just sick to death of the wiritng being out-of-character, recycled plotlines, or rediculously over-the-top. And now Days is getting rid of two of the best characters of all time–Marlena & John. How about some good old fashioned stortytelling with characters you love or love-to-hate, and who fill your afternoon with romance, intrigue, adventure, mystery, and humor.

  374. From Sandy

    I cannot believe that they are getting rid of John and Marlena. They have been a mainstay for this show for years and to be treated like this, for both the actor and actress and the fans, is devastating. You have allowed John and Marlena grow with the show, watched as their characters brought in the ratings to make Days a staple of daytime TV and then you treat them like this. I feel that if they take off the two characters, I will probably stop watching for who will be axed next? Bo and Hope? And what for? To keep wimpy characters, like Melanie and Nick on the show. I am very disappointed and feel that my Days watching will be over with the axing of John and Marlena.

  375. From Diane

    Days has been written so badly for so long, maybe the writers should be replaced, again. Fire Melanie, Daniel, Kate, EJ, Stefano and all of the newbies. Dig up the old writers and begin anew!

  376. From Nanci

    Are you kidding me? This is so wrong. I will only watch til they are gone…after 26 years…they are losing a long-time, long-suffering fan!

  377. From snappyblonde44


  378. From Pat S.

    I only watched Days for all these years because of John and Marlena. When their last air-date is completed, so is my watching and taping of days.

  379. From wilma

    The writers of Days are absolutely idoits. I am through with you. You have destroyed a show that has been a part of my life for 40 years. Shame on you.

  380. From JR

    Please please don’t let John and Marlena go. I don’t know what I will do if Days ever goes off the air. I’ve been watching it forever!

  381. From Heather Lynn

    I can not belive this. They should of sold dool to soap net so they could keep it going in the right direction and not have to fire the good people they need to fix what they have done

  382. From Takenby1

    That’s it. I’ve lived through 26 years of recycled plots, actors, & characters, rapid aging syndrome, conveniently forgotten blood ties, and supernatural nonsense. If Ms. Hall and Mr. Hogestyn are out, hold the door for me. I’m done.

  383. From denise

    My mother got me into this show and I got my kids into it ,but after this ,they have lost a couple of loyal viewers.


    I am livid, and I feel completely betrayed by Corday and Higley. I can’t for the life of me understand why they even brought Drake back if they were going to pull this! John and Marlena ARE DAYS. Without them, there is no point in bothering to renew the show. All DAYS fans should be upset about this, whether they like J&M or not, because if Corday will get rid of Hall and Hogestyn, he’ll get rid of anyone. He has lied time and again about the direction in which he’s taking the show, stringing J&M fans along with the promise of a good storyline, only to hand us crap. Well, I have had enough. They may as well cancel DAYS right now, because for me this show IS SO OVER.

  385. From JP

    I think you are doing a great injustice to your fans by taking off Diedra & Drake. You need to bring back John’s memory and then continue them as we all have loved watching their romance. I do think you need new writers as some of the story lines are really lacking. My best to Diedra & Drake for the many years of happiness that you have brought to Days.

  386. From Stacy

    If these veteran characters are indeed going to be written off the show, I think it will be a huge mistake, just to save a few bucks. John and Marlena are like “real people” to the loyal viewers who have watched them all these years. This is a definite signal of the beginning of the end of Days. If they think ratings are bad now, wait until they plummet next year.


    I am livid, and I fell completely betrayed by Corday and Higley. I can’t for the life of me understand why they even brought Drake back if they were going to pull this! John and Marlena ARE DAYS. Without them, there is no point in bothering the renew the show. All DAYS fans should be upset about this, whether they like J&M or not, because if Corday will get rid of Hall and Hogestyn, he’ll get rid of anyone. He has lied time and again about the direction in which he’s taking the show, stringing J&M fans along with the promise of a good storyline, only to hand us crap. Well, I have had enough. They may as well cancel DAYS right now, because for me this show IS SO OVER.

  388. From Elana

    The writers of Days need to be fired and not John and Marlena. What are you people thinking. The soap will surely not stay on now. Get rid of the deadbeat new ones and save the veterans who make people want to watch the show. My time of watching Days is about over is things do not change. Get you heads out of you rears and listen to the viewers who keep the show going and love love love John and Marlena

  389. From Ash

    I am upset at this news, but I will probably keep watching anyway. Soaps are notorious for bringing characters back after a while. I do agree with many comments on here in that Melanie is a stupid character and her and Nick need to go. I would have to say Chelsea is my favorie character of that bunch. I could also take or leave Max and Stephanie, although I think Steph and Phillip would be interesting. I think they need to give Sami a better story line, I know Alison Sweeny is really pregnant, but what they are doing with her character is awful. It’s tough to see my favorite character act even more childish than normal.

  390. From Dee

    This is disappointing to hear. The script for them has been terrible over the last year. But they need to be given better story line and stay with us. You need to get rid of Stephano and some of the youth set. EJ becomes a whimp and spineless jerk when Stephano is around.

  391. From Connie

    I watched this show for over 40 years, but I quit watching about a year ago when the storylines became so stupid. I was also sick of the Marlena/John thing with him being so rude and her being the damsel in distress all the time, so it doesn’t disappointment me at all.

  392. From Shannon

    I am just in shock!!! Why are they getting rid of them? They have all these newbies that keep coming in so don’t bring anymore in at all or get rid of the ones that haven’t been here that long. Please keep Marlena and John!!!

  393. From Mary

    I can’t believe you are firing all the good ones. After they leave I will not be watching nor taping the show. Get a grip and leave them on they are the ones that keep the show alive. Not the new ones.

  394. From B

    This is really terrible. This 18 month extension they gave to Days is like a death sentence. Talk about twisting the knife.

  395. From Janet

    Give me a break… they worked hard for the salaries they earn and they deserve them as well as their jobs. Out with the old does not apply here. I will unfortunately be moving on after this. It truly shows that the writers do not listen to the viewers. What a cheap way to save a buck! 25 years of viewing and I’m done.

  396. From lawanda

    please do not take john and marlena off it will not be the same

  397. From Tracy

    Days should have axed some of the peripheral newbies — even lots of them! Who cares about Brady? Who cares about Max’s sister (what’s her name? — see how much I care about her? Can’t even remember her name). For that matter, Steve and Kayla can go — don’t ever see them anyway. Abe is boring as hell. Axe him! Get rid of Maggie. So unneccessary. Axe Chloe. Hers and Lucas’s chemistry is sub-zero anyway. Nick could so be out the door at this point. Nothing for him anymore. But John and Marlena? Lame decision. Very dumb business choice. So many could have been cut, but kept these two, for the same cost savings.

  398. From scott

    i have watched faithfully for 30 years…this is it for me…marlena is the reason i watch days…for the most part.i like a few of the others, but it just isn’t worth it anymore. the writers are idiots…and i am finally done with days of our lives! sorry, but good bye marlena and john..goodbye me!

  399. From Kaylene

    Why cut the most loved couple on days. They have been there for years just so the show can bring possible new comers that are so dramatic and boring to watch. Seems like that the writers want to get rid of the veterans of the show and end Days of our lives they way it should be. If that is the case alot of fans will not be watching if the writers keep axing people from the show. Think about the ratings and the fans of Days along with the cast members.

  400. From Nancy

    This is a sad time for Days. John and Doc along with the other veterans on the show are what make it a great show. I have been watching DAYS since 1989. Hearing this news saddens me. It’s a terrible decision and I hate to say it but it’s all down hill from here. These are the saddest days of DOOL fans lives.

  401. From Desiree

    This pisses me off that John and Marlena will be gone. Gosh get rid of Kate already, and you dont need Roman, there is no good story there. I wanted to see old John come back and have things get hot between him and Marlena.

  402. From Desiree

    I started watching Days when I was 12 so 16 years now and I love it. Dont get rid of John and Marlena. Get rid of Kate & Roman

  403. From Bri

    I have been a loyal viewer of Days Of Our Lives since 1980. Stayed with this program through good storylines and the worst of the worst over the past few years. I have decided to just stop watching this trainwreck of a tv show it has become. You have finally lost me forever and I will stop buying the products that P&G produce as they are a show sponsor. Viewers need to have more imput into such major changes made as you would not have the show without the viewers. I am finished with Days!

  404. From watching440

    ARE U guys Nuts? Who is Stefano going to pick on?

  405. From Serena and Sally

    We are SICK over the loss of John and Marlena. We have waited patiently for their reunification, a good front burner storyline. And now we will be jipped out of a QUALITY resolution so that they can be fired real quick. Days has brought back vets and consistanly done NOTHING w them. And why hire a flock of newbies we dont care about and waste our time and their money? When the budget doesnt allow for two of our favorites?

  406. From Judy

    What a mistake! The show won’t be the same without them.

  407. From Sharon

    I have been watching Days since day #1 and this is terrible. GET RID OF SOME OF THE NEW PEOPLE!! But keep John and Marlena and get them back together. I;m getting tired of nobody being together and some deserved happiness. Maybe get rid of some of the writers.

  408. From Gail

    IF Marlena and John leave I will stop watching Days…..
    I have been a fan for over 30 years. What a BIG MISTAKE to let two of the best veterans leave.

  409. From Gena

    I can’t believe it! I have been watching this show since 1988. If John and Marlena go then so will I. I guess I will have to catch them on GH, where all the rest of the good DOOL alum go. Darn it! Big Mistake to the DOOL writers, big, huge!!!!!

  410. From June

    Don’t keep them off forever,Please bring them back soon!!!!!

  411. From LifeLongDaysFan

    I can’t believe they’re writing J&M out of the show! There are other less interesting, useless characters that need to GO!!!!

  412. From Susan M

    I think they are completely INSANE! John & Marlena are one of the only reasons I still watch. I will not watch anymore without them. Everyone else might as well leave too! The show will be garbage without them. Who is Next BO & HOPE! Get rid of Melanie (why is she there anyway) Nick, they ruined his character…. Should I keep going??/???/ Dissapointed in CA. RIP DOOL!

  413. From BILL


  414. From Angela

    I have watched Days since 1977. They should get rid of the characters no one cares abour (Melanie, Daniel, etc.) and keep the actors the fans want to watch. The show has been terrible since all the teny-bopper storylines have taken over. This will definitely kill the show for sure. I sure will miss watching.

  415. From alison

    Your gonna lose a lot of viewers.
    it wont be the same without john and marlana.

  416. From Betsy

    I have been a Days fan for 25 years. If they want to make the show go, keep Marlena and John, Bo and Hope, Kayla and Steve, bring back Kimberly and Shane, get rid of the young brats, and make a good story line. It has not been good for quite a while now. Bo/Hope and Kayla/Steve used to be exciting. Bring back the \old\ John who was much more likeable, and create a plot line with Marlena. My 16 year old daughter could write a better story than your writers can.

  417. From Angela

    I have watched Days my entire life. I’m 33. What gets me is I just read of all the new people that were hired. I’m sure if it were up to the fans we would all agree…get rid of some of the newbies, have a hiring freeze, write a great story line with the actors you have. I think Steve and Kayla has had horrible storylines lately. The writers aren’t utilizing these two at all. I can not fathom watching this show without John and Marlena. I am so afraid this is the beginning of the end. :0(

  418. From Janet

    Taking John and Doc off the show is the stupidest thing that has ever been done to Days.It makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!It will never be the same in Salem. Their chemistry is unmatched. They are also the best actors on the show and oh so passionate. I guess the show will go off the air for sure now! Stupid, stupid move!!!!!!!

  419. From terry

    I won’t be watching days any more if John & Marlena leave. I have been watching this show for atleat 25+ years. The story line has been boring for the last year. If you need to make budget cuts. Take Nick, Melanie, Daniel ect. and stop bring in new stars and work with the ones you have to make the story line more interesting. Please get Sami & EJ back together.

  420. From Wanda Comerford St.John's Newfoundland

    Please keep these couples on Days of our lives….it wont be the same u must be nuts.Let them be in love again.

  421. From CBS

    Good move NBC……now all are welcome to CBS!!!!! come see some real drama on CBS…..dont let NBC shove unreal storylines down your throats. CBS is open for YOU!

  422. From Christopher John Capen

    I AM SO TICKED OFF! I have been a loyal MALE watcher since I was a kid…I really don’t know how long…I watched with my aunt… the first thing I remember is when Trish was in a fire…I believe at DOUG’S PLACE by the lake… My GOSH everything that has happened since then…WOW! I remember Marlena with all that she went through even though I was youg and the storyline with her and Don’s baby dying of SIDS was sooo sad. IT IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THAT SHE LEAVE! The only reason I remained loyal when she was OFF the show (supposedly killed in plae crash when kidnapped by ORPHEIOUS was because she would return at some time. ANY OF THE ORIGINAL CAST UP THROUGH BO AND HOPE…VICTOR AND CAROLINE…PATCH AND KAYLA…AND ANY OF THEIR OFFSPRING SHOULD STAY…WEED OUT ALL THGE OTHERS UNTIL YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO STAY ON THE AIR! To be a loyal fan and get this after all the crap I have delt with…It makes me sick! If I want teen angst I will watch the new 90210…C’MON PEOPLE!

  423. From Anna

    I am 53 years old and have been watching DOOL since I was 8 years old. Few things make me angry enough to post a comment about, but this is one of them. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? ARE YOU FOLKS THE BEGGINING, MIDDLE, OR END OF STUPID? I predict you will bring them back. If not, this will be the end of the road for DOOL especially for this long long long time fan. Knuckleheads!

  424. From Dawn

    I am so upset by this news. I’ve been watching this show for 20+ years and no matter what happens in life. . .I felt like I could count on the romance stories of John and Marlena. I haven’t been watching lately because of all of the new no-talent hacks they’ve been bringing onto the show. Stick to classic romance and storylines and watch the viewers come back to the soaps! Enough all ready with these crazy stories and firing the REAL talent of the show. BAD, bad, bad move!

  425. From janene

    this is a joke….right?

    how freaking stupid can these people be??? no one cares about these stupid kids on the show…melanie is SO annoying….always touching her head when she talks!!?? jesus…she sucks! max, stephanie….also annoying. give me a break.
    if this is all for real…the sand in the hourglass will be running out very soon. good-bye days!
    john and marlena 4-ever!!

    we love john and marlena!

  426. From joni morano

    I have been watching the show since Bill raped Laura. Now you are raping your loyal fans. Passions was cancelled because the show stunk, so by all means stock your show with failed actors, and fire the mainstays and those who keep the fans loyal. I will watch until the last day John and Marlena are on, and then I am gone. After that, the show should be cancelled, because it is obvious you really don’t want to be on the air anymore. Mr. Corday, your parents must be so ashamed at your for the way your are ruining their show. Hey, but there is always General Hospital. They love to hire your ex-stars.

  427. From Sally

    I have watched Days since day 1. I have wondered lately, why most of the vets are only see once every week or two if that. Now, I know! This is all a ploy to disillusion the fan base so Days can be cancelled. To say that soaps are a dying breed is ridiculous! Just look at the other networks. Days has always had amazing talent and to write them of as they have in the last couple of years is so maddening and disappointing. I learned to love soaps as a little girl listening to them on the radio. To spend so many years invested in the Hortons and the Bradys just to have it die like this makes me wonder why no one cares about the fans. I don’t know if I can continue to watch if this plan is followed.

  428. From Pat

    Days is struggling as it is, and to take away two of the most popular characters is sheer suicide. There are many older viewers that enjoy seeing older characters with a life. John and Marlena, Carolyn and Victor, Roman and whomever …. get it right, people!!! What a travesty!

  429. From nancy s.

    I am very disapointed that you are letting John and Marlena go. They are my favorite couple. You have a lot of people that aren’t that interesting at all. I have watched this show for about 20 years and I am about ready to stop.

  430. From Susan

    That is just NUTTY ..
    Who is going to watch DOOL now? ..
    Deidre and Drake .. leave .. I am going ………. Are those folks at NBC just too dumb?
    I cannot even comment on our NBC affiliate in St. Louis.
    If I did, they would be too stupid to understand it anyway.

  431. From Melissa

    Are you kidding me?? What is wrong with you people? Why don’t you get rid of Nicole for starters …she’s a big waste of money!!

  432. From moonlite864

    get rid of NICOLE WALKER on days of our lives. I feel like she is replacing Sami and I can’t have that. Sami Brady is the best and she should be Sami Demira….

  433. From moonlite864

    and FYI this younger generation is devoted to DOOL unconditionally PAT and anyone else who thinks youner generations don’t get into like older people. I watched with my mom just like you probably watched with your mom.

  434. From J&M Fan

    Unreal…absolutely ridiculous…why don’t they just outsource the roles overseas?! They’re getting rid of 2 of the biggest reasons people tune into ths show…Drake & Dierdre. I know I FF through the show when they’re not on…now without them at all, I won’t be watching anymore. What an extremely bonehead move by the producers, etc.

  435. From Lynn Gotsis

    I was very saddened to learn that Days is cutting the actors who portray Marlena & John. This is a huge mistake. You will lose many long time viewers. Why not cut characters that add no value i.e., Lexie, Abe, Theo, Roman, Melanie, Maggie, Micky, Nick, Tony, & Anna. I am sure these salaries could make up the difference. You need to find a way to bring back old viewers who left because of bad story lines. Good writing could save this show, but continuing down this path will only lead to the end of an era in soaps.

  436. From SuzieQ

    I have been a Days fan forever and up until about a year ago I never missed an episode even if I had to tape it. It seems like the story lines have gotten almost cheesey and I for one will not miss Drake since his character is almost a joke now. I do agree that the show could do without some of the younger characters (Melanie, Stephanie & Chelsea). Nothing seems to “flow” any more and everything seems so disconnected. Now I just check the blogs when I want to know what’s going on. Sadly it just seems like a bunch of mini soaps tethered together by a fine line. I think this year the Christmas episode will need a 20 ft tree just to add all the new personalized decorations! My guess is ratings will drop if they keep cutting the veterans and adding dead wood characters…

  437. From Jenni

    This is exactly why I have barely been watching this fall! I have watched DOOL for over 20 years, and John and Marlena used to always be one of the main reasons. They have made Days what it is, and this is what they get for it? Who is next, Bo and Hope? Sami? Jeez!

  438. From Elle

    I guess I’ve been looking for a reason to stop watching after 30 years. I think this is it. The show has hit some lows over the years and I’ve almost stopped watching. This, I think , is where I call it quits. part, and when they

  439. From Traci

    Do they not remember their ratings dropping big time when they cut John?? Now they are taking both of the greatest characters off?? Take off people like Nicole and Chole. I will stop watching the day they are no longer on the show. This is aweful.

  440. From sarah

    BIG mistake to cut Diedre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. I’ve watched this show from it’s birth in 1963 and this is the worst change in the show’s history. Please, do NOT cut John and Marlena. You cannot keep viewers by cutting the foundational characters!

  441. From MaryE

    I have been a days fan since it aired so long ago. What are you thinking??!!!. There is no Days with out John and Marlena. I want to see the old, John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla etc.. and good stories, not what has been going on these past few years.

  442. From Mary

    I think you are making a big mistake, John and Marlena are Days of Our Lives! I have watched this show since the begining……..I will not watch after they leave!!

  443. From Betty

    I have watched Days since the first day it came on over 42 years ago.Taking all the main people who have made the show what like John and Marlena out isn’t a very good idea.If you are going to dump someone let it be Kate who has been through every man on the show,Nick the bore,Stefeno the pain, and Lexie the whiner.Put Sami back with Lucas,Nicole with EJ,and Daniel with Chelesa and stop messing with a good thing.Make interesting story plots but you can do that without messing everything up.Bring new people on but save the ones that count…………….

  444. From Betty

    Are you kidding???? This is horrible. I can’t believe that you would go to these extremes. This show will surely go down the drain now. Get rid of the new ones. This just really takes the cake. I am so upset I have been watching this show since 1969. PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO RE LOOK AT THIS AND KEEP THEM BOTH.

  445. From donna


  446. From donna

    I have watched this show for 42 years! What is wrong with the producers? To let go of two pf the people who are the foundation that show is built on is absolutely insane !! Who cares about all the myriad of new roles they keep introducing? Not me for one. When John and Marlena go so will the base this show stayed on with, including me.Wake up NBC, you’re crazy to do this !!

  447. From michelle

    STUPID IDEA!! That is all that has to be said.

  448. From db

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think again. Days will never be the same without John and Marlena. Do we really need Steffane Nick Melanie Max Chloe?? Also why bring back Kayla and Steve, and give them nothing to do? I love them. Let Days get back to basics and it can be great again. REMEMBER WHEN?

  449. From Ann

    I will miss Deidre, but not Drake. Have always thought he was a terrible actor. I am looking forward to the change!

  450. From Angela Welch

    I have been watching Days since I was 5 years old and I used to watch it with my Mom. I can’t believe you ever consider getting rid of of Marlena or John. Looks like I won’t be watching the show anymore after the new year!

  451. From Sandy

    I can’t bellieve this!!!! Evidently the writers have brain-lock and don’t have any imagination to create new storylines for the veterans of the show, the very ones who made the show what it is. Get rid of the characters that are boring, Nick, Kate, MELANIE, Stephanie, just to name a few. Keep a few of the new ones but what ever you do, don’t get rid of your bread and butter for if you do you are signing a death warrant for Days for sure as fans will just quit watching. I know if you get rid of John and Marlena, I for one will stop watching. Why should I be tortured with the story lines of characters like Nick and MELANIE and not even get a glimpse of John and Marlena.

  452. From Linda

    I’ve been a fan of DOOL for over 40 years and hung on through many bad story lines. However, the day John and Marlena leave the show will be the day I stop watching. It’s obvious the writers do not care about their viewers or the veterans of the show. It’s all about money. Yet, they continue to bring on new people and stupid storylines. If money is the issue, then they wouldn’t keep adding new characters. Obviously there is another reason they aren’t sharing with us. John and Marlena ARE DOOL, along with Bo and Hope. Letting them go will destroy the show. If money is the issue, get rid of a lot of the newer ones who haven’t earned their tenure on the show. Keep the vets! Without them, you don’t have a show. If John and Marlena do leave, I will no longer watch DOOL, along with thousands of other people. You’ll be signing the show’s death warrant if you do.

  453. From candi

    I’ve watched this show all my life. Marlena has come and gone in the past so I’m sure eventually she’ll be back. As well as John. I don’t like bringing newcomers to the show and dropping the people we are used to being on the show. BUT John and Marlena’s storyline has SUCKED for a long time now so I won’t miss that at all.

  454. From Elana

    I have watched Days for 30 years and I always thought the idea was to keep the raings up and viewers to keep coming back. You people are doing the opposite. You are driving people away. Have you not been reading all the comments posted or do you care what we as loyal devoted fans have to think you your stinking idea to get rid of the two best people on the show. John and Marlena are what makes DOOL. Get rid of Bo and Hope…so sappy and fake

  455. From BigMistake

    If Day’s rating were higher, this wouldn’t be happening. Hire new writers, stop bringing in low cost horrible actors and re-focus on the main characters. The fans have lost touch with the Day’s brand. It starts with the writers and reverberates all the way to Mr. Corday.

    Have some of the bigwigs at GE take a pay cut, then Days won’t need budget cuts!!

  456. From Sherri

    I stopped watching DOOL almost completely in January. I do check up sporadically to see what is going on and the show has been without substance for quite a while. All good things must end and DOOL has.

  457. From Dianne A

    I have read numerous postings on the issue of John and Marlena leaving and I have to say I agree with the majority. There are actors on there now that have weak and totally uninteresting story lines ie. Melanie, Nick, Stephanie, Stefano, and even Kayla and Patch if they continue to have nondescript story lines. You do need the young folks mixed with the veterans, but some of the young folks do NOTHING to help the ratings for Days. Seriously think about that. Your fans are telling you what they want. If the show is about ratings then wouldn’t it behoove you to listen to their comments and react to the decisions on the show based on what the fans are telling you? There are several people on the show that are just fillers or that have weak and nonsensical story lines. Let them go instead. Incidently, I personally would love to see John and Marlena back together, E.J. and Nicole together, Sammie and the FBI guy, Lucus and Chloe, and Daniel with Chelsea. I will keep watching..but only because I believe you will eventually come to your senses and do what the fans have been telling you. THEY ARE YOUR RATINGS. LISTEN TO THEM.

  458. From Hope

    I wish you can keep John and Marlena in he show. Think twice before you make a final deision.

  459. From Kelly

    This news is pretty devistating. I have been watching Days since I was 12 years old and the main reason I got hooked was b/c of John and Marlena….I must admit I have not been watching lately as the storyline has become boring and the writing stinks. I read a lot of people will be looking for a new soap to watch ( I don’t blame you all) I just want to give my opinion to you all on a new soap….General Hospital….Belle is there doing a great job and Shawn D just joined the team….the writing is better, the storylines are MUCH better and I have become a fan of the show. Good luck, Days….you’ll surely need it.

  460. From Lisa

    hey here is an ideal bring back another world and put them on it. your putting amanda on days so put john and doc on another world….

  461. From RUTH VEACH


  462. From Claudia

    This is a huge mistake! Even when Marlena and John are apart they are two fantastic characters that bring a lot to the table. The show is not using the core characters the way that they should. Let there be mystery, intrigue and humor! They can get rid of Melonie (sorry, I just can’t stand the poor acting). Have your good actors act and not stand in the background. Maybe the new writers should reread some of the more compelling scripts of the past and get an idea of what really works. You don’t have to bring in new name actors to appear fresh – use the good people that you have – really use them!

  463. From Bree

    u darn cheepskates!

  464. From Lynn

    Trying to get preteens and teens to watch with younger actors? sorry its us old timers that keep soaps going year after year….when Marlena and John leave so do I….

  465. From Linda

    You might keep the young viewers but the old ones matters too.I have been watching Days for over 35 years and this is the most dumbest thing they have ever done.Bring John back to his real self but give him a story line.If you have to cut anybody cut Kate andDaniel. God Bless you,you poor stupid soul

  466. From Maggie

    Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. Where do think the story will go from here? Dig your own grave. Skim some fat off the top so you can pay the people that viewers WANT to see. I think I will be finding something else to watch. Desperate Housewives is an option. Hope Lifetime isn’t affiliated with NBC. Do you never learn? Get rid of that repulsive Melanie or Kate-How about Lucas or Chole? Phillip is another option. Hope can go, too- she’s just annoying since she took on her “PI” role.

  467. From cindy

    Are U out of your minds writer,getting rid of John and Marlene?Budget cut? I know a few you could cut, let me suggest some for you:Stephanie,Max,Nick,Melanie,Chloe,Chelsea,the new Brady,FBI agent, and Daniel.Get rid of them it would save on money. STOP bring on new people when you already have great actor and actress that make the will be very sad for you to get rid of John and Marlena and keep the ones I suggest to get rid of.How can I stand up for a show who would do that! VERY SAD!

  468. From Torrey Loggins

    I’ve been a fan of days for a long time and I think its sad that john and marlena are now being forced to leave the show. John and Marlena and Bo and Hope are the back bone of the show. The foundation!!! This only shows that the creative team stories are only lacking in character. What was the reason to fight so hard to get Stefano back and then get rid of his bigest rivals. So after the year is out and John and Marlena last on air scenes, I to will be leaving this show behind.

  469. From Maggie

    One more comment. Don’t be stupid. I have more, but will stop now.

  470. From Fraggle

    Shame about Drake but Ive been waiting years to see the back of Deidre. Marlena annoys me to no end.

  471. From Lynn

    I am sorry to hear Marlena & John are being cut from the show. I’m 61 yr.s old & have been watching Days from day one! I happen to like the ‘old folks’ on the show & hate to see how the writers have destroyed most of them in their stupid scripts. Let the newcommers go before the main characters who made the show. There is enough stupidness in REAL life so why can’t the writers of this show start writing scripts with a few morals instead of having EVERYONE in some kind of a twisted life… can’t we have at least a few more ‘normal’ type family scenes on here that show love instead of all the back stabbing and etc…? To have everyone scamming on others mates all the time is not how it is in everyone’s families in REAL life.. why not try writing some scripts that show how happiness is found and kept.. their is such a thing you know… or maybe you don’t but do some research … it would just be nice to see some good come out of the bad for a change on a soap.

  472. From Kat Zak

    I have been watching for 20 years. If John and Marlena go then I won’t be watching anymore.
    They should get rid of Melanie, Max, Stephanie, Chloe, Nick, Daniel, Maggie, Abe and Lexie instead.

  473. From Susan

    In March 1969 I began to watch DOOL while awaiting the birth of our first son. Nearly 40 years later I am now retired and still continue to watch but no more. This is a major mistake in a show which has an incredible run over the decades.

    Yes, I have enjoyed the new characters but just as with our real lives, a mix of the old and new is what makes our lives intereesting.

  474. From Sharon

    Not sure why you pushed to keep the show alive. The only reason it lives on and on are the cast that is on now. You will be lucky to stay on the air until 2010 the way everyone sees it. I’ve been watching since it aired and if this is what it comes to it won’t be airing on my TV once they are gone. Shame on you!

  475. From Riley

    Letting John & Marlena go is the stupidest idea NBC has had. J & M make this show. If you have to let anyone go, lets see get rid of Melanie, Nick, Max, Stephanie, Dr. Daniel, Lexie, Maggie, Micky (you never see him anyway) Victor, Kate, Philip, Chloe, Lucas, Carolyn, Abe, Nicole, or any of the newer characters. John & Marlena, Hope and Bo are the reasons that I watch this, You already got rid of Julie and Doug,
    Shawn and Belle, get rid of Brady, the show was doing fine without him.

  476. From fanfor30yrs


  477. From

    Ever since you hired the new writer the story line sucks for the veteran actors. I think its a mistake to get rid of John and Marlena. I also think you should bring back Shawn and Belle. Get the story back on track.

  478. From DJ

    Sadly I think it’s time to find a new daytime soap. The plots are stale the storylines are boring and now they are getting rid of two characters who could save the ratings if the writers weren’t so lazy. There are a few other’s who should be taking a long walk into the DOOL’s sunset, I am sure Ken Corday knows this will be the beginning of the end for Days!

  479. From fansince1977

    Can’t even believe you would consider this. The veteran actors on this soap have made it what it is. Fans LOVE them all. This is INSANE. We have endured and stayed through horrible story lines, this is too much. PLEASE RECONSIDE THIS.

  480. From fansince1977

    Can’t even believe you would consider this. The veteran actors on this soap have made it what it is. Fans LOVE them all. This is INSANE. We have endured and stayed through horrible story lines, this is too much. PLEASE RECONSIDE THIS. Get rid of some of the new people. Why hire ALL these other actors and fire the best.

  481. From Linda S

    I have watched DOOL since it started in 1965. The show started with the Hortons and added the Bradys. Adding John and Marlena to the mix added more interest and more stories to two families. There are so few left from the original show and every time some of the earlier cast members are let go it is so sad. Those of us who have watched the show for 43 years don’t mind new characters but please incorporate them in with the time-tested original concept of the show. The original families are the basis of what Days is all about. Throwing in shallow stories doesn’t help. Give the original family stories we can continue to enjoy. I don’t want Days to die out because the Hortons and Bradys and ongoing cast members like Deidre and Drake are being given uninteresting stories. Give us back the real Days!

  482. From Paula

    I would like to John stay. I want to see him get some of his memory back. Dr “hot pants” Daniel can go and take Kate with him. But most of all maybe the writers should go!!!! Get NEW writers! Everyone in Salem has turned into whiners. The only nonwhiner is Phillip, and he is leaving. What the heck!!!!!

  483. From Paula

    Oh by the way. I have watched Days from day 1. I will not stop watching. And most of you won’t either. LOL LOL

  484. From Ann

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!! John and Marlena are the heart of this show…..John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Abe,Lexie, Steve, Kayla, Kate, Victor, Stephano, Tony, Anna, Lucas, Sami……Days could be doing so much with ALL of them….instead we are stuck with these dead end, dead beat storylines. 35years I have been a fan. Get rid of Melanie, Stephanie, Nick, and any of the other newbies that have signed on. This is just awful….Please re-think these decisions and go back to your tapes from the 70s, 80s when days was at it’s best. Look at the writing, the plot, the characters!!!! . GIVE US THE DAYS WE KNOW AND LOVE

  485. From Ocean Park Girl

    OMG – HOW STUPID!! I have watched DOOL for most of my life (47). The past month or so, I have been watching All My Children because I cannot stand the storylines currently on Days. I can’t understand why Chloe was brought back – she has no connections to anyone. Melanie and Max get on my nerves. Instead of brining on new people, bring back some Horton’s. Jack and Jennifer. Mike and his family. Bill, and even Laura. Stop creating stupid storylines and use the shows history. And now, to let 2 staples of the show go – I will no longer watch Days. NBC is the only major network with ONE SOAP, and once John and Marlena are gone, they will be the only major network with NO SOAP. Just cancel it and let it die a dignified death.

  486. From jstar

    Taking John and Marlena off Days is a HUGE mistake for those of us who have watched the show for 30 years! We enjoy the vets instead of the stupid Chloe, Melanie, Stephanie crap going on. Without the vets, the show isn’t worth watching anymore.

  487. From jean

    What a tragic mistake – there are many others who are much less valuable that could leave and not be missed – I wish the writers would reconsider!

  488. From nick

    the problem with the show now, in my opinion, isn’t the age of the actors but rather the writing and stories. they are just plain boring and uninteresting. plus they are all over the map. one week they are going in one direction, and then it gets dropped and they start something completely new. how about finishing stories to their conclusion?

  489. From Barb

    I can’t believe that Days is getting rid of John & Marlena!!!! I just love John (and Robo-John) – if Deidre is tired of the soap, can’t you pair John up with someone else? (like Nicole??) I hope they bring EJ & Sami back together – EJ & Nicole are BORING! Brady & Nicole are a good pairing – Phillip & Stephanie – Daniel & Kate – and I really liked Nick with Chelsea. Rafe is a pleasant surprise – love his banter with Sami but I still see Sami with EJ!

  490. From June

    If they take Marlena and John off the show, I will stop watching it. I think they are the main characters on the show. i have watched the show for a very long time and my daughter is 24 years old and she said the same thing. it won’t be good without them on the show. john makes the show and the way he and Marlena respond to each other makes it a pleasure to watch.

  491. From Tobie

    i have litteraly been watching this show since birth. Ive never missed a day even through high school 15 years ago. NBC is ruining their station. they have already cancelled many good show. This will surely bring an end to days. You cant have salem With out John Marlena, steffano and victor!

  492. From Duh!

    Marlena and John are senior citizens who make out occasionally – disgusting. Their story has been done, redone, and over done. Its time… they need to go…

  493. From pat

    Why get rid of two of your best people. There are plenty of other character to get rid of. How about Melanie, Nick, Daniel, Maggie, even Steve and Kayla before you get rid of the two people who have kept this show alive. Don’t they remember what happened the last time they let Drake go?

  494. From Judy

    What’s going on over at Days? They’ve had so many storylines going at once it’s hard to get interested. They have the 2 worst actors: Chloe (monotone and deadpan) and Max (he’s so bad it’s comical). Then they introduce Melanie. Yikes! She’s a pain. Did anyone notice the shameless product promos this summer? The autism storyline might be topical, but not interesting. They started out doing autistic people everywhere a huge disservice by having Theo count and parrot. He is a little more believable now.

  495. From Amy

    Very upsetting news!!!! I have watched Days since the first day in 1965. Maybe it is time to stop.
    John and Marlena will be missed!!!

  496. From Doris

    Talk about suicide of a show. I have watched DOOL since day 1. If they let go of Marlena and John, whoever picks them up for their soap will have hit the Jackpot. There ratings will go crazy. I think someone is TRYING to get rid of the show by this move. Don’t the writers remember when they tried to kill Marlena off? BAD BAD move.

  497. From helen


  498. From TERRI

    I have been watching Days since it began in 1965 at the age of 15. If the older generation begins to get cut, so will your older dedicated viewers.


  499. From Chris

    ok, budjet cuts? why dont they get rid of a horrible actress like Melanie? and all the tinibopper actors & get back to what this show is all about & what it has always been about!! Marlena & John have been on here for so long and been icons!!!!

  500. From Brian

    You guys running the show at Days Of Our Lives had my as well go ahead and end the show early. Don’t bother trying to keep it on the air past 2009 because it will be pointless without your main characters. I really hope Ken Corday & the other higher-ups truly know what they have just done. There are about 500 comments related to this decision already and I think there might be one that agrees with the decision. I think if i were NBC, I would do what it takes to keep those two on board!!!! JMO!!!!

  501. From Amy

    I have watched the show since I was 8. I am so bummed about John and Marlena!! They are my two favorite characters.I looked forward to their romance and reconnection!Now they too are going off to the sunset? Why bring Brady back if your taking away his family? The show is going to lose A LOT of viewers.

  502. From Amy

    This is going to be a big mistake! People love those two particular characters!! People will petition for them…..they are the reason people tune in!!!!
    Come on people wake up and rethink!!! Wrong move!!!

  503. From Linda

    I am really sad to hear the news of John and Marlena -leaving the show. I have watched it since day 1 also and am very sad. I like the new crazy John. But let’s not forget how Stefano was supposedly gone (again) and he came back. Maybe it is temporary and I am sure with all the fans complaining they will bring them back at a later date. They may be just out of the picture for a while. Let’s not all get upset –yet!

  504. From Linda Stewart

    Seems like some of the other more dull characters would be a better choice. How about Steve & Kayla. They are rarely ever on the show and their storyline is … well NO STORY. Dang, let Max, Melanie, and Stephanie go … don’t let John & Marlena go. How SAD!

  505. From Judy

    I shouldn’t be surprised. This show has been going downhill for quite some time. John E. Reilly’s cancelled show seems to be moving on to Salem. How ironic that they are being brought on and the people that the Days fans love are being let go. Haven’t the execs been looking at the ratings? When John and Marlena are on the ratings go up and when they are not on, they drop. Go figure. I’ll bet Ted and Betty are turning over in their graves at such atrocities to their beloved show. Shame on you Ken Corday. You’re losing the best of the best. Maybe someone other show will pick them up and take all their fans with them. Then where will the ratings be? I can tell you. In the toilet.

  506. From Ginger

    I’ve watched since day 1. My last day to watch will be the day that Marlena and John go. Turning the focus to the younger cast members is fine, but there are a lot of us very faithful viewers who aren’t willing to watch without the cast that we grew up with.

  507. From Helen

    I can’t believe this. I love Marlena and John. Get rid of Melanie and Nick they are not important to the show.Loosing them will be a big mistake.

  508. From Connie

    I am 57 years old and have watched Days since it began. I taped it for years when I worked and relaxed in the evening watching what was happening in Salem. What’s happening in Salem today is a real dis-service to all of the Days fans. You’re slaughtering the show we know as Days. John and Marlena I always figured would end up being the Tom and Alice Horton of the show, how love takes care of everyone. You say you’re doing this for the show and due to budget’s. Get rid of a few of your budget personnel or writer’s because someone is blowing smoke. You are creating a show that we the fans don’t recognize. Which will mean we won’t watch. If you Ken Cordray are tried of doing ‘Days’ let someone else have the show who can keep the namesakes of the show on the show. Sure I was glad to see you made a place for a couple of the actors from Passion. That’s you want to get rid of the actors we so enjoy! What in the world are you people thinking(I assume it’s management and budget) getting rid of John and Marlena. I guess NBC is getting out of the Soap business, because it sure sounds and looks like the Salem killer is doing a great job at it this time when they get rid of John and Marlena. I’ll have a free hour to channel surf after John and Marlena are gone. Hope they find another soap so that I can watch that channel.

  509. From Carolyn

    Bad move on Days to get rid of one of the most beloved couples ever. I am really debating on if I am even going to watch the show anymore. I don’t understand why they even brought John back if they were going to get rid of him in just a few months.

  510. From Sue

    I can’t believe this is really happening. Please get rid of some of the newbies instead! Why get rid of John & Marlena when you can just stop adding new characters that have no ratings value? Who’s next, Bo & Hope? I think they WANT the show to get cancelled…

  511. From Beth Mc

    The show will continue to go downhill if veteran players are let go. EJ can’t sustain the entire show! I’ve been watching for over 30 years…show won’t be the same.

    JKJ is a fabulous Phillip…great actor and Deirdre and Drake’s John and Marlena are DOOL clasics!

    Such a shame if this plays out…

  512. From ken cullen


  513. From Bea

    really, there a a number of others that should be removed from Dayd. John and Marlana should be allowed to stay. the show should be canceled if these two go.

  514. From Linda S

    Are you all crazy. I have been waiting for ever for John & marlena to get back, and now you take them off. Stupid Idea. John & Marlena are the best of DOOL. Please dont make them leave. If you want to make someone leave make Melanie. She is a stupid actress. I hope this is not for long. Are you trying to get the show canceled.

  515. From bridget

    well you can just go ahead and cut the show.i will no longer watch any of this at all.ive waited for these two to reunite just to see them leave?dont think so!im done with you overpaid writers!fire yourselves!!!!!

  516. From Tammy

    What are the executives of DOOL thinking? Getting rid of 2 of the best characters of the show hmmmm??? Doesn’t make much sense to me!!! When you say Days of our lives you automatically think of John and Marlena and Bo and Hope and of course Sami!!! Getting rid of John and Marlena I think will cost the show more money then the salaries of the two they are cutting. Very bad decision on the part of the staff!!!! Days of our lives isn’t Days without John and Marlena!!!!

  517. From Amber

    That’s really stupid of you guys to cut John and Marlena. How stupid are you?? It makes me want to stop watching Days because you guys are cutting everyone. Who next Bo and Hope??

  518. From Gaik

    I am so glad that John and Marlene are gone. John was the worst actor ever,so much so that he made everyone around him terrible. I even quite watching because of him.

  519. From Cookie

    I’ve been watching DAYS since I was a teenager (I’m now 54). There won’t be much of a show w/out John & Marlena. There are so many other storylines on this show that stink! I tape the show & fast forward through everything except JOHN & MARLENA and anything that has to do with Sami & EJ. So that really means not watching much of anything in the future. How sad of all of us.

  520. From Donna

    Ken Corday…you have totally blown it…BIG TIME!! I have faithfully watched DAYS since 1975 and stayed with you even when you got rid of my favs Jack and Jen. But firing Marlena and John…that’s it. I’m DONE! I don’t watch the show for the young idiots you have on the show. And they ARE idiots!!! I wait for my people with whom I can relate to appear. I am 50+. Guess you just don’t need my demographic anymore. Well…NBC…won’t be having a soap on daytime much longer…since this is HUGE MISTAKE! Have John get his memory back and come back the nice guy he really is….and you MAY redeem yourselves!!

  521. From Carol

    I am one of those fans that stemmed from grandmother/mother/daughter fan and I can’t believe they are letting Deidra and Blake just go. I enjoy new faces but and different new story lines on the show but when they brought Melanie on there that just about did it for me. Sami whines enough on the show, they sure didn’t need to brin another one on there. I do wish the writer would reconsider and let a few others go instead of those wonderful characters.

  522. From Sandra Dee

    DOOL has been ruined. Extending it for 18 months will do no good since the storylines are so bad. We need supercouples, undying love, and heros to the rescue. This is what soaps are suspose to be about.

  523. From Deborah

    I have watched Days since the day I was born. Yes, my mother watched it and it has been a part of my life from day one. I have seen all the changes that the show has gone through. I have hated a lot of the story lines that the actors have been given. But when it comes to the main characters the writers need to leave well enough alone. Melanie needs to leave the show. I do like that a couple of the Passions actors have been brought in. This gives the girls different guys they can go after. It will help the story lines some. But to get rid of Marlana and John is rediculous. Sami is going to need her and Brady is going to need John. I am so sick of watching Kate, Nick and Chelsea. There story lines are the pits. We need writers on this show that will listen to the viewers and stop making changes that they think will change the show. If the show has lasted 45 years then I think they did something right all these years. But to get new writers and they want to change something maybe they need to change the writers. Enough is enough. Leave our Days of Our Lives alone.

  524. From Barb

    Could this be another publicity
    stunt like the one a few years ago when theey “killed off” almost everyone on the show, and it turned out to be another Stephano trick.?
    Does anyone realize that Sammi’s parents, Marlena & Roman met the same way as her and Rafe? Marlena was confined as a witness and Roman was protecting her several years ago.
    PLEASE PLEASE keep Marlena.. Where could the story go without her. Nowhere…

  525. From Marilyn

    Well writers if I were you by the looks of this blog page I would be on the lookout for another job PDQ. because it don’t look like Days will make it for another 18 months.

  526. From CARL LIGHT

    what a joke the people that make the show are the ones you are willing to let go you keep bringing in new talent which is great but at what a sacrifice you don’t use the talent you got around properly and that is the biggest problem

  527. From Denise

    I am totally appauled at the producers. I have grown up watching Days my entire life *my Mother and Grandmother were religious fans when I was an infant!*. I will be 50 in January so I have a few years invested myself!

    This is enough to make me stop watching. Enough said.

  528. From Cathy

    Supercouples are Super for a Reason & budget cuts should start at the TOP!! There’s lots of room for trimming, but 3 couples must stay John/Marlena; Bo/Hope; Steve/ Kayla. You’re sending the wrong folks home, anyone want to stage a protest? Let’s picket the studio. Any executives taking any cuts? The actors have been doing their level best INSPITE OF THE WRITING…. When they leave so do and a whole bunch of others….

  529. From jenny mueller

    to kim2652, i have signed the petittion, and i urge anyone on here who hasnt signed it, should do so now before its too late

  530. From Cathy

    Super couples don’t get cut!! Especially when they’ve given their all INSPITE OF THE WRITING. Trim where you must but start at the top. Executives, take a big cut in pay. Trim the teens, trim the peripheral, cut hours. Get creative w/ the sets. But leave John & Marlena; Bo & Hope; Steve & Kayla ALONE!!! You are ruining a story that needs to be told about John & Marlena, it did not get told years ago and now here you go screwing it up again!! Anyone want to picket outside NBC like they did when just Drake was let go. Let the Powers that be know how we feel….

  531. From Lydia

    If they leave I’ll never watch Days again until they return

  532. From Marie Antionette

    After watching the show for 30 years,If you take John and Marlena off,then I will no longer watch Days.First you’ve had bad story lines,Then you take off old vets that make the show interesting,You put that stupid Melonie in and also X Passions actors on.I hated Passions.I never watched it after about a month,so I did give it a try.The plots last way to long.And that Dr. Dan,well he loves every woman he sees.Now he’s eye balling Nichole and Chloe,when he’s around them.My God!!! what is that?

  533. From Nana

    I’ve been a fan since 1965. Like many others. I’ve watched DOOL go through writers, and each time there’s a change the storylines become worse and the cast is destroyed. When you get into that room to brainstorm with your little pumpkin heads try thinking about your fans for a change. We’re NOT ALL teeny-boppers looking for catfights, first kisses, and stories that only entertain an undereducated audience. We’re looking for a show with substance, a daytime T.V. family to grow with. Take out the veterans and you lose the heart of any show. Next thing you’ll remove is a solid story, and then you start frickin REPEATING the same lines for 5 days in a row because you can’t be creative enough to come up with NEW material for your NEW actors. Pay your writers better if you want a better show. The actors are only as good as the writing.

  534. From Jack Kanov

    Why? Are you kidding me?

  535. From Jack Kanov

    Listen John is like a robotic Clint Eastwood and Marlena and him have great chemistry. Why not get rid of Skeletor Hope even though she is from my home town of Brockton, Mass. Melanie is terrible. Chelsea is scary with her black spooky eyes and could use some weight. I can’t stand that drama queen. Get rid of Nicole. She is not that attractive either. Max is always angry and his ex is stupid.
    Bo, Lucas (love it when Lucas gets angry), Chloe and John are the best. Abe is cool too with his strange facial expressions. lol. Daniel kissing Kate that is what a real professional doctor would do
    in a busy hospital. (sarcasm)
    Hopefully Chloe will continue to be the healthiest looking on the show. Hope was once like that but decided not to eat in years. Sami needs duct tape around her mouth because you can’t shut her up. Lexi needs pot.
    Go Celts! Go Bruins! Go Pats!
    Rack me, I’m out!

  536. From marlene

    The show is really starting to stink, Marlena and John are the best. All the young ones are boring. And we have already gone thru the fake baby thing, so nothing new there. Next just get rid of all the old ones and Days will be off the air,because it is headed that way already

  537. From Sandy

    I am shocked to think that you would even consider getting rid of John and Marlena. They are what keeps me tuned into Days. Get smart!!!! Keep John and Marlena, give them new storlines, as that is what the fans want. I would think you would want to keep the fans happy as that is what keeps Days on the air. Get rid of Melanie, for sure. Get rid of wimpy Nick, he has always been a bore. Get rid of Stephanie, for that is another boring character. Put Daniel with Chelsea, they are good together. Get rid of Kate. Please no miracle cure for her! I like the new guy with Sami, funny stuff, you need more of that. Just dont get rid of John and Marlena for if you do you get rid of me too, I won’t watch anymore.

  538. From Deborah

    I AM DEVASTATED!!!.Ihave watched Days for over 30 years and John and Marlena are the reason that I have continued to watch. Give John his Memory Back and show the fans that Love conquers all!!! Then he and Marlena could have all sorts of adventures together. THEY ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE SHOW!!! YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE, UNLESS YOU JUST WANT PEOPLE TO QUIT WATCHING SHOW YOU CAN CANCEL THE ENTIRE SHOW..BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU GET RID OF JOHN AND MARLENA.

  539. From THea

    I can’r believe it! No Doc or John, it is like a death of ones parents….. Second, I don’t like what they are doing to Nicole! She should enjoy this life changing event. I love the new Nicole and want to see her happy. She should be able to have this baby.

  540. From Susie

    Well….how much more disappointing can Days become? First, they bring on a bunch of silly kid stories with actors who hold no interest for most of their viewers, and then they make a decision to let go of the main couple whose chemistry is so explosive that it has sustained the test of time and grown in the process. I agree with much of the commentary that this couple is a key ingredient to the future success of the show, as is Stefano. What a trio they have
    been. What a shame! I guess it’s time for me to find another soap since this one isn’t worth it. Weak storylines with boring characters……so sad.

  541. From CHERYL

    This show has not been right ever since the original writers left. I didnt think it could get worse but it surely will now. When John and Marlena leave so will I. I have been watching this soap for over 30 years. Good or bad I still hung in there and supported the soap. This is the worse decission that could have been made. Writers, have you not noticed that DAYS has not been nominated for any daytime awards in years? Maybe you all should leave!! That sure would save the soap a bunch of money, Im sure.!! This WILL be the end of this soap, mark my words!

  542. From Lisa

    What is wrong with you people?! Why on earth would you want to get rid of 2 iconic characters?! Get rid of Nick and Melanie. I can’t see why they were there in the first place. Put Sami back with Lucas, EJ with Nicole and make John the way he was before! Enough is enough. The storylines are becoming old and to the point of ridiculous. You need a new writing team with some fresh ideas!

  543. From Mary

    Everyone Please…Give the writers a break. They entertained us for yrs, Have trust in them, most likely they will be back someday.

  544. From lana

    WOW u producers r freakin stupid. u r gonna lose so many fans including myself if u keep gettin rid of everyone. why don’t u cut ur own pay and see how it feels. IDIOTS!!!!!!

  545. From marlene

    It seems to me they are replacing days of our lives with passions…and we all know how well that show did..sami you better watch out cause teresa will soon replace you.

  546. From D Williams

    Yea…After 30 years of watching them…They have run their course. Now just get Sammy and EJ back together and I am happy!

  547. From pd

    I hope they get rid of the whole Dimera plot line along with Diedre & Drake.

  548. From Kay

    I have been watching Days since the first day it aired…..Getting rid of John and Marlena is one of the biggest mistakes the show can make……….Re-think it please.

  549. From Susie

    you have got to be kidding ME!!! this is really STUPID! I haven’t like John since he came back but I was really hoping that he would get better and be with the one that he loves and belongs with!! it was bad enough to get rid of Jason Cook and Kristen Storm and now this!! what are you people thinking! I sure hope that if/when they do come back it’s not going to be someone new playing the part! that would suck even worse!!!!

  550. From Denise Starnes

    I’ve been watching this soap for 15 years,but I will watch no longer if John and Marlena go!!!You stick us with people like Melanie and take away 2 of the best ones on DOOL-you have lost a fan!!!DOOL will probably lose many more with this poor decision!!!!

  551. From Linda

    I won’t miss John and Marlena at all. I’m not crazy about either actor/actress and their story lines the past several years have been dumb! The whole show is getting a little far out lately and I am losing interest. I do like when new characters are brought in – keep the show fresh!

  552. From Judy

    We are bonded to Marlena and John. Don’t let them go. If it is all about money, then get rid of the last few people hired who add nothing to the show. I do not even know their names and will not bother to learn them.

  553. From Maggie

    Can you hear the fans? The people put food on YOUR table? Get your sh__ together. Why are you being so stupid?

  554. From Lisa

    I think there are several others that could be remissed from the show to save John and Marlena. These two always have an interesting storyline, one that makes you wants to keep up with the show. What real storyline does the following have: Steve and Kayla, Bo and Hope, Nick, Maggie and Micky – granted Salem has to have a lawyer other than EJ, and Roman????? when has he had a storyline? I have been watching Days since the Salem Strangler, believe it or not a was 6. Marlena has been my fave all these years. I really think if the people who made this decision was really thinking about a long term benefit for the show they would reconsider letting these two go and think about a different budget solution. I don’t know, at this point, if I will continue to watch Days if they follow through with this plan.

  555. From Mary

    I am among the many that think losing John and Marlena may well be the end of Days! I do think that most watchers would like to see some more realistic storylines, and some consistency. I have watched Days since the first day on TV in 1965, and I am saddened to see its decline. Go back in time a little, and give the loyal fans what they want to see.

  556. From Wayne

    It is about time!! The Marlena and John story has played its course. Sami should be next. She is a annoying with her childish antics. Nick and Melanie should go too. It’s not the new cast that is killing DOOL. It is the same old story – Stefano, Stefano, Stefano. Please, already. I’ve been watching DOOL for 30 years religiously but it is time for a change. Didn’t we hear this during the presidential election?

  557. From Joy

    When you killed off John, I thought you people had lost your mind, but then you brought him bck – hooray!!!

    Now you’re going to dump both John and Marlena??? You people really have lost your minds. Personally, I though they could very well have become the “Tom and Alice” of the show.

    You people need to stop taking whatever drugs it is you a taking and get yourselves into rehab.

    You been talking to the guys at the Federal Reserve????? Sounds like a move they might make!!!!

  558. From Gail

    I have watched Days as far back as I can remember and I am 63 years old. My fondest memories are of the Horton family and of Marlena and John and Bo and Hope. Those four are the backbone of the show now that Tom and Alice are gone. I think you are making a huge mistake by bringing on the young new characters. YOu need to keep the older wiser base on the show. Please rethink letting Marlena and John go and the family units kept intact.

  559. From Jen

    I am pissed off!!!!! John and Marlena are the only reasons I watch the show. If you get rid of them you will be kicking yourselves for years to come!! One life to Live here I come!!!!!

  560. From mike

    Wow! I knew you guys at days were dumb, But This is Just stupid! Your writers are morons! I could write better stories and I’d love to prove it. You can’t get rid of john and doc and if your tinkering about dropping bo and hope or aptch and kayla, the you should just drop the show, cause your people suck.

  561. From Gina

    Very bad move,I grew up watching marlena. Iam so ready to stop watching this show if you do get rid of her. I wish alot of people would. It would drop the rating’s,and hope to bring Marlena back.

  562. From DOLYLO

    I hate that these two are leaving the show. I have been watching Days for since it first started and Marlena has been one of the best parts of the show. DON’T TAKE THEM FROM OUR FAMILY.
    I might just finally give up on Days for I think this is a bad move.

  563. From DOLYLO

    By the way I am 56 years old and that is a lot of years dedicated to one soap, part of the reason is Marlena and John. When they go, I GO!!!!! I will miss Days but without the two greatest actors Days is no more. 42 years of my favorite show. Now I will have to find something else to watch.
    Goodbye Days. Oh fire Ken that should save some money.

  564. From Denise Johnson

    I am so *#@*%* off that John and marleana will be gone. I have watched the show since I was a child. I am pretty sure I will move on to some other show now. I am sick to death with Sami/lucas/elvis thing.It is so redundent. Please move on and lets have some happiness already. Better yet, Get a new Writer for the show….

  565. From Denise Johnson

    yes I like being able to catch up with what I have missed

  566. From pumpkin

    Folks, younger kids don’t watch soaps anymore. There are too many distractions (cell phones, IM, Internet, satellite & cable tv, etc and etc). Soaps were more suited to the 60′s when moms still stayed at home & got their daughters watching them on the couch w/them. I don’t like it either, but times are really changing on daytime tv.

  567. From Antoinette

    Please don’t let Marlena and John go. There are many other ones that can be let go and would not be missed. The producer are stupid if they let them go. You need to keep them not only together but on DAYS.

  568. From Gingee

    Are the people at Days NUTS??? Give John his brain back and you can create another story line for John and Marlena, they are always good for something entertaining! I used to think that they were getting rid of all the “older” characters, now I know they are, and we of that age group are the ones who have stood by the soap!!!
    DAY- DON’T DO IT!!

  569. From Ann

    I just can’t believe you let them go and keep all these terrible actors with meaningless story lines. It is really discusting!!!! Way to kill a good show. Of course that is what you are working toward isn’t it!

  570. From Judy

    Well, I am thru with this show. I only watched them anyway. I cannot get into all of these new people who have stupid story lines that no one really cares about. John and Marlena have suffered over the last years because of the \youngsters\ they have brought onto the show and then given them really poor stories. You cannot invest in characters who mean nothing to you. They brought back Steve and Kayla promising us a return to the old \Days\ but that never materialized. I for one will stop watching when John and Marlena depart. What a sad state for a soap that used to be so great and so character oriented.

  571. From daysfan 25+

    Not that anyone at NBC cares, but when John and Marlena leave, so do I!!!! Maybe you should watch CBS to learn how to keep an audience.

  572. From DEBORAHJ


  573. From Michelle

    You must be wanting Days of our Lives cancelled! John and Marlena are the show. Marlena is the back bone to everyone. I will probably quit watching it if you are taking off the main characters. You guys are crazy!

  574. From Bobby

    Just cant believe it. You guys bring Stefano back, then let John, and Marlena go. I always loved the way john called Stefano..”old man”

  575. From Mary

    If John & Marlena leave the show I probably will, too. If there is any budget cutting to be done, it should be with Melanie, Kate, Roman,Victor,Nicole for some of the other cast who don’t add anything to the show. These people are not a big part of the show and some of them only appear every once in a while. I think you are
    making a BIG mistake!!!!!!

  576. From elizabeth moss

    Whatin the heck areya’ll doingatDays. This move is dumb . I have has it. The only reason I watch non is because of john, marlena , bo and hope and stefano.
    I am about to quiet watching and I have been watching days since i was 6 years old and I am now 39. Dumb Dumb move , Elizabeth

  577. From Teresa Patrick

    Please don,t fire John and Marlana.It won,t be the same.Teresa Patrick

  578. From Quirinogal

    I’ve been watching DOOL for 30 years and I think dropping Marlena and John is *@#%%* stupid. They are the STAR of the show. If you drop them, that means you are dropping MOST of you fans!!

  579. From Susan Jones

    What nitwit made the decision to get rid of John and Marlena. They keep the Soap going!!!!! I have watched Days since 1967-I guess my days are up watching Days. I want John to get his memory back, find the killer of the Mayor and love his children once again. The one they should got rid of Stephano. God he is so boring!! and I’m so tired of him. Why not kill him off and make the show really exciting. This is a real slap in the face to the long watching fans. Get rid of Melanie, Max, Stephannie and Chelsey and Chole if they need to cut back on salaries. Anything but letting John and Marlena go.

  580. From Lisa

    I am truly upset by the decision to get rid of Marlena and John. I have been looking at the show since 1979 and after the last episode with Marlene & John the program will just be history to me — I will definitely give it up. Why can’t you get rid of Sammi and her screaming mimmies!!!! She is a terrible actress……

  581. From Brenlee

    I am sad!!! I have been a loyal Days viewer since 1983, when Bo and Hope fell in love, and I cried when John Black fell in love with Marlena .Days is John and Marlena, Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla. I have video tapes I will be watching when Days goes off the air in 2010!!

  582. From Corkey Fields

    I have watched this show since the beginning and have been very sad when main cast members have been lost due to death or illness or at the hand of the evil Stefano. However, the loss of Marlena and John just to save a few almighty dollars is worse than any evil doings Stefano has pulled in all his years. Get rid of Melanie, Kate, Lucas, and Chloe. Heck you can even can Doug and Julie for good if you want. If DAYS continues to go in this direction, I am afraid you have very much disapointed a 45 year viewer. Don’t we deserve better?

  583. From PAMELA


  584. From DaysAlways

    Someone really wants Days off the air! That is the only reason for this decision! Sabotage! Anyone with a BRAIN can see this. John, Marlena, Bo & Hope & Sammi are Days Foundation, you get rid of any of those 5 actors and the foundation sinks! HELLO! Get rid of some of these characters that don’t have any rhyme or reason. The Middlemen. I do like the new Brady and Rafe. If Lucas is not going to get back with Sammi get rid of him, he and Chloe just don’t get it at all and he has worn out his welcome. Give him a job with Billie! Please God get rid of Melanie. Others to go would be Nicole, Roman, Kate, Put Chelsea on a reoccurring role with Theo & occasionally with Bo& Hope. The storyline with Abe, Lexie & Theo has massive potential if you can handle it, but with this present decision to get rid of John & Marlena I’m not sure where your creative minds are ~* I would hope that this horrible decision will be reconsidered . 35 Years and want to keep counting Days Fan

  585. From Pat

    I have watched Days since the beginning.I don’t want to see Marlena and John leave.I watch just to see what John is up to.

  586. From Jack Kanov

    This all could be just a way to get the fans attention. I can’t fathom them releasing two wiley veterans that make the show so compelling. Do the producters have tunnel vision and cannot see what the viewers want just by reading this website. Plain and simple, the people that need to exit the show are Melanie, Chelsea, Stephanie, Max and Hope. Stephanie is the b word. If she really loved Max then she would be with him but she is too smitten with Phillip. They give so much time to Chelsea’s character and I don’t know why. She is very, very spooky with those black eyes and terrible hairstyle. Carbs would work too for her and Hope and Nicole. Nicole is a whiny beyotch too. Bottom line my wife and I aren’t going to watch the show after John and Marlen exit. I guarantee that just because of pure and utter stupidity from fat producers.
    Rack me I’m out.
    Go Pats, Bruins and Celts!
    P.S. Happy Tom Turkey Day. Thank-you Pilgrims.

  587. From Tillie

    Terrible news to take away John and Marlana–the grown ups. Now that old Horton couple are gone, that left them as the old guys.
    Absurd to shed them. We need the generational balance. Enough of the teen boopers.

  588. From sandy

    What will Days be without John and Marlena. John is great now and I look forward to his smirky comments and humor. The veterans are what keeps that show going and they are making a huge mistake getting rid of such quality actors. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU DO IT

  589. From Heather Hoffman

    Marlena and John are like family to use old time viewers. I have watched Days for 39 years and they are slowly taking my extended family away!!! Why do they keep snotty Melanie and Chelsea who are just selfish and self centered!!

  590. From marie

    the writers of Days of Our Lives are STUPID for axing John & Marlena…..get rid of some of your other non-descript actors/actresses and retain your classy ones….if these two go so go I … a fan of 30+ yrs

  591. From sue martin

    If they go, so do I. I am of a certain age where all the younger couples are often boring. A mature love story like J & M is welcome.

  592. From sharon

    i will never watch days again once Marlena and john are gone. they are the show. and I am sure others will follow me in not watching as well

  593. From Sharon

    I thought the worst thing you could do was write off Belle and Shawn, but I was wrong. This show just keeps proving how low they can go.

  594. From L cascio

    This decision is not bad. Yes, I’ll miss the characters, but there’s more action going on with the other story lines, and quite frankly, John and Marlena are boring.

  595. From karen

    if john and marlena go—-so goes the end of \the days of OUR lives!\ :(:(

  596. From JH

    I’m done with DOOL. Your writers
    are rediculous!!!!! To get rid of
    J & M is like getting rid of
    Tom & Alice, just stupid. Listen
    up writers, your fans (or past fans) and trying to tell you what they want.

  597. From Heather

    What does Days have against couples? You finally get these couples together and then they are sent packing and or seperated. Jack and Jen, Austin and Carrie, Steve and Kayla (given not much of a storyline) EJ and Sami ( seperated) Bo and Hope (put on the backburner) Belle and Shawn, and who else am I forgetting. But the worse thing is that we have about 5 new doctors coming to town who nobody cares about (daniel should just share his workload with Kayla and Lexie), Melanie, Hilda, Kates crazy assistant, Mayor, etc. Brady is the only recent comeback that makes sense. QUIT hiring all of these actors that noone cares about and that doesn’t make sense and keep some of the actors that us viewers actually tune in on a daily basis to watch!

  598. From Angel

    Please don’t let these two go…there story is one that a lot of us tune in to watch. Days will not be the same without John and Marlena and their love for each other. Why do all of these new actors have to come in, can’t we keep the veterans?

  599. From Kay

    If this comes to past, I will see no further need to watch Days. I have been a faithful viewer since day one. It seems like the writers are catering to the young viewers and forgetting the older ones.

  600. From Barb Grissom

    Have you all gone completely off the deep end? John and Marlena are the main reason many watch the show. Bo is a wimp (used to have a backbone no more). Hope is a snob, Roman is non-existent. Sami is selfish etc. etc. John and Marlena are a breath of maturity who need to stay to give the show some kind of center

  601. From Barbara L Richardson

    ARE THEY NUTS???!!!, Marlena and John are like Grandpa and Grandma Horton! They are the ICONS of the show. Taking them off the show will be a BIG mistake!

  602. From Kaitye

    I will not be watching Days’ unless they have Dee and Drake. They are all Days have left get rid of the 10 not needed actors and the show will rock!

  603. From Kaitye

    I will never watch Days again until Dee and Drake return. Other actors will come and go, with out these two actors Days’ will be the next cancellation

  604. From mp

    What a bunch of hooey to get rid of these two. What is Days thinking? I’m still getting over the departure of Jack and Jennifer. My viewing habits are bound to change

  605. From Pat

    As a veteran Days fan, I am sorry to hear that Deidre Hall and Drake are being written out of the show. Besides Bo and Hope, they are the only reason I still watch it. Tired of the young crowd. I think you are making a big mistake, you will lose your OLDER viewers.

  606. From Kelly

    I can’t believe you’d get rid of Marlena and John. I can’t beleive you’d let them go and take on a Melanie. You need to bring back the old John this new John has worn thin. They still have the loyalty of fans watching Days. John and Marlena’s dismisal would be catastrophic!!!! Someone is forgetting that the loyal viewers are tuning in to watch the veteran actors and not all these new actors while its nice to bring in new storylines but we still love the ones we’ve been loyal to for 30 years!!!!

  607. From Gina

    I have to agree with all the other fans. Why would you fire John and Marlena. Stupid move!!! I have been watching Days since I was in the 4th grade. I’m 36 now and Marlena has been on the show since I have been watching. I hope this doesn’t destroy the show. I will keep watching because I’m a loyal fan. But…stil…Bad move Days writers!!! Good luck. Drake and Deidra

  608. From flo

    How utterly ridiculous to let John and Marlena go. Without fans watching Days, if this happens (myself included)the soap will surely “go down the drain”.

  609. From Kathy

    I can’t believe you are letting them go. You will lose the over 40 viewers and I will probably quit watching. I have wotched since it debuted – off and on due to my work schedules. Shame on you for disappointing the devoted fans. Get rid of Melanie if you need to cut.

  610. From leila

    jack karnov, dont talk about steph, max, hope leaving. i love these guy. oh, cheslea too. we need to see melanie, philip, stephano. please dont take marlena, or john off, they are who attracted to the show in 1990. i love them, them and the bradys are the best things on there. do these producers and writers even read what we are writing???? do they care about the viewers, guess not , they only care about budget cuts. good going guy, leila

  611. From Cyruslvr

    I love the core couples like Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope, and Marlena and John. DOOL is all about the Brady’s and the Hortons. That is the heart of the show…Please don’t take them off!!! I have been watching since day 1 and if these people are gone, then I’m gone too!!! I agree with lots of the posters…The young ones are silly and I usually leave the room when they come on and return with the main characters are on.

  612. From Hilary

    I have been watching Days for 32 years and it really needs some new storylines. I guess I’m in the minorty, but this could be a good move. Have the writers take a look at the real world – there are a lot of fascinating situations that could be utilized! How many times can these characters die and come back to life? How about a little humor – like when the characters Eugene and Caliope were in it in the 1980′s.

  613. From Robin

    I have hung in there for a while now hoping that the show would get better. Your story line has been horrible and getting rid of John and Marlena is going to finish your show!

  614. From Tina

    My aunt got me hooked on Days when I was 10 years old. I got my mom hooked when she broke her ankle in 1997. John and Marlena are the only characters I really enjoy watching anymore. Besides Bo and Hope and maybe Tony and Anna, I don’t like any of the other characters. The show is obviously catering to a different fan base. Too bad things like this are dictated by the bottom line and not by the loyal viewers who have kept the show alive all these years. Guess I will be deleting Days from my Tivo in January.

  615. From Dennis R. Honold

    I think it is crazy too get rid of John and Marlena. I hope there will be enough people to boycott the show after this happens. Then, maybe, something will be done. You all need to weed out the newer ones. Need to bpycott or bring John and Marlena back.

  616. From Jan

    Get rid of the Super Couple??? Noooo! I agree with everyone else, get rid of the younger ones, like Melanie, she is a terrible actress, and Victor, I like him, but he doesn’t really have much of a role anymore,neither does Maggie Horton, Theo, Rolf, ugh, hate him, Henderson & Ciara. None on these actors have much of a role, get rid of them, but Pleaseeee, leave John & Marlena. Also, bring John back to his old self, I want to see them back together, and happy.

  617. From Laura

    If you drop Marlean and John I will not wacth the show anymore/ I miss Jack and Jennifer and I am sick of these story lines!!!!!!

  618. From Lisa

    Fan for over 30 years. I agree with the other true fans. They should just end the show. They seem to be trying to turn it into a kid show. Hello, kids are at school. If they follow through with this to save money it will save me money too. This show is the only reason I pay $50 a month for cable. Enjoyed it while it lasted. Thanks and Goodbye.

  619. From Marjorie

    I am a long time fan and I am angry and sad to hear that Marlena and John are leaving.

  620. From Nana

    Where can your viewers send in THEIR
    VOTE on whether to KEEP KEN KORDAY(???) or send him packing with John and Marlena. Isn’t he the reason for this decision?

  621. From Brenda

    Why don’t you QUIT hiring new actors? Pay Drake and Dee,and give them a new story line! I have watched DAYS since the beginning.
    We have four generations watching, but all of us will stop if Drake and Dee are taken off the show.
    Wake up!! Fans LOVE this couple.
    Please think about your decision before you choose this course of action!!

  622. From Corrinne

    Why on earth would you let two of the most important, and loved actors go and turn around and hire unknown actors to the show?? You’ll lose a big majority of faithful followers.

  623. From Kc53

    I’ve watched DOOL for more years than I care to remember. Today after the news of Dee & Drake’s departure. DOOL will no longer one of my must shows to TIVO. Once these two are gone will anyone over the age of thirty be safe? Good Bye………..DOOL

  624. From Alana

    keep Marlena and John and Phillip. Melanie can go anytime and not many would care. Use your heads to keep this show on the air the viewers returning.

  625. From Sandie

    You’ve got to be joking right? John and Marlena ARE the storyline of the show just as much as Stefano. You just can’t have one without the other. The show hasn’t been the same since Belle and Shawn left and cutting these two from the show also has got to be one of the dumbest ideas yet. If you want to cut someone cut the extras like – Chloe, Melanie, Daniel, or let’s see maybe ALL the newer writers that have screwed up the storyline of the show!!! Dumb, dumb move on your part.

  626. From Patti

    I guess my days of watching \Days\ are over. John and Marlena were the reason I started watching Days many years ago. So sad!

  627. From Hannah

    Are you people frig’n retarded or something? Are you trying to get the show cancelled because the ratings will drop even more?

    What is the matter with you!!!

    Do you not care about all the loyal fans who have been watching this show for years and years?

    John/Marlena ARE two of the main characters of the show and we need veterans like these to be on the show for there to even be one in the first place. We need them just as much as the DiMera’s, like DUH?

    If you need are experiencing budget problems – why do you keep hiring new faces for some lame story line that goes absolutely no where? Why don’t you get rid of the lame writers that have made the show so uninteresting instead of the people we want to watch and have come to love over the years.

    Your writers SUCK BIG TIME, why not fire the whole lot and hire some with half the talent they got, then the show can be what it one was. As is, it’s plot is lame and uninteresting, to many of the actors/actresses story lines go no where – like Nick, why did you make him look like a lunatic and murderer, when he could of just gone away to work on his invention for fuel.

    Listen to the people who watch this show or no one, I repeat, no one will want to watch it.

  628. From Betty M.

    At the suggestion of putting Chloe with Daniel is enough to make anyone sick.She is as bad as Kate been with every man on the show and just as sneaky.
    After the ordeal of losing two of the best actors on the show(John and Marlena)it is now time to quit messing with the couples.Put Sami back with Lucas,Chloe back with Brady,Nicloe with EJ where she is happy or a change her life has been a mess let her be happy,and Melanie with Phillip they deserve each other they are both sneaky underhanded people,and Chelsea with Daniel at least she is more his age than granny Kate.Kate either needs to get off the show or pair up with Stefano they both are a pain.After 43 years of watching this show it is time for a differnt story line without the Brady-Demira fued.
    I don’t understand the show being short on money to keep it going so you oust John and Marlena buthire more actors go figure……………….

  629. From Mary

    I can’t believe this. I started watching this 38 years ago. While sometimes John and Marlena’s story is absurd or annoying…they also are the pillars of this show. Take away the pillars and…
    The only bright light is I may be freed from an hour of tv every day as it will be easy to give up. Sorry – not sure this was wise.

  630. From Debbie

    Are you crazy??? This show is about Marlena and John. I agree with the other viewers, if these two are cut from the show, I will no longer watch this show. Get a clue….

  631. From Georgette

    After watching Days since Marlena first arrived in Salem I can honestly say that I no longer have any reason to tune in to NBC. Days was the only thing at the peacock that I watched. Without John & Marlena I don’t think Bo & Hope can carry it themselves. No one will give Steve & Kayla a story line and one can only take so much teen angst from the rest. Like \sands through the hourglas\, so went the Days of Our Lives.

  632. From CC

    This is the DUMBEST move yet. Why not get rid of the newcomers, with the boring, half-hearted stories, and keep the core of the show intact. You could even get rid of Abe and Lexi for that matter, but John and Marlena? Are the writers trying deliberately to can this show. I have watched for 28 years and will not continue to spend the precious hour a day to watch this show any longer. This is a slap in the face by the head writers.

  633. From jo

    I can’t believe you are letting them go. I hope every devoted fans will stop watching the show. I know I will.

  634. From Linda Marie

    I’ve been watching the show since 1977 and am devasted to hear of the loss of John and Marlena. The show will not be the same without them….I will no longer watch Days when they leave.

  635. From Nana

    The poll figure of 59% that people disagree with John and Marlena being fired, but they will watch the show anyway is BOGUS. Where did that figure come from? It certainly doesn’t coincide with the past 634 comments.

  636. From Janice

    I was already about to quit watching the show. Now I know I will. You might as well change the name from Days of Our Lives to something else. It’s not Days of Our Lives anymore.

  637. From Rose

    If Deidre and Drake leave the show, I can bet that Days will be off the air in no time at all. This is the sure demise to Days. These are MAIN characters. IMPORTANT characters. So many other characters focus around them. What a bad decision. The new characters are so-so. The veteran actors are the ones who bring the fans to watch every day. I hope this information is wrong and the writers change their minds. I for one will no longer be a fan of Days if Deidre and Drake are let go.

  638. From Rosemary

    Well with the news of John & Marlena leaving and the comments that I have already read above mine, it isn’t ever going to be the same in Salem. I have gone from watching on Fridays to now not watching at all. Your writers suck that’s who you should fire. Come on, I can write better and more interesting story lines than those we have been watching. Get rid of DeMira story, that’s been the same old same old since Sami was born!!!!

  639. From Angela

    I think it is a shame to let these 2 charcaters go..I have been watching this Soap for years and I may just have to find another soap to watch.

  640. From Marie

    My whole family watches Days! We all think you are making a BIG mistake! John & Marlena are your veterans – we all love them!!! BIG MISTAKE! (Unless of course – you’re playing with our heads again)

  641. From Jan

    I cannot believe you would even consider getting rid of John and Marlena. They are what keeps the show on the air. I have been a loyal fan of Days for 30 years and John and Marlena are my favorite couple and is what keeps me glued to every episode. This is the worst move you could make and will sink the Days ship as many fans will leave. My suggestion would be to get good writers in order to boost the ratings. Don’t give a boot to the couple that keeps the ratings up. It’s a no-brainer

  642. From lindee

    DOOL needs new writers. I am sick to death of this nonsense on this show and all the younger cast members that NO ONE cares about. Marlena & John??? Paaaallllezzzze! I have watched from day one and so have most of my friends. We are all dropping off like flies. John’s story line sucks as does most of the cast. Leave the veterans and get rid of the kids. Better yet, get rid of the writers and hire me, I could at least make it more interesting to watch. Get with it guys! You are ruining a once great show.

  643. From Mary

    Stick a fork in her already. I have been an avid viewer of Days for 20+ years and have despised Marlena from the first second I saw her. Each time her visage appears on the screen bile fills my mouth and I gag. The only value Marlena brings to Days is that she provides a focal point for my considerable scorn. Were it within my power I would have axed her from the show long before that devil suffered unendurable torment by having to live within her body. Good riddence and if there was any justice in the world her SAG credentials would be revoked so she cant ruin some otherwise decent soap.

  644. From Lili

    Days is making a huge mistake! The show will not be the same without them! I havre been watching the show religiously for 25 years and I feel it will lose many viewqers. Someone mentioned Steve & Kayla…maybe they should leave instead. Nothing has happened with them since Stefano terrorized the hospital. Why not mess with them or get rid of them?

    I am really upset that Nicole lost her baby and thet things are going so wrong for her, just when she was starting to straighten up her act! She was going to make a great Mother!

  645. From Jan

    John and Marlena are the last of the “good guys” on Days. And I’ve watched since the show began. I’ve even enjoyed and had a chuckle or two over Robo-John.

    I can’t believe you’d let them go and leave Kate (who I can’t stand) and that doctor friend who bedded her granddaughter, and that whimpering Melanie … and the list goes on.

    I’m very saddened to hear this — and will probably stop watching.

    Days needs a proper funeral.

    PS: I love Allison Sweeney and always have. Sure wish you’d do something better with her than what you’ve given her recently.

  646. From Yvonne

    This is stupid!!!! Why don’t you remove someone with no air time. I have been watching Days for 30 years and it keeps getting worse and worse. You should not tamper with the main people that keep this show alive. You should keep John and Marlena on the show. Get them back togther. And give someone else the boot that has less air time.

  647. From peg

    well it looks like the end of days of our lives if john & marlena go-these are the best actors on the show and have been on as long as i can remember

  648. From Mary Jo

    I have watched this show since I was a child and I am so irritated. An interview said it was budget…get rid of Melanie, Rafe, Chloe, Daniel…and a few other stupid characters (Nick was a start). John & Marlena are major players and your ratings might go back up if John started to get his memory back. Robot John is a little likeable but this is old now. Listen to your fans.

  649. From diane

    if you fire these two main characters thats it for my family and me we have watched since day 1 my granndmother,mom, sister, myself and my own now adult children, John and Marlena are the alice and tom of the past, Without them its just crappy tv,my family will leave with this beloved couple. goodbye days, you killed yourself. GH is where all days fans should go, never a dull story.

  650. From Donna

    Have been watching “Days” all of my life (57) and although I hate that John & Marlena will be leaving, I have HATED how their storylines have been written for years! Maybe they can return in a bit with renewed “old” storylines that are much more entertaining and show a bit of depth.

  651. From Brett

    Okay, John and Marlena are leaving. This is a soap opera, how many times has Stefano left and came back? Roman, Steve, Kayla, Bo, Hope, even Marlena has left the show for a period of time. The only one that has not is John. As the fan base gets older, Days is adjusting to keep the young fan base interested. Many of the younger fan base do not know who the supercouples were and their histories. This may lose a couple of people from the older fan base, but it will gain some in the younger fan base. When and if John and Marlena do return, the ratings will start to soar again!!

  652. From sonya

    The show will not be the same without the idea couple.Once they leave I will stop watching days.

  653. From Roger

    I think that everyone should form a petition by just writing in and just say your against it, don’t do a lot of writing just enough to get their attention. I promise you that they wont have much choice but to put John and Marlena back or cancel the show, and without those two I would just as soon they did that.Stay together

  654. From Amber

    Sorry..things with Marlena and John have been cooling anyway. I loved em as a powercouple but COME ON! John losing his memory..again!? How many times have we seen this happen between the two of them. Reuniting em is good, then they can go. But hopefully that’ll just be a brief hiatus. And once we have some new material for them they can come back.. hopefully.

  655. From From Christy: DOOLS Fan for 25yrsFrom

    I have been a DOOLS fan since the beginning of the show. This is so stupid. DOOLS will never be the same without J&M. Ya really need to rethink about what you will be doing to your fans. I’m so out raged and upset about this!!!!!!!. Please don’t get rid of J&M!!!!!!!!!!!

  656. From Nana

    Where and when on this website are we, the LOYAL viewers, going to be given a Poll on John and Marlena’s demise? Are the Producers afraid to hear the truth?

  657. From Francesca

    FINALLY! I am so glad to hear that John and Marlena are going to be off the show. The acting by John is very annoying and Marlena, who is supposed to be smart, acts a little stupid, if you ask me. So glad they are gone. Next to leave – MELANIE. Please tell me that you will be cutting her out too. As for Kate – she should go too. Not much of a story line except boo boos by the writers – how can a person who has lung cancer need a bone marrow transplant. As far as I am concerned Steve and Kayla can be next – another loser couple that can’t act if they tried. Why keep them???????

  658. From Judy

    Is Alice Horton still the matriarch of Salem. Who will eventually step to the plate to replace her??? The story writers are headed in the wrong direction with the legacy of the Hortons and the Bradies. John and Marlena are good actors, as is Roman, but there story lines are pathetic. Kayla’s role is a disaster. I say get rid of the writers and keep every actor except Melanie,Rafe, Nick, Steve and Kayla, or at least get a better story line than the one going now.

  659. From Kris

    I can’t believe the producers would let John and Marlene go, they are the backbone of the show.
    Take off some of the new ones. I will watch!!!!

  660. From Tammy

    Maybe instead of getting rid of john and marlena. the dool needs to get rid of ken corday. i will tune out of dool.

  661. From Tammy

    Maybe instead of getting rid of john and marlena. the dool needs to get rid of ken corday. i will tune out of dool. what happen to romance. let phillip and stephanie find a happy ending and sammie. and please do not let nicole get sammie’s baby. how old is that one.

  662. From Mary

    Please reconsider axing marlena &
    john.ditch nicole,chloe,melanie.
    consider a future with victor&caroline,stephanie &max.sammie &the new cop. please do
    not destroy days by eliminating the
    roles of john and marlena.

  663. From Zannie

    The writers are probably doing Drake & Diedre a favor. They can now get off this sinking (stinking!) ship. They should cut the writers salaries, they should be embarassed to take home a paycheck!

  664. From Martha

    Been watching 41 years. John and Marlena go…then I go. This is ridiculous. Why bring Stefano back if you are losing John. Hello? These people need to go: MELANIE, DANIEL, CHELSEA, MAGGIE, ROMAN. SINCE NOT USING STEVE AND KAYLA…..MIGHT AS WELL LET THEM GO TO. BUT PLEASE…THE WORST IS MELANIE. NOT EVEN A GOOD ACTRESS..DUMP HER AND KEEP JOHN AND MARLENA

  665. From Malinda

    Please don’t let John and Marlena go. They are so much a part of this wonderful show and I look forward to watching them daily. There are several other people that would be better off gone. Stefano for one! Why does he always return? A little too much. Tony and EJ are great to keep the DiMera’s going.
    Days MUST keep John and Marlena or you will lose many viewers!!!

  666. From Melissa E.

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! I can’t believe they are getting rid of the main two people who make the show! If the writer is smart he would keep them on the show so they would not loose a lot of viewers. They want to let them go because of money??? Well that’s evil, and you know what they say money is the root of all evil!!!

  667. From Melissa

    I have been watching Days since I was a young child. This is like losing a family member. I agree with the others, take Nick, Melaine,Roman,and alot more . This is insane! I guess Bo and Hope will be next. I am not sure I can watch this anymore.

  668. From Josh

    I don’t know why everyone is up in arms. This show hasn’t followed through on a storyline and has completely blundered the one’s with potential. John a Dimera??? So many possibilities, but the writers can’t come up with what a grade school child could. Days needs cuts….start with the writers and producers. Its not the actors fault they don’t have anything to work with. Its all completely predictable. This is what will happen with John & Marlena. They will reunite and go on a vacation for half the year, but in 2 months when Sami is pregos w/Ej’s 3rd child we will find out they have disappeared. At the end of this year a mysterious couple will show up in Salem, blah, blah, blah. Come to find out they are John & Marlena, who were drugged & kidnapped by Stefano, given plastic surgery, and had their minds erased by doctor/butler Rolph, only to be wandering Salem not knowing why.

    Anyways….they want budget cuts and solutions, again don’t look at the cast, look at the writers, directors, & producers. They are the one’s who have this show only getting to neutral and mainly going in reverse. Maybe they need to re-hire the scab writer. At least his plots were more interesting!

    PS….If I wanted to see One Tree Hill I’ll watch CW Network!

  669. From Felicia

    This is horrible, horrible news! I have watched this show from it’s inception (I was in grammer school) This could be the last straw for me. This couple defines the show in so many, many ways.

    This one’s unforgivable!

  670. From Becky

    Let go of the extras. There is no point in even watching Days if they are going to let go John and Marlena. Melanie, and Nichole can take a walk cause they are USELESS.Yeah let the bad actors go first!

  671. From Jada

    This just can’t be – DOOL without John and Marlena will be a waste – they need to rethink this – I have been watching DOOL 30 years and can’t imagaine it – get rid of some of the new lesser paid actors that are not worth anything anyway – Melanie, Danielw etc to be able to keep John and Marlena.

  672. From Georgette

    I can’t believe that they are getting rid of Marlene and John. They are so important to the show it really does not make any sense. This is the only soap I watch and am now considering not to tune in after the first of the year.

  673. From terryd56

    I am a little late reading this and I am devastated to hear the news about John and Marlena. Hopefully, the folks at DOOL will rethink their decision and keep John and Marlena. I can think of some other characters that could leave and hardly be missed. PLEASE KEEP JOHN AND MARLENA!

  674. From Eileen

    Has Ken Corday lost all his marbles? How can he think getting rid of the two main characters, John and Marlena, could possibly help save the soap? Obviously, he doesn’t care about all the fans or this wouldn’t even be considered. Get rid of some of the younger players like Melanie, Max or Chelsea or even Abe or Lexie but not John and Marlena. If Days was in trouble before, it’s in more trouble now because the fans will just give up on the show.

  675. From michelle

    I DVR days everyday. I wish they could see that I fast foward through every Melenie clip there is. I stop it when I see John and Marlena. Get rid of that girl!

  676. From Donna

    Although it is important to stay current and try to appeal to a younger demographic, it is equally important to keep well established, long-time favorite characters as a framework. It is that framework that gives cohesiveness to all new story lines if written properly.

  677. From Donna

    Sometimes I feel the writers don’t understand their core audience. If you watch a soap, you have probably been watching for many years, and yes, are comforted by watching the characters you have come to know and love. Those new characters who appear as a natural part of the storyline (generally the children of established characters) become just as important with time.

  678. From Angel

    they will loose a ton of viewers.

  679. From Jackie

    I CAN’T BELIVE THAT DOOL IS GETTING RID OF JOHN AND MARLENA. This show IS them. I think this is the worse decision that DOOL will ever make. I can guarentee that I will NOT watch DOOL anymore because of this. You are bringing new and stupid people instead of keeping the original people that all the fans know and love. STUPID MISTAKE DOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  680. From Jackie

    Without John And Marlena the show will not be the same. I really feel they need to get rid of the writer for Days as he is a loser.The reason Days have not been hot for a long time is not because of the actors it is all because the writer does not know how to write story lines this is why they have not won an oscar for a very long time. Fire the writer and keep John and Marlena.

  681. From Dottie

    I have been watching DOOL, since it first aired. I enjoy seeing Marlena and John and don’t know if I will watch it, when they leave the show!! They are the main couple, but I would like to see John back to his old self. I don’t like him as a nasty person.

  682. From t8rmom

    WHY DO YOU KEEPING AXING THE ACTORS THAT ARE THE HEART OF THE SHOW!!! The characters of John and Marlena are one of the reasons I watch Days. I love the original characters. I HATE that you’re bringing in all of these new people. Keep the great characters that you already have. If the show isn’t going to run after 2010 anyway, can you at least keep the people that we have watched and loved (for me personally)25 years. Bring some closure to their lives in the end. Don’t bring in all these new characters that aren’t going to amount to a hill of beans anyway. I LOVE John and Marlena and I have to say, I don’t think I’ll watch if they go. Please be loyal to your longtime cast and characters as well as your longtime fans.

  683. From t8rmom

    Also why has this turned into a teen tantrum saga. I would think that the majority of your viewers would be ladies 30 and over (like me). I like the characters of Philip, Max, and Chelsea but they have been given FAR too much storyline. Melanie’s character is so pitiful I’ll not even comment further. Give the storylines to Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, John/Marlena, EJ/Sami and even Stefano. They are the heart of your show and the people your longtime fans want to see and hear. Please reconsider your decisions. You’re really going to seal the fate of the show if you don’t. During the tumultuous times in which we now live, it is a comfort to tune in to a show that is so very familiar. Please don’t take that away.

  684. From Melissa

    Huge HUGE Mistake!!! If there is no John and Marlena there is no DAYS! I have been a fan since 1968 and if they go I will too! If there two actors are gone, Days will be gone shortly for good. Get rid of actors and there storylines such as Melanie, Chelsea, Stephanie and some old timers –Maggie and Carolyn, Cictor and Kate. The story is about John and Marlena as well as Bo and Hope and their kids not about Melanie and Kate and victor. Do all the fans a favor and keep them on!

  685. From donna


  686. From daysfan1

    John and Marlena have been on the show so long and are so good for the show they should be immune to fireing/letting go

    like everyone here is saying, let go of the new and keep the vets.
    dont get me wrong, i like the new faces but bring them on when things get better and just keep the vets that have made the show what it is today.

    PS.. im a 38 year old male and i been watching days every day and have been since i was 16 years old. if the vets you are letting go start to turn up on other soaps i may start changing channles.

  687. From Linda

    I am 57 and I have been watching Days since day one! I am so disappointed in the writer etc letting Marlena and John go —shame on you ===!!! get rid of some of the new comers that are horrible ie Melanie! Goodbye days for me…so sad like losing a member of the family!

  688. From Carol

    I am really disappointed that John and Marlena are going. I used to come home from HS at lunch and watch DOL when it was 1/2 hr show. I am not interested in the latest characters. I used to tape the program faithfully and watch it when I came home from work. Now I’m not even interested in the show.What a loss, what a shame….

  689. From Tom

    I have watched Days on and off since 1985 and a lot since 2002. without John and Marlena, I won’t be watching anymore. I was thinking about giving it up due to a busy schedule, but this is the last straw. There are too many young actors on the show with lousy storylines. The writer changes have also made the show disjointed. Stories sart and stop with no continuity. Why not keep major characters and give them lesser roles. Its not like they are going to get much work anywhere else.

  690. From Bonnie

    After reading alot of comments from fans, there is not much to say except that I also am a big fan of Days and to get rid of John and Marlena will get rid of the show.
    They make it. The chemistry between the 2 of them is worth watching days. John and Marlena, Bo & Hope, Patch & Kayla, Now they make the show.

  691. From Kathie

    I have watched DOOL since the 60′s when I was in high school. I have seen many people come and go through out the years. Bo & Hope were gone for years, Bo came back sooner than Hope. Steve & Kayla on and off, Kim and Shane gone. Victors been on and off. Some actors are on the front burners than on the back for awhile. It cycles thru. John and Marlena need a break, and maybe they’ll be back. Maybe they’ll return for certain events like Doug and Julie Everyone was new at one point, I remember when Deidre and Drake started, even when Allison Sweeney
    started, she couldn’t act. It’s a ssoap opera and it changes with the times.
    at all.

  692. From Cindy

    I have already basically stopped watching Days since the storylines have been so feeble and uninteresting. I know there has to be a balance of new and old but the new storylines and their characters are boring and ridiculous. Sorry Days but you’ve lost it. A viewer since 1965.

  693. From Cindy

    I have watched DOOL since day one. I am saddened to see John and Marlena go, but I am an avid fan and will continue to watch the show. There has been some low times for the show and some very high times. I think things are generally looking up for the characters. Continue the good work.

  694. From Gina

    The loss of John and Marlena will be the most devastating event possible. Those of us (which is possibly the entire fan base) feel that the John/Marlena storyline is the stalwart of the Soap. To lose them totally undermines the series and will alienate many (if not most) of the base. This is not a smart move for NBC … you have “far too many” storylines going on now and what has happened is that you have “crowded out” the John/Marlena line for the trivial underpinnings of “Melonie” mania. Bad move NBC!!

  695. From Jo in AZ

    i have been a fan for 35 years plus and now it seems you want to cater to the young people with all these young actors, when John and Marlena are gone so am I

  696. From Theresa

    I have watched DOOL for 40+ years and have seen many actors come and go but what an ABSOLUTELY huge mistake to get rid of John and Marlena. They ARE the foundation of DOOL. You bring ALL these other characters in and we lose two of the BEST. what an ABSOLUTE disgrace to the fans of Days.This is UNBELIEVABLE and SHOCKING!!!!

  697. From Judy H

    I have been a loyal fan of DAYS for over 30 years. I hope this is not true. DOOL will lose many loyal viewers by the decision to drop Marlena & John who are one of the favorite couples on the show.

    I can’t imagine watching DAYS w/o those wonderful actors. When they leave, that’s the end of watching DAYS for me.

  698. From Paula

    I’m been watching days for as long as I can remember. I think it is very foolish they are letting go John and Marlena, they are icons and make the show. If they want there ratings to go up they need to fire the actors the fans dislike!

  699. From Tracy

    Having Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn leave the show is a sure way to have Days go off the air. Everyone I have talked to, said they’re done watching if they’re gone. THEY are my favorite on the show. Get rid of Sammy, Nicole, Chloe, Lucas, Phillip, Kate, Melanie, Stephanie, Max who add NOTHING to the show & leave the major characters. Keep the big names — Hope, Bo, Roman, Abe, Lexi, Marlena, John, Stefano. I have watched Days since it began, & with no Marlena & John, I feel like there’s no reason to watch. BIG MISTAKE letting them go.

  700. From Tracy

    Having Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn leave the show is a sure way to have Days go off the air. Everyone I have talked to, said they’re done watching if they’re gone. THEY are my favorite on the show. Get rid of Sami, Nicole, Chloe, Lucas, Phillip, Kate, Melanie, Stephanie, Max who add NOTHING to the show and leave the major characters. Keep the big names — Hope, Bo, Roman, Abe, Lexi, Marlena, John, Stefano. I have watched Days since it began, and with no Marlena and John, I feel like there’s no reason to watch. BIG MISTAKE!!

  701. From Juanita

    I just can’t get over them taking off John & Marlena on Days. That is just Dumb. Then DO NOT put new characters on Days if have to take off John & Marlena . I don’t think the show will last much longer.
    I have watched Days for many years since I was a child . I think they need to leave them on the show & DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE OLDER ONES OFF !!!!

  702. From Terri

    I have been watching this show for 35+ yrs cut your budget by not hiring new actors. Their $ add up for what it would cost for the veterans to stay. The veterans are what make the soap!!!! NBC if you want to keep DAYS listen to the fans. The fans make the show as do the veterans. Days needs to get new writers especially a new excutive writer. Letting John and Marlena go is a BIG MISTAKE!!! Your wasting $$ on Melanie, Max, Chelsea. This is an outrage on your part Mr. Corday. Why watch the show anymore if the veterans have to go since they make the show

  703. From thero

    UN-FRIGGIN REAL!!!! Kinda like the new John- I find humour in his remarks and commentary- Especially like when he calls Marlena “Blondie” That is just too funny. On the other hand like everyone else I’ve been wait’n for the old John to emerge…They have really left everyone hangn with their current story lines- Like when they brought Stefano back…John still in battle with Phillip and then Stefano for the docks the empire and then…John just backs off…(Alrighty..Now what?) Oh that’s right, then we all get the privledge of watching her just give up on John and take this new approach of a divorce… WHAT? seriously??? Really? This is how you do a couple that has been a true SUPERCOUPLE and leave the fans??? Really? Like the rest of you – been watch’n a long time, tivo it daily. The way things are looking I’m gonna have some freed up recording space for something else… Maybe I’ll tune into desperate housewives…

  704. From Ann

    while I am saddened to see JOhn and Marlena go for now I am sure it is what will be best for the show. I loved the twist they played with John’s return but it has turned Marlena froma strong woman into a wishy washy whiner and they really haven’t gone anywhere with the story with marlena always wanting the old john back and john refusing. Also as veterans they are among some of the higher paid actors on the show so it makes sense to let them go for a period so they can tie up some other stories or move them forward. Frankly I am more disappointed to see Blake Berris go as they could have done so much more with him. I love John and Marlena but they do not make the whole show. for me the clincher for me to stop watching would be the permanent removal of Frances Reed by any means other than he real life death. She is the true cornerstone of the show even though her health makes her an infrequent visitor on our screens.

  705. From sharon

    you might as well cancell the show if you get rid of john and marlena.I will quit watching.I love the new John,it has made it fun to watch his new behavior….get rid of someone else!!!!

  706. From Sandy

    This show is getting out of hand and is starting to ge very boring. I’ve been watching days since it started in 1965. You always take off the wrong people. And you always drag out certain storylines way too long. The show will not be the same without Marlene and John. Get rid of Melanie, what do we need her for.

  707. From Sabina

    I have been watching Days for well over 30 years and I don’t think I will continue if Marlena and John are gone. However I really don’t like the way you have John acting. I was hoping they would get back together but not leave the show!

  708. From Renata

    I never thought this would happen. I am going to miss John and Marlena. “That’s a fact”!
    I am sure they will be back though. I hope anyway. Sami needs her mama. And bring back Belle, Shawn and Claire!!!

  709. From Chelly

    i think that even though these two have been on here forever i think that maybe it might be a great change for a new year, and maybe one day tjhey can come back and enlighten the soapopera back up, in my own opininon i think that marlena and john would be best to leave for awhile, because there was nothing to do with them, the story just kept getting repreated over and over.

  710. From Pam Alderman

    What in the WORLD are you thinking cuting your two main players… oh please if there have to be cuts.. try Stephano – or Kate… Not Marlena or John.. we need them and we love them!! Wherever they go- I will be there with them.

  711. From nancy


  712. From Julie

    I cant believe you are letting go of John and Marlena how stupid are you people there the back bone of the show they are an all time couple and you bring on these new actors and you get ride of them. Your stupid and I will no longer wacthing the show. Maybe upper management needs to be fired cause you all cant make the right decions you have pissed off alot of people dont be suprised if your ratings go way down if they do its your on fault and dont go throwng blame somewhere else. If John and Marlena go I go.

  713. From Oldfan56

    I’ve been watching since Julie was a teenager, and have seen ridiculous story lines through the years from the writers of this show. My opinion as a lond time fan is to keep the actors…FIRE THE WRITERS!

  714. From Gus

    Watched for the last 10 years w/ my wife. John & Marlena leaving killed it for me. I also thought Nick & Chelsea had the potential to be this new generations “Bo and Hope” type couple. Instead they brough in Daniel, who looked way to old for her, and made Nick a stalker. If the budget is an issue, stop bringing in new people and work w/ the people that we already connected with. We stopped watching 3 weeks ago and will stay gone until something changes.

  715. From Tina

    I have been watching for 20 years…How can you get rid of Marlena & John. They are one of your super couples and one of the reasons I watch everyday! Stop letting all the good actors go and maybe your ratings will go up, but instead they keep going down!!! Keep John & Marlena, bring back Shawn, Bell, Jen & Jack and keep your layal fans happy! Some of these new people are horrible! Love tht Chloe , Brady, and Nichole are back!

  716. From Cypress

    Quite frankly, I am relieved to see Deidre and Drake go. I have taken about as much of Marlena’s “Oh, Gosh,” and “Golly” that I can take. Who is she supposed to be anyway, Glenda the Good Witch of the North? And Drake’s over extended tough guy routine, with his squinty eyed “I’m the super spy guy” look and his half whispered voice was bad enough when he was still John. When he became the new John I kind of liked him, but now the pseudo robot kid like talk and robotic movements are trying my last nerve. The reason we’ve never seeen either of them on any other show besides Days? They can’t act their way out of a wet paper sack.Good riddance, I say, and let’s move on with the people who actually have potential. Now Adrianne Zucker, there’s an actress.

    While I’m at it, what’s up with the whole Carver Autism thing? I realize that Days is on some kind of crusade, but this story line is one huge yawn. Drop it already.

  717. From Jennifer

    i understand WHY but i dont like it. i’m sure the \new\ actors get paid much less than the vets do so it would help the budget…but why not get rid of abe and lexi? we’ve done without them before! or nix stefano and tony! i could list quite a few vets i could do without!

  718. From JEANNIE

    Ken Corday you have lost it!!!
    I have watched days since 1968. It is the only soap I watch.
    Since there are hardly any HORTONS and few scenes for the BRADYS…MARLENE AND JOHN ARE DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Get rid of Melanie, Kate, Lucas, Chloe, Stefano, Philip..their story lines are BORING!! If ou let Marlena and John go cancel the show it is not worth watching. That is why days has so low rates. BORING

  719. From JEANNIE

    Days is the only soap I have watched since 1968. The show is the worst I have seen in all these years. There are hardly any Hortons left and a few scenes for the Brady’s..JOHN AND MARLENA are DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Get rid of Melanie, Kate, Lucas, Stefano, Chloe, Philip..the story lines are boring. Ken Corday you might as well cancel the show.

  720. From cheryl

    Well now you can see why NBC has to make budget cuts. It was just anounced today that JAY LENO is actually staying on and is just being given a new time slot. That would be 10pm on week nights. He was suppose to be quitting!! Conan was and is taking over his show. Now all the 10 pm shows on NBC are going down the toilet as well. I guess they had to cut someone to pay his outrageous salary!! DOOL will never see 2010. ITS OVER!! I guess thats why they are taking ER off too!! Im done with DAYS and LENO too!! Never did like him!! So NBC has to pay CONAN and LENO now!! get the point? SOON NBC will asking for a BAIL OUT TOO!!!

  721. From Joanne

    I am sad to see Marlena and John go. I think you should keep them and put John back to normal, no more of this Dirty Harry wannabe voice. Leave his memory alone for a while, that story line is getting real old.

  722. From MARY


  723. From tj

    well I heard the rumor and now i find out it is true. I have watched days since I was 9 years old and now it is time to stop. I have thought for a long time now that the storylines were absolutely ridiculous, and the Stefano thing has gone on for way too long, he needs to be the one to go, his antics are just plain stupid. As for the newer younger characters, they really are not that entertaining, but rather irritating and boring. This show needs some fresh writers that know what they are doing. Sorry, but I will no longer watch now with the two biggest vets no longer on. sad.

  724. From Carrie

    I agree with others having said that they need to do away with NEW characters. Have Nicole & EJ run away with each other. Have Max & Melanie reunite as siblings and go off together. Have Chelsea and Nick run away together. Chloe & Philip could leave together as well. Brady can go back to rehab. Tony & Anna’s storyline has been nil, they can leave. Kate and Daniel could run away together. But for the love of Pete, PLEASE leave the others alone!

  725. From FAN4YEARS

    Well, this is ONE way to ensure the demise of DOL! Why would they even consider cutting the cast or the most beloved super couples? I was truly saddened when Drake was cut earlier & thrilled when he came back. Now with the lost of Deidre & Drake the show will fold. I have watched since the beginning, but no more. That’s the way Ken! Dissolve your fan base – smart business move! Why not release the lesser meaningful characters that are only “fluff” in the show & write BETTER story lines for you cast that holds this show together? I truly hate the episodes with Melanie, Max, Stephanie, Nick, Chelsea, Theo, etc. They are not the foundation of this show. Sadly Ken, you are out of touch with the fan base on this show. FANS RISE UP & ALLOW YOUR VOICES TO BE HEARD!

  726. From Disappointed

    I am in shock that they would do this. You kill Drake off which saddened most of us and then bring this robot John back and the story line is just not there. So they are probably losing interest because of that. If you bring the old couple back, you just might be amazed as the reaction you would get from the fans. I’ve watched Days for at least 20+ years and I’m just so disappointed with everything. I know its a soap, but come on, start writing this show to be a little realistic. If you want to save money, cut Steve & Kayla who really do not have any kind of story line. Get Sami to grow up once and for all. Melanie just has to go!! Or for heaven sakes, revamp her character. I know you want to reach the younger generation, but whats being written is not doing it and your actually losing a lot of your fans. The writers need to start listening to the fans or Days will be off the air.

  727. From brenda

    iam glad there going they get are so sicking.and john always thinking he is above the law and can do what ever he wants .and her always whinning about something . i say its about time.

  728. From toy625

    That is stupid to do that. Been watching for 17 years and I know that will definatly hurt the show. Not a good idea guys. I agree that some of the younger people should go just don’t get rid of Stefanie or Philip love them!!!

  729. From ebrodi

    I have been a \Days\ fan for years and I have to say the show will never be the same without John and Marlena!

  730. From susan

    John & Marlena ARE Days. They do not need to leave.

  731. From KL

    This is the craziest decision I have ever heard. The dynamic relationship between Marlena and John is exactly Days…how they do this. They are the very reason why I started watching this show when I was 14 years old. This is so heartbreaking. Days will lose a lot of viewers because of this decision. Why not get rid of a larger number of useless characters, like Melanie, Daniel, Nicole, Stefano can go into another coma or mysteriously disappear for a time. What a mistake it is to get rid of such a strong foundation.

  732. From Elana


  733. From Susan

    As much as I hate to say it folks Executives are going to do what they want and they don’t give a ****about what the audience wants.
    It’s all about the $$$$$’s. I, like 98% of us, are truly going to miss Deidre and Drake. Of course one thing to consider is there’s power in numbers and maybe just maybe the Executives with have mercy on us all and reconsider.

  734. From Jaime

    The stars of the show have to go but Roman gets to stay !!!! Come on (IMO) he is the most boring actor on the show. Another Soap will probably grab these 2 stars up and give them much more interesting story lines like all the others that have been left go before them.

  735. From Olive

    I have been watching Days for over 25 years. The recent announcement that almost the last two of the \oldtimers\ are leaving the show will most likely end my attraction to this show. Days is the only soap I watch, so I guess that will leave more time for other things.

  736. From Bonnie

    Are you kidding? You might as well cancel the show if you let John and Marlena go. They are what holds the show together, not all your new characters and the kids. The moms and grandmas (me) who have been faithfully watching this show for over 40 years relate to John and Marlena and not paying them what they want and letting them go, is letting Days go.

  737. From Diana

    I quit watching Days last time Marlena left the show and I might do the same again. The show will not be the same. I hate to see anyone lose their job but there are other less important people who could be cut. I have also been watching days since day one.

  738. From springtexasfan

    I would have axed Bo and Hope, but the John and Marlena saga is getting old. The should consider brining back Shawn and Bell.

  739. From Kathy

    I’m so sick of this on again/off again revolving door of characters. Yup, it’s a soap. I know that. But for cryin’ out loud! Every time I see a glimmer of hope and think, “Ok, now we’re getting somewhere”, the writing starts to really suck again and the storylines go … nowhere. Now John & Marlena are being written out? What a shame. The writers had them and squandered them. What a waste. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…
    I think I’m done, kaput, out of here. I can’t watch this crud any more. Well … at least I’ll have an extra hour each day.

  740. From Sam

    I think getting rid of John & Doc is the stupidest move this show has ever made. I have been a fan of the show for 30 years and am very dissapointed that they have decided this. Most of us like the long standing members of the cast and their characters. I could care a less about most of the newer members of the cast. Lets get back to the old basics.. and John & Doc are a huge part of that.. Who cares about the young people like Melanie and that age group.
    You guys were on the right track bringing the old crew and story lines back like Victor, Stefano & family, the Brady’s.. really

  741. From Linda

    This will pull your ratings down. It is not a wise or prudent decision to do away with John and Marlena. Make budget cuts elsewhere….maybe your own salary or the salary of whoever decided such a blunder.

  742. From Joyce

    This showing is turning into a younger viewer program. It’s fine to bring in some younger characters but John & Marlena and Bo and Hope make this show. This is a hugh loss and the show will never be the same without John and Marlena.

  743. From Betty

    I have been watching days for 47 years and I can not believe you are taking John And Marlena off the show. For God’s sake put them back together yes; give then a new story line to follow but leave them on the show. I will move to another soap if this happens

  744. From Linann

    Well it is about time they got rid of Marlena. If i see that stupid look she gives John one more time I think I’ll puke. And the storyline of her being pregant at her age wasn’t even realistic. Time they replaced her with someone who can act. Nicole did a fabulous job on the miscarriage. totally believable. need more actresses like her and Sami.

  745. From CASSY

    Elimination of John and MArlena will mark the last ‘Days’ I will ever watch. Prior to that, I will make a list of commercials so that I can boycott those companies who sponsor such nonsensical decisions! Good-bye ‘Days.’

  746. From Terry

    Well, I have been a 40 year DOOL Watcher and Fan and Outside of, Shane and Kimberly Donovan’s Relationship, being Destroyed, because of: The Past, Day’s Writer’s Story Line, which brought, Shane Donovan and Kayla Brady together, (YUK); Firing John and Marlena, and The DOOL (Days) Veterans, has got to be the Next Horrible Mistake, that The Day’s Franchise has made concerning the show.
    Already, my daughter, who has been an Advid Days Fan and Watcher, for years, has Quit Watching “Days”. Personally, I have only been watching Days (DOOL) again, because, The Days Management and Ken Corday, has Been Bringing Back, The Old Veterans. These young actors, can sure take off their clothes, But Their Acting Skills, Cannot and Do Not Compare to the Great Acting Skills of The Veterans Of DOOL (Days)!
    When The Days Franchase, have lost, at least half of it’s viewers, I wonder, if The Days Management and Franchase, will Get The Picture! We Want Our DOOL Veteran’s Back!!!! If you must save money, Keep The Old Veterans Of Days. Fire The Younger Actors and Actresses! Great Veteran Actors and Actresses and Continued Loyality From Your Veteran Viewers, is How Days (DOOL) Became So Popular and Long-Running!
    Bring Back Shane and Kimberly Donovan, Jack and Jennifer, Keep John and Marlena.
    Bring Back, The Great Writing and Story Lines and Plots, and the Actors and Actresses, of the Old DOOL (Day’s) Episodes!!!

  747. From Janet

    I haven’t like the direction of the show for the last several months and have lost interest. Taking John and Marlena off the show will not help get me back. Don’t take them off the show. Develop new stories for them!

  748. From Millie

    UNBELIEVABLE if this happens after 30 years of being a faithfull watcher of Days I am DONE. Get rid of some of the younger cast that no one cares about but leave our favs. I am so tired of this. When Drake and Deidre leave so do I.

  749. From francesca


    Constructive criticism goes a long way. Removed attack.


  750. From Donnette

    I hate to see them go, I was hoping they get back together and become a powerful couple again and change the lives of some of the people in Salem, like some of the younger actors attitudes (like MAx, Melanie, and so on). Do however like the fact that the younger ones are getting more important responsibility. Sami and Rafe are hot together.

  751. From Sandy

    This is crazy, I have been watching this show, well since I was a kid for for 30 some years.. Its unfortunate for you Days… you will loose your viewers… When John and Marlena leave Salem, so will I and a good many others… good luck keeping your show in the air.

  752. From Barbara

    I just saw the news about Marlena and John. You guys must be nuts to get rid of the characters who make up Days of our Lives. I don’t care one twit about the new people you are hiring for some new stupid story line. You have to keep the couples you have together and rid of the others who are standing around with no story line I care about. I never would have believed this would ever happen. I hope you don’t have a notion to get rid of Bo and Hope. Anyway, I feel the way most of the viewers do. When there is no more John and Marlena then you lose a lot of viewers and that includes me. So id you are trying to keep Days on the air, you are going about it in the wrong way. Days will not exist without viewers and you will lose them by the hundreds. Just think of their fan clubs. Do you think they will be loyal to Days, NO they will not. Hope you can change your mind with all the negative feed back you are getting. So Good-Bye Days. It was a good run while you had it.

  753. From Nancy

    I am very upset that the writers and producers of Days of our lives are letting Deidra Hall leave the program. I have watched this Soap Opera for 30 years and Deidra has been with the program for just about as long as I can remember. She is a very talented actress and I know that the writers could easily find many more story lines for her. As a matter of fact, I would love to see her reunited after many, many years to Don. I was very upset when they broke up years ago and I far as I am concerned, she has not been right with anyone else since. If that is not possible, then maybe she can be reunited with Roman. PLEASE do not let her go from the show. She is one of my all-time favorites. I also wish that you could find a better story line for Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes. I love the both of them too.

  754. From Diane

    I’m sooo happy that Marlena is leaving the show. I can’t stand her character, no tears shed from me….John on the other hand (the new John) I love him! I’ll be sad when he goes.

  755. From Gene

    If you need to cut the budget…get rid of all the stupid new actors and they’re story lines. Concentrate on John and Marlena and Bo and Hope and pay THEM. You could come up with money if you’d let go of all the young ones whose story lines are BORING. I watch Days on Tivo and fast forward through all scenes except for John, Marlena, Bo and Hope. Ridiculous!

  756. From Dawn

    I’ve not been able to watch the show in awhile and just recently started watching it again…when John and Malena leave I won’t be watching anymore!

  757. From marianne

    I think this will do “DAYS” in , If you drop them you drop most of the fans that have been watching for over 30 years including me.

  758. From Brenda

    I have been watching DOUL since 1966. I am very sad about John and Marlena, I may have to switch soaps if they go elsewhere. They and Bo/Hope keep me there.

  759. From lynn

    Please, please keep John and Marlena. Get rid of Stefano, Melanie, tony, Theo and Roman. Enough of all the babies (okay) These people serve no purpose what so ever. How can this happen. I am done with this show.

  760. From joan

    sorry to see marelna go but will not miss john. have been watching since the first episode but getting tired of most of the writing. will miss Alice but hope that she is doing ok. I know nothing lasts for ever, but wish they would change some of the actors. get rid of Kate for one.

  761. From Barbara

    Been a Days watcher for 40 something years seen it all be why cut your super couples get rid of your newer stars first.. I am afraid this may be the end of Days bring back the super couples the ones your have written off bring them, back don’t cut the ones that ARE Days……

  762. From From Michele

    WOW……. I am shocked! I think you should keep them around but not as a lead couple. Salem without John and Marlena seems impossible. They are the next Alice and Tom!

  763. From casey

    I”m shocked! Obviously the new writers and management have no feel for Days. I’ve watched it from the very first episode and may stop wtih no more John and Marlena. You’ve screwed up so many story lines as you desperately try to find out how to fix the program. In reality you are only dooming it. Although I like the actress that plays Kate, I have never liked her character. So let her die. Daniel and Chloe can run off together leaving Lucas to figure out what happened. Maybe after 3 marriages he should just focus on bringing up Ali. And Melanie…PLEASE send her back to Europe to a finishing school. Victor and Caroline can reunite, marry and go on a world wide tour. And Stefano should go to prison once we find out he was behind the Mayor’s murder leaving his children to fight over the Mansion jand his $$. Shawn and Claire and Belle return and Claire helps to bring John back to his senses. Other couples to remain: Bo and Hope for sure!, Stephanie and Philip, Max and Chloe, Abe and Lexie. Does Salem really need so many Dr.s? So bye to the new shrink, Nicole’s Dr. (she can have the baby in the church Sami has been visiting. And if
    necessary, Kayla and Steve could leave on a mission to save children in Africa.

  764. From Paige

    WOW…..UNBELIEVABLE! A dedicated fan for many, many years through the ups and downs and you take away two of the core characters – Deidra and Drake. They are irreplaceable! All of the super couples are why so many have stuck with the show despite its bad story lines at times. I am always thrilled when you bring back an original actor to keep the story lines flowing. If you are trying to attract a younger generation with the new story lines – good luck! You will be sacrificing your die hard fans instead, like me. So disappoining – you are tearing the Days \family\ apart – who will be next? Deidra is an incrediable actor – you are foolish to let her go. I have watched so many actors leave days only to show up on other soaps, often with better story lines!!! maybe the writes need to go…Days used to be SOOO good….so many have left….could this be why it is so bad right now…Don’t make it worse by letting Deidra & Drake go.

  765. From marcia

    I have been watching since day one. I am saddened to see Marlena and John go. The new people are redundant and boring. Please keep John and Marlena. The are the best. The old story lines and the evil stephano and Marlena were great. How about getting those writers back the ones now are awful.The show has gone down hill. It used to feel almost like family,When the strangler got Marlana I cried but the show has lost its excitement family feeling. Also its family values sice Alice is not there. Not all people jump from bed to bed, lie and cheat.

  766. From Jan

    I hope Kate leaves too. Whatever they do, just don’t let go of Bo and Hope. They still are unbelievable together.

  767. From Robin

    I think you all are crazy we look forward of seeing John and Marlena back together .Change the show you let things go on to long all this other stuff is stupid i can go two weeks without watching and it still the same.

  768. From Alice

    What a shock! How could you let Marlena and John go? They have had great story lines for many years. I’ve been watching \Days\ since 1966 and am really disappointed to find that you’re letting them go…and Phillip, too? I can’t believe you’re bringing in such actresses like Melanie (she’s terrible)! I have always thought Kate was a \ham\, too. Glad to see that you brought back Stefano…now he adds some excitement to the show. Keep Marlena and John, otherwise you will lose many faithful \Days\ fans, who have supported the show even through the bad times.

  769. From Lois


  770. From Linda


  771. From chantal

    outrageous..basically killing what’s left of Days..why get rid of the best ? Get rid of the non impportant cast member such as mel..nick, hired new cast member while you don’t seem to realize that it’s not important to people who are big fans.. what makes the show are the dimiras, kiriakas..John.marlena and hope.. the rest don’t matter and if you can’t see that than you don’t deserve to run a soap opera..I am furious !

  772. From Nana

    Reading through over 750 comments has a bottom line: Ken Corday you are not NBC’s answer to save the show. The writer’s are at fault, not the actors. NBC is at fault for hiring people who can’t act, then leaving them there when viewers complain it’s insulting to them. The majority of these viewers will quit watching the show if you take out the John and Marlena characters. The majority of the viewers record, then fast forward to the veteran actor’s scenes. If NBC is basing the writing on the popularity of the actors .. then somebody over there SHOULD WAKE THE HELL UP! Maybe these very comments are what NBC is looking for ~ the fact the majority of the young actors are not popular is what they want. Villains sell more air time. Come on viewers ~ write positively ~ they need all the help they can get. Telling them to fire half the actors is ridiculous.

  773. From pam

    I am so done with Day’s, what a stupid move, they may as well shut down production for good, there won’t be any viewers left to care.

  774. From Sharon

    Deeply saddened to hear that the best on screen couple has been fired. John and Marlena have been the best influence on the show since they were first introduced many years ago. I have been an avid Days watcher since the show started. I have been losing interest lately with all the uninteresting story lines with the younger set and the Nicole-non-baby-give me security. I thought Days had class and sophistication, but lately-that has been lacking. I guess after Drake and Deidra leave, Days really ends for me! Sorry.

  775. From Trish


  776. From Trish


  777. From maria

    There was a while that I could not watch Days for several months, but I thought about it all the time. I MISSED the characters. When I finally got to watch again, I felt like I had come home. And now John and Marlena leaving!!?! Breaks my heart.

  778. From maria

    I have watched John and Marlena all my life. They are like family to me. I don’t get how financial concerns would take them away. Please eliminate the Max storyline instead. Please keep Marlena and John!

  779. From mar

    no, no, no!!!!
    Please not Marlena and John. I hate what you are doing. I will not watch anymore!!

  780. From Toni

    I won’t be watching after they leave. I haved loved watching them and especially the Nu-John. Who is next, Stephano? I just can’t watch it anymore. The new characters just bore the hell out of me. So sad. Just like Nana said, I fast forward through all the young crap to get to the veteran’s scenes. Please please please rethink this. Fire some of those younger actors.

  781. From Tina

    I guess we all agree, for the most part, that NBC and Corday don’t care about the viewers or the actors that have kept us watching for decades. It’s all about money….for them. Nothing else matters. Nothing…at all..except money for them.

  782. From Dave S

    Let the writers go and the dumb story lines, I have watched Days for longer than I like to think. And I am 77 years old. Good Bye to DOOL.

  783. From Debbie

    Hey writers, put down that crack pipe and get back to the real world!
    Getting rid of two of the best actors on the show will make your ratings sink. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!
    It’s bad enough the new character you wrote for John (totally sucks) and it seems like everyone who is on the “brink of death” gets a miracle cure.
    And what’s the deal with EJ?
    He was raised by his mother Susan & Edmond, yet they are never even mentioned. Does he hate them? Shouldn’t they be at least mentioned in passing, maybe brought back into the story somehow. I’m sure we would love to see Susan (AKA Kristen) again, and Ivan and Vivian instead of bringing in all of these new young actors who just “pass through” like Nick.
    You are sure to lose many viewers at this rate.

  784. From Dianne

    I could handle losing John and Marlena better if we weren’t stuck with lame story lines (ie Melanie/Chelsea/Stephanie).Why does this show insist on watering down the plots and changing characters into unlikeable non-entities? The “hate” thing with Chelsea and Stephanie against Melanie is a total non-event and pretty old. Then there’s the Nicole non-baby issue, not to mention Dr. Daniel chasing every skirt in town. Never thought I’d ever say this but one thing I do like right now is Sammi and Rafe and even agent Hilda is more fun to watch than Melanie.I will watch and hope.
    That’s my rant for what it’s worth

  785. From Barb O.

    I live in Calgary, Canada and have watched Days for over 30 yrs. To get rid of these veteran actors/actresses I think will put Days ratings very low. I hope somebody will come to their senses. Yes, sometimes change is good, but these people have made Days and that is why we keep watching. You are going to lose a lot of viewers.

  786. From Judy

    I worked at NBC in Daytime Network Sales when Days was created and the original scripts used to come across my desk. I wish I had held on to them. The show was wonderful then. When I had my daughter and stayed at home with her, I began watching the show around the time Deidre Hall came on the show. The storyline that hooked me was the Salem Strangler. I could not believe I became a Days junkie. I loved the old characters and storylines, e.g. Doug and Julie and all those stories way back when. I worked on and off over the years and caught up with the show again around 1994 or so during the Hope/Gina storyline. I have been watching pretty much regularly since then. I think there are some very talented actors on the show and Deidre Hall is definitely one of the best on the show. Big mistake to let her leave. I also am a Stefano fan. I think he is a terrific actor and does a great job with the character. Others whom I think are talented are: Phillip, Bo, EJ, Hope, Kayla and some of the young ones….Max, Stephanie and Chelsea. In my opinion, Lucas _____. _____ I’m not a big Sami fan either. I have not seen Allison Sweeney in any other roles, _____. MELANIE IS AWFUL. Second to her is Lucas. Now they have brought on Galen Guering (Rafe) from Passions. He ______ Lucas does that too. It drives me NUTS. They should really stay with the talent and give the show it’s substance back. I guess the sponsors are targeting the teeny-bopper audience.

    Edited by SOF Admin. We do not allow actor bashing.

  787. From rosemary

    what a shame and shame on the money people behind DOOL !! I’ve been watching this for 40 years, and why not get rid of some of the younger people on DOOL ie: Melanie, Nick, Max and Stephanie ?
    You are going to lose a faithful fan base, do you even care ? I know the economy has tanked, so cut your own salaries and some production costs and save the most interesting couple that DOOL has created, John and Marlena. John’s alta ego is charmingly portrayed even though the “old” John is missed. For God’s sake, change your minds before it’s too late!
    I’m not sure that I’ll continue to watch with 1/3rd of the best couples leaving. You guys are nuts.

  788. From Gram Sue

    I am very disappointed to read that Marlena and John are going to be cut. I have watched DOOl since the beginning. I have purchased books regarding DOOL. Without the two main characters I will not be watching this soap. For years I recorded this soap and as soon as I put the children to bed each night I turned on the CD player and watched the soap. Now that I am retired I work my schedule around the sap.

  789. From Betsy

    I’ve been watching Days for 36+ years. Huge mistake to get rid of Marlena and John. I have drifted away over the last ten years as my favorites no longer have screen time. Can’t stand the Kate and Daniel story line as well as Melanie and the other young kids. My favorites are Marlena and John, Bo and Hope, Julie and Doug, Melissa and Jack, and Shawn and Belle (see I can still enjoy the young kids even though I’m 53). The writers need to pay attention to who is watching the show!

  790. From diane

    It is unbelievable that John and Marlena will not be there. I guess they will come back like Doug and Julie, I guess Sandra Robinson is going to take Marlena’s place as head shrink. what will Stephano do without John to torture huh? what, bring back Princess Gina? who knows with DOOL. HEY!! hire a Veteran fan of 30 years to help write this

  791. From diane

    I would get rid of:

    Nick, Dr. Dan, Anna, Abe, Lexie and Theo, Chloe. Also Max and Stephanie (they can go back to racing cars).

    BTW what happened to Phillips son Tyler

  792. From Cindy

    How can you allow John and Marlena toleave the show? Get rid of Stefano, Mélanie,Tony, Anna, and Victor. There roles are pretty boring. John and Marlena are what makes the show interesting. Please don’t let John and Marlena leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  793. From dennis

    I think its terrible to can john and marlena. KEEP THEM, and get rid of melanie, nik, brady, caroline, dr.dan [the womanizer]and maybe abe carver all worthless, and also sign up some of them guys for vacsectomys

  794. From jenelle

    I have watched Days for the last 25 years. Ive watched families fall apart,kids growing up, and couples falling in love on Days. I grew up with them, John and Marlena will be missed.

  795. From FROM DOROTHY I

    I can;t beleive that John and Marlena are leaving the show

    They have the best story line

    If your cincern with budget cuts

    send Philip, Kate, Lucas and Chloe packing

    Nicole whole scene needs to end

  796. From Joyce

    John & Marlena and Bo and Hope make this show. Why not get rid of Melanie and Dr.Jonas and the new psych. Steve and Kayla could also be eliminated. I love Steve but they don’t contribute much. John and Marlena are the rocks of this show and the show will lose a lot of fans.

  797. From Stacey

    I like both actors, but their stories have been ho-hum the past few years and have not been treated like the super couple that they once were. I can see them riding off in the sunset and at a future date bringing them back (like doug and julie come back for Christmas). They did this to bo and hope for a while and it worked and they were able to come back and are in the limelight now.

  798. From Linda T

    What a shame that two such wonderful actors who have been a major part of DOOL will be leaving the show. Their absence will be sadly felt. Good luck to both of them in the future. The show won’t be the same without them.

  799. From Bobbi Clark

    I too can’t belive that Marlena and John are leaving. I’ve been watching DOOL since it’s inception and am very sorry to hear that budget cuts are taking away the senior stars. Please reconsider and bring back the old days families in their senior years. Keep Deidra and Drake especially Deidra.

  800. From Betty

    I just can’t believe that Days is cutting John and Marlena. This makes no sense at all. I have watched this show since the 60′s and I am not sure if I will continue now if a show is going to cut people out like this. I am so upset about this. There are plenty of other people who could be cut. I beg of you to reconsider this decision. If you think your ratings are down now wait till they are off your show and see then. Very disappointed in your decision..

  801. From Deb

    This is a really foolish business decision. If the two will agree, it would be far wiser to offer them recurring guest spots. Getting rid of beloved mainstays and adding truly awful new characters(Melanie)and trying to reinvent others (Nicole, Nick) makes for less enjoyable storylines and audiences who may decide it isn’t worth the trouble.

  802. From Deborah Fredenburg

    That sucks.How could they let go the main characters of the show.Get rid the younger people like Macks sister.The show will go to hell in a handcart if they realease John and Marlena.

  803. From Karen

    This is unbelievable i have watched this show for 22 years and I thought for once John and Marlana would finally get to be apart of there kids and grandkids life. Marlana could help Sammi with this baby.Everyone still needs Marlana”s ADVICE!!!!!!! Get rid of Melanie she is _____.Show loyalty were it is desevered.

    Edited: We do not allow actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  804. From Steph

    This is unbearable!!! I’ve been watching days for over 35 years. I turned my 17 year old daughter onto days two years ago, and guess who her absolute favorites are……Marlena and John. She also couldnot believe that they were leaving. I can’t bear a days without them. I won’t be watching anymore once they leave…..its like loosing an old friend. I hope the producers and writers of the show read these comments and realize just how important these characters are to everyone who watches this show.

  805. From MELANY


  806. From Elaine

    Keep John & Marlene and get rid of Melanie.

  807. From Jaime

    I agree keep John & Marlena – lose Melanie,Nick(you are already), Abe, Lexie & Theo(what a bore they are), Tony, and that should make up for any budget cuts don’t you think you are going to lose a lot more money when people stop watching because John & Marlena are no longer on think about it!

  808. From Danny

    Roman and Marlena should be reunited.

  809. From Judy Br

    I have watched day’s for over 45 years my childern watch days I have a book with Hope on roller skate this book is over 30 years old and if all the old star leave so will I

  810. From Faye Allen

    Please reconsider and leave Marlena and John in the cast. Their characters are the “backbone of the show”.

  811. From Freda M

    I was very shocked to read in Soap Opera Digest that you are getting rid of John and Marlena, why would you do this to 2 very talented actors??? I have been watching Days for 37 years-my mother got me started watching and I have been faithful watching and taping it every single day….Please reconsider and let them stay…the show won’t be the same, especially since you keep bringing on new characters…

  812. From plh


  813. From Mary

    That is a ridiculous decision to let John and Marlana go. They make the show. Let Melanie or Nicole go, nobody likes them anyway.I have watched the show for 30 years and Marlana is a big part of days. That would be a stupid decision to let them go.

  814. From Karin

    Oh my gosh! How can you get rid of John and Marlena! They along with Bo & Hope are the main characters of this show.
    Gid rid of Nick, Dr. Daniel,Abe, Lexie, Theo.
    We just got John back and the story line was great! Have you gotten new writers or what! Do you want ratings or have people lose interest? Come on people quit dragging your feet and get with it. Keep John & Marlena on and get Nichole caught with no baby pouch on. Make this really interesting.
    Get Sami out and she and Rafe together. Good hook up! and then a story line with EJ and who’s the real father thing. Even Lucas and Chloe are boring!!!!

  815. From Karin

    Keep Marlena and John. Get rid of Chloe, Lucas, Lexi, Abe and Theo even Nick and the new Dr. from All my Children.

  816. From Eve

    I’ve been watching Days since I was 5 years old. I think this is a huge mistake getting rid of John and Marlena. Who cares about characters like Melanie. I think they just put the nail in the coffin that will kill the show. I can’t stand what the writers are doing with the story lines. And I am very disappointed in their casting decisions! I think they should get new writers!

  817. From Judy

    I too have watched Days from the beginning. Getting rid of John and Doc seems like a good place to end the show; and most likely will, intended or not!

  818. From Nancy Overson

    I will no longer watch Days when Marlena and John are gone !!!! You will lose many viewers with this decision.

  819. From Mary C

    I am so upset about the loss of John and Marlena!!! What on earth were they thinking letting these two go. They (to me) are staples of the show holding it together. I have been a loyal days fan for 35 years and now I am not sure I can continue to watch it go down hill. Bye Bye Days may the death of the show be fast!!!! Is there apetition?

  820. From Helen

    WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING???? I have been watching the show since I was 14 yrs old (now 41) the people who realy make the show is Sammy, Bob, Hope, Marlena, John & EJ everyone else is a fast forward on my VCR button. Stop bring in new people like Melanie who cant even do a ______. You need to get rid of Nick,Dr.Daniel, Abe, Lexie, Theo, Tony,Stephino,Victor, or Kate. ALL THESE PEOPLE are sooooo boring all the time !!!!! I always fast forward the VCR on their storyline… There is no real conection and NO story line that is every intresting for me with these people…someone needs to give the top guys a reality check..its people like me who keep the show going…cut out the main stars and you will have to cut everyone incuding the top people becasue there will not bee enough views to watch therefore not being able to keep the show going…WAKE UP PEOPLE…start making smart moves if you want to remain in business….

    Edited to remove actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  821. From Edna


  822. From Vicki

    Getting rid of John and Marlena??
    What a mistake!! The show will not be the same without them. I have been watching Days since the very beginning, and not sure if I will continue to do so now that John and Marlena will be gone.

  823. From Bonnie

    I think it is a shame the way you keep getting rid of the good characters. I have been watching Days since the first day it aired. I am about ready to quit watching it. John and Marlena are an awesome couple. There is so much story line you can do with them. Why not get rid of the new ones and keep the veterans. Get rid of Stephano. In my opinion he is a waste to the show. Golly how many times can you bring him back from the dead? This is getting old.

  824. From Molly

    The show needs new writers!! The story line with John and Marlena has been AWFUL and as mentioned by many others on this page, caused a lot of faithful viewers that I know to drop the show. I think that is bad mistake to let the two people that we have all grown to love be taken away. I hope to see them return in the near future. It just won’t be the same without them. As for the new actors from Passions, I LOVE seeing them again!! Great move there!!

  825. From TEVA

    I agree with everyone’s comment. NBC might as well cancel Days because with out Marlena & John, this soap days are numbered. What were they thinking? We rather see good stories with the veteran actors instead of shoving the viwers with a crapy storyline by hiring bunch of actors from already canceled soaps. The producers of Days good luck on this one. You all might have save budget, but your lossing the viewers. NO viewers…NO Show.

  826. From Dolylo

    If Days really lets Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn go, I will never watch another day of Days. There won’t be a Days after the contract is up with NBC because no one will want to watch Days. We Vets who have been watching Days for what seems like forever (40+ years for me) will not fogive Ken Corday. Shame on him. Get rid of the new people that no one cares about and bring back the Vets!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If not Then you have lost still another viewer. Get your heads out of your rears and stop messing with the core of the show.
    I will miss Days but it won’t be the same without John and Marlena so I will find something else to do with my time in the afternoon.
    This is certainly the death of the show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  827. From Karen

    I have to agree with the majority. I have been a fan since the show began and would come home frome kindergarten asking what happened on Days- No Hi Mom or anything like that!!! I’m 45 and I remember the very early days- when Hope and Jennifer were born and even earlier. I arranged my classes in college so that I would be able to watch (this was in the days before VCRs). Now that I’m working during the day and taking classes at night, that 40-45 minutes of watching- minus commercial, I fast forward through them- is one of my favorite parts of the day. I am really dissapointed to see some of my favorite characters leaving. I have always loved John and Marlena, and I still can’t understand why the writers did what they did to Nick. He was a cool character until they turned him into a psycho. I work with special needs kids and I absolutely love the story about the Carvers. It gives an idea of some of what parents go through. Thanks for listening I’m with you all about cutting characters… I also agree that Mellanie is annoying. If they are trying to find a love interest for Phillip, it should be someone that has a little class, not some street urchin.

  828. From Days fan over 35 years

    Dolylo , I agree with you. I already have plans to find something else to watch or just do nothing since I will not be interested when Deidre and Drake leave.

    I know things change but like you said let some of the new ones like Melanie go and keep the Vets.

    I will miss days but will not watch it anymore when these two are let go.

    Just me, who is very upset at the writes right now over letting go all the good ones.

  829. From Su

    I agree, I probably won’t watch it if Jon and Marlena are booted off. John was a great “James Bond” and without him Stephano will not have an equal match to his evil ways.

  830. From Loretta

    The show won’t be the same without John and Marlena. Please keep them on. They give the show the substance it needs.

  831. From Sheryl

    I am very disappointed that Days is letting John and Marlena go and I am even further IRRIATATED at the lame story writing for the two characters before their exit. Days doesn’t even have the “Respect” for their fans to let us have John & Marlena while they are still characters on the show. Instead we are getting the faze out…..making us watch every day to see if we can catch a glimpse of them before they write them off the show. This is yet another reason to stop watching when the couple exits. Ken Corday talks of budget cuts and that is why they HAVE to get rid of the high paying actors and he hates the decision………if that were true, he would be saying SORRY to the fans by giving US, the fans, the best exit ever. Give me a break, Jack and Jen had more air time and better storyline then John and Marlena have had in the recent weeks. We fans are lucky to see them one time a week………….and Days THINKS they are getting us USED to the NEW storylines and USED to NOT seeing John and Marlena……….when in reality, they are making us MAD!!!!!!!!!!. They don’t believe that we are tuning in every day to see our COUPLE before their time runs out. When John and Marlena leave, I stop watching!!!!!

  832. From Bianca

    what a horrible decision!!!!! how in the world can they cut veteran actors such as these!!! They are the bread and butter of the show along with Bo and Hope….stupid stupid decision!!!

  833. From theresa

    If Days takes John and Marlena off I won’t be watching anymore…VERY stupid move! A better move would be to get rid of some of the bed-hopping kids…boring, boring, boring, AND so predictable!!!

  834. From Carol

    What were you thinking?

  835. From Sandy

    I have been watching Days since its inception….If Marlena & John are on your “hit list” it will be the end for me!!!! Get a grip! keep these 2 actors; it’s the best storyline Days has ever had. Dump the newbies!!!!!

  836. From Lisa D

    yeah…getting rid of John and Marlena is going to take the away from the whole show….it is gonna suck…..Yeah, they need to get rid of some of the “teenagers” and keep that couple…..

  837. From Sandra

    Why even bother with such an extravagent story line with John not really being dead, a year ago, if this is what’s coming. People are really going to be POed!!!

  838. From Teresa

    OH NO. He can’t leave again!! I’ve been a faithful fan for 24 years now. I stopped watching Days last January/February after John “died”. I was so disappointed that Drake was gone. He and Marlena have always been my favorite couple. When I heard he was back on the show, so was I! I wasn’t happy NOT watching the show, but it wasn’t worth it anymore. I guess I’ll be leaving too after all these years. GET RID OF Chelsea, Max, Melanie,Kate & Lucas. And ROMAN is useless. He can go too! _______. I’m so disappointed AGAIN.

    Edited by SOF Admin: We don’t wish any of the other actors to lose their jobs.

  839. From Denise

    Beyond belief! To cut Diedre and Drake is a sign of poor writing!
    These two characters have carried the show for many, many years. The storyline with Drake and his ridiculous behaviour is just plain stupid, but that shouldn’t reflect on the actors! Let Kate die of cancer, send Melanie back where she came from, let Nick rot in prison or be executed, there’s a bunch of worthless characters that nobody would miss! I’ll be 50 next month and I’ve watched this show since I was old enough to comprehend TV! My Mom and Grandma remain religious fans as do I!
    I will boycot the show if they are truly booted…INSANELY STUPID MOVE!

  840. From Sherry

    I’ll quit watching – DOOL is only soap I watch, now I won’t watch any. Been watching almost since it began.

  841. From Holly

    I watched Days for decades then stopped cold turkey about a year ago.It was probably a mistake for its contract to be renewed. This used to be a fun escape show, but it sounds like it’s run its course. Too bad. John and Marlena were (once upon a time….) a fabulous super-soap couple. I wish the actors well.

  842. From Kathy

    I have also have been watching DOOL since the beginning. I actually stopped watching DOOL when we all thought they had killed John off and DOOL said they had let him go. When I saw they brough him back I started watching again, waiting for them to finally get John and Marlane back together. We used to have Tom and Alice as the stable couple of the show. There hasn’t been been any couple since to fill that roll. I think John and Marlane could be that couple. Looks like I will not be watching again.

  843. From nancy

    omg that is really sad news why must they go the show willl die slowly after they leave i think i wont injoy the show or might even stop watching so please keep in mind to bring them back i would like to see belle and shawn come back to

  844. From James & Elaine

    Been watching your show for years, but if you let Marlena and John go, you will loose another fan.

  845. From Linda

    They can rename the show EOOL (End of Our Lives) for the budget cuts will definitely end a chapter in my life. I have been a fan of Days for over half my life and I have decided to spend the rest of it not worrying over who may be coming or going or the ridiculous storylines Corday has served up in the last few years.

  846. From GLORIA


  847. From show stopper

    this show has become something i do not even want to watch. i have been a day fan since i was old enough to watch and understand (29 now. the new storyline is just not the same as back in the day. what happened to the real days!!!!

  848. From Corkey

    Well have you all got the hint yet? From what I have read in the 843 comments before this one ….. a huge majority of the comments support keeping John and Marlena. Hope you are reading and understanding what we are saying.

  849. From Callie

    I think the producers have lost their little minds, they obviously have no brains. John and Marlena are a big pary of this show. If they leave, I will stop watching. They have turned John into a complete idiot who is very cold and rude. Now he gets his memory back just so they can leave the show together. How dumb is that? If this is their idea of a good move, the show will never make it. Who wants to watch whiny Melanie or the lying Nicole?

  850. From bxclent

    Wow ! Marlena & John gone ??? I have watched the show since 1976. When their characters leave, I am gone to. Bad characters like Melanie, Chelsea, Brady, etc. stay ??? What lame brain came up with this ? Fire him or her to pay the good actors !

  851. From joy

    please please don’t loose john and marlana, they are such great actors and the show will not be the same without them, they are the foundation of this show and can interact with all the characters. please keep them there.

  852. From Holly

    I can Remember sitting in my grandma’s lap watching DOOL! To think that John & Marlena will not be on the show any more makes me very upset!! My grandmother and mother are rolling over in their graves! To think I may not be able to pass their family on to my little girl is heartbreaking!! Shame on you!!!!

  853. From Kim Shifflett

    I cannot believe that the show is letting them go. They are the foundation of DOOL. Many fans like myself will be devastated. They can start with the budget by getting rid of Melanie. She makes me sick! It might not even be worth watching, I guess I have to see.

  854. From marie

    Shame on you!Marlena makes the show!Get rid of her. The show hit rock bottom,as rates be lower fan stop watching bad choice. I have been watching days for over 35 years I be one to stop watching the show until Marlena is brought back for good.Sorry one big fan isn’t happy ill wait to see what happens love the show

  855. From Long time fan Karen

    What?? Will we ever see if John gets his memory back?
    What is going on? They are my absolute favorite couple, please reconsider!!!!!!

  856. From Long time fan Karen

    Let me add Daniel is getting on my nerves (lusting after every woman in Salem.) Melanie Ha, there’s enough trouble makers to last a lifetime.

  857. From Karen B

    You Go Gloria!!!!!
    My sentiments exactly.

  858. From SHARON


  859. From SHARON


  860. From Betty Salisbury

    I for one, won’t actually miss either of them. It’s time to move on. I do however, like the new John better than the old. He’s quite funny this way, don’t you think? I think Diedre Hall would better serve another soap if she’s looking to continue her acting career. Neither of them will be out of work long.

  861. From wickedmsmary

    I’ve been watching your show for years, I’m a big fan. I can remember being a little girl and growing up with Hope. I can remember when she got bit by a rabbit and was stealing stuff then hidding the items in her closet. But if you let Marlena and John go. The Show will go down hill from there :(

  862. From Tilly'sGirl

    The problem with Days is the writing. The storylines all suck. The charactors are 2-dimensional Barbie & Kens – the only reason Robo-John was interesting for a while was beause he was the anti-Ken – the “old” folks aren’t allowed to grow old, have real lives, have wisdom, nurture, give advice, worry, hold the kids accountable or cry buckets over how they turned out, be anything real – How come every granny in Salem is a sex bomb? There’s no dramatic interaction between the old folks and the kids – save Victor and Philip screaming at eachother over the melanie thing – which was still pretty tepid. For so long Days has relied on Supernatural BS and the ridiculous Super-Stephano villain BS that they got lazy. Always, Always in any drama, the characters’ lumps and bumps and shortcomings are what make them real and what arouses everyones empathy and sympathy. You card when they fail, you cheer when they triumph…only occasionally, just like in real life. They did OK with Chelsea and Bo and Hope and Zak; that was a story line that allowed those people to act, that allowed everyone at home to cry and feel – like, did ANYBODY cry when Melanie became an orphan? Why can’t we have more of real life events? I mena, could anything be more stupid than all the pregnancy stories? I know there are a lot of young mothers who watch this – I did too when I was a young mother, but I don’t know too many grannies like Marlena, who gets to barely give a blip about her far flung children or grandchildren. Someone as out of control as Sami would be in jail. Lucas should still be living with his mother. Chloe should be fighting eye infections from mascara over-use. Hope should be in treatment for either anorexia or silicone poisoning. Maggie should fall off the wagon often…no, she runs a bar – HELLO? Just because it’s only a “soap” doesn’t mean they had to get so lazy. You can pay them to write good, or to write what we’ve been getting. We’ll all get over it, and the DVR won’t be so cluttered.

  863. From Jane

    I’ve watched Days of Our Lives since Day One. My last day will be Marlena and John’s last day!

  864. From KerriLeigh

    That is just insane..Get rid of one of the hottest couples? and keep annoying brats like Melanie. Why risk losing so many loyal fans just to steer in the younger generation….These are the Days Of OUR lives too ya know! We keep losing out on everything to the younger generation at least let us keep John and Marlena….

  865. From Teresa

    Been watching this show ever since it first aired. Can’t imagine it without Marlena. Is a HUGE mistake!!! Please reconsider!! You should DEFINITELY get rid of Melanie. TERRIBLE ACTOR!!!

  866. From angel

    I don’t get it.. John and Marlena are Awesome ! and I don’t understand why they consider keeping Steve and Kayla ( they have been in the dark lately ) or Abe and Lexie. I am not a fan of Lexie / Abe and would prefer if anyone had to go it to be them over John and Marlena !! What are the producers thinking about ?? They have the BEST storyline and I’m very interested in finding out how they manage once his memory comes back.. It would be nice to see how they develop their relationship over time… but I guess the production team has other ways of making DOOL’s last… Sure are going to Miss John and Marlena !! You TWO ROCK !! NBC !!!

  867. From Manette

    Do not take John and Marlena off of Days! That’s like ripping the heart out of Salem! You have got this new personality of John’s which has barely got off ground and now you want to make him disappear? Leave John and Marlena alone!

  868. From Kathy

    I have been a true fan since it first aired in Nov. 8th. 1965, and have been watching faithfully. Now you say you are letting go of Days favorite couple Marlena and John because of money. There are too many actors on days now, let some of them go..Days is going a different way meaning younger
    actors.Doesn’t make it better.I
    fact the last year of your young actors taken over. it has been boring,the other mature actors had
    me staying. What a way to thank them for so many years of loyal service to you and pleasure to us, the fans..After John and Marlena leave so do I…

    just wanted to say the last airing for John and Marlena will be the last time I watch days, after 44 years of

  869. From Charlee

    I’m very disappoiinted in NBC for making such a horrible decision!!! PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! DAYS just won’t be the same without John and Marlena …
    WHY don’t you get rid of some of the less popular newbies and KEEP the veterans who made the show what it is??? !-(

  870. From debbie

    I understand budget cuts verywell but to cut these two is a BIG mistake there are several other salaries that could be cut with actors that really have no part in the show Melanie, Daniel,Chloe, get the murderer and get rid of those extras,I like the new guy but if had to chose between him and Marlena and John I say cut all the extras

  871. From Deanne

    Did you ever think mabe Deidra Hall wants off the show b/c her role now sucks. They are not writing a creative part for her anymore. I would leave too. They need to make John and Marlena the strong foundation they once were and create a more exciting story line for them. And then get rid of losers like Melanie…Days is seriously making a huge mistake. Look for Deidra Hall to appear on the Young and the Restless now…

  872. From Angie

    Horrible!! What a huge mistake, rating will be low! Days will never be the same!!

  873. From Pam

    You need to leave the veteran actors on the show, and take off some of the newer cast.
    I have been watching Days for about 40 years, and my daughter has been watching for 19 years. This is a show we love watching together, and now you are taking off two of the MAIN characters. We have been waiting for John to get his memory back and now the writers are wanting to give him his memory back just to take him off the show–what’s up with that? If the writers take off the veterans like John/Marlena, Steve/Kayla, Bo/Hope, then there are going to be a lot of fans that quit watching altogether. I thought the point was to keep the show on the air, not for it to go off air. PLEASE save the veterans!

  874. From Rene

    Well there goes my only reason for watching Days!!! I have watched Days for some 30 years and with Doc and John gone I really do not see a reason to watch!! I really do not like where they are taking the other characters in the show!! The love story between John and Doc has been amazing and SHOULD NOT END!!!!!!

  875. From Mary Beth KIfowit

    This is just the most heartache I have had. John and Marlena were about the only ones on the show that made it worthwhile to watch. I am so dissapointed, and all my friends are too. I have been watching “Days” for over 35 years, and now you put too many young people on the show, and it’s our generation, plus more, that appreciate John and Marlena. Please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show will never be the same again, and you lost another viewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  876. From GLORIA


  877. From GLORIA


  878. From susan Ridley

    I have been watchind Days since it began. NBC is already in the tank, now you are trying to put your best actord-Deidra, Drake, and Jay in there , too. If they go, so do I-get rid of Maggie, Nick’s idiot sister( I am so impressed with her that I cannot remember her name. How about Lexie & Abe-add noyhing to the show, The only thing that you will have left are JAMES SOTT, HUNK DANIEL-WHO i THINK IS GREAT WITH cHOLE-GET RID OF lucas and Kate-just keep John and Marlena-donot have Nicole steal Sammy’b-s baby-if you have watched this long-this storyline is redundant and stupid. You could fire Steve and Kayla-not much there-have him go off on a PI job and her, too-then no one will ever mention there names-like Shawn and Belle. I teach scool and I swear I could write a better script than you do. Get your heads out-before they are on the end of poll and Days is cancelled. Happy new year, Susan

  879. From Nona D

    I have been watching this show for 40+ years. Instead of firing your veteran actors, you need to get new writers. I thought the story lines were getting better during the writers strike and then it was over and the stories begin to go down hill. Like most of your viewers, where did you find Melanie? I record Days every day and fast forward through over half of it 99% of the time. The lines are the same day after day. I especially love it (not) when someone’s cell rings, actor removes it from their pocket, looks at the phone and says, \I have to take this\. GET NEW WRITERS!

  880. From Shelly

    Hate to see them go…but I won’t miss John and his awkward stares, glares, grunts, etc….
    Never thought JOhn and Marlana were the “super couple” that Bo and Hope were…or even Marlana and Roman were….just never took to John Black….again the “unsexy” stares never did it for me!!!!! Good luck with future projects, though!!! Still will watch and LOVE Days!

  881. From tara

    UNBELIEVABLE! im going to stop watching this show..all the good characters are being taken off n being replaced wit ppl i dunt even care about.

  882. From Linda

    I have been watching Days since the first time it came on . This is the last straw. Stupid writers who don’t care about their fans.There are no fans,there will be no show. If you want to do budget cuts,how about cutting some of the big execs salaries. I hope if John and Marlena go that you go bankrupt and never have another program.

  883. From Libby

    Been watching DOOL for 40 years.
    John & Marlena have ALWAYS been the best. However, since the “Robot” John has been on, I have not even bothered to tape it.
    It is so boring with all the others that I can’t even stand to watch it. John & Marlena have not even been able to enjoy one season together!!!!

  884. From Sheila

    Keep your great longstanding actors who have made your show what it is. Your writers have ignored using some of the older actors, by not giving them good story lines. You keep making the same old mistakes. I have watched since day one, but am losing interest.

  885. From Lexie

    I’ve also watched DOOL for 40yrs. I agree the storyline about Robot John is dumb. Whoever thought of it should be let go. Are you also planning on letting go Bo and Hope? How about letting go of Doug,Julie,Maggie and Caroline. They must also cut into your budget. When John and Marlena go so do I.

  886. From Nancy

    I’ve been watching DOOL’s since 1964 and I’ve stopped watching it when Don Craig left and now I’ll definatly stop watching when John and Marlena are gone. Have you got “rocks in you head”? They are the reason I keep watching it…Day’s can be boring at times then when John and Marlena are on the scene, it sizzles!!!

  887. From Vickie

    My mother started me watching dools when I was a young girl as did my daughter, I’m so sick of the crap that is going on they’ve killed this show and once John and Marlena are done , So will I be done.It was fun while it lasted.My guess would be this time next year it won’t even be on the air..

  888. From Cindy

    I think taking John and Marlena off after they reunite is HORRIBLE. Those of us that have suffered through watching them apart would like to enjoy watching them have some time together. John is one of the best on the show! You should be getting rid of some of the other stupid characters you have instead of the great ones.

  889. From Dolly

    I’m so sad.I’ve been watching since the beginning…with my Grandmother and mother.I can’t imagine the show without the old regulars. I can imagine it without dull Melanie, needy Nicole..enabler Brady, mixed-up Max..and sorry the story line with Lexie’s little boy is not so good. Daniel the pervert..must go!

  890. From Stacey G

    Its amazing to see everyone writing about the same thing. I truly hope the writers review this site because they need to know what we are feeling. Granted, the storyline of John & Marlena sucks right now, but if you bring back that passion between them, sparks will fly and you will bring back even more fans that might have already left. I have to say, the best story line for me the veteran couples all getting together and reading the love letters of Colleen and Santo. Those are the storylines that keep fans alive. We can connect to the characters. Now, I am doing the same as some, fast forwarding most of the show cause I have lost interest. I would like to see Sami and Rafe get together — now that could be good! Wrap up the storyline of Melanie with being obsessed with Phillip and making chaos for Max. Its TRULY OLD!! I do like Stephanie and Phillip together; good choice there. But, Lucas deserves a good storyline. Hook him up with a good woman; maybe a new character that is warm and caring and will be a Horton! Writers just really need to think; Days is a great Soap, but people are leaving cause its boring and the young characters are annoying. Time for some good writing and getting all the veterans together again like the scenario of Colleen & Santo. Just loved the reading of the letters and seeing the veterans all happy and loving and just connecting. Thats what its all about.

  891. From Kandi

    The show has lost alot of spark now going on a couple of years. Bringing in new characters has not helped one bit but made it worst. Maybe the cast themselves are bored as well. Too bad that the good ones are leaving or getting the ax. I am concerned for the show if all this rearranging is taking place. Better listen to the fans, for they are the reason Dool is even on.

  892. From Laura

    I can’t beleive it. I am a Day’s fan from long ago. I remenber when on a Friday Marlena was strangled by the Salem Strangler. VERY upset fans bombarded NBC and by Monday it turned out that it wasn’t really Marlena that was strangled it was her twin Samantha. Whoever made this decision really messed up big time.

    Devoted to Day’s

  893. From Tanya

    JOLENA Make the show. Why not get rid of some of the younger cast members like stephanie or melanie since both or boring and nerve racking. Think about the fans. Without Jolena there aint no days. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO WATCH THE SHOW WITHOUT JOLENA ON IT. OTHER FANS MAY FOLLOW SUIT TOO. PLEASE LISTEN!

  894. From Jess

    This is an outrage. If you take John and Marlena off, you might as well cancel the show. This super couple is so interwoven in the storylines that everything will continue on the downward spiral. I have been a fan of this show for 30 years and as couples have come and gone, none would make the impact that John and Marlena would make. Its bad enough that all of the Brady’s are accounted for except for Kim and Frankie, but also the Horton family tree is dwindling with sweet Alice and Aunt Maggie. What’s Salem to do??? Bring back Mike, Jennifer, Jack, Shane, Kim,heck, even bring back Marlena’s twin, but dont axe Marlena!!!! Also, so sick of Sami. Please dont tell me this child is going to give up her baby and follow in Colleen’s footsteps. I wish that like other fans have stated, that you would incorporate some of the fan’s story ideas vs. your writing teams. After all, without the fans, is there a show?

  895. From rhonda


  896. From jana

    For everyone upset about John and Marlana leaving, you must realize that there is much more at play than the fact that they are the top paid actors. Yes, it would be nice to get rid of all the new people and keep the old ones, but how many story lines can they produce with so few people? Not to mention Drake and Deidre I’m sure have certain things they won’t do. They probably have limited work schedules to fit their own lives. In other words, I think that the actors are probably to blame for not budging on their demands as well.

  897. From Connie


  898. From Connie Strope

    I am done with DOOL…. What are you people thinking? Get rid of Max and his sister… also the pervert Daniel, but not John and Marlana…. I bet the ratings go down the drain.

  899. From Jennifer J

    Ken Corday is an idiot. If he thinks the show is going to survive without Drake and Deidre, he’s dumber than he looks!

  900. From Nic J

    The last episode I will watch, will be when they get rid of John and Marlena.. good work there.. NOT

  901. From Brenda

    BIG BIG mistake.Better to get rid of new actors- Nicole, Melanie,etc.

  902. From Ann

    Please please please Keep John and Marleana the show want be the same without them..John Marlena,Bo Hope And Kayla and Steve,and Sammy are the backbone of days..Please keep John and Marlena..

  903. From Carol

    I’ve been a fan of DOOL for 40 + years and have never written a comment before BUT am so disappointed in the decision to let John & Marlena go – when will the “higher ups” get the message that these two fine actors are the glue that keeps us tuning in – HELLO, are you really listening at all to us – the fans?

  904. From susie duncan

    I can’t believe they are getting rid of John and Marlena. DOOL is going to bite the dust. Why get rid of two of the most loved characters? That’s just asking for trouble. I’ve watched faithfully for MANY years but if they go off so will I.

  905. From chrissy

    are you guys out of your freaking mind why in the world would you let john and marlana? i have watched this show for about 23 years and i will quit watching after you let them go. why cant you get rid of melanie or nicole or roman or kate stephanie not john and marlana. Please dont let them go.

  906. From Elizabeth

    I started watching Days of Our Lives 20 years ago. Marlena’s charactere is wise. grounded and often believable. I have often wondered if Deirdre Hall writes her own script b/c it is so superior to all the others. I will miss her. I am a sucker for John & Marlena and will definitely stay tuned for their reunion. I always thought
    Drake terribly overacted in the past but think “New John” with his tough guy Clint Eastwood voice has been the best role he’s done yet. It takes years, heck decades to build couples like Marlena & John and Bo & Hope. Soap Operas are always going to go off the deep end with the crazy stuff but you need the solid couples for a bit of faith and to level the rest of the stories. lines.

  907. From Brenda Ayerdis

    I just don’t get it…The writers at DOOL just keep getting weirder and weirder. Adding new YOUNG characters that are totally annoying and shipping off the couples that have been the mainstay of the show. Chelsea, Melanie, Max, Stephanie…eeesh. I can’t stand their characters. I’ve been watching DOOL since I was a very young girl (I’m 54!) and have loved John and Marlena and Tony and Anna all these years. I was so glad when these characters were brought back. I thought the writers were finally coming to their senses. I guess not. I think it’s a big mistake to cut costs by cutting the super couples from the show. Give me a break…

  908. From Linda W.

    Losing John and Marlena is awful. I’ve been watching Days since 1970, My granddaughter’s name is Kayla. after Kayla and Patch. which I was happy that you were bringing back the original cast. BiGGG Mistake dropping John and Marlena!!!!

  909. From Tony

    Over 900 responses and 99% of the responses are pissed at this announcement. As a 30+ year faithful viewer of this show, maybe it is time to drop this show as it is obvious to all of us the shows head honchos have lost their minds…sometimes public outrage and opinion can change minds, let’s hope……..

  910. From rhonda fowler

    that is so sad that they are taken marylnia and john off the show they are very good actors they will be missed by a lot of people well i hate to seen you guys good luck in the future

  911. From Rita

    I have watched Days of Our Lives since 1971 I have grown to consider these actors / actresses a part of my cyber family. I hope John and Marlene will be brought back one day.

  912. From Debbie

    I am sick about the cutting of John and Marlena. As a baby boomer, they have the ONLY active relationship anywhere near my age group. The rest are 15 – 25 years younger than we are, or they have no story lines. It was so refreshing to a mature couple have a vibrant and lasting relationship.

  913. From Tillie

    Keep John and Marlena—they are an integral part of this show. If they leave, many viewers will go to. I love the show and have watched it since almost the beginning.

  914. From Tillie

    Yes, the DANIEL line is disgusting.What is wrong with him anyway. Keep Marlena and John and dump Daniel—UGH.

  915. From Rose

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! It seems that the show is struggling with the crazy storylines. Why not keep the veteran characters there and give them the storylines we as viewers crave for. This is insane. Of all the people to let go…you let John and Marlena go? How crazy is that? This needs to be thought over again. Many viewers are going to be lost now, like me. Before you know it they will be trying to get rid of other legends like Bo and Hope. Wake up producers…John and Marlena should DEFINITELY stay put!

  916. From Barbie

    John and Marlena are such a vital part of the show. Why doesn’t Ken Corday focus on some good writing to increase the ratings and therefore increase the budget. As a fan for over 20 years, I know what story lines I would love to see!

  917. From Charlotte

    I have watched Days almost from the beginning and I don’t think I
    will watch it anymore when John and Marlena leave the show.

  918. From Debbie

    This is INSANE! I’ve been watching DOOL for 36 years now. I agree with most everyone posting here that this is a very bad decision. While it seems it’s already been made, it will be interesting to see just how bad the ratings will FALL. I won’t be surprise if we lose DOOL all together next year. I’m sure there were other ways to “cut the budget”. It’s sad, too bad seniority did not seem to count for anything. Maybe the guys FORGOT just WHO got DOOL rating to the top in the beginning. NEWS FLASH, they won’t be there much longer when John and Marlena leave.

  919. From TB

    I have watched Days since I was a teenager and have enjoyed certain years and hated others, but the best years have always been with John and Marlena. I am truly disappointed again in Days belief that the young actors without a true connection is why we watch. I cried on Friday when John smiled as he remembered Marlena, it was once again the great love that made me watch for most of my life. I wish they would reconsider why we all watch.

  920. From Andrea

    I have been watching Days Of Our Lives all my life! My grandma used to watch it when she was alive and my mom and I watch it together. Once John & Marlena leave the show we will no longer be watching! Your ratings are going to drop tremendously just like last time when you got rid of Drake Hogestyn! The show is about what the viewers want to see! NOT about the writers! IF you cannot find someone who can write a storyline for them. Then perhaps you need to get some new writers!

  921. From Sandy

    I just read with shock that John and Marlena will be leaving Days! Having watched this show since it began, I cannot imagine it without these pivotal characters. I am thoroughly tired of the “kiddies” antics and wish that the stable couples – Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope, and JOHN & MARLENA – would be given more, better, storylines. Stephanie and Chelesa’s boyfriend/bed hopping is getting old! DOL has many mature viewers who would much rather see the veteran performers than most of the the new ones!!

  922. From judy

    i cant belive your letting john and marlena go there are so many others you could let go whom we would,nt even miss

  923. From R B

    That’s terrible news about Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn!
    I am shocked. Of all the characters to let go, you choose two ICONS of the show.
    How do they feel about it???

  924. From Elaine

    I’m done now. The storylines are terrible lately. The fan favorites are never seen. Perhaps it’s time for the valuable folks to get their own show! John & Marlena, Steve & Kayla…I’m not at all interested in our current plots. Clear the decks and keep the true fans.

  925. From Cathy

    NO MORE JOHN AND MARLENA??!! I’ve watched DOOL since I was 5 yrs old (believe me that’s been a LONG time. I can’t believe that two wonderful people are being cut after bringing so much to the show. John and Marlena’s roles together have been heartwarming and down to earth! I’ve cried, laughed and loved right along w/ them. As a devoted DOOL fan I think giving up the two most important characters is an injustice and would like to have them back on the show.It just won’t be the same “Salem” w/out them! Please keep John and Marlena!

  926. From Melanie

    What a shame~ Seriously reading half of the comments and NO ONE will bother to care. You writers really need a clue. Why is it none of the other iconic soaps are suffering? Perhaps you need to take a tip from their writers. By getting rid of John and Marlena you have just succeeded in getting rid of most, if not all of your viewers. You guys really SUCK up hte place!

  927. From Cheryl

    Are you crazy for letting J & M leave the show? Boo to you!

  928. From rachel sperry

    The soaps havent been that good to me,theyre kinda stupid with the young stuff going on.marlenea and john are my favorite,I hope they dont leave, i think the public wants them to stay on,if they go off i proably wont watch Days any more.

  929. From eleanor Cole

    A foolish business move. You are shooting yourself in the foot. Keep the best and let the tagslongs go. To make money you spent money and do it wisely, cut some of the office staff but not your bread and butter

  930. From Sue

    If you take John and Marlena off I am going to quit watching They are the back bone of the Show,a lot of fans are going to be very upset so please rethink this move

  931. From Kelly

    You people keep firing all the great actors/actresses that we have known since childhood, there will be nothing left of the show and nothing left to draw our attention. This is simply wrong. First Belle and Shawn, now John and Marlena, who next??? I will be one of probably many that will stop watching Days when they are taken off the air.

  932. From Mary

    The few veterans left are the foundation of Days of Our Lives. As the producers erode the base, they erode the stability of the viewers. Losing John and Marlena may help save a few dollars, but will probably cost too many viewers.

  933. From Darlene

    I’ve watched Days since it’s beginning, but I guess those days are over. Seems they are trying to draw in the younger viewers and don’t care about the loyalty of the existing viewers. If John and Marlena are leaving, what’s left except for all the kiddy story lines. I find it hard to believe that budget is the issue given they are bringing so many new characters in and some of the old characters back. This is a lousy decision and frankly I don’t think Days of Our Lives will be high on my list of much watch television any longer. Might be worthwhile to rethink this decision.

  934. From Barbara Miller

    After watching Days from it’s inception, I am relieved that the writers are getting rid of two such insipid characters. I have not been a fan of either for many years. John’s monotone and Marlena’s sighing have become unbearable. Glad to see them go.

  935. From Debbie

    I am very upset about this. What about us older women that have been watching “Days” since the beginning? You are taking off the 2 main characters that we have watched for years and adding all these younger kids!! Do you think that love, betrayal, hurt, and heartaches only happen with the younger generation? Does real life stop when you get in your 40′s and 50′s or does it just exist for the 20′s and 30 year olds? Please keep them on the show!!!

  936. From Linda Layne

    Losing John and Marlena is the worst thing that could happen to the show. They are the show. They have become Days. I have watched the show for over 30 years and seen people come and go. They are 2 of the last and they are the best. With out them, the show just would not be the same.

  937. From Carol

    Are you kidding!!! Why have DOOL if you are not going to have Marlena and John? Who’s next Bo and Hope? I won’t be watching after they are gone!!!!!

  938. From Teresa Yaeger

    Why not get rid of Kate and Daniel I’m kinda getting sick of his jumping from woman to woman anyway. We already have a couple of Dr.’s on the show. Let them go instead. Kate has Cancer and Daniel can be banned for his bad behavior. Sami is gonna need her Mom and Brady just came back he’s gonna need his dad. BAD CHOICE HERE PEOPLE!!!

  939. From loyal viewer

    You are about to make a serious mistake letting them go. Get rid of some of those young people like Chole, Melanie, and some of those other young people, so days can have more to offer than sex sex sex and more of some family values, if you let them go, your show is going to be a drag, and many will stop watching.

  940. From Amanda

    That is ignorant!! When John *&* Marlena go… I GO TOO!!!!!

  941. From Wanda

    For goodness sakes please do not take John and Marlena off the show. They are crucial to the success of the show. Please bring more paranormal in (remember when Marlena was possessed …) that scared the you know what out of me. But I was hooked. A good love story and paranormal reaches all generations (Twilight…) Please keep – John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Stephanie, Kayla, Stephano, Tony, Kate, Sammi, EJ, even Nicole, Abe, Lexie, – LOVE Phillip!!! Really do not like Melanie at all

  942. From Betty

    Well that does it, after 35 years, I am done watching Days. You might as well cancel the show because I won’t be the only one to stop watching!!!

  943. From Jennifer

    I’ve been a Days fan since I first saw Drake back in 1986.

    John and Marlena are the epitome of true love and friendship. Drake and Deidre have a chemistry like no other. There will never be another couple like them. When they leave, I’m leaving and won’t look back.

  944. From Cheryl C.

    I have been watching this show since the 70s. I cannot believe you are removing John and marleana. Please make a change.

  945. From Sheryl

    I was hoping DOOL would come to their senses before they actually took M&J off the air. Get rid of the whining, crying young ones on the show. Take off the boring story line ones, Steve and Kayla, Abe and Lexie, they add nothing to the show but more crying. I am so sick of all the crying that goes on all the time. Get some new writers with a REAL imagination would you PLEASE.

  946. From Tina

    I don’t know why everyone is so upset. Marlana and John story lines always suck. Marlana is boring. I did,however, enjoy the new John.

  947. From Becky

    I watched Days for over 30 years.Since I was a kid and watched it with my Mom. I am now done watching it. They get rid of the fan favorites for new people who mean nothing. They make one scene last for days. It’s ridiculous. I will be going to a different soap since NBC doesn’t know what it’s doing

  948. From 35 plus years of watching now this

    Please tell me you are kidding, NBC. Say it ain’t so! Don’t you feel the foundation of the show crumbling if you do this?? To have Bo and Hope as the only strong historical roots of the show is too much for one couple in a soap. This economy s u c k s…thank you G W Bush! grrrrr.

  949. From Joann

    I have been watching Days of Our Lives around 20 years, It will be a good thing for the show that John and Marlena are leaving they are good actors but the story lines that they have to do is very annoying it seems like they either disappear or don’t know who they are, I know I don’t care to watch all the things that happen to them, I rather see new people, and different things.

  950. From Sarah

    This is a stupid decision. Take off half the snotty nosed kids, and keep the real actors. This is the end of my watching after 15 years.

  951. From pattyb253

    Classic error….lose the best and keep the rest….long time viewer here (since Marlena had a live twin on the show) and this will about do it for me. Lose the fluff (Chloe/Daniel/Kate/EJ/Nicole and get back to the Horton – Brady clan and KEEP MARLENA AND JOHN.

  952. From marymo

    why get rid of the best characters and keep all the fluff that nobody wants to see wasted air time with anyhow. after 35 years I am so close to calling days quits…
    and now the baby mix up they are planning for sami and nicole.
    ENOUGH already.

  953. From jim

    I am heartbroken literally over them taking Deidre Hall off the show.They \MAY\ cancel the show? Go ahead,they took Deidre,cancel the show permanently now.She is my all-time favorite and they did this to her and me.Yes i even literally cried,thanx for more depression Ken Corday.Well,your show is done without Deidre Hall.Take your budget cuts and my words to the bank.

  954. From Toni

    I am 55 years old and I have watched days with my mother as a child and followed every story line to the end. But I can honestly tell you if John and Marlena leave the show I will STOP watching Days. I realize you have a NEW younger generation watching Days, but, come on, I’m not interested so much in the younger plot line. So I guess you will be losing a devoted fan when John and Marlena leave. Days just hasn’t had the same passion it used too, probably since the scene with John and Marlena on his jet when he was leaving and she came to stop him on her and Roman’s anniversary. This has been my favorite scene for many years. So long to Days. I’m going to miss you.

  955. From Maine Genealogist

    Wow,…I’ve watched DOOL from the start, and they’re certainly going to lose viewers with this move. I met Drake in Rhode Island at a fan event, shortly after he joined the show. Patch was with him as was Arlene Sorkin (Calliope). I still dig out my photos today…. I don’t know if I can stay with this through this upheaval.

  956. From carla

    I have not been a fan of John and Marlena’s for years, there story lines are always the same and boring,so I am okay to hear that there leaving. I think some of they younger stories are more entertaining to watch and that’s what this show needs….but don’t get rid of Bo and Hope or I would have to stop watching as well.

  957. From Ray

    The writing has been sophomoric for years, and now they’re firing Drake and Deirdre. Nail in the coffin. No more reason to watch, after 25+ years. Too many despicable characters, like Trent and Melanie. Too many STUPID characters, like Chelsea and, yes, Sami. Nope. I’m done.

  958. From ginger

    I will watch them leave and then so will I-the other story lines suck. I’ve waited patiently for them to finally get this super couple back together. now this….no more. Done

  959. From Judy

    Hi I have watched days from the begining and there is too much repitition. I will truley miss John and Marlenas love story.
    I accually stopped watching for a while when Marlena was killed off in that plane crash many years ago
    started watching again when John and Marlena were reunited on the pier.. please let EJ find out about the misscarriage, this is too much like Kristens false

  960. From JoAnn S.

    I have watched this show since day one. How in Gods name could ya’ll be this stupid? John & Marlena are the show, just like Tom & Alice were. Save some money by getting a new writer that will bring in more sponsers & fire some of the new idiots you have hired. If John & Marlena leave, I will to. It will be like burying a family member.

  961. From Debbie

    I to will not be watching Days any longer. When you remove John and Marlena that will cost you big in the ratings. Who’s next to go, Bo and Hope. Might as well shut off the lights and lock the doors.

  962. From Debbie

    I also will not be watching Days any longer. When you remove John and Marlena that will cost you big in the ratings. Who’s next to go, Bo and Hope. Might as well shut off the lights and lock the doors.

  963. From Donna

    I have been watching DAYS since the early eighties. My favorite characters were always John and Marlena. As soon as I found out about this, I officially stopped watching. This show is so ridiculous now.

  964. From Stacey

    WOW. I have watched days since I was a little girl. Marlena and John are a huge part of DAYS history. Bad, Bad Decision to let them go! Very disappointed in the story lines. Another big disappointment was the chemistry between old Shawn and belle. I loved the old DAYS of OUR LIVES. What happened? All the characters are gone and replaced w/these new faces and boring story lines. I have not witnessed any chemistry between these actors that make me want to watch the show. YA LOST this FAN! I don’t watch the show anymore.

  965. From jenny

    unbelievable! I have been watching for almost 40 years and John and Marlena have always been one of the main reasons. I too may stop watching. I agree with lots of others, get rid of some of these newer characters that no one really cares about

  966. From superfan

    I have watched this show well over 30 years! If John and Marlene go I will a very unhappy fan. I agree with some of the other comments posted…get rid of Melanie she is really annoying and has nothing vested in the story line. Keep those actors that have made the show a success for all you wealthy producers and directors.

  967. From Debbie

    Bad, Bad choice. Take Chloe off, she’s a terrible actress. She needs to keep it to to singing. John and Marlena should have never even been considered as a cut. I’ve watched this soap since I was a wee little girl. Always watched it with mom. My mama would be discusted if she were still here. What happened to all of the story lines that kept you coming back for more. For goodness sake, how many times has the Nicole/baby thing been done. BOREING. I fast forward through most of the show now and only watch what seems to be half way interesting.

  968. From JOAN


  969. From Gypsy

    Are you out of your minds? Taking Marlena and John out of the show will lead many veiwers to stop watching the show. And as far as Nicole and Sammy baby story, EVERYONE knows what is going to happen there. What, no writers can surprise us. Get serious and keep the stories moving or just let DOOL die with dignity. By reading all the posts, you are loosing a lot of veiwers so smarten up! I know I am going to stop watching it.

  970. From Patty Green

    This is just crazy. Day’s writers
    aren’t as good as they used to be.
    Something they need to understand.
    We, as viewers and long time fans,
    need the “comfort” of the seasoned
    actors. They become like family.
    The story line jumps around to much.Where is Theo? One day he’s fighting for his life,next day..POOF!, it’s on to something
    else.Where is Bo and Hope?
    John and Marlena will clench it for me. Days will no longer be worth watching.Even Stephano is boring these days.
    Steve and Kayla? Alot of scenes
    at the Brady Pub….but where is
    Caroline? And Roman? All we see are the “new comers”.
    Very disappointing.

  971. From carol

    You should be ashamed of yourselfs for doing away with the two people that make the show worth watching. Bring back the good old days instead of all this nonesene you have been showing. I know now I will only watch it sometimes cause without Marlene and John why watch it. I have been a days fan since my mother watch it. Think what you are doing to all there loyal fans.

  972. From slc

    Really need to keep John & Marlena on the show. If you need to make cuts, get rid of the ones who make the show look bad, like the character playing Melanie! Horrible acting!
    I will give up watching this show after 22 years if they leave.

  973. From HotrodGirl

    I can’t even imagine Days without John and Marlena. Very Sad.

  974. From Kay

    I can not believe you would let J&M go and keep Melanie, Stefano, Mia, Chloe, Kate, Victor, Chalotte, EJ, Chelsea, and all the rest off the goofballs that make it miserable to watch the show! You people are ridiculous!

  975. From Arlene

    Don’t count on me to watch Day’s if John and Marlena are not on it. I’m done.

  976. From TJ

    I’ve been watching the show since I was a little girl, my mom got me hooked and 26 years I’m still watching. I can’t believe that DOOL wants to take two of the most loved veterns off the show. Come on, what is DOOL without John and Marlena… Take off Melanie (who has no purpose) or some other character that means nothing to the show. I don’t think I can watch DOOL anymore…:(

  977. From Patty

    BIG MISTAKE!!!!! If you are really sincere about keeping Days on air
    why would you cut Marlena and John?
    They are the heart and sole of Days! You think you have low ratings now, just wait till Marlena and John leave. Listen to the fans and give them what they want and ratings will go up. DON’T cut Marlena and John.

  978. From Elisa

    I have been watching Days since I was old enough to sit on the couch with my granny. I agree with the others why not stop adding new people that I don’t even like or care about and end the season with all the old favorites like john and marlena and belle and sean and bo and hope, those are the real people of Days and it makes me mad tto see them go. I hope the writers see these and can make them come back and end the show the way the fans would like to see.

  979. From rebecca barton

    i think that the loss of marlena and john will be the end of the show. its the only reason i have watched it and i know a lot of other people who feel the same way.why get rid of some good characters instead of the sorry doesnt make sense to me, there are about a dozen cast members who are rotten get rid of them not john and marlena.. hope you listen to your viewerss…

  980. From Nancy

    I have watched DOOL for years and watched because of John and Marlena. What does DOOL hope to accomplish with these characters gone. I will not be watching anymore. This is a incredible void.

  981. From Lynne

    Well I’m very disappointed in your decision.Been watching this show since high school.I’m 57 now.Don’t forget the majority of your fans are Marlena and John’s age.If they go,so do your fans,and bye bye show.Too bad

  982. From Peggy

    Are you people crazy? You cannot possibly afford to let those two people go. You have let so many go and by letting these two go you are letting one of the greatest love stories of all time get away from you. You cannot possibly be this stupid. It is just impossible that semi intelligent people such as yourselves think that this will work out. I cannot believe that I quit watching other soaps on other channels for this. ANd they did the exact same thing. Maybe I need to rethink my time now. I am not sure that these people deserve our loyalty. Total jerks and completely assinine!!!!!

  983. From Linda Cooper

    I am VERY angry that John and Marlena is leaving. Say goodbye to your ratings now because I guarantee they will go rock bottom. Why not someone like Maggie or another actor or actress that is super boring?

  984. From Lynda

    I live for this show & have been waiting for John to get his memory back and now they are getting rid of him and Marlena. I am just sick, can’t we convince the writers to keep them and send Melanie & Daniel Jonas down the road both of them make me want to barf I can’t stand them and we could lose Stephanie as well, come on guys keep the good guys and ditch the creepy ones.

  985. From swimmermom

    After watching this show since 1971 I finally too can say goodbye. It is obvious that the writers are trying to end Days. Through everything over the past couple of years I have stayed firm, but to let them go and keep other characters is the final straw. I will miss Days, but my memories lie in a different time when the show was written for its fans. I will miss Bo & Hope, Kayla & Steve, Sammy & Lucas, Marlena, Maggie, Victor, Abe and Lexie, and of course Stefano! Good by Days from a loyal fan for over 30. years!

  986. From Cocoa

    I am losing interest in Days of Our lives more and more because the characters we all love are being eliminated. Deidra Hall is a huge part of Days of Our Lives. It is very sad. I feel Days of Our Lives is doing a dis-service to the fans and will lose them.

  987. From Cocoa

    I am losing interest in Days of Our lives more and more because the characters we all love are being eliminated. It is very sad that Deidra Hall and Drake Hogestyn are leaving. I feel Days of Our Lives is doing a dis-service to the fans and will lose them.

  988. From Kay

    You are nuts….Don’t do it and bring back Belle and Shawn and get rid of Cloe and Dr Jonas and stupid Meloney …the can’t act and most the time I fast forward my DVR so I get to the better ones on the show.

  989. From Sandy

    I have watched Days of Our Lives since the show started, I was in Jr. High and would ask my mom every day what I missed. I am 56 years old and a loyal viewer of Days..the day John (Drake) and Marlena (Deidra) leave is the day I am done with it. Writers are terrible, no families anymore to relate to (Horton’s & Brady’s). been a nice ride but stop the merry go round I am OFF.

  990. From Terri

    Marlena and John have run their course. I look forward to seeing the new guard take their place. Hopefully, they’ll make appearances now and then.

  991. From christine

    Ok, what is going on with the producers of this soap opera? Are you out of your mind? What are you thinking putting this ridiculous storyline into reality? How can you rid DOOL of 2 Icons that in fact keep watchers watching and fans of DOOL coming back daily? If your budget is in harms way don’t you think making this kind of move will cost you viewers? I left for a while when the storyline went to that lunacy of an island and came back a while ago only now to find this goings on. I am sorry to say, you need better storylines and decision makers! ciao DOOL, you will lose me after 40 years of watching only DOOL until John and Marlena return.

  992. From Mouse

    John and marlena have been the center of days in relation to stephano which has pretty much been the intire subject of the show for years. Because of them stephano has been brought back to life how many times now? How can you let them go? What will the show be about now if they are not there? That pretty much wipes out what days has been about all these years if you take them out. How do you expect any of the flashbacks and subjects of the show to make sense now? This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. What are you thinking?

  993. From donnisha

    I have watch them since i was five yrs old and they have been there since i grown up. The show will never be the same with them off the show. Please keep them.

  994. From Nancy

    This is not surprising. The writers have been horrible for years now. Stupid story lines. You are so right. Who cares about Melanie? Yuck. I don’t even like Chloe or Chelsea anymore. Max and Stephanie belong together. What is up with EJ’s hair? Is that a wig? If you dump John and Marlena, the show will be cancelled.

  995. From Prissy77kt, Mo


  996. From bobbie messer

    after over 30 years of watching Days Of Our Lives, I just may stop watching if there is no John & Marlena, Bo & Hope or anymore of the famous couples. Please keep John & Marlena on the show

  997. From from Colleen

    This is terrible news! I’ve followed Days for many years now and the couple John and Marlena are the corner stone of the whole show. Please reconsider this move.

  998. From Stacy

    This is awful. I love the couple. The good ones always go it is not right. Let the doctor and the the new blonde go ugh.

  999. From Stacy

    This is awful. All the good ones always go. They always bring in the bad actors/actresses and let the good ones go. They are my favorite couple. Been watching them for years. I am mad ugh.

  1000. From Georgia

    I would rather you cut some of the others and leave John and Marlena in. I wouldn’t care if you cut Melanie, the new Brady, Chole, Chelsey and Dr. Dan could all go for my part. I probably won’t watch the show anymore after you take Marlena and John off. They are too important to take off the show. I sincerely hope you find a way to keep them.

  1001. From Scott Yoggerst

    Big mistake on Days of Our Lives to let go of Marlena and John!! Deidre Hall has always been my favorite . I grew up watching her on Days! Days will never be the same , she was and is the face of Days of Our Lives!!

  1002. From Sarah

    I know changes come and go, but to take John & Marlena off the show is devastating. It is very obvious you don’t care about your fans. I have watched this show since it began, but this is too much. You know other actors could be cut and the fans would not be upset, but your decision makes it obvious, YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FANS. How do you think DAYS has been such a sucess for all these years, the viewers look for
    the actors that we have kept up with storylines for years.

  1003. From Robin Rogers

    I am so sad to learn of Marlena and John leaving. I have watched Days since it began so many years ago. Marlena and John along with Bo and Hope have been the reasons I have continued watching. Please plan on bringing them back really soon. I think you are making a BIG mistake by their departure.

  1004. From Patty

    Keb Corday you are making a FATAL Mistake for DOOL’s. Without Deidre and Drake there is no DOOL’s and I will stop watching. I have been a loyal fan for over 30 but I am done. If you need budget cuts, get rid of Melaine, Daniel and other new comers who just don’t cut it. You should read these comments & take action.

  1005. From Janet

    Once again we are losing actors who we the viewers are totally invested in. I am not usually home to watch days but record it on by dvr daily. I fast forward through many of the stupid and boring storyines are going on right now. As much as I have hated the John storyline losing his memory I have been so anxious for it to come back and he and marlena come back to front burner interesting storylines again but I guess that is not gonna happen. These is nothing even holding my interest right now because these current storylines are just plain boring, you have even made the bo/hope stories boring and you barely even show steve or kayla you have all these younger actors who don’t hold a candle to the vetern actors. The only addition I am truly happy with is the new Brady Black. Melanie is a waste of airtime. I guess I will be turning to something else because days in just not worth the time anymore which is really sad.

  1006. From Debi

    I can’t believe they would let them go!!! Like many others who have commented, I have been watching Days for a over 20 years. Hopefully the people making the decision read this message board and realzie they are making a HUGE mistake.

  1007. From Barb

    Best wishes to “John & Marlena” as they continue their final “DOL” days with their outstanding acting. Some other network will snatch them quickly. I will miss seeing both of them.

    Good Luck Drake & Deidre. Thanks for the memories.

  1008. From Dawn

    I am so sad for this day to come for Days, i have grown up watching Marlena and John i understand budget cuts but cut the ones who make days reek, so of them on this show, who is next Bo and Hope? Days has gotten way of of control now there will be nothing to watch, thanks alot

  1009. From John & Marlena Fan

    The 1st official day that
    John & Marlena (Drake & Deidre) are no longer active characters on
    Days of Our Lives will be the last day that I watch Days of Our Lives
    until the writers and producers have come to your senses and the characters return. I
    have been a fan of Days for more than 10 years now. My interest in
    the show began with the explosive chemistry between John and Marlena,
    and that is where my interest in the show will end. In fact John and
    Marlena are the main reason I continue to watch.

    My heart dropped to my stomach when I heard the news. I have never
    been compelled to write a letter to a network regarding a television
    show, but the decision to get rid of John and Marlena is compelling
    enough. I felt a loss when we were led to believe that John Black was
    dead, and I dealt with it. I mean after all, it is only television.
    But getting rid of Marlena is just tooooooooo much! That would be
    like All My Children or One Life to Live getting rid of Erica Kane or
    Vickie. And Erica and Vickie don’t even compare to Marlena.

    I understand that the economy is having an effect on your budget, and
    I realize that these two beloved characters may be salary heavy. But
    their characters are beloved by so many for a reason. They have
    incredible chemistry together or apart, and I’m sure you have realized
    this and have compensated them accordingly; deservedly so. If your
    budget is the main reason for giving these characters the axe, then
    please consider axing some of the character below (in the order
    listed) before you ever think about taking John and Marlena off the

    1. Melanie
    2. Roman (Even if you don’t want to get rid of him, get another actor.
    No one likes Josh as Roman.)
    3. Nick
    4. Caroline
    5. Max
    6. Kayla
    7. Steve “Patch”
    8. Maggie
    9. Mickey
    10. Abe
    11. Lexie
    12. Bo
    13. Hope

    Also, I would suggesting bringing back Belle (give her more depth and
    edge) and Shawn Douglas. We also need more of Anna (she is great
    comic relief), Tony and Victor.

    I hope the writters seriously think about what they are doing before they make a terrible mistake. John and Marlena
    are the anchors of this show, and I’m sure they will lose far more than
    they will gain if they are let go. Because like me, I’m sure so many
    fans will walk away, and with us walks advertising and
    sponsorship dollars.

  1010. From Julie

    I am so upset that John and Marlena are leaving. They are the reason I watch the show. Their stories and chemistry always intrigue me. I will miss them so much, the soap has lost my interest and I’ve been watching for 25 years. Keep John and Marlena and get rid of some of the others. Keep Bo and Hope too, they are my other fave couple.

  1011. From just a guy

    so basically get rid of the main characters and bring in No name people who like previous people have said we dont care about this is like cutting water off drom hydro generation stations just not going to work out you should just cancel the show theres no reason a company thats makes money should be serving no name products

  1012. From DOOL Fan for 39 years

    You’ve got to be kidding me! This is unbelievable that NBC, budget cuts or not, would permit two endearing characters that have made such a huge impact on the show go. You keep bringing on stupid story lines and characters like Melanie and her father. Who cares. The real draw for fans are the super couples, John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, and Steve & Kayla…and of course Stefano. This is the biggest mistake you could make. Your ratings won’t be going up, no revenue, so what then no show? What about the loyal DOOL fans, don’t we deserve better. Shame on you NBC!

  1013. From Mary

    I just watched the episode and I cried. I cant believe you are actually going to get rid of John and Marlena. They are the couple that have been there for so long. I enjoy watching every episode with them. Some episodeds I dont like watching are EJ and Stefano, Abe and Lexi, Nicole and Ej, are any episode with Melanie. There are people that could go first without getting rid of John and Marlena. Anymore of these dumb decisions and I will choose not to watch your show anymore.

  1014. From Kimberly Valenzuela

    Surely you know that taking John and Marlena off of DAYS will make it not worth watching for most of us. Better that they go on a little (and I really mean LITTLE) vacation and then come home where they belong. And for goodness sake let them be happy from now on. Where we can SEE them be happy. Sometimes, we just need some happy, not more drama. And just so you know…every time that girl that plays Melanis has a scene, I turn the channel and watch something else for the rest of the hour. I missed several weeks due to her. I have been a fan for 29 years.

  1015. From lynn

    Today was my last day watching Days. Why watch if main characters are simply written out. Why not get rid of Kala (where the heck did Steve go? not that I miss him). Well I guess I’ll have to fine another soap (ABC) to take the place of Days. Too Bad the folks in charge made this change. A lot of viewers will be leaving.

  1016. From june

    Well, if you were looking for a way to have Days cancelled for good, you found it! John and Marlena are the heart of this soap and there are several others who could be axed and no one would miss them. You’ve practically gotten rid of Caroline already, so just let her and Victor get together and take an extended “honeymoon”. Get rid of that stupid Melanie, you got rid of Nick, get rid of Dr Jonas and Chloe and I’m sure that will make up for the salaries of John and Marlena. I don’t know how you can fire someone that is so important to the show and has such a huge fan base. If I were the “head honchos”, I would rethink this one!

  1017. From mmartin

    After watching DOL for over 30 years, I may have to quit. The writing has been pitiful for quite some time, and now the show is getting rid of the best actors! Producers must think viewers are stupid and only want young sexy characters. Wrong! What we really want are good actors and more realistic, faster-moving story lines. It’s sad to see the decline and death of such a long-running show!

  1018. From Nancy A.

    I have watched days from its very first show and today I stopped. The weak story lines, insipid teeny bobber girls who can’t act their way out of a basket and now the very worst…without John and Marlena this show has hit its very bottom. What is wrong with the people who are supposed to be in charge? VERY STUPID MISTAKE!!!!

  1019. From Jackie

    I am in shock! I can’t believe they would fire John & Marlena! I have been watch Days for 20+ years. I am fed up with the stupid story line of Kate. Same thing all the time. Why not get rid of her and that stupid Melanie!? I just can’t believe it. The love that John & Marlena portrayed came off as a real strong love. One that made me want my life to be like that. Some of the other characters are filled with lust not true love. This is a sad day for the show and I am seriously considering not watching it any more. Maybe I will start watching the Young and the Restless again! STUPID MOVE PEOPLE !!!!!!!

  1020. From Shirley

    With Marlena and John gone you have upset so many fans that I doubt your show with survive.

  1021. From Clara

    This was my last day of watching DAYS! You fired John 7 Marlena and kept Kate,Daniel, Melanie. What are you thinking? Who cares about them? The same can be said for Tony, Ana, Brady and Chloe.Mr. Corday, Jr. you messed up what your Dad gave you. SHAME!!

  1022. From Jamie Lee

    All right. Days of our Lives will be the next show to get cancelled. There bringing in all these new people who no one really knows. All the good characters left and are leaving. This show is so stupid now I haven’t watched it in a couple years. And no one will be watching it soon cuz it’s gonna get cancelled.

  1023. From Chrissy

    You guys are fkn crazy, anyone in thier right minds wouldn’t get rid of the long time veterans.

  1024. From Judy & Paul Van Pelt

    John and Marlena should not have to leave the show they have been the main charters for many years.
    the budget is a poor excuse.
    with over 45 comercials should

  1025. From Kathy

    Well, that had to be the worst send off for a couple I have ever seen! We have watched endlessly about John and Marlena to have it end like that! Because they are gone I will no longer be watching Days…I have watched for over 20 years and was such a fan. But this writing is absolutely horrible. It was good when Nicole was really pregnant and turning over a new leaf ….I can’t stand to watch this now! Do they think we are stupid? It is so obvious she is going to try to steal Sammy’s baby! Probably switch them with Mia’s ….there is never anything good on this anymore. Nobody is allowed to even be happy….I am done! I too am leaving with Marlena and John, because my memory of Days of Our Lives is better than what they are writing now………

  1026. From DANIELLE


  1027. From LIZZA


  1028. From Ambra

    I have to agree with most of the comments I have read on here. Getting rid of John and Marlena (Diedre & Drake) was a huge upset. I watched their final day today and was terribly disappointed. I have been watching this show for 25 years and I have been able to pretty much call every storyline punch you have aired! I think they do need a fan in to help write the show. Drake and Diedre have been my faves since I started watching the show in my early teens. Get rid of the idiot people who don’t know how to act anyway (Melanie!) before you decide to write off two of the most beloved actors/characters. Very bad move. If they don’t bring them back I will not watch the show ever again. And I have recorded it everyday for the past 20+ years! Get somebody in there who really knows how to write good storylines for the most popular characters!

  1029. From Helen

    I have been so sad since yesterday’s show when John and Marlena had their last scene. I will miss her sparkly smile, and his devotion to her. I’ve been watching for over 40 years, and the only other time I felt this way was when Bo and Hope were gone. I do hope John and Marlena come back, especially Marlena. Deirdre, we miss you already!

  1030. From Manette

    This is depressing! John and Marlena feel like real life close friends of mine and they are a Days super couple!

  1031. From Mary Lou

    Oh clam down everyone. We all know how the day time soaps go. They will be back! This is all to boost ratings. And get your goat! Look how many times all the others came & gone, and came back!

  1032. From Kimberly

    I’m done watching this show. You keep the new stupid character, Melanie and bring in the new shrink to mess with John and Marlena and get rid of the two best chatacters on the show. Are you people NUTS !!!!!!!! Some needs to get rid of you STUPID WRITERS !!!!!!! I’v been watching this show for over 30 years, but I’m done now.

  1033. From Alice from Brockton

    Are you people crazy? What is next? Bo & Hope? John & Marlena ARE Days of Our Lives. You might as well watch your ratingsgo down VERY QUICKLY!!! Why are you keeping Melanie? That squeaky voice and adolescent attitude id enough to make one sick. I fastforward thru her scenes. Please!!!!! Rethink this decision!!!!!! You will be sorry!!!!!!!!! I am afraid you will go the way of Passions only quicker!


  1034. From liza

    omg,get over it,i stopped watching ALL soaps in ’95 because some ***hole killed 2 innocent people IN REAL LIFE. i hate to admit that but i was glued to the t.v. and the joker STILL got away with it-I HATE HIM but i did get OFF 2 soaps i WAS hooked on–i never realized just how stupid they are and how ridiculous. i fill my life with REAL life now–and i am sooo fullfilled–think about what is going on–these things don’t happen in everyday life–as for “marlena & john”—old, very old–time to go IF soaps must go on

  1035. From LisaD

    I think you are NUTS for sending these two professionals away. They helped to define DAYS and if your father were able to see how you have managed the $$ on that show, things would be much different and “John and Marlena” would definitely be there!. Perhaps you could use some professional psychotherapy and accounting courses.

  1036. From FRANCES


  1037. From RAFFIE


  1038. From Summer

    It sucks but does everyone not realize firing a few newcomers would not equal there pay! There always has to be new comers that come and go, vets is the only way to make a budget cut!!! As much as it sucks I would rather them leave then the show be over! I have been watching for over 25 years and I don’t know what I would do with out the show!!!!

  1039. From Pat


  1040. From jan

    20+ year fan and agree with most comments. John & Marlena work, letting them go for the newer generation is a mistake. Letting Drake go in the beginning was a mistake, letting him remain \robotic\ was too long, now that he’s returning to his \normal\ state then taking him off the show is a bigger mistake. Think about what made Days as popular as it was/is? The icons of this show is what is keeping fans, the next gen are apart of that but can’t carry the show. Frankly, without the \john and marlenas\ of Days, it would be very boring! Good luck as I believe you will need it without john and marlena!

  1041. From Linda

    I was SO disappointed to hear this…John & Marlene were definitely key to the show, in my opinion. Sure hope the powers that be re-think this poor decision. (Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel has been turned into a really shallow character!) These changes are not good!!

  1042. From minda williams

    i have watched this program for 43 years. i think this sucks royal. you need to keep the key players. I only watch this one soap. so long ,no more soaps for me . Minda

  1043. From Melissa C

    This blows my mind. I have watched this show since I was 7 (now 37) and it seems it just keeps getting worse. You wonder why ratings are down—1st the storylines drag out forever you can miss a month turn it on and haven’t missed anything. 2nd all the good ones who we have adorn are gone and you get these idiots like Melanie who can’t _____. Instead of getting rid of the good actors that we love why not get rid of the over paid writers and bring in someone who cares about the viewers and maybe then your ratings will increase. Bring back John and Marlena and Shawn and Belle!!!!! Get us some new fresh material and not this crap that you know what is going to happen before it has…such as the EJ, Nicole, Sammy saga that is happening now…everyone knows what is going to happen there. Give us something new something that will actually blow our minds.

    Edited to remove actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  1044. From Mary

    Get rid of Melanie,………..for God sakes.Every time a scene appears with her…………..I change the channel. Pay more….get more…….John and Marlena are worth every penny. Get rid of all the young people….chloe, philip, brady, max,etc. Get with it ”producer.”
    Get the ”Class act back.”

  1045. From Carole Hinger

    I have watched Days of Our Lives for more years than I care to admit. My mother and father (yes, father) got me watching when I was a young mother in Texas, over 25 years ago. John and Marlena have been a main-stay of the program for a very long time. I will miss them very much. I suppose that one has to keep current and the younger actors/actresses are what the college age kids want to watch. My parents, who are still alive, have quit watching Days due to so many of the older cast being pushed aside. I suppose it won’t be long until I will feel the same as they do. Once Bo and Hope are gone, I will be, too.

  1046. From wanda taylor

    Marlena’s and John’s last day will be my last day of watching DOOL. I have been watching since 73 now my days will be free. Fire the new people we do not care about them.

  1047. From Carol

    40 plus years down the tube – I can’t believe it – GOOD LUCK, you’re going to need it to keep the show alive and back off on all the hot,illicit passion – that’s NOT what real life is all about.

  1048. From Julie

    The news is dreadful! Taking Marlena off the program is not only upsetting, but it is not right. Most of us watch Days to see how Marlena handles the many situations that her character has gotten into. Marlena never ceases to get ‘older’. She is just beautiful! Even my husband enjoys watching Days because Marlena is on the show. There are so many ‘little’ situations going on now that we could do with less intricasies and focus more on the main characters of Days. Melanie and her situation is not of any interest…who cares? Phillip and Stephanie is a take it or leave it story point. There are too many story lines going on. How about deleting some?????? Is there any one out there that has some good suggestions for the writers?

  1049. From Julie

    Haven’t we all had enough of Nicole and her ‘stupid’plots. This character has become nauseating to watch as she minipulates the people around her. Since it is 2009, let’s have her character become one of the story lines that is not so ‘in your face’ everyday. It has become a show that you can watch on Monday and Friday, as the inbetween days of the week are only recaps.

    Let us talk about Sami! We watchers would like to see some kind of happiness come to her with her children etc. It is the same old thing, day in, day out.

    As we go forward in our own lives in 2009, we all look forward to fulfilling our days with other things than ‘sorrow’. Lord know that we have enough to bear just living our OWN lives.

    I look forward to a positive chanage with Days of Our Lives!

  1050. From Brenda

    You’ve got to be kidding. The two people that has kept the show going for so many years are being let go. Gee, I can think of a few people that are only taking air time away from the main ones on the show. Well, I guess I will have a free hr. now that was being spent to watch John and Marlena. I think you need to fire the people that made came up with such a stupid story line. Well, you have fired me from watching your show. From a long time faithful watcher, you lost me. Brenda

  1051. From delores

    are you all nuts? how could you take off john and marlena! i have been watching this since in my twenties. i am now 64 and you writers and whoever else is in charge need to hire marlena and john back. they are the backbone of the show like alice and tom were. get a grip i may just start watching general hospital or all my children. geez people wake up. take that stupid melanie off. i suppose next you will take stefano off. how dumb.

  1052. From Chicago fan

    Thank you for giving me an extra 40 minutes 5 days a week. I no longer need to watch the show. Apparently Darwinism applies to TV shows too.

  1053. From Pat Martin

    Getting rid of John and Marlena is over-due and I hope the writers don’t give into fan pressure to re-instate them. My only regret is that I will bashing them with fans who share my opinion!

  1054. From Zaida

    Please,bring back Marlena&John, they have the best chemistry, their story lines have been great Let other characters who are so annoying w/none sense story lines go(Melanie,Max,Anna,Daniel,Maggie)
    Please bring back John and Marlena & Belle & Shawn. I have been a fan for 40yrs.Please, reconsider, it’s not too late.

  1055. From Deborah

    Firing of Marlena and John – r u people nuts! Budget cuts? Why not trim your wallet’s! I know things are hard but no other shows are firing their people! I know people come and go on this show and I know it’s a long time running show – I’ve watched it from the beginning – sad that you can’t figure out what to do with it.

  1056. From Joyce Singer

    Goodbye Days! I’m leaving with Marlena and John. Bring them back and I’ll be back.

  1057. From frank smith


  1058. From robert

    yeah i agree days of our lives SUCK BIG TIME. need to just take it off the air.

  1059. From Brenda

    I agreee with Karen!!—-Days won’t be the same without these MAIN CHARACTER’S.. Steve & Kayla, Bo & Hope and John & Marlena. Yes, as far as I’m concerned too, you should get rid of other newcomers instead. These couples are who we bonded with in the first place. Not sure if I’ll continue to watch without them! 40 yr. fan!

  1060. From constance


  1061. From sandee

    I don’t know where the writers are getting there scripts to write off such beloved actors on Days.. DISAPPOINTED……………
    Marlena and John.. Kayla and Steve. This is crazy they are the back bone of this show. along with Sammy, Bo and Hope. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR FANS…. WRITERS I have watched this show since 1965 and look what you are doing now.

  1062. From Debbi

    You have got to be kidding me? I have watched this show since it started, and am VERY disappointed in this new direction. How can you continually take away people who are the anchors of the show? I would rather see people like Melanie, Chloe, Nichole, and Mia and a lot of the ‘insignficants’ leave, then to loose the great icons of the show. People dream about finding great loves like John/Marlena or Steve/Kayla or even Bo/Hope..and what do you do? I agree w/ everyone on this site.. if they go — WE GO. You think ‘Days’ rating were going down before? They will definately be going downhill drastically now that people don’t have anything to look forward to. I have grown very tired of the whiney, boring drama of Chloe, Nichole and Melanie. Since they have been just about the major players lately, I have been finding myself fast forwarding thru all of their scenes as it is…I think the writers should SERIOUSLY reconsider this. They are making a HUGE mistake!

  1063. From Sherry

    I have been watching Days since 1967. I was 10 years old and watched it when I went home from school for lunch. If you are getting rid of all of the best people on the show then I guess I need to find me a new show. Getting rid of John and Marlena is just stupid. I agree with Karen and Brenda. Getting rid of the main characters is beyond stupid. First John and Marlena and now Steve and Kayla, are Beau and Hope next? Wise up before you dont have a show left!!!

  1064. From Ellie

    I am so so sorry to see the end of another era, loosing Marlena and John. I have watched the show since it first broadcasted years and years ago. This is almost like loosing a family….I was always so happy to see Marlena and that absolutely wonderful smile of hers. This is a shame.

  1065. From Kh

    This is nuts you would think the exec’s would get rid of unneccessary characters in ridiculous plots ie
    Daniel now that all he does is sleep with any female he can get
    his hands on.
    Anna & Tony since they don’t really
    have any plot line.

    I like this Rafe guy but let him go
    if John and Marlena can come back.

    I would like to see the recovery.

    There are so many characters referenced also that we never see so if they are not working and on the payroll illiminate them.

  1066. From S.O.

    I know that most of these comments will fall upon \deaf ears\ but have the writers not learned anything from past mistakes? We, as fans, fought so hard to see our favorites on Days and have, once again, been let down. My fiance and I have been watching Days for at least 28 years for the people that are now being tossed off the show. The only \young\ person that we liked is voluntarily leaving. As with most of the people that commented here, we will no longer be watching. We want to see people OUR age and not just the ones that were born well after we started high school. It was hard enought to see \Tom Horton\ die and find out that Francis Reed cannot do it any more. I feel that this is the show commiting suicide. I guess it was decided that being the longest running soap opera on television is not really an honor!

  1067. From Karen

    Although I love John and Marlena, I believe that the Soap can go on with younger generations. Melanie is very annoying. GET RID OF HER. I believe Rafe and Sami should fall in love and Chloe and Dr. Jonas make a great couple. There should also be more story lines that are more like real life. It would also be nice a very years down the road, John and Marlena do come back with more interesting story lines.

  1068. From Queenie

    you need to be keeping the older ones & getting rid of the idiots like melane. I can not stand her doesn’t do a thing for the show

  1069. From BJ

    I am very disappointed that so many of the original stars are no longer visable on Days. It is such a loss to see Marlena and John go. I hope they reconsider and bring them back as they are an integral part of the show. I have been watching as long as they have been on the air. It is not the same and something is missing.

  1070. From Ellie

    I’ve watched the show since it started..with the very first episode. Writers need to worry about THEIR writing and not getting rid of people. The loss of John and Marlena is ridiculous and the story that Nicole faked her pregancy? That is so Elaine Davidson….fire the writers!

  1071. From susan

    as someone who was laid off from a job I loved because of the economy,I think it’s pretty sad to let the older ones go because they are making the most. I am 59. I have watched DOOL since 1978 when I was home full time with my babies. When I returned to work I taped the show everyday on a VCR and more recently on my DVR. Sadly now that I’m unemployed with no prospects for a job at my age, I can’t even watch my 2 favorite character. Thanks so much Producers!

  1072. From Linda Reilly

    What were you people thinking! Did someone bump their head getting out of bed the morning they decided to drop Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn? I can’t believe you did that! Please, bring them back because it won’t be the same without them. Also, we need to see more of Peggy Castle, and the characters of Maggie and Mickey. Belle and Sean have been gone too long also, and where has Anna been? The writers need to step up if they want to keep their audience!

  1073. From aso ankle brace

    I agree with above commenter Frank Smith. Days has been getting old for a long time now. I think the letting go of John and Merlena is a great attempt to keep the show fresh and add some new faces.

  1074. From Scott Yoggerst

    I have not watched Days of Our Lives since they let Deidre Hall and Drake go! I was a fan since I was very young but no more!

  1075. From Jennifer

    I am 35 years old, I have been watching dool with my mom since I was 5. Days without Marlena and John is unthinkable…I’m still trying to get over Mr.Brady leaving…

  1076. From Jenny

    Glad to see them both go really. Now maybe Deidre Hall can work full time for Obama. Maybe he can get her a job somewhere in the White House since she’s now unemployed.

  1077. From Bob

    I hate not seeing John and Marlena. If they get rid of Kate too then I’m quitting watching for sure they can shove it.
    Get rid of those whiny little bitches like Melanie instead like I really want to listen to that.
    I expect the show will be anouncing it’s going to end making cuts like they are doing.

  1078. From Jo

    I agree with all of the above comments. Marlena and John are the main stays of this soap. Get rid of all the silly people: Melanie,
    Dr. Johas, that blackmailng doctor, the new baby’s mother. This story line does not seem to be going aanywhere. Why get rid of
    Tony? What did he do. I really can not imagine the reasoning for getting rid of Marlena and John just when they were getting back together and he was the old John.
    This soap has been on so many years and I have watched it from the very beginning, but I sincerely believe you have made a terrible mistake and will be losing a great deal of viewers.

  1079. From Mari

    I am so so sad that John and Marlena are gone – it’s just not DOOL without them.

    Why don’t they take off some of the characters that are not important??
    I guess John and Marlena make more money so they let them go………..THAT is AGE and SALARY DISCRIMINATION.
    That should not be done when the public really likes and wants to see those characters. DOOL doesn’t care about it’s viewers obviously – just money.

  1080. From Martha Mitchell

    I have watch Days since the early 70′s. I am terribly disappointed by the decision to remove Marlena and John. Marlena makes Days… Days. I hope that it is not true about Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla. If so you will be losing a lot of long time viewers. What is the point!!!

  1081. From SB

    Why don’t you writers just call the show “The Nicole Walker” show since she’s the only face we seem to be seeing almost every day. After 41 years – this is the very worst I’ve ever seen on Days. How old are your writers, 2-years-old?

  1082. From SB

    Oh…and the most important part? I’m threw with Days! Your writers must be trying to end the show on purpose!

  1083. From Carole Rier

    Days has taken a turn for the worst by getting rid of the veterans. Alot of fans have watched this show for years and would like the older actors kept with better story lines. If this keeps up I will quit watching.

  1084. From Jennifer

    The reason veterans are being let go instead of new actors is the difference in their pay. Jay Kenneth Johnson and Deidre Hall make a lot more money. You can bet this is only temporary. I think all of you are overreacting. As soon as the budget allows for their return, you will see them again. Relax!

  1085. From Suzy

    Without the continuity of John and Marlena, Days is losing out on a fan base, I believe. No matter how many of the young and “hot” stars come on board, the ineraction between John & Marlena and the DeMeras is definitely missing. John would certainly make Stefano’s life miserable, and he deserves it.

  1086. From MagicOPromotion

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  1087. From J

    I have been watching Days since Hope was little girl. I love John and Marlana, Bo and Hope, and still love Patch and Kayla even tho they haven’t had a good story. I haven’t watched Days since John and Marlena left. I check in for about 5 mins. then turn it off because there really isn’t anything to spark my interest anymore.

  1088. From Judy Wilkison

    After years of watching I cannot believe john & marlena are gone why not get rid of max’s sister she is obviously no actress!!Also tired of chloe and brady.

  1089. From GH Fletcher

    Wish you would bring John & Marlena back, really miss them, they are someone my age can relate to. Also PLEASE NO more bedrooms scenes like the one that Philip and Stephanie did. If they want to do porn, let them move on to another show.

  1090. From ella

    I having been watching days also for years if I see today show on in any more time slots I will scream pay the actors like John and Marlena I just want to watch this imaginary story forever!

  1091. From mamaof3

    this whole show makes me sick! first get rid of nicole she makes me sick with her lying @$$!!! let sami finally have a real relationship with a GOOD MAN!
    mia needs to just let go of will b/c he’s boring i could go on and on, but i’m not the writer. YOU GUYS BETTER GET A GRIP BEFORE YOU HAVE NO VIEWERS! DOOL IS STARTIN TO SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!

  1092. From nicepeach2

    Well, I started watching Young and Restless because of “Julie” as Julie and Doug (real husband and wife), now I find that the Young and Restless story at least makes sense. Days of our Lives use to have values and sense and after all their audience is aging and we don’t like all this hip hop junk. I watched DOOL since the beginning


    When you got rid of iedre Hall you lost this viewer for good. I have been a fan since 1976. She has made DOOL wt it is today. Your decision shows how stupid and cheap U really are and you don’t know how to handle cut backs.

  1094. From PEG

    You really messed up when you started taking the people that made Days of Our Lives the show it was.Since you have taken John,Marlena and some of the others like Kayla,Steve,Tony and a few others, I have only watched the show a few times.If some of them arn’t brought back, I don’t think the show will last long.
    I had been watching Days for over 20 years.

  1095. From Brenda Ayerdis

    The scripts at DOOL are getting worse and worse as time goes by. I’m tired of Stephanie and Phillip’s constant on-again, off-again relationship. Stephanie can’t make a decision and stand by it. “I love you, Phillip, but I can’t live like this…”, then she agrees to marry the dude? And what was the deal in bringing Tony back and then killing him off….AGAIN!!!??? He and Anna’s interactions were so sexy and he is so galant. Nothing like a rich, suave, olive skinned, good looking, well-dressed man…Also, get rid of Melanie. She whines way too much and what’s with sending everybody off to somewhere else? Kate and Chelsea to England, John and Marlena to who knows where, Kayla and Steve are never around. Oh yeah…now that Sami and Rafe are having sex, I hope she’s smart enough to use some form of birth control…E-Gads…

  1096. From Paula

    I have watched Days since the first show on the air, and I was thrilled when you brought Steve and Kayla back, I had waited years for that to happen. Getting rid of all the vets is the kiss of death for me, if you need better ratings perhaps you need to look to the writing staff and get better story lines, and keep the vets who can act. The show has sunk to a all time low for me. I think it is the begining of the end.

  1097. From melissa

    i am so glad john and marlena are finally gone! i have watched the show for years and have always hated them. they make me sick! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the keepers on the show are sammi, stefano, victor, kate. they’re always up to something interesting.

  1098. From Katie

    I don’t usually watch the websites on DOOL but had to check in and thought just maybe John and Marlena would be back. Why are you doing this to the show? Like earlier fans, I’ve been watching since the 60′s and you’re wiping out some of the best charactors. I almost puked with the Chelsea and Daniel plot, (incest at it’s best). If Bo and Hope leave, then I doubt that I’ll be back. All the charactors are getting younger and younger and I have very little interest in any of them. Please take into consideration what these posts are trying to tell you. We’re your fan base. If we stop watching, what then??? Bring back John, Marlena, Steve & Kayla and even Chelsea was better than the plot with Stephanie and Philip. Who cares about them anyway?

  1099. From sylvie

    i miss John and Marlena very much and since they left i have not watched the show as often as i have in the past….hopefully they will come back soon….looking forward to it and i also miss steve and kayla

  1100. From Rosalie

    The show is no good without John & Marlena…..

  1101. From Linda

    Well because of the changes you’ve already lost hubby on DOOL and now that they have brought the very BAD actors of the horrible soap Passions……into the show they are loosing me. Whenever I see them -Ethen and Theresa- all I keep seeing is the sickening repetion of ohhhhhhh I loovee you, Please !!!!

  1102. From Lyagushkka

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  1103. From SB

    Hoping to find some good news on DOOLs for a change, I tune in (a rare event lately) only to find that I was watching ‘Passions’! I didn’t like Passions before and I certainly don’t think bringing in the ‘Passions’ crew to “spruce up” DOOLs will help the show. My conclusion…. your writers must be on some mind-altering drugs. This is not DOOLs.

  1104. From Paula

    Please bring Doc, and John back. I really miss them.

  1105. From Jenn

    Wow.. i can see getting rid of some of the old characters if they REALLY had too they haven’t had a good story line in a long time :( boo to the writters this year!! but seriously replacing them with Passions crew???????? It’s soooo not going to work, Days will fall off the TV network just like Passions. Sorry Writters/Managers of the show, Passions was taken off because they had no fans, no good story line, no good actors & the show was just quite stupid. and your making Days of our Lives just as dumb. Honestly if ratings are dropping so much you need to cut big casts to save money? maybe it’s not actors that needs to be cut? just may be the writters?? Get rid of the new writters (i’m assuming in the past year there has been new writters? cause some of the story is just ridiculous)and bring back some old writters that are 30 year fans of the show. You’ll get much more ratings and not have to cut the BIG TIMER’s that everyone loves :)
    I love Days but these new pointless new comers are dumb! Melanie?
    Ariana?(first one wasn’t too bad but the new one Ex Teresa on passions bad soap actress)
    The crazy Red Head? lol
    we need some of the oldies back like Billy loved her a little ciniving biaaach but good story line lol and get me wanting more and what ever happened to Eric sammy’s twin brother? and her sister Keri & austin and mike horton!!
    To get more viewers and keep people watching bring back some oldies!! :D

  1106. From Jenn

    oh i so forgot about Belle and Shawn!! they were adourable!! in the next 15-20years if Days is still runnning, they so would have been the long time veteran’s that everyone loves likes John/Marlena Bo/Hope :D and be grandparents and maybe even own the Brady’s Restaraunt! they’ll be the next Caroline & Shawn haha i would love to see a show “20 years later from Day of our Lives” tahts would be interesting… humm I think it would be a good movie to make!! :D

  1107. From Ksndra

    I gave it a shot — i really did. But the writing is still so bad, just sorry updates of old storylines. Elvis and Sammy kept me hanging in there long after I would have after John and Marlena left. But now I’m done. I thank the show for keeping me entertained for ten years. The last two years, you should thank me for watching, thinking that things would improve. KC, consider keeping most of the cast — replace your writers.

  1108. From Garrett North Carolina

    This would be a huge loss for the fans and the show. This show revolves around the original cast members. This show was and can be number one again. Let’s not let it slip away by taking away all the vet cast members off the show. They all seem to be going to the other soaps. Bring them back and get back on top.

  1109. From Annette

    I love to see Bo & hope together, they are definately made for each other please send back Carlie, before sending her let the secret of her daughter be known to everyone in Salem. John & Marlena need to be back, why taking off those good character that keep the show alive. I love Days of Our Lives. God Bless.

  1110. From Aunt B

    Well I must say that as a fan since the very beginning of Days I am sooooo disappointed in todays writing of the show. After losing Marlena, John, Patch and Kayla I became a “sometimes” watcher and watch at night when I can fast forward thru it on the DVR. The writing has become so ludicrus and stupid that I can watch 5 days shows in less than 2 hours. I never watch the show when it airs. I only watch after recording on my DVR.
    The writers of today are surely only teenie boppers who don’t know squat about how to write a good show and keep their followers interested in watching.

    The writing and filming of “Alice’s” death and funeral was absoutely dreadful!!!!! Thanks for bringing some of the Horton’s back but you could have at least given them some good lines other than “Hello, I’m so sorry about Gran/Mother/Alice”. It was good to see the family but the actors all acted as if they were in front of a firing line instead of a camera.
    I can’t stand to see Carly on screen (definately a fast forward time); she acts as if she were the moral police of all the story lines (Chloe),she has never done wrong(killing her husband and almost killing her daughter), and it is ok for her to step in and sleep with Bo because she is the one who loves him (not Hope).
    I also am sick of Melanie, Chloe, Daniel,Stephanie, Nathan, Ari, Phillip, Chad and Vivian.
    Thanks for not listening to your fans and sending a wonderful long running show into the “crapper” and probably off the network screen.

  1111. From mark

    It really stinks that they are getting rid of old favorites like john and marlena, steve and kayla,etc. This made Alice Hortons funeral even sadder than it was. Now is Hope leaving Salem, too?

  1112. From Dedire hall | Keikeigallery

    [...] Days of Our Lives Loses Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn! | [...]

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