Days of Our Lives Spoilers for December 1-5.

Next week, things will be getting even more uncomfortable for Nicole, if that’s at all possible.

Dr. Baker joins the cast of Salem’s many physicians and she instantly implores him to help her lie to EJ about the baby situation. Will the smitten EJ fall for these deceptions? His father seems less trusting. Since Rolf is apparently busy somewhere else, Stefano will be calling for an obstetrician to examine Nicole. Things could become even more uncomfortable around the mansion as the week winds down though. Rafe will be making the sojourn into town and head over to the DiMera mansion to dig for some details about the mayor’s killer.

In the romance department, Steve and Kayla will try to take a break for their hectic schedules to enjoy some romantic time together. Why does planning for romance sound like a recipe for failure, or boredom? Meanwhile, Melanie may have romantic inclinations of her own. Now that the man who loves her is safely locked away, she tells Maggie that she’s ready to ‘prove’ herself to Philip. Is she out for a job or something else? And what will her old enemy and now, apparent rival, Stephanie, have to say about this?

Across town, Lucas informs his mother that he has made a proposal to Chloe. If that bit of information doesn’t make Kate feel any better, Daniel has some that might. The hardworking doctor takes a break from making eyes at Chloe to find a bone marrow match for Kate.

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  1. From Michele

    I new it all along when Nicole lost the baby she is going to make sure EJ will not find out and Nicole will be going to the church where Sami was and I just know that sami will have the baby there and Nicole is going to take the baby and pass it out as her own and EJ will never know. We will see if I am right…

  2. From Amy

    OK, I thought Kate had lung cancer, since when does bone marrow work on lung cancer, because I have a relative that would love to know!!

  3. From Jaxie

    It was so predictable. So Nicole will lose the baby and trick EJ in to thinking she is still preggers? We have been there several times and done it already…to the point of exhaustion. Yep, stealing Sami’s baby is in the cards. I am so disappointed in this turnout. And Marlena’s reaction to John and almost shooting the guy who has cold-bloodedly killed the major and is after her daughter was a bit of a puzzle. Is this squeamish Marlena the same as the one who shot Stephano up and left him for brocolli?? What goes here?And Dr Dan, quit making eyes at Chloe or she will definitely have a relapse. Everyone who gets around him needs emergency surgery or has a medical drama of some sort. He is not only a bit kookie but really a typhoid Mary when it comes to the ladies. One thing about kissing him. Someone is going to lose a front tooth. When he and Chelsea kissed, she would grab him and plant a large one on him like an attack. He did the same to Kate yesterday. Sort of dangerous and not that much of a turn on. I love my front teeth. I’d be frightful of kissing him. So watch it Chloe, a double edged threat to your health and front teeth.

  4. From Jaxie

    I am on a roll now. Kayla, bless her heart, needs to lighten up. She looks to be in constant distress. No one can keep that up forever or it will be one gigantic meltdown. Kayla and Patch are just near as interesting as Bo and Hope. And they sure can ditch the kids they just couldn’t wait to have. Must be a struggle to find a sitter who will watch the kiddies for weeks. Also why didn’t Nicole call 911 from the lonesome love nest? Crazy that she would start calling all her 3 friends. She should have called Lucas and get him back in the fray. Poor Lucas, he is going for another engagement. Again, after falling in love immediately when the gal looks his way. Kate really should have put more time in him when he was smaller and maybe he would have been a bit more secure. Let’s see..he loved Sami, Carrie, Sami, Nicole, Sami, Carrie, Carrie, Sami, Sami, almost had sex with his half sister the twin whose name escapes me, Sami, Carrie, Sami, Big Tim in prison, and Chloe. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Oh yeah, Sami.

  5. From Jaxie

    I think someone is pulling a fast one on us with Nick being the killer since he is still being featured and Chelsea is so adamant about helping him. Something is up here. Not so sure we can trust Miss Mellie.

  6. From mc

    Well nicole is going to hide the fact that she isn’t pregnant any more. she knows the only reason EJ is with her is because of the baby!

  7. From KAT

    PLEASE PLEASE do not let nicole steal Sami’s baby – that would just be so predictable and BORING! the fake prego story is SOO OLD AND OVERDONE – who is writing this show – jr. high girls??!! come on – be original!

  8. From DaysFan1986

    Melanie is so irriatating… just like Wilow was. Can Nick push her off the pier then he can really be a “bad boy”. Or maybe she can hook up with Dr. Daniel and they can run off and live happily ever after never to be heard from again! Sweet!
    John and Marlena are boring. Are they really going off the show? If the writers can’t liven that scenerio up then goodbye!
    I really wish Nicole hadn’t lost the baby. :( But I have to say that the storyline will be getting interesting now if the whole Sami giving her baby to the convent and Nicole adopts it thing plays out.

  9. From Missie

    I have been watching the show for the past ten years and I have to say after today I’m done! I knew that they were going to make Nicole loose her baby. Now they are going to have her lie to EJ and make her the bad guy. Then EJ and Sami will find out and get back together. Days of our lives is such a waste of my time.

  10. From Precious

    This new storyline with Nicole gets MORE ridiculous with each passing day…..spoilers indicate Sami will give up her child to the sisters in the convent…REALLY??? The Sami I KNOW would NEVER…EVER..give up her child!! These writers are driving this show into the ground, especially since Dee and Drake have been fired. It’s a damn shame this show has taken this turn of events…after Dee and Drake are gone, SO AM I…..

  11. From Mary

    Nicole and EJ – what have they done??? why take the baby away!!! they were working out just perfectly…. Sami, well you know she could end up falling for her guard, giving up the baby I don’t know doesn’t sound like Sami…. but we will see.

  12. From forever fan


  13. From forever fan


  14. From forever fan

    come on writers lets be more creative. no more baby switches and lets get some good romance and keep John and Marlena

  15. From forever fan

    OH PLEASE can we come up with new material. we have had so many baby swops on the show its SICK!!!!! Nicole needs to turn to Brady, Sami needs to come home and be with EJ and her kids! Lucas and Chloe need to be together John and Marlena need to stay. come on guys be creative lets see some romances!!!!

  16. From Long Time Days Fan

    The actress that plays Nicole (Ariane Zuecker (sp?) did an excellent job portraying someone losing a child. Kudos to her!

  17. From julie/from illonis

    i agreee with #9 forever fan we need some serious changes i think with the fbi going to the mansion he will figure out nicole lost hte baby tell sami and then sami can tell ej her good news .its crazy people think she will give her baby away its not like her to do that. maybe she will get a visit from her look alike aunt and she will tell her not to give the baby away.hell remeber when the invitro between belle and mimi happend and belle ended up losing her and shawns baby that is 2 miscarrys in a couple yrs. come on people we need some ejami scenes. sthepano is usally the master mind behind baby stealin or swapin ej needs to find out about sami and nicole before its too late maybe rafe will find out an tell sami htat nicole lost her baby im so fed up with show its boaring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. From Melinda Oglesby

    Ok here’s how I think that it should happen. Nicole goes to the convent to confess and she confesses to Sami, Sami then tells EJ that Nicole has been lieing and that she is pregnant. They reunite!





  20. From Carol

    Can’t you see where Nicole losing her baby is heading? Sami will either give up her baby or it will be kidnapped and Nicole will raise this baby as her own.

  21. From tj

    well i’m not surprised about nicole losing the baby ….i really haven’t even been watching, i just read the summary here….if the writers would pull the heads out of their behinds and stop using the same old plots….why can’t nicole just come clean about losing the baby….why can’t sami come clean about being pregnant and fight stefano and/or ej over the fate of her children….sami is fighter…..stop making her a whining brat…..i think you need someone to stand up to stefano….there are so many different ways you can go….hardly anyone is watching now ….take clue and switch things up

  22. From Anne

    I have watched this show since I was 4. It is the same stuff just different characters. We do need some new material for a change. I love Ej(hot)and I want him to be with Sami. They make the perfect match, The rugged british boy and the drama queen. Sami is my favorite character on this show. I love Lucas but he is not Sami’s speed. Nicole needs Brady aka Ethan Crane. I want them to get back together since they are both reformed from who they used to be. I can not stand Melanie she broke up Max and Stephanie. I do not like what she has done to Nick either. If Sami gives up her baby then I will never watch this show again. I want Ej to know that they have another baby so they can move on together. It is bad when things get so predictable. Chelsea and Nick need to get back together and Daniel and Kate, what is that? Hasn’t Kate been with enough young men? I like Daniel but he needs someone besides Kate. I hate the way things are looking.

  23. From Paula

    #10 – I was planning to write exactly what you did. Kudo’s to Nicole for her acting today when losing her child. I thought that was some of the best acting I’ve seen on Days in a long time! She did a great job.

  24. From Gail

    Whats with Sami leaving the safe house? Why put her in witness protection if she can’t sit still?
    Nicole needs to be with Brady, because when she is with EJ, she seems to have lost her backbone.

  25. From Jayne

    I am so disappointed in Nicole losing the baby. Just let her be happy with EJ. They had good chemistry. Sami needed to loose her baby. I am sick of all of the Sami scenes. Sami and Lucas need to be together. I think that the both twins belong to Lucas. Just a thought. I am getting sick of the show. I am happy to have Nicole back but not with Brady. He needs a new love.

  26. From Debbie

    I wish I could go through the tv screen and slap Melanie! She needs to be GONE. Nichole needs to come clean with EJ and Sami needs to tell him about the baby. John and Marlena need to stay. Brady needs to take Chloe back to wherever they were. Lucas needs to find a nice girl that will appreciate him. Kate needs to get well or die.
    That’s all I have to say about that. I’m really close to switching to another network after 30 years. Things were looking up for awhile but are backsliding again. We almost had the good old “DAYS” back.

  27. From CARLY


  28. From kate


  29. From TeresaDaysFan

    I can’t see Sami giving up her baby, regardless of who the father is. I CAN see Nichole stealing Sami’s baby and trying to pass it off as her own, a la Kristen.

    I actually felt bad for Nichole when she lost the baby. I was starting to like her character and now they are going to supposedly drag her down again? I can see the “new” Nichole with Brady, but not the same old scummy Nichole.

    I also like Galen (Rafe) on the show, so I hope he stays, somehow. Maybe he can join the Salem PD and solve some of their many many unsolved cases?

    Also, since Days has picked up 2 Passions cast offs, maybe they can add Lindsay Hartley or Liza Huber to the mix. Salem can always use a new bad girl!

  30. From Jennifer

    I have to agree that the actress who plays Nicole did a wonderful job on Nicole losing her miracle baby. Speaking of Kristen, I would like to see them bring HER back to the show. That would be a blast. Whatever happened to crazy Susan, EJ’s mother??

  31. From Gee

    Bone marrow match for lung cancer?

  32. From Melonie Drew

    Yeah, the woman who plays Nicole did an amazing job with her latest scenes! I always liked Nicole but like her a lot more now than I ever did. And Sami has nothing on Nicole when it comes to crying now.

    What I’d like to know is why Daniel has a bone marrow match for Kate. She has lung cancer, not leukemia. Did I miss something here?

  33. From Melonie Drew

    And another thing. I agree with a lot of people leaving messages on here regarding the storylines and such. The writers are writing this show into the ground and I can smell “cancelation”, possibly before the new contract is up. Sad isn’t it fellow fans?? :(

  34. From Susie

    John Callahan is the doctor taking are of Nicole & he is barely recognizable. He used to be so handsome when he was married to Eva LaRue. But look at him now!!!

  35. From callmecrazy

    I will agree with some of you and I will dissagree with some of you. First of all I think Sami and EJ are made for one another. If they wasn’t then why did we go through all the scenes about Santos and Colleen? Those two have been through some major stuff together. Then she gets pregnant with the twins and so happens one of those babies belongs to EJ. Come on can you all not see that they belong together. Nicole is a great actor no dought but if she has become this good person that she claims to be then why did she go after EJ in the first place when she knew that Sami and EJ was pretty much together? And now she is going to lie to EJ about losing the baby. She is the old Nicole and she will never change. I think she needs to be with Brady. The last few days seeing those two together I know they are meant to be together. I believe that the writers need to write out the part about Nicole taking Sami’s baby and let Nicole get with Brady and have a miricle child with him and this time actually have the baby. Cloe is a “well I can’t say on her” but she needs to be written off the show and does she always have to show off her boobs? Melinie is a joke take her off the show to. Right along with Kate. I can not stand either one of those women.

  36. From Samantha

    I’m really getting tired of the writers turning in circles and creating story lines that don’t make any sense. I’ve been watching this show religiously since I was 4. The whole Sami, EJ, Nicole triangle is getting on my nerves. EJ and Sami belong together! He’s the only man who ever really loved her for exactly who she is and what do the writers do? They seperate them and make EJ fall for someone else. It’s ridiculous! I’m sorry that Nicole lost the baby and all, but I don’t want her with EJ. It just doesn’t make sense. Also, the whole story with John and Marlena is getting old. Bring his memory back already. They were much more interesting when they were in love and battling evil together. Melanie gets on my nerves as well. She’s just another Willow and it’s taking away from the story line. I think Stephanie and Phillip would be an interesting and fun romance (if they will ever get their butts moving). If they don’t make some good changes soon, I may stop watching all together (which I thought I would never, ever do).

  37. From Melissa

    It will be SO SO DISAPPOINTING if Sami gives her baby uo to the convent! Thats not like her, and God she already has one kid with EJ, what difference is two?? Sami needs to find out Nicole lost the baby so she can finally feel right about telling EJ the truth! Whatever happens, I sure hope Sami doesn’t give that baby up!!!!! Please Sami DON’T!!!!

  38. From Melissa

    Oh and I totally love the Nicole and Brady scenes, they are so meant to be together! I really hope they get back together!!

  39. From Alison

    I totally agree with the posters who said Sami shouldn’t give up her baby. That is something that Sami would never do! But the writers tend to change characters’ behavior when it suits their storylines.

  40. From Wilson

    I hope the writers & producers are reading these comments. This show is so boring. Same old thing. Pregnant women – don’t know the father- lose the baby- switch the baby. Here’s a thought “….they know who the father is and the father knows the baby is his and they are in love”. What’s happened to the romance on this show????

  41. From rach

    I have to agree with many of you about the show on it losing it’s romance.What happend? I used to get butterflys watching the show in the “Good Days”, now i am getting frustrated and bored. I am disappointed that nicole lost her baby can it get any more depressing. Since the damage has been done they should either put nicole with E.j or Brady and make up their minds because she has great chemestry with both and could have a lot of romance scenes. They should have Stephano at work doing something evil like now that nicole lost his baby stephano can kidnapp samis baby and try to train him as stephanos pawn or manipulate him on being on his side. Wheres the adventure and excitment we need some villains along with romance. THey better do something or the show could be canceled. Kudos to all ur suggestions if only the writers would listen!!!

  42. From Ian

    I guess I am still stuck in the old days because I still want to see Sami and Lucas together. I think it needs to all turn out that Johnny is Lucas’s after all. The current baby would be EJ’s but they could share custody….I am really pissed they made Nicole lose the baby. Other characters I would have been okay with, but she wasn’t suppose to be able to even have kids, so why not let her have this one. Then she and EJ could have been a match made in hell and Sami and Lucas could me together, once Brady takes Chloe back, that is. I just never liked the idea of putting Sami with her rapist….As for Stephanie and Phillip, I like it. Being with him is better than her being with her uncle (I never liked that relationship)….Nick being a murderer is BS. I hope Chelsea comes up with something that will help him and get Melanie off the freakin show….and finally, as for bring in other Passions cast members, I like it. The girl that played Kay could make a pretty good Cassie or Mimi.

  43. From Allie

    I really don’t like Nicole but her acting yesterday was amazing! She gave me shivers and made me cry. That’s some of the best day time acting that I have seen in a long time. Wow and she looks sicker then Kate! That’s the way you should look like if you are acting sick:)
    I still want EJ and Sami together and I can’t wait until that happens. I want Melony OFF the show, I fast forward every time she’s on. I agree with the other viewer that said she’s just as anoying as Willow, if not more..

  44. From GottaLuvSami

    Ok. All good comments. The ONLY thing I want to say is…it would not be “in character” for Sami to give up her baby to the convent. I don’t care if she is trying to protect her baby or not, she would NEVER give up her baby. So if she does that…it will seriously make me question why I watch this show! Now, I can see Nicole STEALING her baby. Maybe if she goes into labor and passes out and Rafe has to call a doctor to deliver the baby and Nicole finds out and sends her own fake doctor up to deliver the baby and the doctor delivers the baby and says it is stillborn or something like what happened with Chelsea/Georgia Brady when Billie delivered her. That would be a stretch, but WAY more believeable in my estimation than Sami giving away her baby.

  45. From Darla

    Nicole did a great job acting on the miscarriage…. Let her and Brady realize they belong together, PLEASE get Sami and EJ back. Melanie should be the killer and Nick should go free….. as for they rest, do whatever but please FIX SAMI AND EJ!!!!!

  46. From Nicole

    Yes I too was crying during yesterdays episode! I really feel for Nicole. Why couldn’t the writers have just let her keep her baby? And now they are having her lie about pregnant! I liked the new Nicole, I liked who she became. Now she’s going back to her old ways. Shame on you writers. I keep watching this show year after year. For what??? To see my favorite characters get written off or to see Sami have the same stupid story line. No thanks, maybe I should start watching General Hospital at least they have good story lines!

  47. From Ann

    Why will a bone marrow match help Kate when she has lung cancer? Not leukemia or bone cancer. Hey Everyone maybe a bone marrow match would help brian and breast cancer too!! Wow Let Kate die and keep
    John and Marlene they are a thousand times more interesting.
    Enough with playing tricks with Nicole’s baby boaring. about 50% of this show is now just plain stupid with bad actors.

  48. From Amanda

    I love love days, but what the heck are the writers thinking right now?? I hate too say it but i really felt bad for Nicole, and started to care about her. But she will probably ruin that for me when she lies to E.J. I agree with everyone- where is the romance??

  49. From Sheila

    Stefano is going to find out that Nicole is not pregnant. He alreadys suspected that Sami was awhile back so it is possible that he makes a deal with Nicole and he gets his hands on Sami’s baby and gives it to Nicole, to control her. She won’t know it is Sami’s baby and that will add to the drama. I think the nun will “help” Sami BUT Stefano has ties to the church and probably supports the one Sami is taking refuge in.

  50. From Sheila

    It would be so easy for them to have romance again~
    Sami & Rafe
    Steph & Philip
    Max & Nicole (if they have to keep her~ I don’t like the character wish they would save $ by get rid of her)
    Chloe & Brady (she & Lucas are icky)
    Which means that though I like EJ & Lucas they could leave too. There are characters are so blah right now since they don’t have any good female counterpart
    The older couples are so blah too right now. Too much like real life. All we see are their jobs and child rearing dilemmas. That is not why I tune in! Bring back the far flung drama and the travel and the chase! It would be so much better if EJ was trying to get to Sami because he realizes his dad is targetting her and he wants to protect her. Get rid of the daily grind and bring back the fun!

  51. From Mary

    I agree with a lot of you in that I’m so disappointed that the writers had Nicole miscarry. We’ve already used the fake pregnancy storyline with Kristen and John…do something else! I want Nicole to stay good! I really like her now.

  52. From Trish

    Wow, Arianne Z. should get some kind of an award for great acting. I’ve never really liked her character – in fact didn’t even like her brand of acting. After bringing me to buckets of tears when she lost the baby, I have totally turned around. That scene was SO so moving. She did a wonderful job. Where can I write to her? And hey, you overpaid, undercreative writers…..MORE LIKE THAT PLEASE!

  53. From DaysWatcher

    Dr. Daniel seems to be a horn-dog for Any and Every female in Salem!

  54. From Dee

    great site! wish the writers would read the posts!

  55. From Dee

    It seems that the writers think that all womem are weak. I have watched this show since I was ten. That has been almost 26 years ago. I taped it in college and would have Days fest. Dr. Daniel finding a bone marrow for Kate… why? how does that work? Sami and Nicole oh my gosh where do I start Sami was good with Lucas they were the next generation Bo and Hope but they destroyed that. Nicole actually has some meat to her storyline for a change. I liked Marlana and John, but they are so old news, I thought the new writers were going to be more family centered. Nick story with Melanie ended very abruptly. How is Mrs. H doing? she was so precious to the show.

  56. From marymary

    I think the candy that Nicole ate caused her to “lose” the baby. That doctor was in on this. Also this kid will appear when Stefano wants it to. EJ may be in on this too. Did everyone forget about “Georgia” already???

  57. From watch since 75

    I was a faithful watcher for years. Then, got a real life, before getting hooked again with the Colleen Santos summer love story.

    ? What ever was Kate’s reply to Stefano when he proposed marriage?

    There are no really good romances for the past two years. Sami’s character spent so much time and energy convincing and fighting for Lucas, only to throw it away for EJ. I don’t think the actor playing EJ does a very convincing job. It would be better if the writers would make up their mind about EJ and the direction he is to take. How about Sami standing upto Stefano and getting ‘revenge’ / justice for what lies Santos had told to Colleen and and twisting a niave girls head and spoiling her.

    It was interesting when EJ, and Tony were not going to be manipulated by Stefano. Now EJ is jumping when Stefano barks.

    I really regret not catching onto General Hospital instead of Days years ago.

    The memorable stories were when Bo and Hope were falling in love. John and Marlena were falling in love.

    Sami is a slut. Nicole is a slut. Stephanie is a slut. Chelsea isn’t yet, but wishes she was like her grandmother, a slut.

    The whole thing of Sami’s baby being taken by Nicole is so unimaginative. Please give some descent story lines and love stories.

    I go for two weeks at a time of not watching and then watch to hopefully catch an interesting story. I feel I have wasted my time.

  58. From April M.

    I think Niccole will get Sammies baby, but something will be medically wrong and baby Ally will have to save the baby, or maybe even Will, which will tip Sammie off to it being her baby. So by the time the babys 3 yrs old he/she will be returned to Sammie, then magicly age to 16 over night. :). -Just a thought.


  59. From Jude

    Please let Sami be happy for once. Get rid of the worthless actors and get the good ones back on the show. Lucas is being a big Sissy as usual. Brady is not going to fall for Nicole again. I can’t imagine Melony making it through the end of the year. And Nick is not a killer.

  60. From Lissie

    I have to say that the actress who plays Nicole and the actor who plays Nick did magnificent jobs the past couple of days. They were outstanding! Kudos to these two people. I am so sorry to see that they are writing Nick out of the show. What a loss for Days fans.

  61. From Scooper

    I think Stefano arranged for EJ to go away so that he could secretly induce Nicole into labor- arrange for his paid/planted doctor to care for her and take her baby! She didn’t just dream about the baby girl- she actually had her! She will keep remembering more & more…

  62. From cathy hill

    would love to see the fbi agent fall for sami and they marry
    . hiding the fact that ej is the father, and lucas tells ej because he is jealous of the fbi agent.

  63. From Susan

    Arianne had me bawling all week this week. Great acting at its best. I hate it though that the spoilers have her character lying/deceiving. If “Nicole” has reformed, then that’s one area that would need to be reformed I would think. Also, why would you want a shallow love with someone? If you can’t share your pain with someone you love, then there’s something wrong. I hate the idea, too, of a baby-swap, kidnapping any of those is SOOOO overdone.

  64. From Amanda

    they should just kill off kate.. and nicole.. I want Ej.. and sami back together.. they where an hot couple..

  65. From Tami

    No wonder this show is in trouble. I have been watching Days for 40 some years now, and this just about does it for me. Getting rid of John and Marlana doesn’t get it. The writers need to be fired. Come on, Nicole loses the baby and Sami goes to a Convent, gee wonder where this is going,,I’m not watching anymore, what a waste of time.

  66. From Lenaky

    Wait, how is she going to fake being pregnant for the next few months. Isn’t EJ ever going to touch her, or want to get intimate with her?? If it goes that way, I might consider not watching any more. It’s just ridiculous, and no way would Sami ever give up her baby. Preposterous!!

  67. From Alishia

    Either A. Nicole’s baby really is dead and she is going to wind up stealing sami’s baby and passing it off as her own, and or B. Ralph put something in Nicole’s food on purpose to send her into labor, and daddy stephano hauled EJ off so he wouldnt be able to help her, so Stephano can get his hands on the baby and raise her as a \real Di’Mera\. I bet he found out where they were susposed to be going for the weekend and paid off the doctor to make Nicole think she lost it. I hope I’m wrong.

  68. From Alishia

    Either A. Nicole’s baby really is dead and she is going to wind up stealing sami’s baby and passing it off as her own, and or B. Ralph put something in Nicole’s food on purpose to send her into labor, and daddy stephano hauled EJ off so he wouldnt be able to help her, so Stephano can get his hands on the baby and raise her as a “real Di’Mera”. I bet he found out where they were susposed to be going for the weekend and paid off the doctor to make Nicole think she lost it. I hope I’m wrong.

  69. From Rachel

    The writer are not listening to the fans. I agree with the comment about it possibly being teenage girls writing the story. This is all too ridiculous.

  70. From EJAMI fan

    I’m getting tired of watching DAYS.There7s no excitement as it was before . How come Nicole will not tell EJ about what happen to her. It’s impossible to hide it ,however what will happen to SAMI . Please writers don’t make a stupid story ,let EJ know that SAMI is pregnant ….

  71. From Donna

    I am so disappointed that they let Nicole lose her baby. They are making Nicole turn back to her old ways and i don’t like that. For once she truly deserved to be happy. Days never has any romance. We never see Steve or Kayla, John & Marlena or any other couples have any real romance. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT have Sami give up her baby to the sisters in the Convent. It sounds like a rerun of Colleen leaving John and he never
    knew for sure who he was. I have not liked the way the show is going for awhile now. Nick was made a seriel killer, John & Marlena let go and the true Phillip quitting the show. Come on writers stop this nonsense and give the fans what they want.

  72. From Allie

    I agree with Donna! I’m sick of this. Why can’t this show make their viewers happy about something, JUST ONE THING? The Sami I know would NEVER give up her baby. Once you drag a story too long, it becomes tasteless and annoying! Put Sami and EJ together! That’s what 90% of the viewers want!

  73. From Jim

    They should write me into the Story and have me be with Sammi then Mel then back to Sammi then with Nichole while I’m seeing Chloie on the side then with Stephinie and back with Sammi.

  74. From Maria

    I dont think that Kate should leave. With Marlena and John, theyre pretty predictable; their together or their not and if they arent then they will be soon. Kates character can be played around with and makes you wonder.





  76. From julie/from illonis

    i think that brady and nicole should be together sami needs ej to protect her.kate needing bone marrow for lung cancer how ridiciuols my dad had lung cancer and died hell wish they could of saved him with bone marrow lol but i dont want sammi to give up her baby and why would nicole go to that church every one in salem goes to st. lukes marraiges prayer furnreals so why put nicole at this other church every one says max and steph are related but hello chlesa is related to him to. i think philip with steph,nicole with brady,ej with sami cholie out luckas dont care what happens to him. the fake pregangacy makes me mad cuz ej loves sami so much how can he not see nicole lost her baby hello hes a lawer for god sakes what you just gotta know how to read no brains involved i love ejami hes so hot but the writers are making a circus out of htis show hell we are down to like 1.8 in the ratings according to soap opera digest. PLEASE PLEASE LET SAMI KEEP HER BABY AND PLEASE PLEASE LET EJ FIND OUT SAMI IS PREGANT WITH HIS BABY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FIND OUT NICOLE LIED

  77. From Cheryl

    I felt Arianne as Nicole did a great acting job even better than Hope losing Zack.

  78. From Sarah

    Michele I was thinking the exact same thing about 30 minutes ago when I was watching todays episode. So predictable yet I still watch.

  79. From Jude

    It seems to be a concenses that the fans want EJ to know about Sami and the baby. I think someone might be on to something with Nicoles baby being with Stephano. That would be in character. Lets hope the writers are a reading this.

  80. From Mandy

    i will not watch days any more if Nicole gets Samis baby this is stupid please let Sami keep her baby you make us start to like Nicole than you make us hate her come on get a new story line for her

  81. From DOOLER


  82. From Susan

    I think Nicoles baby survived. I think that the baby was taken, just like Georga (aka Chelsea) was from Billie.
    Stephano planned on keeping EJ away from that lodge, planted something to enduce labor in her food or drink, has someone working at that nearby hospital take the baby, then their trip gets cancelled. Stephano is going to know that she is faking her pregnancy. I just bet that the baby is in an incubator somewhere. Its the only way for Stephano to truly get a baby that is all his. He will know she is faking the pregnancy.
    I do feel bad for Nicole. Everytime she tries to change her life, like the first time she was with Brady, or now that she was having a baby she was trying to be the better person and now, in the blink of an eye we are back to the same old Nicole. I really hope Brady gets thru to her and she does the right thing.

  83. From Amy R

    # 76 and #77 I agree with you both.

  84. From Amy R

    It’s the holidays please let Ej find out what a killing, lying, *itch Nichole really is. And let Sami come home to Ej tell him about the baby and them live happily they deserve it. I would love to watch days with them being happy. Why does it have to be somthing bad going on all the time?

  85. From annie

    SO PREDICTABLE….Nicole losing the baby and pretending she didnt. I would love for Sami to have had the miscarriage, that would have been a twist we didn’t see coming. It would have been great to see something, not the same old thing, done over and over agian.

  86. From annie

    I would love to see Sami and Rafe together. He has street smarts and she seems to be able to handle Sami. He is a challenge to her, not so easily manulipated. EJ and Sami, never liked them. Just lust no romance

  87. From annie

    OOPS .. I meant to say HE is able to handle Sami

  88. From joyce

    EJ is to smart to fall for nichol’s little lie about the baby & no DR would lie to a father about his child so forget that line.I know it’s a soap but lets make it be as real as we can,Nichol needs to grow up & melane needs to leave the show I’m tired of her whining,so get EJ & Sami back together

  89. From Jean

    We musn’t forget that in DOOL’s time warp, Nicole’s baby that she has just found about, may really be old enough to be born, then spirited away to the DiMera dark side.

    Can’t these poor characters get pregnant in a love relation, have a healthy baby that grows into a well-adjusted adult? No? I thought not, too boring for soaps. But Sami’s twin preganancy with 2 fathers was really far-fetched. Are you reading this blog, writers?

  90. From gayla

    I believe Stephano took the baby to get rid of nicole out of his family. I hope that is the case and she finds out. I think the doctors work for him. and nicole deserves to have a baby after all her bad storylines.

  91. From gayla

    and by the way stephano would regret coming between nicole and her baby all crap would break loose. lol go nicole!

  92. From susan

    Nicoles baby isn’t dead. She never even saw her. As far along as we are lead to believe she was she would have seen her child. Does anyone remember Billie giving birth to Georgia (AKA Chelsea Brady)? She was premature,stillborn, Billie held her, and she was burried.
    Stephano is behind this, there isn’t a doubt in my mind. He knew that was the closest hospital and paid the staff off. That child is in an incubator somewhere and we probably won’t see her again until shes 16 and more winey than Melanie.

  93. From kara

    with Sammy they can’t make her miscarry due to the fact she is pregnant in real life. they had to figure something out for nicole because she wasn’t really pregnant. I think it sucks that there getting rid of john and marlana. melenie just needs to go she is just a whiney bit*h.

  94. From Lois

    Why don’t the writers make it a dream that Nicole lost her baby and she wakes up to relize it was only a dream.They have done things like this before. I like Nicloe and EJ togeather. I would like to see Sami with Rafe they seam to have some connection she need to be with someone new. Not Lucas and definaly not EJ who Raped her and forced her to marry him putting them togeather make no since. Who would want to be with a man that has done all this to them. Sami deserve a better part than that.

  95. From chatter505

    WHAT THE HE**????!!!!!!
    I hate that….I knew they could not let nicole end up being a good person, something would come along. I know that they are going to put her with brady….why not tell ej the truth…then have him adopt a child for them…or let her have stayed prego and work it out. this is sick,sick,sick.I am getting fed up with this show…I stopped watching passions for this reason…..then it went off the air…hmmmm….people don’t want tragedies in todays time…WRITERS, smarten up.

  96. From Abiy

    How annoying is Melanie!!! Arrgh, get her off the show!! Please save us all the agony and grief of EJ not knowing Nicole lost the baby!! Please let EJ and Sami be together!!! Use Rafe to make EJ jealous and then aware of his own feelings!! For once do something that viewers will LIKE to watch!

  97. From susan

    Nicoles baby is not dead. I don’t believe she is for one second. Stephano has planned this whole thing and is going to wonder why in the world is she still acting pregnant when he knows here baby is in an incubator somewhere. He will probably play a hand in exposing her. If anyone was watching this show back in 96 I believe you will remember when Billie had baby Georgia. AKA Chelsea Brady. She was stillborn, Billie held her and buried her. Had Nicole lost her baby she would have a baby to bury.
    I’ve been watching this show with my mom since I was like 3 or 4. I will always watch it even though I get mad sometimes. Lets just give all these new characters and the writers some time. I love all the Vets of the show but I also enjoy new characters. In the end They are what is going to keep this show going. I would like to see Alli and Jonny, Cerria, Clair, grow up and I REALLY want to see Phillips baby grow up and come back mad as hell at his dad for not fighting for him. (I also think that somehow Tylers mom will be Belle and not Mimi).

  98. From barb

    I was sad for Nicole losing her baby but was getting kind of tired of how boring her and EJ are. Her hiding the truth at least makes for more a interesting storyline and certainly more like the old Nicole. I wonder how Brady will figure into it all. Chloe must wear a “wonderbra” because it is a wonder her breasts don’t fall out of her outfits. Even her gym shirts show much no wonder Dr. Daniel can’t keep his eyes off of her. I wish Melanie would have fallen. She is such a bee-otch. I hope Stephanie wins Phillips heart over Melanie… that would be the best revenge ever. By the way, technically Phillip committed “statutory rape” because she just turned 18 and they had sex when she was still 17. Shame on him! Saw a soap digest and it said Marlena and John to leave the show…. I hope that is not true.

  99. From Jeanne

    Think writers need some help. Going back to Trent’s murder,it was said no prints were on knife but Carolines. Now we know Melanie and both Nick handled the knife and didn’t take time to clean any prints, I also didn’t notice them wearing gloves.
    As far as Marlena goes, good riddance, her holier than thou attidude is sickening along with the deep breathing between sentences. For being a professional, she is the worst Mother of the year.
    None of the parents on this show pay any attention to their offspring, Marlena, Roman, Bo and Hope. If they are going to have babies then have thenm in the show not in constant daycare or wherever TV shows stash them.
    As far as Dr. Jonas goes, I don’t think he knows what love is. He was so broken up over Chelsea, but didn’t take him long to get back with Kate and neow he seems to be after Clhoe. Heaven forbid.
    Don’t like Mealnie’s character but she is sure a good actress.

  100. From diane

    what if……………

    Sami left her child at the convent, which may double as an orphanage, intending to return and while she was gone the child is accidentally given up for adoption and Nicole of all people, is the one who adopts it. Of course this is assuming she also has a girl.

  101. From diane

    kind of like history repeating itself Colleen/Santo

  102. From diane

    history repeating itself like Colleen and Santo

  103. From Mary

    I have been watching days since it aired the first episode many many years ago and am DONE with the crappy last few years of nothing but junk writing.Can’t you people let someone be happy once in a while.Nicole should have never lost the baby she deserved to be happy and John and Marlena WHEN THEY GO SO DO I ! Wonderful acting for Nicole and Nick its the most genuine acting I’ve seen in a while.Writing must be very difficult because no one can seem to do it for this show anymore.Nicole should have been happy with her baby and EJ, it pissed me off killing the baby. Get some of the younger and not so talented people to find another job!The show is headed for ruins and I won’t watch it anymore.The lastfew months have done me in.

  104. From Demi

    I feel so sorry for Nicole. She can’t catch a break anyplace. Hey writer’s give her a break and let Sami stop her whining. I am sick of her already. She is a spoiled brat.

  105. From leigh

    I think the writers should do a better job than have nicole adopt or steal sami’s baby…soo predictable I knew something like that would happen when nicole got pregnant…I think sami and ej belong together…I think phillip and chole belong together they were so HOT when they were…have her forget lucas and brady they don’t have the right chemistry

  106. From Judy

    #62 this is a very interesting plot. I think this might just happen. After all Sepfano is very much alive and wants this heir. He has said so several times in recent scenes.

  107. From Shannon

    I think that Nicole needs to tell Ej she lost the baby and if he truly loves her then he will stay I think she is a Bitch for not telling him the truth and plans usually do back fire so she will get her just cause on that.I think sami will do the write thing and tell Ej she is preggo and he will take her back Ej is smart he will find out

  108. From Robin

    I really think Sami belong with Ej And Nicole also belong with Brady I always loved him. Nicole is a great person too I agree with you all on that. And John needs to come back to reality! And I think Bell & Shawn should come back too .

  109. From ELM86


  110. From Michelle

    There is no way that Sami would give her baby away!!!!!. Nicole losing the baby was soo predictable, but what a performance. I even cried and felt sorry for her. Wasted tears Nicole is still as rotten as ever. Writers this has always been my petpeev…MOVE THIS SHOW FASTER. It getting boring and we all know what happened to Passions, Days don’t be next. Writers do your research especially Medical…BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTS=LEAUKEMIA, NOT LUNG CANCER. Signed Leaukemia survivor.

  111. From Susan

    I think the actors who play Melanie
    and Nick did a GREAT job!! For being so new at the acting game I think the actress playing Melanie has a great future. You feel sorry for her and hate her in the same breath!!
    Reminds me of when Robin Strassor? was playing Rachel in the begininng of Another World. If the next 18 months is the end of DOOL, how about making up some great storylines for the VETS as they go off into the sunset. I’ve watched DOOL for over 40 years and I would much rather see a grand conclusion to for the entire show than this dribble drabble for losing the main Charactors first!! Get it over with and start a whole new Soap with the same actors with new challenges and fresh storylines….seeing as these writers can’t think up anything new except baby swapping and duel Fathering!!!!!!! They need to get real even in the world of Soap Operas!!!!!!!

  112. From Peggy

    I have watched DAYS since the first day it was aired, and I’m sad to say that I’m strongly considering stopping. I don’t know how these writers managed to get hired, but they are ruining this show. The following are just some of their screwups:
    1)not letting John get his memory back
    2)letting John and Marlena go
    3)continuing to have Sami act as a whiney bitch
    4)pairing Nicole with EJ (absolutely no chemistry there!!)
    5)bringing Melanie on the show
    6)Poor storylines for all of the major characters
    7)continuing to reuse old, tired plots

    and on and on….
    The final straw for me is having Nicole hide that she lost the baby, and if they actually have her end up with Sami’s baby, that’s where I’m out of here. Besides, Sami would never give up her baby. After going through all they went through to set up EJ and Sami to begin with, and having EJ fall in love with her, then turn around and have him all “ga ga” over Nicole (who has no chemistry with him) – where in the world are they going with this storyline?? On second thought, I don’t think I want to know. Aren’t the writers listening at all to the majority of fans who want EJ and Sami to be together (now there is some CHEMISTRY!) Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I feel a little better, but I will still quit watching if they go forward with this Nicole-gets-Sami’s-baby thing!!!!!!!!

  113. From donna

    i for one do not want Sami to be with EJ. Nicole needs to be happy for once. I also think it is going to take away from Days when they take John and Malena out. I wonder how long Kate will stay,I’d rather see her go before anyone.Oh well like it or not its going to happen.

  114. From Lisa

    here is what i think should happen get rid of kate cant stand her.let sammy fall in love with this new guy and they can say the baby is his let ej find out that nicole is not pregnant but stay with her anyway let max fall in love with someone that is not a related.get rid of melanie cant stand to even hear her talk.and time for dr. dan to leave also. let chelse find someone and by some miracle get pregnant.

  115. From terri

    This baby plot is BORING! For once can’t a soap opera character be honest? I stopped watching Days back when Nicole was married to Victor. I couldn’t stand her and stopped watching the show, She is now back with a plot that is slow moving and boring. EJ and Sami belong together..there is fire in that relationship. Niocle is a whiny brat.

  116. From jan

    Didn’t anyone listen to Daniel telling Lucas that Kate’s cancer metastatized (spread) to her lymph nodes, blood and bone and that is why she needs bone marrow transplant. (He said mestatize and no one probably knew what that meant.)

  117. From Aldiva

    I can’t stand Melony. She’s so fake and I don’t like her character at all. Her eyes are creepy too!!! I hope she gets kicked out of Salem. C-YA—Bounce!!

  118. From Francesca

    PLEASEEEEEEEE get rid of John. The whole voice of his is making me SICK. Marlena and her almost closed eyes needs to grow up and be a woman. Sami needs to be with EJ. If another baby swap is on the way, I won’t watch the show anymore. I got it!!! Stefano took the baby from Nicole. Let’s talk about Kate……a bone marrow transplant for lung cancer – wish it could be that easy. This show is way to make believe for me. GET RID OF JOHN

  119. From kathy

    I too think that Nicholes baby is alive. Stephano wanted Sami with
    EJ and Nichole having his baby would be in the way, taking the baby gives him the control he wants in raising it. I am torn about the triangle since i did like Sami and Lucas but also see great super couple possibilities with sami and EJ battling to protect their kids, from Stephano. with sami in the picture Ej seems to agree to a point to limit his fathers access to them and i don’t think it would take much to make him realize Stephano should be out of the picture. I think Sami will try to leave the baby at the convent realize she can’t then when she goes back Nichole will have taken it. I hope it doesn’t last long. I do however see some great Crazy Nichole scenes coming in the future. Sami will have the baby and life she wants and i think she will try to take it. I have little intrest in the other stories at this time. I can’t see Chloe and Lucas at all. I do like Nichole with brady perhaps Rafe with Stephanie if he sticks with the show. Kill the rest off or do something else they are all boring.

  120. From krissy

    Ok this whole baby swap is a horrible idea. For those long time watchers you will remember that Kristen did this exact story line with Susan and E.J was that baby. So ya get some better ideas, maybe Nicole can just come clean(for once someone can tell the truth on the show). And if Sami would have told E.J that she is pregnant then maybe the hitman would leave her along since Stefeno is the one who highered him. If sami falls in love with another guys I’m gonna scream. This show needs some lovers that actually stay together for more than a few months. We need more Bo and Hope like lovers. As for Kate an the bone marrow what the heck? The writers need to pay better attention to what they are writing or better yet watch the show. They obviously don’t know the characters or what story lines have been done to many times. Come on people.

  121. From tray

    yeah i think thats what she will do becuz i dont thiink nicole is nebetter then samme if she does that.. she needs to ne honest with him lien makes it worse and if she loosses him its her fault..!

  122. From Allie

    # 118 I agree with you 100%. I cant stand the acress(Melony)her creepy eyes and flirty attitude. If they put her with Phillip, I will screem!! I want Phillip with Stephanie.

  123. From Allie

    Kate and the Doctor make me sick! The Doctor makes me sick, can’t he go back to where he came from?!
    I hope that Chelsea meets Rafe and instintly falls in love. He’s sort of like Bo when he was younger. They would make a good couple.
    But Sami and EJ are my favorite:) I don’t want to wait forever for them to be together.

  124. From Sharon

    Why have Chelsea go through the same thing with the two women she loved the most? The show has to cut back so the get rid of Marlena and John, then bring on all these new ones! What’s up with that?Melanie is the biggest BORE,you have all these drs. I don’t care! After 40yrs of watching,get rid of John& marlena, I’m DONE! You took one of the best soaps and run it in the ground.I don’t even care for Dr.Dan any more!Nichole makes me want to puke! My days with DOOL is numbered!Good job Corday.

  125. From tj

    okay, I too have watched this show since I was a kid, and I am never going to watch it again if they lose John and Marlena. The old John needs to come back and they need to get their great chemistry back on. As for Nicole, I am sad she lost the baby, but she is a skanky trouble maker and not fit to be a mother. As for her being with EJ, go for it, they deserve each other. Sami and Lucas need to get back together. Lose Melanie, get Nick out of jail and back with Chelsea. As for Kate, that whole storyline with her having lung cancer is stupid. I have never seen someone supposedly so sick look like they just walked out of the spa. All of that aggressive chemo and not one hair on her head was lost….yeah, right. Bone Marrow, who is this great doctor that he can cure lung cancer with bone marrow ???? I must say that I have lost the enthusiasm that I once had for this show. The writers need to go as well, cuz they are truly sending this show downhill.

  126. From Lilly

    Sami gives baby to the Nuns. Nicole gets the baby legally. Stepheno helps Nicole because Nicole will allow him to be apart of his grandchilds life. EJ & Nicole get married & live happily ever after & so does Sami & her cop friend.

  127. From Marucs

    Lilly–that is a good storyline having Stefano help Nicole. I do like that idea. But it sounds so unrealistic cause Sami giving up her baby…GIVE ME A BREAK!!

    I just wanna make sure Nicole stays on the show–she is so funny and a great actress whether she is being hilarious or being sad like her miscarraige scenes…I have liked her ever since she started the show back in the day.

  128. From Marie Antionette

    Why even bother to leave another comment,They won’t listsen to us anyway, we the fans ,the ones who watch everyday.Stick a fork in me,I’m Done!!!!

  129. From barbara

    Please, you are right, the writers could give 2 hoots about we, the viewers say; meanwhile, WE make the soap Opera world exsist!!! Im sick of everything going on over there, too. WIth Dee and Drake leaving in 2 months, i just hope its a pleasant exit… I dont know yet if i will continue to record the show, and actually watch it anymore.. Only time will tell. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

  130. From Lilly

    Marcus, i think Sami will do anything if she thinks it will keep her baby safe from Stepheno.
    I love Nicloe & I want things to work out for her & EJ.
    I bet Marie Antionette is not really done, she is as hooked as the rest of us.

  131. From Trish

    I think Days storylines are at their worst. The whole Kate illness who cares. Sami’s story in the safe house, who cares. It makes for boring TV.

  132. From Lisa

    I know sami would never give up her baby at no cost, sami might act funny sometimes but she loves her kids and would do anything for them, I think she is going to tell ej about it there going to get back together, but under sami’s terms, there going to move in there own home and try like hell to protect the kids from stefano, there in love and they will find a way to make it work. As for john and marlena, when is john going to get his memory back already? its been long enough we want the old john back, and he can help with the sami situation. keep lucas and chloe together there cute. put nicole with brady at least she’ll be happy he really does like her, she’ll have a real relationship for once.

  133. From FROM DOROTHY





  134. From FROM DOROTHY


  135. From Amy R

    I’m with you #113

  136. From Mary

    Ok Here’s my take.
    Sami is acting ridiculous. First she already has one of EJ’s babies, so why would she choose to hide this one? How different is this baby? Also She wouldn’t give one up. Sami has been my favorite character for many years, we need to stop all the changes for Sami I like the old Sami.
    Why are Chloe and Lucas together? They have no chemistry and she is obviously unhappy.

  137. From Mary

    John and Marlena have been boring for years!
    EJ and Nicole were good together, but after her miscarriage why does she even want him if she can’t tell him what has happened, she asked him hundred times in the last two if he loves her or just the baby.
    Bo and Hope drive me crazy as well they are the worst detectives on the planet, they arrest many people for the same crimes and they never have proof. I would like to see more Bope sence without the badges.

  138. From Di

    Is it true that Days is only going to be on another 18 months? If this is true, what is up with NBC not being able to support their soap opera’s. First they take Passions & now Day of Our Lives. What’s up?

  139. From Sami

    Days is the only soap opera I watch and I would hate to see it cancelled; but – for all the complaining we do about storylines, we must be watching or we would not be complaining. I do get tired of Kate and Dr. Dan and Melanie and have good ideas for Sami and EJ, but I trust the writers will get it together and save the show from cancellation.

  140. From Deb

    I have watched Days of Our Lives for the past 25 years, and I have never been so disappointed. It’s been going down hill for the past couple of years, and will definitely be cancelled. Know why? The writers change gears like most people change socks. They spend time getting people invested in a couple, and then abandon ship. First Sami with Lucas, then Sami with EJ, then EJ with Nicole, now probably back to Sami with EJ and Lucas with Chloe. How about Chelse with Nick, then Chelsea with the Dr., now…There’s no end to the constant changes. The writers are forgetting the basic formula for soap operas. Pick a couple and stick with it. You can and should put obstacles in their path, but always make it clear who the fans should be rooting for. Remember the glory days of Bo and Hope? These writers have ADHD. They can’t make a decision and stick to it. I will miss Days for the show it used to be years ago, but if this is all I knew of Days, I wouldn’t have given it a second look. Writers, get a clue!!!!

  141. From Ruth

    I have watched DOOL for over 40yrs..I am not happy with many of the newer storylines either… Melanie is a pain and so is Doctor Dan…it is the only soap I have watched in many years… and the way the story lines are going it may be a relief to find that the show is cancelled… as I am compelled to watch it… I really think that Sami will give her baby up for adoption at the convent and then Nicole will adopt this little girl who will have EJ DNA…
    Do wish that the writers had a clue!

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