Days of Our Lives Spoilers for November 24-28.

November ends with catfights and nuns!

By next week, the murder plot which has been dominating the show will start to vanish into the Neverland of Days of Our Lives history. That means that the show’s other plotlines will be moving ahead, maybe even by leaps and bounds. Nicole will be going into pre-term labor with some alarming results. Meanwhile, Rafe turns out not to be as much of a master guardsman as he claims when a loud and pregnant Sami slips away under his watch. Putting her crafty brain into overdrive, she sneaks off to the closest of the many nearby convents that dot the periphery of Salem. Is she looking for God, the ghosts of Santo and Colleen, or trying to sneak a phone call and a shower without a man watching her?

Back in Salem, Marlena stops John from shooting the man who attacked her. Will this intense situation cause an explosion of the sexual tension in their relationship, or will other aspects of their personalities be revealed in the process? Elsewhere, the old Lucas that we all know comes back when his eyes go green. He’ll be catching a case of jealous when he and Chloe have a run in with Brady at the Pub.

And speaking of jealousy — Melanie and Chelsea will be getting into a catfight over the recent fiasco involving crazed Nick. Which of these two women really drove him over the edge? Only a math genius could work out such a complicated causal equation, but it’s unlikely Max will be much help. Unfortunately, Chelsea will have even more to be upset about. Dr. Daniel’s medical magic doesn’t appear to be working this time around. He’ll be telling Kate that her cancer has spread.

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  2. From loyal fan for 35 yrs

    Are they getting rid of Kate as well as Marlena and John? Kind of sounds like it.

  3. From Amy

    I dont think Kate has cancer i think daniel is just doing this to stay close to her… what an ass !!
    I dont think they would get rid of Kate… however days said they were gonna get rid of some characters?? !
    I hope Nick stays locked up he’s a weirdo!

  4. From wendy

    I also just heard that JOhn and Marlena will be leaving. They will get back together and then be gone after January. All due to budget cuts. I can think of other people to get rid of.

  5. From Tiffany

    There was a report that Sami and Kate were leaving, but then I saw a post that they both were staying. Something wierd is going on with that story line, esp since Phillip is leaving.

  6. From April M.

    What? Phillip’s leaving? He just came back!!! Wowsers!!! I like Phillip with Chloe, also Like Brady with Chloe…… Chloe with Lucas dosen’t work for me. Will Niccole loose her baby?

  7. From Grandma K

    They said one main star and two women would be leving, now Phillip, John, Marlena, I would think Nick. So who’s the outher woman? Kate? Who’s left. Never see Patch Has he gone too. Change the name to Days of Our Lives Gone Bye.

  8. From Jo D.

    Wow, if John and Marlana are gone so am I. Feeling like losing family after 30 years of watching. They are killing the show.

  9. From julie/from illonis

    i get a letter to my email from days and i read that yea philip is leaving but i read on dish with dena she said all us ejami fans just be paient a lil while longer they will be back together so hopefully they do i read that nicole defintenly looses her baby god i hate her i hope she does ej is just fakin he cares bouyt her its so fake lookin unlike when he’s with sami it really love i am a die hard dool watcher but damn its gettin boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. From Jody

    Days is really stupid now…everyone is killing or dying…no wonder you don’t get awards. I use to love watching the show but now it’s very depressing.
    John, needs to snap out of his stupid personality, Kate does not need to be dying. Bo and Hope spend all their time playing detectives…never see their little girl anymore. Nothing but bad news!

  11. From Jude

    Keep the others. Get rid of Nicole.

  12. From El Sanchez en Dakota

    Marlena is about ready to collect social security, I’m sick of John’s elmer’s glue man haircut…they need to go. I vote for a nice bi relationship involving Melanie and Stephanie….growllll.

  13. From lola

    Nicole needs to go, there is no chemistry there.

  14. From Lu Coleman

    I’m upset about John and Marlena leaving. Let’s get rid of some of the young folks whose storylines are dumb and pointless. I don’t think I will watch once they get rid of the veterans. Been watching since 1966.

  15. From Theresa

    I can’t stand EJ and Sami together! Sami belongs with Lucas. I like Nicole. She used to be awful, but she’s changed, so I’m not sure why you all dont’ like her. I don’t care who EJ is with, just NOT Sami!

  16. From Louise

    Sami belongs with EJ. EJ is too cute for Sami.

  17. From Mary

    Oops…I meant that Sami belongs wtih LUCAS!

  18. From Louise

    EJ and Nicole are such a better fit!!

  19. From Kristin

    I’d like to see just the opposite happen! The last thing is Sami with another child, and what a great ride it would be with the two of them pregnant, raising babies @ the same time…fighting over EJ, who I’d love to see flat out dump Sami’s butt. I think Sami w/no Lucus & no EJ would be classic. I’d love to see her not able to get either of them back! I for 1 will be devistated if Nicole looses the baby. I’d love to see her find some joy by having a child after the way she was parented/sold by her father. If she has to loose the baby though…It could be fun to watch for years!!… she makes it look like she stays preg., and steals sami’s baby, who would obviously have to look like he died in birth, to pass off hers & EJ’s. They’d be married & happy…Sami miserable, or with hot FBI agent, it could go on forever!
    So many possibilities! But I think the most interesting dynamic would be if both children were born.
    Is Nicole definately loosing the baby?..or just rumor. I think EJ & she have more chemistry that he and Sami…always hated them together! Plus…everyone seems to forget that he raped her. The more I think about it…EJ & Nicole would be a great evil trying to do right, but always slipping into old ways seperately and together! May spark things up! I hope they elope or get married at least before, if she’s going to, looses the baby. Although…a single Nicole would be great with Brady again…hmm

  20. From forever fan

    I am glad the murder stuff is almost over I am ready for EJ to find out about Sami and the baby and move on I really like Nicoles new person she has become but I dont want her with EJ. I am ready for new stuff its getting long and drug out. I am so disappointed that Marlena John and Phillip are leaving but yet I am ready for Dr Dan and celsea to get back together

  21. From Lori

    Hello all!
    I heard a Phillip leaving,(I will miss that handsome face) but John and Marlena too????

  22. From Gladys

    What ever happen to philips baby boby? One day he is searching, close to finding him then gone. How can they just write the baby off like he did not exist. This would be a good reason for him to leave the show if he does go. not that I want him. he finds his son and moves to give him a better and safer life.

  23. From Gladys

    Oh. ps.. I am a big EJ and Sami fan. I do want them together. I do want nicole gone. I dont want her to see her have the baby. I just think its wrong. I dont know why she is even back. Please keep sami and EJ together.

  24. From Judy

    I love Nicole…she is awesome get rid of Marlena……boring….lets see John and Hope that would give the show some life

  25. From heidi

    Get rid of Nicole! I am waiting for EJ to find Sami and for them to finally get together!

  26. From danielle

    Surprisingly nobody has mentioned Chloe going. She is painful to watch and Nick is close behind. John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Sami, Philip, people that have some history those are the people that keep the foundation of the show. The new characters are still too new to hold the entire show, we aren’t attached enough to them yet. They don’t mean as much to us and the show cannot be carried by them.

  27. From Sheila

    Nicole and EJ are boring together. What happened to Sami and EJ being the reincarnation of Santos and Colleen’s timeless love?

  28. From Shelli

    I just saw something on TV saying Marlena and John are leaving the show?????

  29. From JEANNA

    i wish kate would go..she is annoying…and the whole daniel thing with her is gettin weird…i liked him and chelsea..also lets get on with sami storyline..the hiding out is gettin old already..just let ej find out and have to chose between sami and nicole…and as far as melanie and nick go..get rid of nick..he is so WEIRD!!!! and his character is getting weirder…now phillip and stephanie would be a nice new couple…hmmm

  30. From DimplesBlack

    Well, I’ll tell you what I know coming from certain actual “actors” I met on Nov.1 at Universal City. “Nick is going to jail for a long time. Dr.Daniel and Chloe are going to start something new. John and Marlena are in for a ride and be patient because they will work their way back together”. I was told this by two actors and someone who works at NBC.

  31. From Christy

    Well at least Chloe doesn’t go for the married men…yet! Since she’s been back, she has bed hopped with Phillip and Lucas. Now she’s making goo-goo eyes at Daniel and of course, throw Brady back into the mix of things. All she’s missing is Nick! Though he’s got his hands full with Ms. Whiney Pants!

  32. From gloria

    Sami and EJ have chemistry always have, and if I recall I dont think Sami fought EJ too hard when he “raped” her. EJ and Nicole have no chemistry, not sure Nicole has chemistry with any one but pookie.
    I agree, I hate this John, maybe they will have John and Marlena go on some kind of vacation that will help him get his memory back, that would be great! Chloe and Brady had it going and were a good couple, not sure what their purpose is but maybe Brady should be taking over basic black since John seems to have no interest. Kate is a bitch but i think she belongs with Roman. Daniel is hot but creepy, it seems like he is hitting on every girl he has a conversation with- sick! Chelsea and Max maybe should get baack together since they both have matured “alittle”. Steph with Phillip who he is now would be good.

  33. From Katie

    I want to see EJ and Sammi together. They have such great chemistry. I want Nicole to stay so that she can be miserable watching EJ and Sammi happy together with their babies. Then, it would be nice if she got back together with Brady.

  34. From Tammy

    Days will lose a large fan base if John & Marlena go…no doubt. Should Nicole lose her baby, it will only be a matter of time before we all find out it actually lived (another swamp baby!?) only to return & take over the Demiria empire.

  35. From Savy

    I want Chole And brady to get back together. I want Nicole and Ej done with. But I have a feeling thatwhatever happends Nicole is going to end up in bradys arms. Because it looks to me he still has feelings for her. Chloe and Lucas does not make a cute couple. I just started to watch the show again and when I saw that I was like “What the heck” not cute at all. He’s too short for her. But I really really like Chloe and Brady as a couple alot.

  36. From shirl

    What if we have Nicole steal Sami’s baby…

  37. From Linda

    I for one am a Huge Ejami fan!!! I think E.J and Nicole have absolutly zero chemistry together. Sami and E.J. belong together. As far as Chloe and Lucas go, I dont think they should be together..Chloe and Brady would be better. John and Marlena are getting real boring. So if the writers don’t fix John then I dont want him on the show anyway.

  38. From sarah

    I am VERY sad (if it is true) that John & Marlena will be leaving. Why not take Bo & Hope while you are at it? Shame on you Days!!! I could name a handful of people to take: Nick, Dr. Daniel, Steph, Max. I do enjoy Nicole & Chloe & I wan’t thrilled to have Chloe come back anyway. I’ve watched the show since 1970 & I think I’m DONE.

  39. From sarah

    Oh, and another thing: wasn’t it the fans that broght back John Black…for what- to have him AND MARLENA taken away. I think it’s a slap in the face to the fans- Kudo’s to Drake & Diedre for their dedication over all of the years:(

  40. From Kristen

    I am a VERY BIGGG EJ & Sami fan! I REALLY want them together, I feel HOTTT from seeing them together. I am unsure of who I want Brady to be with.. Nicole or Chloe. But I know one thing for certain.. Chloe and Lucas is a big NO NO!! There’s absolutely ZERO chemistry for Chloe and Lucas. Maybe Lucas and Nicole?? I do think they would do good together. As for Marlena and John.. Blah! BORING! Daniel and Kate.. Uhh.. O…kay! Same goes for Nick and Melanie.. I don’t think Stephanie and Max had much chemistry. I think Stephanie would do soo WELL with Phillip! I can’t wait to see what happens on DOOL soon!! HOPE good things happens!!!

  41. From April M.

    I don’t think they’re wrighting John and Marlena off forever, it’s like they did with Bo and Hope, or like they’re doing with Shawn and Belle, they’ll be back after a few years, when they’ve excasuted every other story line…. They just brought Chole and Brady back. So it’s a temp wright off, not forever…. but still don’t like it. lol. And I hope the don’t misscarry Niccoles baby!!! Thats sad, the girl can’t even have kids, she’d turn it to a HUGE lush!! – worse then befor.

  42. From April M.

    Oh, and I don’t see Phillip running off while his mom (Kate) is on her death bed….. So, is Phillly leaving cause Kate dies? Or dose Kate make a full recovery, and Phillip leaves for other reasons?

  43. From Just Me

    I read that Phillip quit in the middle of a story line. I still can’t believe they got rid of Carrie, Austin, Belle, and Shawn. They were the future of the show. I guess nothing else they do will shock me, and I know I won’t agree with it, but I have litterally been watching my entire life so if I could keep watching after Marlena’s dance with the devil, I can tough their bad choices out too.

  44. From Just Me

    tough out*

  45. From Steph

    Are you kidding! I am so happy we get a break from John and Marlena. Could they be any more boring? And there make out sessions gross me out. I love Sami and EJ. I actually fast forward thru Nicole and EJ because there is no chemistry. Nicole and Dan might be hot (him sleeping with grandma Kate, grosses me out)

  46. From Toosh

    You aren’t going to please everyone.I am very upset about the recent cast shakeups. The only thing that will keep me watching now is a a happy Ejole ending and their future together.

  47. From Paula

    Are you serious??? John and Marlena leaving?? I am 51 years old and have been watching the show since I was 16…faithfully. If they take them, they are taking the soul of the show as far as I’m concerned! And what happened to Patch? I was thrilled to see him return waiting to see him highly involved again, and instead..nothing! I’m so disappointed in the writers. What are they thinking? If the show gets cancelled, they have no one to blame but themselves, and will have a tremendous amount of upset DOOL being one of them.

  48. From Paula

    In regard to my previous entry, I neglected to include Bo and Hope. They too are considered the “soul” of the show…I agree with Sarah..why don’t you just take them too?? Maybe it’s time you started listening to the fans before it’s too late!!

  49. From barbara

    i just want some of the ploys to end. sami needs to go away to have her own baby and end the protection program. first she needs to tell ej and he needs to drop nicole who hopefully has not tricked him about still being pregnant. the rest of the characters need more time and melanie, chelsea and nick need to go.

  50. From Lynn

    I haven’t watched in awhile because of work so, I was wondering who is Sami pregnant by? Lucas or EJ?

  51. From Nessa

    Sammi And EJ Need To Get Together Its Driving Me Madd ! Lol… Chloe And Lucas? Nuh-Uh No Way!! Chloe And Brady Yes ! But Lucas?(Hint)-It Doesnt Workk, I Hopee She Ends Up With Phillip In The End =] Their So Cutee Together


  52. From linda

    no one has said anything about the two new hotties, rafe and brady. i’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

  53. From DimplesBlack


  54. From Mopy

    God, I was detesting Chloe’s return, as the writers changed her character to a depthless hussy. But, that single scene that Brady and her had the other day? That was the best I’ve seen of Chloe since her return. Actual tears and feeling!! It’s obvious to me that Chloe and Brady belong. And the new Brady is very true to the character so far.

    When EJ and Nicole were looking in the mirror the other day, did anyone notice how genuinely sweet Nicole looked in the mirror? I know it’s out of her character, but in that instant, I saw how the actress could absolutely play a wholesome, shy, down-to-earth good girl. It was cool, actually.

    Anyhow, I like Nicole and EJ, but only if they aren’t bringing Eric back. Because of Nicole’s character change, I could also see Lucas and her (for real this time). I am first and foremost a Lumi fan, though. Chloe and Lucas were only good for the one night stand in the elevator, but this relationship thing? It’s one big dry-heave just begging to purged completely.

    Honestly? Stephanie is better single. The actress that is playing her is more convincing as girlfriend to her girlfriends, discovering/enjoying herself, and being a preppy partier. I’m just not feeling her in any scenes that have called for seriousness or high emotion.

    Phillip doesn’t cut the grade for me as a tough-as-nails business tycoon and playboy. His character was better off as an honourable and respected solder-boy. Again, no pairings with him, please. And, could the guy please give us a real SMILE sometime?

    Dr.Daniel can take a flying leap for all I care. They could do a character plot with him revolving around his lusting after patients. It’s already a pattern, so why not make it into storyline? Patients get better and he dumps them for new sickies. Make it into a kind of disorder.

    Speaking of disorders… Shame on the writers for portraying an autistic child as simply an ignorant brat to most except Chelsea. My nephew is Autistic, and I know there are different levels of Austism, but come on! Did the writers do ANY research on the disorder? It bugs me every time I see a scene with that kid.

    Chelsea, on the other hand, I’m liking quite a bit. She’s grown into a strong and respectable character. I could see her being paired with a good-cop/bad-cop type like her dad… Hmmm… whomever could that might be? Although, physically, I’d like to see her paired with a blonde, but that’s just a moot thing.

    I do NOT like Max. I think the character has nothing going for him. He’s dumb, too proud about the WRONG things, deaf to reason or logic, with misguided loyalty (except for maybe when it comes to the Brady’s), and most of all, annoyingly stubborn. Keep him behind the bar, as it’s the only time when he’s remotely digestable.

  55. From tracy

    i so hope nicole doesnt have ej’s baby i think him and sami should be together

  56. From Sonia G.

    Will somebody puleeeze take that make up off Kate’s face!!! She’s even wearing lip gloss!! I’m a cancer survivor & when a person is getting chemo, there is no way in hell there gonna look that good. It’s an insult to us survivors. What is it? Is the actress playing the role embarassed to be seen without make-up? I’ve been watching Days for 32 years & the writing is getting worse by the years, this is why the ratings are dropping. If Days contract doesn’t get picked up, I really wouldn’t care. I’ll be having Days withdrawls but it’s better than watching the junk that’s being put out there right now.

  57. From Allie

    I can’t believe that Phillip is leaving! I thought that Days would put him and Stephanie together. That would be so great!! I can never stand Steph with Max. I think that Abbey should come back for him. They were so cute together. That’s the problem with Days- they start something and never finish it. Abby and Max, Stephanie and Phillip, Sami and EJ, Stefino and Kate, Kate and
    Roman, Phillip and Morgan… The show will not put two together long enough for them to build some kind of chemistry. I would be interested to know if other viewers agree with me?… Thanks!

  58. From Brandy

    I for one am so sick of the “Sami and Melanie Show”. They aren’t using the actors we love and keep bringing in a bunch of filler. Where has all the romance that makes it a soap gone? The writers seem to only want younger viewers and forget the core viewers that have keep them on air for decades. I love Nicole with EJ and hate to think she will lose the baby. It is Sami who sure doesn’t need another baby since she is always acting like such a big one herself and insist on putting her life and others in danger. I used to love her but would be fine if she were the one to leave.

  59. From Bridgee

    Lucas is boring, Sami and EJ need to be back together, Sami and Lucas is so not exciting. I love John and Marlena. They just need to get John his memory back. Too many lapsed story lines. Focus, Focus, Focus on what you started and finish it. How long has Johns memory been gone? What happened to little Joes kidnapping by Stefano. Did he actually implant something in his head? Did they think we just forgot about that? Too many starts and stops. Finish!

  60. From Alishia

    Melanie may not be a terrific person, but she is obviously traumatized by what she has been put through. I hope it serves as a wake up call for her character. I think Max needs to pine for Stephanie for a while. He messed up. Maybe it would be a cool storyline if his character decided to go back to school and make something of himself. It could be fun having him win back Stephanie. I think EJ and Sami belong together. Lucas never really accepted her completely. I really want to see Sami’s character mature. Maybe she will escape into a convent, and EJ will find out she’s missing and come looking for her. I really hope they don’t try to hide the baby from him. They could have a happily ever after and Alison Sweeney could go on maternity leave in RL lol. Poor thing, she is quite a woman! You go girl! Bo and Hope’s characters could spend some more family time with Ciarra. I feel like we barely know their kid, besides if they keep Sorasing her she will be in college next year. Slooooow down guys! I mean wasn’t Shawn’s kid a baby for like 3 years lol. It would be nice to have Frankie, Billie, and Jack n family home for a holiday get together. I think it’s time for the younger generation to start their own family traditions. Did Will shoot EJ or not? I’d like to know. Give John his memory back just in time for Marlena to disappear. Later to only find out that the old Stephano is back and has kidnapped her and left her on a deserted island like he did Andre. To suffer for what she did to him. Mama Brady needs a visit from Christmas Past (papa shawn) to tell her it’s ok to move forward with her future. I think it would be nice to see her and Victor together. (She does bring out his good side) Only to find out that he is working with Stephano behind closed doors! I think Dr. Dan is too free spirited for Kate. I think he would be better off with Nicole. Chloe and Brady will get back together, that’s just inevitable. Chelsea needs a new guy. I hope Nick is diagnosed with a split personality, and gets to go to a mental institution instead of jail, and maybe will get to return to salem one day. Perhaps he will fall prey to an evil psyche dr! Chelsea will be going to visit him regularly and figure out that he’s in trouble and come to his rescue, then they will get back together again. Melanie and Phillip would make a good couple. This is all just stuff I’ve made up, but I enjoy using my imagination lol.

  61. From Austinblonde

    It would be great (for all of us) if \Jett Carver\ were brought back to work with \Abe\ and to resume a relationship with Chelsea. She needs love. If something happens to Lexie, they would be able to take Theo who already has a close bond with Chelsea. And Marcus Patrick is easy on the eyes, too!

  62. From Linda

    I like Nicole and EJ together and I don’t want her to loose the baby. Why does Sami have to be the only one having his babies. I want Sami and Lucas to be together.

  63. From Ashley

    I am actually not sure who I want Sami to be with. I love Ejami…but I also like Rafe and Sami. I do hate that they are taking away John and Marlena (if they do), but you can’t cut the younger people. Yeah, I know that a lot of you have been watching for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that they should cut all the young people. They have to have characters that are young to grow into the vets. Just because you have watched for a long time, doesn’t mean that you get whatever you want. There are people that watch who are young, like me, I’m 19. I love the vets, but I mainly watch for the younger cast.

    I agree that some of the younger cast needs to go. AKA Melanie, Chloe and some others. But, we never get everything that we want.

  64. From Ashley

    Oh yeah…they guy who plays Phillip is leaving, but they are recasting the role. That’s what I read.

  65. From Ashley

    Oh yeah, the character Phillip isn’t leaving, they guy who plays him is. They are going to recast the role.

  66. From LAETITIA


  67. From nlb

    I don’t like Ej & Sami
    Ej and Nicole is much suitable couple on-air. since they both are tall.
    Sami and Luis(Rafe) are better together..hopefully they can pair these 2 up..

    Nicole is a match for the new brady as well.

  68. From nlb

    Melanie has got to get off the show. Leave chelsea and the pretty girl alone.
    Chelsea really do need to go too..since her role is pointless.
    Sami and RAfe makes a great couple
    Nicole and Brady makes a great couple too. this new brady matches nicole. Chloe needs to go.

  69. From Maria

    I dont care that much what happens but Kate is my favorite character and I just hope she gets better and is with Roman or maybe Daniel if he stops flirting with everyone else and decides JUST to be with her or something.

  70. From Misty

    Please donot allow Nichol to loos her baby. Let Sami be the one who ends up pregnant no more.Sami has enough kids already,.
    I still cannot belive Nick killed Trent. Days is know for many twist and turns, why not have Nick think he killed Trent but then truth leaks out that Nick plunged theknife into Trent’s back but somehow the knife cameout ofTrent’s back and Claude seeing all that happened picked up the knife and plunged the killing blow into Trent. Or else prove that Nick was only protecting Melanie and did what Nick did in selfdefense.
    Maggie gave a very goodpotrail of a loving and concerened aunt.
    I was glad to see the preview that Steve will be getting more storylines. Daysneeds the 4 Johnsons.

  71. From Nancy

    What are they doing to this show????? Belle and Shawn needed to come back .They are making this show to strange now… Get rid of Melanie and Max .. Phil is one of my favorites and now he is leaving i think after 40 years Days is losing a lot of fans!!!

  72. From Doll

    Nicole looks like she is losing the baby. EJ should find out Sami is carry his baby. The truth should come out. The truth should always come out.

  73. From Debbie

    I have read from a few different spoiler sites that Nicole is going to loose her baby. I thought they would play that story line longer. How long do ya all think it will be before EJ finds out & do you think Nicole & Brady will be a story line since he is suppose to be with her when she looses the baby..

  74. From lj

    Ok, this is what I see happening with the Sami/EJ/Nicole thing. John will catch the killer, but since Sami is dissappearing from protective custody, EJ will drop everything and go running off to find her. Nicole will go postal again, go into premature labor from the stress. EJ will finally find Sami, either with a baby, or in the middle of labor, and will have to help deliver the baby. He will finally come back, and will have to keep it all a secret from Nicole because there will be complications with her baby. That is my theory.

  75. From Chyna

    I was devastated to read that Nicole loses the baby, why! (she could have run off and had the baby alone without EJ) That girl needs something good to happen to her.. I hope she doesn’t slip back into old habits… I like EJ and Nicole together they force each other to be upfront…

    How can you say you like Sami and EJ together when all he does is manipulate her… (THATS NOT LOVE PEOPLE) at least with Nicole they were both playing the game.

  76. From Chyna

    You know they should have made Sami lose the baby, because then she would have gone after Nicole and EJ and you know Sami likes to scheme. EJOLE better suited if they don’t work out at least let them be friends cause I really like these two, they have similar ways of thinking

  77. From Z

    I agree with the chemistry angle. Part of days is cenetered around family and loyalty or at least in the 25 years Ive been watching thats what I’ve notied. Yeah there’ve been test but the characters find their way back to each other from Bo\Hope, Jack\Jennifer, Steve Kayla, Shawn Belle, and so on. The musical merry go round they’re having now with characters and teasers of linking couples up is almost gagging and very tiresome.
    Also don’t see John and Marlena leaving not after bringing Drake back so quickly after killing him off and then revamping his character. The storyline is just oo good to explore if he gets his memory back infused with the knowledge of who is now and his full past definitely lets him play a wide range of scenarios, An actors dream come true.
    As for the younger actors I like some I dont like others duh, but I see the point. It helps you spread ou tthe minutes of a show and storylines but sometimes they shove too much young stuff onto us and not enough balance, I mean even Kate technically is a new character she’s been around what 10-15 years and even for the 1st 5 some odd years wasn’t a main character but just a supporting character for Austin\Lucas.
    Kill her, the storyline you can explore there is endless from Lucas, Chelsea and Phillip coping with it to even a short return by Billie and Austin. Play it out like they did John’s death then ta da Stefano to the rescue, After all it is fantasy land.
    Odd true but hey Days is fun when they go off the deep end, Whether it’s the Brady Demera feud or just some random ISA mission where everybody gets caught on the love boat to hell those are the stories you want to watch the next episode to see what happens
    Those are also the episodes you wish you could watch again just to enjoy the holy #### moments.

  78. From Michele

    This is what I think is going to happen. Sami will decide to put the baby up for adoption. Nicole loses her baby, she will adopt a baby and without realizing it, it will be Sami’s. Meantime Nicole will fake the rest of her pregnancy. Then when Sami does return she will realize that Nicole is the mother of her baby. Then she will be stuck with finally having to tell E.J she had his baby and put it up for adoption, because she won’t be able to stand the thought of Nicole raising her baby. Just a thought. I sometimes think they should let us write for the soaps LOL

  79. From Kari

    I do not like the idea of Chloe and Lucas it does not make sense to me. I think Chloe and Brady needs to get back together because they were so good for one another. Lucas needs to get back with Sami. I can’t believe they are getting rid of John and Marlena but I understand this show is having problems with their budget. You got to cut corners where you can find them I guess. I hope they bring them back someday.

  80. From Sheila

    Someone said they fast forward through Nicole and EJ’s scenes. So do I. I can’t wait until Sami and EJ are back together again, but I do hope Nicole gets to keep her baby. She is much better as a nicer person and losing the baby would just send her back to being a drunken loser. Maybe Brady could hire her at Basic Black?

  81. From Dana

    I wish Nicole would leave..I usually flip the TV stations when she is on.

  82. From Faith2008

    I really hope I see more drama in the show. Right now the only scene I am watching is Melanies. I fast forward through everyone else. I really hope with Philip saving her life twice they kind of embark in unexpected journey. I got to admit the show is improving a bit, I find myself watching Marlena and John sometimes, and even John and Brady and right now just maybe Nicole when she goes through her preterm labor. Anyways, I am only a fan of Philip and Melanie. No one else so far! The wrest seem more like blah blah blah… I am a writer and trust me I know when something is meaningless.

  83. From Sassychic

    I really like EJ and Sami together!!! They fit with each other perfectly and would make the best daytime love story. Nicole really needs to go. After all the evil she has done in the past I just do not like her being this whiny sweet good girl. If Nicole stays she needs to get with Brady they were really good together. I think Chloe and Lucas should stay together too. I really hope that it is a rumor about Phillip leaving. I love him.

  84. From Soap Fan

    I have always said that if John and Marlena go, so do I. I have watched Days since day one. I actually read that NBC had to pay back some of their advertisers because their ratings are so low. Days is the only program I watch on NBC. So I suppose all of their shows are losing money.

  85. From Beverly

    I’m willing to bet you Rafe is a DiMera.

  86. From Beverly

    I willing to bet Rafe is a DiMira

  87. From Aimee

    I was sad to see the they are getting rid of Marleana, however, I do not like this new john. And I do not like Kate either. So i hope they do get rid of her, and as far as Nick goes….let him go, he is weird, and i dont like him. His character acts like a desperate dog in heat or something.

  88. From Beverly

    Sorry for the double posting.

    Instead of D&D going it should be Max, Stephanie, Daniel, Chelsea, even Brady could go back to Europe or whereever. Unless they use his character to start a war with Tony/EJ DiMira and Philip Kiriakis. They need to flesh up the roles of the second generations a lot more. They don’t wear the power mantle like Stefano and Victor, even John. With the exception of Tony.

  89. From Aimee

    They really need to do something with the Carver family, I am sick of seeing Lexie always crying and whining about Theo. There are hundreds of parents who deal with autistic kids, and I know some personally, and they dont act like that.

  90. From DaysFan1986

    what is with the French lesson? I like the Ej and Nicole thing they have going. Sami has always “gotten” the guy by scheming or being so darn pitiful. Nicole needs some lovin too! Lucas and Chloe are fizzing quickly and the whole Nick, Max, Melanie thing is so boring. Why are we recapping on the Willow thing? Sorry but the actress was UGLY and I hated every moment she was on. Don’t want to see her anymore. Moving on…… I think Sami should probably “hook up” with the bodyguard since she usually “falls in love” in situations like she is in now.Trapped in a steam room with EJ, in a room with Lucas now trapped in a hotel with this guy. Pattern here? I agree with Michele, her story line would seem the most reasonable but I sooooooo don’t want nicole to lose her baby. I personally just don’t like story lines with those traumas in them. Phillip is dull now and Kate and Dr. Daniel, I never liked him. Roman has not been with anyone for a long time and he is a lonely man so I think him and Kate should get back together and maybe she can give his character more of a jagged edge than he has now. He’s too dull. The carvers are a bore and if they are going to have Theo with Autism it should be more informative than just a plot. that way it is more interesting and informative. Maybe get Jenny McCarthy as a consultant on the topic or even have her on the show as a guest spot!? Hint…hint…
    Steve, Kayla… they need more drama for me to warm up to them again. She is ALWAYS worried! Give that woman some uplifiting scenerios to work!

  91. From Sonia G.

    That’s it, now with the news that John & Marlena are leaving the show, I’ll stop watching it. It’s been a good 32 yrs. of watching it, but as of late the writers are writing a lot of junk and Ken Corday seems to like to play a lot of head games with the viewers and if that’s his thing, good for him but not for the viewers. Once they let go of the good actors as John & Marlena,that’s it for me. May the younger generation enjoy the show, but as smart as the generation of today is, they won’t even put up with the crappy writing.

  92. From B

    I love Mopy’s posting. So right on about the plots and characters.

  93. From Alishia

    so far as Sami losing the baby that would be a little difficult since she is actually pregnant in real life…….

  94. From DOOLfan33yold

    Sami and Ej are perfect together- fast forward to ALL their scenes.

    Kate and Dan- ugh

    John and Marlena (25 yrs old)BORING but LOVE the new none caring John

    Bo and Hope-send them to see Belle and Shawn

    Lucas and Chloe- eh, but he seems happy for a change

    Brady and Nicole, or Nicole and Phillip- otherwise, she is freaking obnoxious, most especially with Ej

    Put Kate or Marlena back with Stephano to keep him busy and on the back burner.

    Kate needs to show signs that she has been through chemo and has cancer- I am a BC survivor at 33 and NEVER did I look that good and put together- DISGUSTING and Distasteful! And I too, put up with the demon Marlena!

    Leave all the babies in the mix! It makes it interesting but put Ej and Sami back together for good- even with their antics!

    I will not stop watching until it goes off air. I was born watching it and GL and will watch until the end!

  95. From DOOLfan33yold

    Now that I think about it, what about John and Nicole raising Ej’s baby? While Ej and Sami raise their kids all under the same roof?



  97. From Desiree

    I am glad Nicole is losing the baby. Sami & Ej need to be togther? I am wondering if they are going to pull a baby switch. Sounds like Nicole is going to pretend to still be pregnant. I am wondering if she will steal Sami’s baby and Sami will think her baby is dead. They have done it before.

  98. From love_nicole

    I think they’ve made a big mistake by making Nicole loose her baby…..why did they let get pregnant to begin with? It was a great story …her and EJ having a baby together…and now they’ve killed that story….i don’t even wanna watch this show anymore…for now anyway…too mad at them…lol

  99. From Toni

    There is absoultly no ways that Sami can loose the baby b/c Allison Sweeny is actually pregnant so they had to write it into the script… I have Sami and EJ get back together b/c I love Ejami. Major fan!!! I hope Nicole looses the baby. They can so get rid of her character. They can also get rid of Mel, Stephanie, Chelse, Max, for sure Nick. Do not get rid of John and Marlana, let John get his memory back.

  100. From Dawn

    I AM SO MAD AT Days Not only have they sealed their fate they have FIRED the only reason I watch the show. You get rid of john and marlana and you lose me too. Way to go!

  101. From Ali Bee

    OMG! No John or Marlena, well what left’s of the show. They are the main character’s and even they were boring. Their storyline is so weak! Maybe the writer’s can rename the show & start from scratch!
    I’ve watched DAY’S from day one, but I think it’s time I move on!

  102. From mary


  103. From Kim

    I HATE Sami and EJ together. Ans since when did they “really love each other”. He RAPED her, got her pregnant (along with Lucas) and proceeded to manipulate everything from there. She never loved him. Once she had sex with him during a moment of weakness when she was upset about Lucas never coming home and THAT ruins the rest of her life. And it is IRRESPONSIBLE for the writers to make it OK for any woman to nbe portrayed as falling in love with a man who RAPED her. RIDICULOUS! I like the new FBI guy potential with Sami. And EJ and Nicole BELONG otgether – they can actually understand each other and have SO MUCH in common – and I am so happy that Nicole might finally be able to be happy. Chloe and Lucas together is just BORING – I LVOED CHloe with Philip. AWESOME! Max and Stephanie belong together – they need to get back together – and I HATE Melanie – she needs to go. I also do not like the new John and wish the old one would come back. And don’t get rid of Kate – she and Daniel are AWESOME together – what a great lot of potential THAT storyline has!!!! Wonderful. Hated Daniel and Chelsea – HATED, HATED, HATED it! But I am ADAMANT about no Sami and EJ – THAT is a show deal breaker for me – and I have watched it since the first episode!

  104. From Barbara C.

    I just don’t understand the way the writers are ruinng DOL. The story lines are nuts, the characters are out of control, what’s with you guy??? Taking our John and Marlene the backbone of the story…what next. Us oldsters remember them from the beginning and would like them to stay instead of bringing in newbies every few weeks for just a few crazy stories.

  105. From KAY


  106. From Paula

    I agree that the story lines have been bad, or at least poorly written, but I’ve watched for so long now that not watching anymore would be like loosing part of my family. I think Nicole has evolved into a person with some character and I like the change in her. I also think her and EJ are a much better fit than him and Sami. As for others, I saw chemistry between Stephanie and Phillip (the first I’ve seen that for her with anybody!), and instant chemistry between Chloe and Brady. Someone mentioned the fact that they need to focus on some of the younger actors as they will at some point bethe veterens of the show, and they are right, but they need to have more of an even mix. They’ve gone to far the other way and have neglected people like Steve and Kayla, John and Marlena, even Bo and Hope.

  107. From BJ


  108. From Tomlyn0416

    Oh my John needs to quit acting from the “william shatner” school and get a life. He and Marlena are a good pair, they need him to get his memory back and the two of them go off for a while. Stepheno has been killed off how many times?… he is such a bad influence on his kids, see he already sucked EJ back in. How long before Tony and Anna divorce?.. LOL I loved it when Kari and Austin found each other again. Belle and Shawn need to come back for the younger crowd, at least they could act. I do not like Stephanie and Max together. Max has changed so much since the sorrority issue. Chelsea needs to concentrate on school and making something of her life and then find that Cop/bad boy like dad and settle down. NICK needs to leave along with Melanie she is bad news for both him and Max. Bo and Hope need to spend more time with Cierra, and less time playing detective. I have watched this show for years and years… to many to say. I liked it best when the plots were more family like. I enjoyed the family times with the Hortons and Brady’s. the Christmas’ with Tom Horton reading to the kids were great times. Your heart went out when Tom pasted away. Where is Ms. Horton? You don’t see her much is she so bad that she is unable to be on the show anymore? If so they need her to pass the donut recipe to Maggie so they can keep up the family traditions. what about Sammy giving her baby up for adoption and EJ and NICOLE adopting her, and Sammy and Lucas getting back together. Chloe and Brady were so good together and I loved how he swept her off her feet. Sounds like to me the writers need to go back to the basics and read what people have to say about DOOL and listen before they loose everyone.

  109. From me to you

    ive been watching dool since i was in middles school (now on my 3rd yr of college) and become a fan because of john and marlena and lumi so i’de be real upset, aswell as dissapointed if they took off john and marlena! i mean c’mon! i’ts john & MARLENA!! they can’t do that.
    and as for nicole. i pray she looses the baby, she’s soooo not ment to be with my cute Ej, i like’d her way back when when she was trying to get with brady.
    and over the yrs i switched from Lumi fan to Ejami fan (although i still enjoy lumi scenes) and ive been waiting for AGES to watch those two get together, so please hurry! i mean we finally had what we wanted and then comes slut-cole and ruins everything!
    so if the do cut ppl off i hope it’s Chloe, who makes no sense to the show.
    steph and max, who are both idiots, so thereby are ment for each other.
    and chelsea, who has become a REAL bore, i mean ALways complaining.
    …oh and nick & melanie too, while they’re at it, they’re no good either.

  110. From Grandma K

    When Nicole loses her baby, if Brady is there she will have to tell EJ the truth, Brady will make her. The two of them will get close, but Nicole will keep EJ because he will feel guilty for not being there for her. She will HATE EJ.



  112. From Rowena

    Why is it that people think they have to fix something that isn’t broke? I’ve watched DOOL ever since day one. If they would cut out all the extras & stick to the original’s the budget would be in the black & we fans would be happy. They’re just cutting too much & when John & Marlena leave I think I’ll be going with them.

  113. From DAYSHistorian

    Nicole needs to lose the baby and steal Sami’s. I have been watching the show since the 1970′s and with John and Marlena leaving that’s how I know the show is going downhill. I’m not excited about anything on Days right now. None of the couples excite me in the least. Lucas and Chloe, Philipp and anyone, Nicole and EJ, Sami and EJ. I think EJami and EJicole are both boring bc EJ’s character is so one dimensional. I’d rather see Lumi spat back and forth for years than Sami and EJ going round and round. EJ was better off with Kate. I’m not feeling any of these characters, I’m still not to sure about Brady yet either. They are destroying the show… the only couple that is great together is Bo and Hope and their playing McGruff the crime dog half the time.

  114. From DAYSHistorian

    Another thing the show can’t even use Joe Mascolo right anymore. He has no plot and no purpose, it’s sad. Instead of having a major storyline showdown between Stefano, Marlena and John, they’ll just bring John’s memory back and off into the sunset they go…how lame! Brady should have came back a crackhead at least then he might be more interesting, and have him want his stake in the DiMera Empire and john try to save him. This storyline should involve everyone it could be Stefano’s last hoorah! Have Marlena marry Stefano in a deal to get John’s memory back or something, have Tony and Anna work undercover with Roman to bring the DiMera’s down…beautiful triangle between those two. Have Stefano make Lexie feel indebted to him for the Mayor’s death and slightly revert back to eviLexie when she was obsessed over Issac. Keep Nick around and have a personality disorder where he is good one day bad the next, give Steve and Kayla some better material digging more into his past besides Ava…DAYSWRITERS give us something instead of concocting new twists that are wack give us some character history some depth please before I write a letter to NBC and Ken Corday to cut that contract short…Please!

  115. From sara

    I’m so mad that they’re getting rid of John and Marlena! I say that they should get rid of some of the younger characters! Most people enjoy the Vets anyways. The show is not the same anymore =[

  116. From Alice

    Okay I think Sami and Lucas should get back together and that her baby should be his not EJ’s. and Steph and Phillip would be a nice change and if Chelsea and Max got back together would me cool. keep nicole and Ej together so they can have a good life together but maybe have some illness with the child not a bad one but a mild one and i think starting up new relationships will keep the show fresh and new and alive. I have been watching on and off since i was 15 i am 51 now and i know a 79 year old man who has been watching most of his life. it would truly upset both of us if you cancelled the show. Bringing Back Belle and Sean would be wounderful with clare as a young girl about 11 or so maybe, this would all start a new story line

  117. From Alice

    or maybe sami and the detective with him adopting her baby

  118. From Melissa Burks

    Does Nicole lose the baby,or does she just go into preterm labor? Also, Max is really getting on my nerves. I want to see Stephanie and Phillip together.

  119. From Jo

    c’mon who are these people who want Ejami together? Sami is a whiner and she brought this on herself. First Lucas then she wants Ej. She can’t decide. Lucas did the smart thing and dumped her Ej should do the same. Isin’t she going on maternity leave soon, her childish scenes is making the show so boring. Nicole should have had the baby. She and Ej belong together and Sami with Lucas. Chloe and Lucas have absolutely no chemistry. What’s up with this horrendous writing.

  120. From Joyce Russell

    still pulling for EJ and Sami–brady and Nichole–Lucas and Chloe
    Start a new story of a new young family group of friends in Salem-
    if Marlena and John can’t get their old selves back they need to go—-so does maggie boring there is not enough interesting storyline going on without killing someone–kayla is sorta got borning
    love steve so have to put up with a little of kayla–needs to be more hospital related situated also chelsea still needs to be with Daniel there was sparks when they were together. right now it is boring

  121. From janiebell

    Bring back John&Marlena, they both had sighned contracts already.
    Baby for Nichole. No baby for Sami. However in tiswritten that Nichole looswes her baby,, I will b very disapointed but if she must loose her baby let Nichole tellE.J. and then ride the guilt express bringing both Stephano and E.J. to their knees. Stephano then needs to find a mericle drug in Europe for Kate and take her away. I thought Stephano proposed to Kate already. What’s up with that?

  122. From maggie

    I have been watching dool since Julie was a teenager. I am now 52 years old. EJ and Sami or EJ and Ralf??? I am sad that Nicole is going to lose the baby. She changed for the better and deserves happiness in her life. I really don’t think EJ loves her like he did Sami. Nicole and Brady might work well together. If the writers at days keeps Nicole with EJ then he better treat her like gold. No Lucas for Sami. Their love scenes are boring and like 2 awkward junior-high kids. Lucas will never trust her and always brings up her past. I was hooked on the chemistry with EJ and Sami. They could be a super couple. How about Ralf for Chole?? Could work. Or Ralf for Chelsea. good cop/cop’s daugheter!!! Could be hot. I happen to like some of John Blacks demeanor. Bring back his memory, but keep that edge he has now. Stefano and Kate absolutly !!! Max, Steph, and Daniel don’t do much for me, but Melanie is a whinner but could work with Phillip. Days leaves to many stories up in the air with no resolve. Finish the story lines you start, keep the good actors and get rid of the ones that aren’t working. John and Marlena are the backbone of dool as are bo and Hope. Abe is cool, but Lexie needs to get back to work as a Dr. anyway, I hope Days does something soon to bring back the super couples of the 70′s and 80′s style and put together the couples that match. We all like excitement, adventure, villians and heros, but a true love story is always welcome

  123. From maggie

    Sorry, I spelled Samis bodyguards name wrong. Ithink it’s spelled Rafe.

  124. From ladyrider

    I have been watching DOOL for 30 years. Doesn’t anyone remember how Sami’s mom and dad got together. The show is repeating history as it always does if your memory goes back that far. Marlena was being stalked by the Salem Strangler and Roman insisted on protecting her by staying with her. So you can guess where the Sami-Ralf storyline will lead. I for one would like to see her with EJ. And Dr. Dan with Chelsea, she deserves to be happy finally. The show only has a few of its original cast couples, Maggie & Mickey, Julie & Doug make visits, Marlena & Roman, then Marlena and John, by which had a more firey, lasting relationship, Bo & Hope, now that was a relationship that was exciting to watch unfold. They finally brought Kayla & Patch back together, what happened to their passion and spark? Another couple that sparks flew from! Why doesn’t DOOL find another couple to pair up and make sizzle and stay together! Maybe DOOL will finally see that they should keep a relationhip going instead of busting them all up just when they are getting exciting, like Dr. Dan and Chelsea or Stepanie and Philip! We’ll see.

  125. From Jaxie

    Leave poor Nicole alone. She deserves a little happiness and is really trying to be a good person. I hope she doesn’t lose the baby nor kidnap Sami’s. That is more of a Sami deal. Sami has never tried to be true or play fair, nothing redeeming about her. Dr. Dan, what a slut. Put Kate with Roman. He is so lonesome. She needs him. Phillip and Stephanie, so much better than Steph and Max. Max is just too hard-headed to be likable. Melanie..what a drag. She has no reason for being around now that the murder is solved. Nick was so creepy during their scenes in the hotel. I had figured him for the killer early on and was surprised to be correct. Bo and Hope accused and arrested everyone in Salem as the killer with no evidence so penning Nick shouldn’t be a problem. John/Marlena storyline is old and not too interesting. Brady is good but pair him up with some of the younger gals…Chelsea? Rafe is hot so if Sami gets EJ, please give Rafe to Nicole. They would look good together. I am getting a bit tired of EJ and Nicole. He is just boring anymore. Stephano, where is Rolf and why aren’t y’all working on a science project? We should have gotten one for Christmas.

  126. From JEANNIEMAC

    A recent news article stated that John and Marlena will be off the show in early 2009. The program can’t afford their salaries anymore.

  127. From Tricia

    I can’t believe they are getting rid of John & Marlena. I love the new John!!! They should get rid of Sami-I am soooo sick of her. She is always involved in every storyline one way or another.Her whining drives me crazy.Nobody cares!!

  128. From diane

    cleaned up and get rid of nicole and the spawn from hell she’d carrying…Then slap Beau and Hope down a peg or two…they really irk and annoy me with their inflated egos…Give Stephano more to do. He’s so wonderfully evil…
    I really like Tony and Anna, they have no illusions about each other…It would be great if Sami
    could grow up and face herself, then see EJ as someone who really cares about her…Rafe is not good with Sami, that’s a bigger comedy than Sami with whiney rat boy
    Lucas…John and Marlena, well I
    could really care less…He’s crazy and she’s queen manipulator.
    Send them on a long trip somewhere,

  129. From Nicole

    I will be seriously pissed if Nicole loses her baby! Nicole should get a chance at having a good life. How many chances has Sami had? Speaking of Sami, she goes on and on about how she is trying to keep her pregnancy a secret because she want’s to protect her baby. So she just leaves Johnny in the hands of EJ who by the way lives with Stefano. Why isn’t she protecting Johnny? Also does Salem University hospital have a shortage on Doctors? Daniel is Kate and Nicole’s doctor and was Beau and Chelsea’s doctor maybe even the surgeon, how about find some new people to play some of these parts? Try to make it believeable please!

  130. From Fan Since 70's

    I would like to see EJ & Nicole together, and her not lose the baby. Then Sami could lose hers and find out that Johnny is not really EJ’s but Lucas’. I do not like Kate. No one looks like that going through chemo. Dr. Dan is creepy and reminds me of a psycho. Lucas & Chloe just don’t look right together.

  131. From Danielle

    I like the “new” Nicole, but she shouldn’t have EJ’s baby. She should loose it and then get pregnant again with Brady. New Brady is WAY hot! Chloe and Lucas are a joke, but Chloe should get with Dr. Dan. Sami and EJ should be together, Lucas can leave the show. Sami was going “good” and then when Nicole and Chloe came back, everyone forgot that she was going good! Chelsea needs to go, what an annoying brat!! And Max is a jerk, so Stephanie and Phillip should get together! Keep Phillip!

  132. From joyce

    I want E J to leave Nichol & get back with Sami,they belong together & Nichol needs to get with someone els she can’t make E J thank she didn’t lose the baby he’s to smart for that & so is his dad & his dad wants Sami & EJ together joyce

  133. From Allie

    I think that Days should make storylines more realistic. Let Sami get together with Raf for a short while, then have EJ get real jealous, I mean crazy jealous! That’s something that would happen in real life. Not go back to his Dimera ways, but just insane jealousy. And for her to play into his jealousy and give into her true feelings and finally tell him how she feels. Along the way add some adventure into this romantic true love story.
    I would want Marlana to give in and finally show her feelings for John- maybe have her save him from something- like his condition- that’s been playing out far too long.
    Have Chelsea find someone new-maybe Raf. Have Stephanie and Philip get together after working late one night and getting drunk. Things like that happen in real life.
    Bring back Abby for Max. ( The real Abby – not another actress)Make her a little more edgy, playing hard to get with him. They can be a super couple in the future.
    Just my thoughts…

  134. From Michelle

    I would like to see EJ find Sami and he is estatic to find a pregnant Sami. They need to fall into each other’s arms and be a real family; married and everything. Then leave them to be happy; Sami needs to become a Demira; she’s good at it. Nichole has no purpose, no job, no money, etc. Lucas and Chloe need to get married and move off for her career. Chelsea needs to save Nick. Melanie needs to leave! She is very annoying. Phillip needs to find his love and experience some happiness. Lexi needs to change and quit focusing on other’s opinion and just be a mother. John and Marlena needs to find each other again; it has run it’s course. As for Kate, she needs to reunite with Victor. Lastly, I would like EJ to come to my house:) I like the idea posted about Max and Abby getting together; that would be nice; Max needs his true love. Poor Nick, I like him, but they need to make him more important and get him out of jail and Melanie to stary far away from him. Chelsea needs to stop being so self centered and consider other’ feelings. She needs to grow up. I don’t care if Bell and Shawn ever return. I am getting really annoyed with all the plots and I am so tempted to stop watching. Come on writers, give us something to look forward to and something to enjoy following.

  135. From Charlene

    I like John and Marlena and will not watch when they leave.I have watched DOOL since 1975 and I don’t like these changes.

  136. From janiebell

    What has happened to the writtings of days? More mileage could have been gained by allowing Nichole to have her baby than will ever be gotten by forcing a pregnant Nichole to loose thebaby girl shewanted so much. The only way to correct this is to allow a still pregnant Nichole to wake frome a very bad dream, to learn that she never went to the cabin and all that was a bad dream and Nichole is still pregnant, or have Nichole come clean with E.J. and tell him everything and then ride the guilt trip hard and long bringing down Stephano and E.J. this was a mastake that can be corrected.

    I am very very very disapointed and ask that this mastake be made right. A baby girl for Nichole and no baby for Sami.

  137. From T.White

    Yes Nicole loses her baby, EXTREMELY sad but I rather see Sami and EJ together. Nicole needs to be with Brady! I really want to know who is leaving the show too! I am tired of John not rememberin $hit and he and Marlena need to get back together. Sami doesn’t need to go anywhere but on maternity leave for a while, and then come back and be with EJ, I hope they find the killer soon so EJ can see just how pregnant she is. Tired of Kates a$$ all she does is meddle in peoples’ business and I don’t like her and Daniel together. He was better with Chelsea! ughhh so much goin on!

  138. From joyce

    Nichol needs to tell EJ about losing the baby & Rafe needs to find EJ & tell him about Sami & I thank EJ should go get her & stefno would like that & help Sami if EJ & her get back together & Brady & Nichol should get together
    John & Marlena need to go John’s hair is so stupid joyce

  139. From LindaLu

    Speaking of “hair” (previous post) what are they doing with EJ’s hair? straight back, no shine? looks like a bad hairpiece. And Philip – wow! what a great face and what a lousy haircut. looks like they made it darker but still isn’t flattering. And Rafe, well, he’s just SUPERFINE. Keep him just as he is. Writers: If you can’t give us anything good in the way of a story line, at least give us something nice to look at.

  140. From B.B.

    What if Nicole’s baby really didn’t die and Stefano devised a plot to kidnap it and is controlling the medical personnel so they will keep mum about it all? Oh well, it WOULD make for an interesting twist don’t you think? Also, if Nicole plans to deceive EJ, keep in mind that Brady and the medical staff know that the baby supposedly “died.” Will they be willing to keep her “secret?”

  141. From Abiy

    I just hope they don’t do what I think they are about to do. Which is make Sami like give away her baby to that convent!!!! Can’t her and EJ just be happy together?! Is that so much to ask…

  142. From FROM DOROTHY





  143. From FROM DOROTHY



  144. From j.j

    I’m bored with days, I have an idea, let’s make johnny turn out to be lucas’ child. This could bring out a whole new story with e.j “kidnapping” johnny saying that he will always be HIS son and not lucas’. But before he leaves to go to britain he shoots victor and hears from nicole that she lost the baby,

  145. From j.j

    if e.j takes johnny to britain, dool could use this as an excuse to bring back shane and the rest of the donavans, shane would assist in helping lucas and co. find johnny and save him from e.j (who has turned psychotic), let andrew be one of e.j’s college buddies who unknowingly hides him out and helps him,Jeannie could have a crush on e.j

  146. From j.j

    Johnny would begin to miss his mom and e.j would kidnap jeannie (giving shane a personal stake in the search for e.j) but johnny would still miss sami, then sami finds a clue to e.js whereabouts and goes looking for him on her own thinking she can make him change his mind, but e.j in his deranged state shoots her, killing the babay

  147. From j.j

    After the whole drama over the baby,lucas receives an anonymous letter from someone claiming to know where e.j is, he leaves the paper on the floor(to be found by sami and the rest of the salemites looking for e.j) and goes to the house,where he finds jeannie, and a hologram of johnny, and as he runs to johnny the house explodes

  148. From j.j

    Then that could be the end of lucas and jeannie or let e.j kidnap the two of them and leave them locked up somewhere, Of course sami would be devastated by lucas’ “death” and with e.j gone, that fbi agent (who brought himself along for the search party), would be there to comfort her, but not for long because e.j would kidnap her so they could be a happy family

  149. From j.j

    i meant to say “happy family”, i know i used alot of cliche storylines but would you honestly prefer what days is giving us now or this?

    if ejami fans get mad, they have to realize the e.j would be deranged and there might still be hope for them, hey look atatalukadlaura from gen

  150. From Vicki

    Is anyone else tired of the Sami character always yelling and flinging herself around and cries all the time? I know it’s the character and I think Allison is a fantastic actress but it’s gets really irritating really quick.

  151. From April

    Lumi 4 Forever!Lucas and Sami belong together forever.
    Jack and Jenn come back.
    Billie with Frankie come back.
    Mimi and Rex come back.
    Philip and Chloe reunite together.
    Brady with Stephanie and Abby and Max.EJ just go away!

  152. From albarnes79

    I am sick to death of the Chloe, Lucas and Daniel story….I do not like Daniel, he just wants to sllep with every one…first Chelsea, then Kate and now Chloe…he needs to go away!!!!!!!!
    And I would love to see Sami and Rafe together, rasing the baby (mia’s baby). Not liking Brady, he and Nicole just need to go seprate ways, I like Nicole and E.J together. And Melanie needs to take her “project” far far far away from Salem!

  153. From Lu Coleman

    I’ve been watching since 1966. So they are getting rid of anyone over 30.I was watching Melanie, Nicole and the younger crown today and walked away. seems so stupid now, and now Hope is acting like an idiot. What a waste this show is now.

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