Days of Our Lives Spoilers for November 28.

Confrontations, parties and bad news.

EJ confronts Nicole. “I know all about it. I know what you did,” he says. She plays dumb and can’t bring herself to tell him the truth that he claims to know. Does he actually know the truth about the baby, or does he have his wires crossed? It could be that EJ thinks she’s been up to some naughtiness with Brady… even Victor is worried about that prospect. “Those two women almost destroyed your life. The best thing to do is just stay away from them,” Victor insists, reminding him of his mistakes with Chloe and Nicole. Meanwhile, Philip may be getting into more female trouble of his own when he reaches out to help Melanie… again.

Across town, Lucas, Chloe and Chelsea throw a surprise party for Kate, but is she up for surprises? It looks like there is a grim one in store for her. At the hospital, Daniel will be receiving some sobering news when a nurse hands him Kate’s latest test results. They are not good.

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  1. From EJAMI fan

    It’s interesting if Sami will get out in the safe house and Ej will get jealous to Rafe . Niocle is a good actress but sorry I’m a avid fan of EJAMI.Writers please let Sami get out of the safe house. I feel the storyline is all about nicole and her baby . Writers please think !!!!!!

  2. From bon

    Sami should get to tell EJ about the baby and I think the writer should make him understand why she kept it a secret. EJ doesn’t seem to like his father influencing baby Johnny so EJ and Sami decide to keep the new baby a secret. Maybe they convince Lucas to pass it off as his or let baby be adopted by Lucas’ brother and wife and the baby can live overseas with Sami and Lucas’ oldest son. Nicole should get busted and go to a mental hospital for a while.

  3. From mintz

    If Rafe and Smai end up an item it will be too eeri, As Rafe and Sami are liek 1990′s Sami and Lucas.

  4. From mintz

    The story line is gettign so dry I think y eyes are chapped!
    Seriously, People, come on!
    I woudl like it if Billy came back, she was such an intrestign character.
    Maybe she and Rafe could be lost twins, He could be Kate’s son she never knew she had, Stefeno took him at birth while she was knocked out. See how easy it is, writes? Come on! Oh, that would add a great twist, it seems Sami has a thing for Kate’s boys, why not have Rafe be one as well.

  5. From Jennifer

    Sadly it’s going to be that Sami is going to be giving her baby up to the convent, which Nicole then steals/adopts for her very own. Boo!

  6. From Cathy

    I think it would be neat if Rafe turns out to be secretly working for Stefano; that Stefano suspected Sammi’s pregnancy from the start and that he hired RAFE through his connections to keep an eye on Sammi and find out the truth–and the reason he did not tell EJ yet was because of Nicole’s pregnancy–which doesn’t matter now anyway since she lost the baby. Come on writers–put your thinking caps on and carry on from there. We all like Sammi and EJ together. Nicole is okay, but she just doesn’t have the natural spark Sammi does with EJ.

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