Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Nicole’s Baby Blues.

Nicole’s lucky streak hits a grim end this week.

Just when she thought she had EJ where she wanted him, everything starts to fall apart. Elvis is a lot of things, but he’s a DiMera above all else, and shares the same obsession with progeny that his father does. So how would he take losing an heir? Knowing him, and knowing Nicole’s past exploits, it’s safe to guess that we’re in for a whole new set of deceptions.

After watching the promo, tell Soap Opera Fan Blog what you think is in store for the troubled couple in the comments section below.

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  1. From AlexaRoul

    I am sooooooo pleased that the writers caused Nicole to have a miscarrage, nothing could be sweeter for Sammy!!!!

  2. From daysfan

    I can predict what’s next. Nicole will not tell EJ she lost the baby and fake pregnant. Sammy will give her baby to the convent. Then Nicole will show up at the convent distraught that she needs a baby and the nuns will give Sammy’s baby to Nicole.

  3. From guest12334

    I realize that we are watching a TV show, but lets not rejoice of the loss of a child. Whether the situation was real or not, a baby was lost and the mother in fact should grieve and we should grieve with her. What a cold world we live in if we start rejoicing when people have miscarriages.

  4. From Long Time Days Fan

    Okay, is it just me or did they go a little over the top when they showed the blood on the throw pillow in today’s episode? I like the idea below about a big switch with Sami’s baby/Nicole! Great idea.

  5. From CARLY


  6. From Kelly

    I like EJ and Nicole together! Sami is to immature….still after all these years! You would think they would let her grow up and not have to still be “supervised”. That was not a “cool” comment about Nicole “losing the baby” and rejoicing. TV or not…not cool!

  7. From kim

    That is not right they are going to make Nicole loss her baby everyone has a right to have a child. Why let that poor girl go through all that. It just is not right. To have her not be able to have children then to let her get prego and loss it. Sami needs to get over herself. I like Nicole and EJ better!!

  8. From Dawn

    I LOVE Nicole and EJ togather!!! I hope she doesn’t loss the baby that would suck. Sami needs to find a new man.

  9. From Debi

    Alexaroul that is so cruel! I can’t believe anyone would praise a miscarriage real or not. That’s just wrong.

  10. From Mary Ann

    Little side note: DaysFan, I bet you just hit the nail on the head. That does sound like a crappy Days storyline that the writers would think is edgy and exciting.

    I do feel bad for Nicole. Especially after all those times she kept repeating: “I can’t lose this baby!” The writers were a little cruel.

  11. From soapsfan25

    I hate what the show is doing to Nicole….I don’t think sami or nicole needed to end up pregnant but since the show went with the idea, i hate that they made Nicole lose her baby especially after her character has went thru a lot of changes…this baby meant the world to her and she was so excited to be pregnant not just because the baby was EJ’s but because she really loved/cared for this baby but yet again this show is just another reason the show is so messed up right now and in trouble. Firing Drake and Deidre was a HUGE mistake and I honestly having watched the show for 20 years cannot imagine NEVER seeing them on the show again…even if Ken Corday left the door open….I just don’t know that they would come back after all this….would you??? Whats even worse is the show paired Daniel and Chelsea together and really messed that up when they decided to throw Kate into the picture but luckily it appears that Kate and Daniel’s “so called” relationship is going down the tubes and now its Chloe’s turn…imagine that…I want to see Daniel and Chelsea back together again at least while the show is still on for the next 18 months!!!

  12. From Donna

    I will be soooooo glad when Kate and Daniel end their laughable “so called” relationship…..all i see is ex-prostitute who made the mistake of falling for her client but the client tries to get away from her every chance he gets…so they need to move on….because they are as mismatched as a Phillip and Melanie pairing or a Chloe and EJ pairing. I hate that Nicole loses her baby and I really wish the show would not go in the direction that they are going to go with Nicole….she has made a lot of changes and her character has been a thru a lot. I really love EJ and Nicole because their chemistry is so amazing and they really love one another. As for firing Deidre and Drake….BIG mistake!!!!

  13. From Audrey

    I agree, its time that they wrap this daniel and kate crap up….those two being paired together in the first place was a BIG joke….talk about awkward…everytime I see them in a scene together the actor’s look uncomfortable and there is ZERO chemistry…a lot of people may not like chelsea or chelsea with daniel but really they broke up daniel and chelsea who rocked all their scenes together, who have incredible chemistry together, who are hott together to give us this kate crap….come on no wonder the ratings are done. I feel sorry for Nicole too, i really wanted her and EJ together, they look so good together, their chemistry is amazing and they really love one another and its really sad because Nicole really wanted this baby. I also can’t imagine not seeing Marlena and John either…..It is just mind boggling, i can’t believe they would fire them and I can’t say that I would blame them if they didn’t want to come back after drake has been fired not once but twice and now Deidre!!!! Its really crazy, they could get rid of Kate, Nick, Melanie and maybe send a couple of the other people on the show away temporarly and they can cut back on the sets and of course some of the people in production/writing will have to go….they could do that but they didn’t.

  14. From DimplesBlack

    WHATEVER! I can’t believe that Nicole would loose the baby after being unable to have children. It should have been written in more as a blessing and a good story line for her and EJ. Maybe Sami should loose her baby,since it seems that she doesn’t want a Dimera baby. Atleast Nicole was trying regardless the reasons. If she lost the baby, I won’t watch anymore. But no worries, Days will be the same, so when I come back in the new year to watch, they’ll still be in the same storyline.

  15. From Janet

    I realize this was last week, but
    my comment is about Stephanie and Chelsea telling a very scared Melanie that it was her fault that Nick killed Trent. I realize this is just a T.V. show and they’re reading from a script, but I think
    and my husband does too, that this was poor writing on Days part. I’m not a Melanie fan, but as I recall Nick tried to make Melanie
    believe she killed her father. I just thought the comments were in very poor taste. Not Days best work.

  16. From Michael

    I turned 40 this year! I started watching Days with my Mom, sometime before I started Kindergarten. So – I have been watching Days for 35+ years. I grew up with the Horton’s; I remember the birth of Hope, and the sad accident that killed her Mother Adie…. I remember when Doug and Julie first became a couple, when Sister Marie found her Daughter Jessica (Nicks Mom). Then came Marlena. Loved her with Don! Then came the Brady family! Marlena and Roman were awesome together! After the death of Romeo – Stephano brought the pawn to town, and soon it was Marlena and John, her best catch yet! Soon they became the Black Family. Now there are very few Horton’s left, only a few Brady’s, and now the Black family are leaving town! Firing Deirdre and Drake is such a huge mistake, and it is the beginning of the end of Days. I read in SOD that parents are no longer getting their kids interested in Days and the show is not gaining younger fans. I have been a fan of Days for 35+ years, my Son is 10 – and it’s true, I haven’t introduced him to Days. When I was introduced by my Mom the show was about family, had quality story lines, and characters that I would grow up with. That is no longer the case. If Corday is wise he will keep the blacks in town, bring back more of the Brady’s and Horton’s and go back to the core and roots of the show. Maybe he can get a few pointers from the producers of All My Children!

  17. From Olive

    Once again – pathetic. I totally agree that they should have made this positive – why is Sammi the only one who seems to be able to carry a baby to term?? I don’t want anyone to loose a baby – real or not. And as far as I’m concerned, Nichol was EJ’s only redeeming factor! This show stinks.

  18. From Melonie Drew

    I feel so badly that Nicole lost her baby! I loved the fact that she changed when she found out she was pregnant. She really loves and wants this baby. If the writers do what everyone else suspects, and she ends up with Sami’s baby, then this show is turning into Passions, and that sucks.

  19. From aimee

    after watching this show for more then 20 years I would be very suprised if Nicole does not lie about losing the baby and fake the rest of her pregnancy. Been done to death but mark my words, that is what she will do.

  20. From Barb

    Nicole will have a miscarriage, and end up with Sammie’s baby from the convent. So EJ will truly have an heir, just not from the Mother he thought it was, as he is Father to both babies.
    Betcha ! !

  21. From Sandra Dee

    I haven’t forgotten Kristen faked her pregnancy also. That’s how Elvis Jr. came about. That’s how Chelesea got back in the picture. Remember Georgia? Let Nichole have her baby with or without EJ.Maybe she’s fixing to find out Melanie is her daughter?

  22. From jenn

    I think that sucks that she loses her baby!!!! I just wish that Nicole could have something go her way for once. I think that it is a possibility about Nicole faking the pregnancy! Kind of like the Kristen and John days.
    Oh yeah, about Dr. Jonas. Besides being a doctor, what else does he do? Get rid of him and Melanie, keep John and Marlena!

    P.S. What happened to Tony and Anna?

  23. From lovedool

    Please, please, please do not let Nicole not tell EJ she lost the baby. Ugh! It stresses me to think how long that story line will drag out! I think that Brady will pick up the pieces when EJ dumps her. Sami will probably go missing, and EJ will find out and Chloe will probably blab that she is pregnant and EJ will go looking for her. Or, Sami could give the baby up for adoption, as she will probably stay in the convent for awhile. I just don’t want Nicole to adopt it. Isn’t that sort of similar to the story line from when EJ was born? Didn’t Kristen try to take EJ after pretending to be pregnant with John’s baby? It would be cool for EJ to find Sami in the convent, kind of like Santo found Colleen. But I think the bodyguard and Sami work together as well! But either he’s a Dimera, or he has something against them…this could be good. I LOVE Sami, especially good. She hasn’t done anything to Chloe and Nicole, in fact, they both stole men from her, but yet they get to talk about how bad she is. That is annoying!

  24. From Michele

    I was never so happy to see that Nicole lost the baby…Come on you all must of known seeing that she was not supose to have any children..Now let get on with the show and let EJ find out that he does have another baby on the way..

  25. From Alta

    I like Arianne as an actress, She’s doing a great job. However, I don’t watch Days for the support players. When Deidre and Drake go, I’m going along with them. If and when Corday announces that he has reamed enough people from the cast as he suggests he is going to do, and then possibly brings Drake and Deidre back,I’ll watch again. Corday blatantly used them to promote Days and his own profits this year. When I see their return, I’ll return. I loathe Corday’s sneaky, disingenuous methods.

  26. From RUTH VEACH


  27. From Claudette

    I agrees with Daysfan. You are absolutely correct. I think the story line will go exactly as you stated. How sad that a storyline can be predicted. It drags on and on and on. This is one reason that the show is loosing its viewers. You can leave the show for a month and the same thing is going on. I would love to see Sami and EJ together. Melanie needs seriously to leave the show and as ruthless as Stefano is, he is one of the reasons why I watch Days. If the sotrylines weren’t so long, it would definitely keep days fans on edge.

  28. From Debbie

    That really sucks that TPTB felt the need to have Nicole lose her baby. She was SO excited and was truely turning her life around. She and EJ belong together. Sami is SO incredibly self-centred that she doesn’t even deserve to be happy. By the way, shis new and improved Brady is WAY better than Kyle Lowder. I know he is Nicole’s husband in real life, but this Brady and Nicole are great together. SO if she doesn’t get EJ, and the writers already took her baby away, maybe she could have Brady and live happily ever after. LOL, not on a soap.

  29. From Debbie

    P.S. Get rid of Melanie. She is getting all the air time lately and she is SO bad. I always fast Forward through her parts. I can’t stand watching her horrible acting. YUK!!

  30. From Linda

    I thought Nicole did an amazing acting job. She made me cry. I was totally impressed…she proved to me that she CAN act if they give her great scenes. Just once, I would like the writers to let someone tell the truth…my God, I lost our baby…rather than a tired story of adopting Sami’s baby from the nuns. Geez!

  31. From Autumn

    I agree that some, well most of the storylines going on right now suck. But I have to give a shout out to the actors who are playing the parts. Days has an cast full of great talents, that are not being given a chance to really shine. As bad as the storyline is, Arianne did an awesome job at portraying a mother losing a baby( I cried). Sami has always been my favorite character, because Allison Does such a great job. From the veterens to the newbies, they all do a great job working the script they are given. Even the actress who plays Melanie may can shine if it weren’t for the crappy story.

  32. From Autumn

    P.S. I have faith that Deidre and Drake won’t be gone forever. I remember reading a while back that they always take time off around the first part of the year. Maybe this is just an extended vacation, to see how things play out, then come back with a bang.

  33. From libby

    you know – the writers of this show have so totally lost their minds! Writing off John and Marlena, pairing Daniel and Kate, bringing Melanie on in the first place, turning Nick into a psycho and now having Nicole, a character who has gone through so much to have a baby, lost it – well, it’s enough, and it is not the show that I have watched since 1965. When JarLena leave so do i – this soap has been my escape from reality and the characters I love are either leaving, off canvas, psychotic, unbelievable or totally written wrong. Good luck to Corday – hope scoring the deal to stay around at the expense of the fans was worth it – but you’ve lost one viewer and more will go…shame on TPTB!!!

  34. From Daysfan11354

    Nicole loses her baby and Sami gets to keep hers. That’s just not right. Sami doesn’t even want another child.

  35. From jessica

    omggg!! ppl its jus soaps lets not hate on my sami im glad nicole is gettin wut she deserves big time if she so calls love Ej y hasnt she told him yet if its “true love” wut happened to honesty?? shes just scared becuz she knoes ej will leave her behind dryy thats the problem and its true i dont think its love in my opinion n he seems a bit confused n not so sure abou nicole shes making it sooo obvious theres a problem n i canot wait till it blows up in her face =) sami n rafe look like they got a lil chemistry goin on so mayb she will move on from ej n mr daniel seems 2have a quick thing for diff gurls wut the hank? first chelsea the granny n now chloe hate to c how that ends up and i agree ythis john either neefds to get his memory bak or the robot has gots to go i hate wen they play his part its soo annoyingg

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