Ever Wonder What Fashion Labels General Hospital Characters Wear?

Jason’s boots are from Harley Davidson!, our sister site, gets so many questions about who is wearing what that we’ve started going directly to the source for answers. Mary Ianelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital, always graciously takes the time to clue us in on all of the blingy details. This week, you can find out about the necklace that Robin wore to her wedding, a handbag that Maxie carried and a sweater that Carly wore while giving Sonny a sponge bath. All you have to do is click here! Please follow the link to find out how to send us your own fashionista questions.

Wouldn’t it be great to show up for work and have someone else dress you in designer clothes picked out just for you? I think I know the answer, but share your comments below anyway!

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  2. From debby

    What brand jeans does Claudia wear??

  3. From gail

    Monday July 13th? 2009 Maxie wore a Layered Cream Top, with thin straps, Chiffon, Layered. Flower at top center— Where can I get the Pattern? or buy this Beautiful Blouse?
    Where can I get her hair cut, what style name? color…if not natural. Where can someone look up The Daily clothes worn, to buy?

    buy them

  4. From MARY MATOS


  5. From Lindsey

    Where is the sweater Maxie wore on 12/10/09 in Jasons apartment from?

  6. From Christina

    Where did Lulu got the scarf she wore on December 10th and 11th. It is so BEAUTIFUL! Please let me know. I would like it for X-mas.

  7. From Collene Collins

    I need to know who made the sweater that Carly wore on 12/22/09 and 12/23/09. It was off white and was long in the front and short in the back and had a belt. I would appreciate it if I could find out where to purchase this sweater. I have been watching GH for over 30yrs and I am 47.

  8. From Betty

    carlie and maxie sweater/scarves being warn in december. love them
    where can they be found.

  9. From Destinee

    Where can I find a jacket that Sam wears, its a grey leather jacket with a stand collar?

  10. From Sasha

    In late December, Maxie wore a cardigan with a large pearl bow covering the neck line in bedded in the top. What designer is that from and what is it called?? Thank you!

  11. From Andrea

    The earrings lulu wore on 2/15/10 large red sparkle hoops, where are they from?

  12. From Paula

    Where can I find the earring (bar/left upper ear) Maxie wore today 2/23/10?

  13. From Amy

    What jacket is Tracy wearing today, 12/8/2010?

  14. From Grace

    The dresses Lulu and Mia were wearing at Luke & Tracey’s WEdding? 12/22/10

  15. From maria

    Carly’s jacket she was wearing today/@ hospital after bus victims got there.

  16. From Nicole Feroli

    Where can I get Sams grey off the shoulder shirt that she wore on Friday April 15 and Monday April 18th’s episode? Thank you

  17. From nicole

    Could you tell me where I could find the grey off the shoulder top that Sam was wearing on 4/15/11 and 4/18/11 episodes. thank you

  18. From Niki

    Where is maxie’s blue dress from?(7/13/2011 episode)

  19. From Justine

    where is Lulu’s scarf from from Monday November 5 2011 episode?

  20. From Monica

    Want to know, who makes the top that Maxie
    Was wearing on Jan. 4, 2013 episode. Wear
    To buy???

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