Exclusive Interview with Days of Our Lives Terrell Ransom Jr.!

Although he’s only been on screen for a few months, Terrell Ransom Jr. has already made quite the impression on viewers.

Days of Our Lives cast the Royal Oak, Michigan native in the demanding role of Theo Carver without the young actor, or his mother, even knowing that the character would have Autism. “With the help of the head writer Dena Higley sharing her personal story and the support of NBC and Autism Speaks, Days of Our Lives and the Carver family are helping to raise awareness about an epidemic that affects the lives of so many of Terrell’s peers (1 out of 150) and their families. Terrell is blessed to have been chosen for this role at this time for such a worthy cause and we are truly thankful,” Terrell’s mother, Katrina, told’s Lori Wilson in an interview.

If you’d like to read more about the young actor who plays the role, how he became interested in acting, began his career, how he feels about working on Days and who his favorite actors on the show are, please visit out sister site for this exclusive interview with Terrell and his mom.

Photo Credit: Kenzi Kay

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  1. From MJ

    He is wonderful as Theo and this is a great storyline. My son has asperger’s which is the mildest form of autism you can have. It has been a struggle but I hope that
    this raises awareness for this ever increasing epidemic.

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