General Hospital Health Update: John Ingle is Treated for Sun Damage.

He’s going to be just fine!

Did you wonder why Edward has been looking especially dapper lately? Yes, he’s a dapper kind of fellow every day of the week, but lately he’s been sporting a cap everywhere he goes. Fashion statement? Not exactly. His portrayer, John Ingle, has told reporters that he had a small section of sun-damaged skin on his head taken care of and needs to keep his scalp under cover for a few weeks.

Mystery solved! Soap Opera Fan Blog is happy to know that it’s nothing serious and that John is already on the mend. In fact, he has quite a collection of colorful caps in his closet these days for this troubles. Please, share your comments below.

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  1. From Becky

    Was wondering why he was wearing it in every scene. Thanks for letting us fans know!

  2. From General Hospital Health Update John Ingle is Treated for Sun | Weak Bladder

    [...] General Hospital Health Update John Ingle is Treated for Sun Posted by root 4 hours ago ( General hospital health update john ingle is treated for sun damage he going to be just fine comment added november 26th 2008 at 11 01 pm 2009 soapoperafan com sheknows com blogs powered by wordpress quantcast Discuss  |  Bury |  News | General Hospital Health Update John Ingle is Treated for Sun [...]

  3. From liquid vitamin

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  4. From Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist

    Such a fan!!! Hope he’s OK.

  5. From Jasmin Smith

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  6. From Phyto B

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