General Hospital Spoilers (and Pre-Empt Notice) for November 26 – 28!

Here’s what you can look forward to for the remainder of the week:

Sadly, Wednesday will be the last day of new programming for General Hospital, but it looks like it’ll be a great walk down the road called ‘What if?’. (Think George Bailey in scrubs.) Being the sleep-deprived new parents that they are, Robin and Patrick fitfully dream while finally catching a nap. They each imagine what their life might have been like if they hadn’t found each other. (This ought to be fun!) Needless to say, they are both happy to wake up and get right to the business of setting a wedding date.

On Thanksgiving, ABC will air the episode from September 29, 2008, when Kate is shot at the altar and all hell breaks loose for poor, innocent Karpov. (Hmm, I wonder if those words were ever used to describe the Russian mobster before?)

On Friday, ABC isn’t showing soaps at all. The nerve! Instead, they will give sports fan a little love and show college football. So, get out there and get your shopping done so you can relax every afternoon in December in front of the tube! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. From nancy

    You feel sorry for Sonny who shot (another) man multiple time in cold blood? You’re looking forward to a Claudia/Sonny marriage? You’re glad to see Scotty was on the plane with Laura after he let her take the blame killing Rick Webber when he (Scotty) did it? You thought the line from Anthony: “Who says Port Charles isn’t a great place to raise your kid?” was “an example of the perfect use of irony that GH uses so well to reward us for hanging in there with them”?
    Are you (like Bob Guza) living in an alternate reality? Why should anyone watch GH–where we have murderers like Sonny glorified, love distorted and perferted, children brain dead, and women made to look brainless? You are right to say Laurs was given short shrift–just another example of the shabby treatment given to a real story with a thinking, independent, albeit very human, woman that all the fans have loved for years–and whose story Guza continues to pervert and sabotage, yet, ironically, cannot succeed in doing because Genie Francis (along with her acting partner Tony Geary) transcends all the rubbish he writes with her acting. A look between her and Tony Geary instantly brings in the viewer who has followed the talents of these two actors and validates their very real love story. Yes, love–can we not celebrate it? Forget Guza; bring back Genie!

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