General Hospital Spoilers for December 1 – 5!

Here’s what we have to look forward to:

Look out Kate! Carly is spitting mad at you for hooking up with her husband and she vows to make you pay. By week’s end, she does! Kate is so busy focusing on trying to hurt Sonny that she doesn’t get too ruffled by what Carly’s up to though.

As for Sonny, he’s too busy enjoying his newfound status to care much about anything else. (And I’m not referring to the fact that he’s a newlywed if you know what I mean.) He makes some executive decisions regarding his enemies that impress his blushing bride and reminds his new father-in-law who’s the boss every chance he gets. Claudia may be impressed with Sonny’s mobster prowess, but not enough to keep her mitts off of Ric. Wanting no part if any funny business, Ric keeps her at arm’s length. Impressive, eh?

Jason is in the fight of his life as he and Sam join forces to try to get to Jake before the Russians can harm him. Time is of the essence! Meanwhile, Liz is frantic. She goes to Lucky and admits that he was right all along about Jason posing far too much danger to be a family man.

Speaking of family men, let’s talk about Luke’s current plight, shall we? Tracy is done putting her heart on the line with him and she tells him so. She’s cutting her losses for good. Never one to give up easily, Luke is determined to win her back. Ultimately, whether or not they stay together will be determined by a game of cards. Would you expect anything different from a casino owner?

Over at the Scorpio-Drake household, things are going swimmingly for Patrick. Robin’s maternal instincts aren’t quite as natural as she’d hoped they’d be, however.

Nadine returns to Port Charles in time to hear something surprising from Nikolas.

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