General Hospital Weekly Summary from November 17 – 21!

Divorce papers, a minivan and (yet another) marriage proposal. Oh my.

The divorce papers this week came from Jax to Carly. But don’t worry, nothing is signed just yet. That Jax sure does have a strange way of grieving for his brother. He spent the majority of the week designing a luxury resort on Spoon Island that is destined to pretty much displace Nikolas completely. Carly tried to broker a deal between the two men, but both dug in their heels and planned to out litigate the other.

Has there ever been a minivan on a soap? Well, there is now and the proud (and practical!) owner is none other than Dr. Patrick Drake. He oh, so, carefully drove Emma and Robin home from the hospital and got them settled into Robin’s apartment. He changed the baby, fed the baby and put her down for a nap. When it was Robin’s turn to do it, the baby only had non-crying eyes for her daddy. Robin said, “I suck.”

As for the marriage proposal, Sonny seems to have pretty much given up on getting back with Kate any time soon. After spending much of the week hearing Olivia out as she ranted at him to give up the mob, he went to Anthony and accepted the geezer’s deal. When Claudia showed up at his place to assume the role as his wife-to-be, she asked for a proper proposal. He tossed a ring box at her and said the words, but they were totally devoid of any sign of life. I don’t think that was what Claudia had in mind at all.

The coffee shop and Jason’s office burned down, Kelly’s burned down and Maxie was roughed up a little on the waterfront. These were signs that the mob war had kicked it up a notch. Spinelli stole a gun and tried to take out a Russian or two, but failed miserably. Thankfully Johnny appeared from pretty much no where and showed him how it should be done.

Jason and Sam found themselves on opposite sites of a shoot-out, but not for long. When he realized that she had infiltrated with the Russians, he nabbed her and got the heck out of there. They went straight over to Liz’s and called Lucky over. A plan was hatched! Liz, Sam and the boys would go to Lucky’s cabin to lie low for a while. Jason went back to his retaliation mode and Lucky went to work for the other side of the war.

Sadly, that left no one to fend for the women but the women! While Sam was gathering firewood, she realized that the Russians had followed them. She raced into the cabin and told Liz that they had company. Uh-oh.

Luke and Lulu spent some time together on The Haunted Star. He explained to her that he would’ve gone with Laura to Paris, but she didn’t want him to. Tracy heard it. Later, she informed Luke that she was finished coming in second and he was free to be with his precious Laura. Luke explained that his life now is with her, not Laura, but Tracy insisted on keeping her pride intact, if not her heart.

As if Nik’s hands weren’t full trying to keep Jax at bay, he was also negotiating with lawyers on his deportation status. Nadine kept insisting that she would marry him and didn’t seem to notice when he said that wouldn’t be necessary. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Nik seemed to just laugh it off most of the time. Finally, Nadine had to leave town to ride her Aunt Raylene’s stud in a parade because her aunt was sick. Nik told her that he’d miss her but she should go do her aunt proud.

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