General Hospital Weekly Summary from November 24 – 28!

So many things to be thankful for?

Not exactly! Sam and Elizabeth made a pretty good team against the Russians lurking outside of their hideaway cabin. The boys played quietly in a back bedroom until guns started firing and then all they wanted was their mommy. Sam asserted that Liz needed to stay with her and provide backup. She gave Liz a hand gun complete with a quickie lesson on how to use it. At one point, Sam was fighting off a Russian and much to her surprise, Liz gunned the goon down. In the end, however, the Russians were able to nab Jake and make a run for it.

Jason was tied up at the PCPD and wasn’t able to rush to the cabin to help until it was too late. Alexis, trying to hide the fact that she was reeling from Jerry’s death, vowed to finally do her job and hold Jason until she had enough evidence against him to put him away for good. Diane did her best to get Jason released, but in the end it was Spinelli’s cyber skills to the rescue. Somehow he was able to hack into Interpol’s site and finagle it so the agency actually thought another of Karpov’s enemies was the killer. As soon as the PCPD got wind of it, they had no choice but to release Jason. He took off to the cabin, but got there too late to prevent the Russians from taking Jake.

Jax’s plans for the development of Spoon Island didn’t seem to ruffle Nik’s feathers at all. Jax taunted him with the image of tennis courts where his stables are and a two-lane causeway connecting the retreat to the mainland, but Nikolas assured Carly that beating Jax at his own game would be good fun for him.

Jax and Kate decided to celebrate the demise of their respective relationships. Champagne was the first method of celebration. “To Sonny and Carly! May they hurt each other as much as they hurt us.” It didn’t take long for the celebration to turn to a more carnal nature, however. One kiss led to another and finally they took the celebration to the floor in front of a roaring fire.

Claudia’s engagement ring barely in place, Sonny insisted that the wedding happen the same night! Pleased, Anthony made some quickie arrangements and didn’t let Johnny’s arguments derail his plan. Trevor, Ric and Sonny arrived at the mansion just as the Justice of the Peace did. Claudia, dressed in black, said her vows as Sonny chomped on gum.

Johnny and Lulu spent a good chunk of time together. He lamented over the direction of his life, and Lulu kept encouraging him to leave the family business and strike out on his own. Only after he learned that Sonny and Carly were to be married for sure did he agree that it was time for him to walk away from the Zaccharas.

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