Sandra Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives has recruited another soap veteran to their constantly changing cast list.

Daytime actress Sandra Robinson (formerly known as Sandra Ferguson) will be coming to Salem as Dr. Charlotte Taylor. Look for her first appearance on December 1. There’s not much information out there yet about exactly who Dr. Taylor is and what she’ll be up to, but she’s not the only doctor coming to the show around that time. With John Callahan also arriving on the hospital staff at the end of this month, it’s hard not to wonder about whether she’ll be connected.

To many viewers, Robinson will be most recognizable as Amanda Fowler from defunct soap “Another World.” She also had roles on “Sunset Beach,” where she was Jade Sheridan from 1997 – 1998, and filled in as Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful for a single episode in 1997. Similarly, she played the role of Felicia Jones on General Hospital for several episodes in 2005.

Beyond the world of Daytime, Sandra has made a string of appearances in everything from “Diagnosis Murder,” to “CSI: Miami,” and “Criminal Minds”, and from “Baywatch Nights,” to “Zoey 101″ and “Two and a Half Men.”

Soap Opera Fan Blog welcomes her to the cast. We’re sure she’ll have a great time in Salem!

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  27 responses so far...

  1. From JH

    Excuse me, did John and Marlena
    just fall off the face of the earth?

    Also, the writers are ruining Daniel’s character by what they are doing with Kate and Chloe. Did they forget that he said he was in love with Chelsea? Put them back

  2. From JH

    The writers are killing Daniel’s character. I thought he said he was in love with Chelsea. Next thing you know, he is with Kate and now Chloe. Stop it already, and put him back with Chelsea!!

    Did John and Marlena just fall off the face of the earth or something?

  3. From Susan

    So happy Sandra ex Amanda for AW is joing DOOL. Wish they would bring all the actors from AW on to DOOL. I loved AW and welcome Sandra as a long lost friend of the family!!!!!!!!

  4. From Julie

    I think it is about time that we placed all of these characters happy. There has been one problem after another. In real life, most people get a break from all of this. I’ve watched the show for years; however, all of this sadness just makes me want to eat more junk food. Please, change the story line to reflect the ‘normal’ people’s lives.

  5. From Paula

    Yes, please put Daniel and Chelsea together! Together on the next train out of Salem.

  6. From Valerie

    I have wondered what happened to Amanda (Sandra Ferguson) she was the original & best Amanda and will do DOOL justice.

  7. From Lisa

    im sick of the whole sammy love triangle put her with lucas let the news come out that johnny is lucas kid and put daniel and chelsea back together

  8. From Lisa

    stop with the sammy love triangle already put her back with lucas and let him know that johnny is his and put nicole and elvis together already and stop with the whole dan and women of salem junk

  9. From Fran

    I think alot of us are tired of the Sami-EJ-Lucas thing, people would like to see some young couples married and raising their own chidren, like the Horton-Brady older parents. ie Tom, Allice, Shawn, Caroline. Their are some young people that parent very well.

  10. From 30+ year fan

    Forgive me for wondering what in the neck is going on? You keep letting go people only to turn around and bring new ones in. Is it really about the $$$. I am giving you a chance, but not for long.

  11. From Laurie

    I have to agree with 30+!! Why let two veterans go and bring on even more people. Give us back the old John!This character is getting old. Dan needs get it together. Pick someone already!

  12. From Coolcat

    I agree with 30+ and Laurie, I watched this soap since I was 18 and in college in the 80′s. I watch off and on now because I work but no storyline in the past say 5 years has really been worthwhile. Bring back storylines with adventure and travel, those that us average folk could not have. Stop doing storylines with teens and babies and no one marrying. I know that it reflects real life some how but TV, especially soaps are suppose to take us away from our everyday lives. Stop letting the veterans go only to bring in new actors.

  13. From Renata

    This thing with Nicole losing the baby is so predictable! Sami is going to give up the baby-Nicole will get her hands on it-Baby will get sick, need EJ’s blood-and no one will be the wiser. That story line is sooo over done. Slowly losing interest in DOOL.Just let Sami and EJ be together, so it will be worth it for me to watch again.





    EX BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. From Demi

    Why is Kate too old for him? Guys who are 55 want 20 year old girls, so what’s wrong with this? He is in his early 40′s and Kate is in her early 50′s. So, what’s the problem?

  16. From Sandy

    So excited to see Sandra Ferguson on Days! Loved her on Another World and General Hospital. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  17. From Laurie

    I LOVE this actress! I started watching AW and DOOL at the same time yeeeeeeeeears ago. Excited to see what she does with the character!

    OTOH, the girl playing Chloe can’t act her way out of a paper bag. DEATH TO CHLOE and her huge bbs that I can’t stand to watch!

  18. From Sarah

    I’m so tired of Sami shrieking!! She has become very unsympathetic. She can’t have EJ and Lucas. It would serve her right if they BOTH left her! Lucas should be happy with Chloe and Nicole should get her life straightened out and end up with EJ. They shouldn’t let her keep her miscarriage from him.
    I like Philip with Stephanie. Melanie is no only evil, her mannerisms are annoying.

  19. From Lilly

    I am very glad to see someone from my favorite soap Another World. I just loved that soap. But of my ultimate favorite is DAYS. I just wish The “Horton” would have more story lines. And also I miss seeing Hope and Bo please bring some of the family back.

  20. From pat

    Can you please just let sami be happy. it is so obvious she is in love with EJ. Just let them be already. So sick of her love triangles and all their drama.

  21. From Betty

    Why on earth would Doc and John be leaving the this for good. How can this show ever go on without won’t..bad choice..also, put Sami and EJ together, now that was worth watching..what chemistry..let him know about the baby and expose Nichole. Also, Is there anyone out there Daniel hasn’t slept with..I’m betting hes’ a sexual preditor..a rapist..he gives me the willies…Come on Days your loosing me..

  22. From Lisa

    I too am sick of this Sami stuff! She used to be one of my favs but not anymore. Just put her back with Lucas. And Daniel, I no longer like him either. I was feeling for him about Chelsea but now he just goes from woman to woman. How can I take him seriously? I am bothered by Kate anymore too. She acts like a woman in heat chasing after Daniel.
    Can’t EJ tell that Nicole’s stomach is made out of rubber? Don’t they ever make love or touch each other? His new hairstyle looks good on him though.
    Where are Bo and Hope? Why get rid of John and Marlena? I used to watch everyday now it’s the same boring thing.
    My advice: I’ve been watching for 35 years~clean up the show and get rid of these younger annoying characters (Melanie, Chloe, Stephanie, Max) and stop the bed hopping. Put Victor with Caroline. Philip with Chloe, Lucas with Sami, Daniel in sex rehab. Give poor sweet Roman a woman and not Kate. Keep John and Marlena and get his memory back. I know it’s a soap and full of drama but at least make it somewhat believable. Too many people are tuning out.

  23. From Angie

    has it been said that Johnny is Lucas’ son or is every body guessing that out come? I think so too. but some of you act as if you know that. or is Days that predictable? I am glad to see Max and Chelsea togeather but its a little disturbing that they share the same last name. Max needs to stop dating his nieces.People need to understand the reason they let old characters go and bring new ones on is because it cost to much to pay old ones. These are bad times even for our fav soap. I did read that john and Marlena are not gone for good.

  24. From Ellen Combs

    I HAVE BEEN WATCHING Days of our lives for yearrrrrrrrs!I think sami should be with EJ ,i think melanie should leave the show,and stop causing trouble.i think bo needs help so he will stop having those vision,i think billie reed should come back to the show,and have a relationship with roman that would make him a good woman,and i would also like to see John & Marlena return and John have his memory back..

  25. From Danna Smith

    BRING back the old actors stop hiring new ones. I have watched DOOL forever John and Marlena are the show. Please bring them back. GET RID of DANIEL. Show more of the Horton family. Why are you people changing the show so much? Why can’t people get married and babies have parents that live in the same house? rrrrrrrrRedoRedoscriptsscripts…

  26. From Sandra Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of Our Lives | Wood TV Stand

    [...] Sandra Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of Our Lives Posted by root 9 days ago ( I 39 ve watched the show for years however all of this sadness just makes comment added april 18th 2009 at 8 21 pm bring back the old actors stop hiring new ones 2009 soapoperafan com sheknows com blogs powered by wordpress Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Sandra Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of Our Lives [...]

  27. From debbi anne

    I HAVE BEEN WATCHING DAYS OF OUR LIVES SINCE BACK IN THE 60s I enjoy the shoe. john and doc, made the show. are they ever going to return to the show? also what about billie,austin and chelsea, are they ever going to return to the show?

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