The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For November 17 – 21.

Rick gets a new plan to ruin Ridge.

Brooke and Ridge reconnected on the beach in Malibu, but didn’t clear up the miscommunication regarding the podcast. Once at home, Brooke asked a very angry Rick to move out and told Ridge he could move back in. She then prepared a surprise for Ridge, which consisted of her lying on the bed in just a bikini with sushi draped all over her body. Ridge was pleased, to say the least, but then talk turned to Rick and how Ridge will never forgive him for hurting Phoebe. Brooke believed that is all behind them now and that Rick will never hurt Phoebe or come between them again. The happy couple then decided to finally get married.

Rick convinced Stephanie to keep quiet about his manipulation of Ridge and Brooke, but once he learned his creative editing didn’t destroy their relationship like he had hoped, Rick came up with another plot, which involved Steffy. Recalling how angry Ridge got with him about his relationship with Phoebe, Rick decided Ridge hasn’t seen anything yet. Part of his plan involved sending Marcus to Forrester International ASAP, so he could make the moves on Steffy. Rick also had any sign of Ridge’s name removed all over Forrester Creations and told Brooke, Donna, Marcus and Katie that it was the Logan’s time to shine.

Later, Rick told Steffy he wanted to promote her so she could put her talents and intelligence to better use. Steffy wasn’t so sure, but Rick reminded her how alike they are and wondered if she resented Ridge for choosing Brooke over her while she was growing up. Steffy started to soften towards Rick a bit, but then he took things too far and kissed her. Steffy slapped him and demanded he never touch her again. Rick looked at it as a challenge and then vowed to himself that he wouldn’t let Ridge ever hurt Brooke again.

Eric rehired Owen to work at Forrester Creations and put him and Donna on a project together. While everyone questioned Eric’s motives, he revealed to Thorne that he put a camera in Owen’s office so he could watch him and Donna on his computer in order to find out once and for all if Donna will remain faithful to him. While they watched, Owen tried to convince Donna to give into her feelings for him in his office by assuring her he wouldn’t tell anyone. Thorne told Eric that his surveillance of Donna proved he didn’t trust her and suggested that Eric and Stephanie were perfect for each other.

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