The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary for November 24 – 28.

Decisions were made!

It was a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but here’s what happened on The Bold and the Beautiful

After watching Donna push Owen away on the live feed from Owen’s office, Eric was confident he could trust Donna to remain faithful to him. Despite Thorne’s protests to the contrary, Eric told his son he had made his decision and summoned Donna to his office. However, he didn’t actually tell Donna he decided she was now worthy of his love, but he did give her hope.

Donna returned to the mansion to soak in a bubble bath and wait for Eric. However, Stephanie interrupted Donna’s soak and they had words. Eric came home to the women bickering and they demanded he make his decision because they couldn’t live like this anymore. Eric agreed and said he had made up his mind. But again, he didn’t actually articulate who he had chosen, but Stephanie did catch him and Donna in a steamy lip lock. Stephanie assumed it was over for her and prepared to move out of the house, but Thorne told her not to give up hope just yet.

At the office, Thorne met with his father and showed him the feed on his laptop which made it look like Donna and Owen were getting it on in Owen’s office. It was actually two models who looked like Donna and Owen that Thorne had hired. Believing Donna was cheating on him with Owen, Eric grew furious and told a very confused Donna that it was over!

Rick apologized to Steffy for kissing her and she accepted, but warned him it could never happen again. She realized Rick was just trying to use her to needle Ridge and she told him in no uncertain terms that she would not be his pawn. Rick continued to flirt with her while also explaining why he was so angry with Ridge. Later on the rooftop, Steffy worked out and Rick again tried to charm her, but to no avail. Steffy told him it was gross because he has been with both her sister and her mother and she would never allow anything to happen between them.

Brooke and Ridge acknowledged that they are on different sides when it came to their families, but they love each other anyway. They decided to get married at the beach again and Brooke said she wanted a lavish red carpet rehearsal dinner. Ridge happily agreed saying he can’t wait to make her his wife – this time forever.

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