The Young and The Restless: Dr. Will Kirby on The Doctors!

From Reality TV to Soap Operas to The Doctors?

Well, of course! Former Young and the Restless guest-star, and winner of Big Brother 2, Dr. Will Kirby has done it all! Not only did he take reality by storm, going into Dr. Evil mood to take home the prize, he tried his hand at Daytime television but ultimately stayed close to his number one love – being an osteopathic physician!

On November 17, Will appeared on the popular talk show “The Doctors” to give his expertise on that irritating little bugger called jock itch, on November 20 he performed a laser tattoo removal procedure then went on to appear on today’s November 25 episode to remove a skin tag from a patient on another appearance and let the viewers know that if they have skin tags ‘downstairs’, as he called it, in the genital region, they may not just be your average skin tag, they could be due to HPV, which is the human papilloma virus, otherwise known as the cause of genital warts.

Soap Opera Fan Blog was thrilled to see Will again and wish him the very best in his career! For fun, if you’d like to get up close and personal with the sexy doctor, be sure to visit our sister site, for their past interview with Will today!

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