The Young and The Restless: Erin Sanders Out And Vanessa Marano In! (UPDATED!)

Eden is about to get a new look right before our eyes…

Updated on November 12:

While Erin Sanders will exit her role as Eden on November 19,  Vanessa Marano will take over the role starting December 3. Again, Soap Opera Fan Blog wishes both girls the best!

Previously reported on November 11:

It appears that The Young and the Restless actress Erin Sanders has been let go by the show, who has decided to recast Vanessa Marano in the role of Eden Baldwin!

Although this is Vanessa’s first Daytime gig, she’s no stranger to acting and is most recognizable for her role as April Nardini in “Gilmore Girls.” She has popped up in many Primetime shows and is currently working on three movies including “Stopping Power,” “Dear Lemon Lima,” and “Man of Your Dreams.”

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to welcome Vanessa to the show, as well as wish Erin all the best in the future!

Photo Credit: Vanessa Marano

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  1. From Tina

    Hopefully this new actress doesn’t portray Eden as whiny as the last one. I couldn’t stand Eden with her constant whining and bad attitude.

  2. From adamfan

    I agree, I couldn’t stand the old Eden.Thank you for getting rid of her!!! This new one looks like a good match for Noah.. a nice blossoming romance to warm up the cold winter!!

  3. From adamfan

    thans for getting a new Eden, I couldn’t stand the other girl at all!! This new girl looks like a warmer type that would make a nice match up for Noah…

  4. From Didey23

    THANK GOD…I record the show…I always fast forward past her winey puckery faced parts.

  5. From kennedy

    Im so glad they got rid of her!! She overacted big time!! I fast forwarded through her. I would cringe everytime she had a line.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. From Nicole

    I absolutely adored the old Eden, and I would like to know why they kicked her off the show. This new one is ——–nothing like the old one, they should change it back.

    Removed actress bashing. Please use constructive criticism.

  7. From Zoe

    ______ ________ The new Eden is a much better fit and is more realistic and Michael’s sister.

    Edited by SOF Admin. We do not allow actor bashing.

  8. From Jewels

    The new Eden cannot hold a candle to Ms. Sanders portrayal. The character is supposed to be rebellious, difficult and independent. Look at the life she’s led! This change of cast was a total mistake. Bring back Ms. Sanders…she has the acting chops to pull off this role.

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