The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Nov 25-28!

Thursday November 26 and Friday November 27, fans can expect a classic episode of the show to air.

Tuesday, Brad decides to join forces with bad girl Phyllis in order to ensure Sharon doesn’t get with Nick. Then, Nikki and Paul get busy at Paul’s place, but decide to keep it between them. Does this mean they’ll get together, or is this just much needed er… companionship?! Across town, Ashley meets with Olivia, who rips her a new one for getting back together with Victor. Good friend, but we still like Victor and “my beautiful Ashley” together, don’t we? Meanwhile, Heather gets a clue and thinks Jack’s hiding something…course she doesn’t realize her beau is the one she needs to clue in to. How long is this going to last before she figures it out? And what a blow to her confidence it’ll be! Look for Adam to set a date for a Christmas wedding!

Wednesday, Thanksgiving comes to Genoa City. We get to see nu-Summer, Phyllis, Nick, Victoria, JT, little guy, Nikki and Paul celebrate together at the club. Nikki announces she’s done crying over Victor. Adam and Heather drop by and an awkward moment is shared. Amber and Daniel spend Thanksgiving in their own place, alone, while Thanksgiving comes to the Chancellor residence along with arguing that always happens on Thanksgiving on TV, but wait! Chloe tires to keep the peace while Esther finally crosses the line with Jill! Power suits her! She fires herself! I like me some Chloe and Cane, too. Chloe makes an announcement. They’re having a girl! Felicity Katherine Ashby or Pandora Katherine Ashby, and Cain’s one happy dad-to-be. He hugs Chloe.

“Ya gotta stop hitting the sauce.” Marge’s …oh, I mean, Katherine’s co-worker, Pearl says. She thinks Kat’s a boozehound because she can’t find her way around the diner. Little does she know, Katherine probably hasn’t. Plus, she’s not on the sauce! Maybe she wishes she were, considering she can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s amazing to me that the old geezer hasn’t figured out something is up, considering she lost her southern accent! Over to the Abbot mansion…Jack and Noah watch the football game on the very sofa I sat on, Jack will accept a call from “Tracey”, but is it really her? Doubtful. Sharon refuses a trip to New York to shop (insane) with Jack and Tracey.

Noah notices the tension between Jack and Sharon. Noah and Sharon spend Thanksgiving with the Newmans while Jack visits Victor, who is none to happy that Jack put him in jail. He knows it’s obvoius! Across town Thanksgiving comes to the Winters’ home, as does Billy Abbot. Neil has words for him, always the protective guy. Billy sides with Neil, not liking the way his brother treats Lily, but says they’re just friends. (For now?) Look for social services to find out that Ana is a missing child…what will that mean to she and Tyra? Social services will intervene. Though I never cared about these two, I suddenly feel afraid that Ana will be taken away from her aunt. Yolanda is a drugged up woman, says Devon. “You’re not taking her anywhere!”

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