The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Nov 28- Dec 2!

What’s up in Genoa City this week?

Michael will show up at Crimson Lights and rant at Gloria to try to get her to come clean about Lowell. You’ll lose count at the number of names angry Michael will call Gloria. Jailbird Victor goes to Frank (the forger) for help, Jana will find the bag ‘o’ money and Kevin has to explain…

Pearl notices Katherine’s (Marge) gorgeous dinner ring and doesn’t think it’s costume jewelry!

Rafe, who looks more like a 23 year old than a lawyer, agrees to help the Winters’ family. Sorry, usually I can suspend belief, but not this time. Let me know if you believe this.

Gloria and Jeffrey will go behind each other’s backs to try to get Jack to work with them against the other. Kevin admits he’s involved in another of Gloria’s schemes.

Anna will be taken into custody and Mr. and Mr. Sheldon will take her home with them – foster parents. Devon will give her a watch to take with her so she can pine away at how many minutes she’s away from her family. Uh…an iPod would have been more suitable or a cell phone!

Nikki will suspect Jill of keeping the ring that Katherine left for her in her will.

Amber will visit Katherine’s gravesite with Daniel. She’ll cry as she tells Katherine how horrible their Thanksgiving meal was, and later, Amber and Daniel discuss using Katherine’s money to start a business. Speaking of business…though this is big business, at a stockholder’s meeting, everyone will try to take over the position of the CEO for Jabot. Jill will offer it to Cane, while Billy will proclaim it’s his, and then Ashley waltzes in and announces she’s the new CEO of Jabot!

In another twist of events, Jack’s lying to Sharon will get him into hot water again and he’ll lie to her about being a sex addict, after Sharon produces his credit card statement from Mexico! But wait…when did hookers start taking credit cards? Yet, we believe.

A little heads up for two weeks from now… Chloe will be rushed to the ER and Billy will finally find out he’s the baby daddy!

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