The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Nov 4-7!

Get ready for your jaw to drop! Genoa City’s got twists and turns and some are deadly by week’s end.

Wednesday, Michael is shocked to learn that Gloria was the one who ratted out Lowell, but she explains while sobbing, that she had no choice! She was threatened. They’d have taken Michael away from her if she didn’t go on the stand, so what’s a mother to do? She did what she did to protect her son. Too bad Michael doesn’t believe her… don’t worry. Lowell already knows and understands why. He forgives her. In fact, he still loves her!

On the other side of Genoa City, Katherine and Jill continue to duke it out when Katherine’s faced with an ultimatum a la Jill! Luckily, Esther vows to stand by her friend forever…but how long is forever? Jill and Kay’s resentment builds during the week and week’s end has a turn of events that leads to a terrible car accident. Who will perish in the accident? Kay or Marge?

Across the pond, Ashley steps up her search for Victor. She finds he’s no longer at the church and starts around Paris with a photo of him, searching and searching…at week’s end, she’ll finally find him and a surprise is in store, once they meet up!

Phyllis loses her cover model, and panics. Who’s going to be her cover model? She tells Amber and Daniel… Amber could be a model! Will she be asked? No, please! As if that would happen. Instead, Phyllis decides to go to the model- in FRANCE!! Meanwhile, Phyllis and Victoria find out that Adam paid off the magazine that printed the diary. Good luck to Adam… Victoria says she’s going to bury him if she finds out he had anything to do with this.

First of the week, Kevin frets over making ends meet and worries that the Café isn’t doing so well. Nearing mid-week, he discovers a big bag of loot and decides whether or not he’ll use it and what he’ll use it for.

Karen overhears Ana asking Tyra if she and Neil should get married. Married! Tyra reminds Ana that Neil and Karen are together and later, she accepts a date with a handsome detective. Can Karen sigh in relief? And Neil’s daughter, Lily is more drawn to Sonny Crawford, who of course is Billy!

Look for a ghostly appearance from John by week’s end!

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  1. From Heather

    i was wondering why Elizabeth Foster never got anything from Katherines will. They have been friends forever and yet other people got something who shouldn’t have. I have watched this show for years. And I mean years since the Brooks family was on and this just really upset me to see this character get nothing. Especially after always being there for Kay.

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