The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For November 24 – 28!

The FBI questions Jack, Nikki faces Victor, Phyllis presents Brad with an offer, and Ana’s face is seen on a Missing Person’s flyer!

Olivia tried to talk Neil out of marrying Karen, due to lack of chemistry, and made it known that Tyra was her pick for him! Despite Olivia’s preference, but not forgotten, Neil gave Karen an engagement ring to make things official! After a couple of dates with Tyra, Gil, the detective, found a Missing Person’s flyer with Ana’s picture on it! When Gil and social services showed up at Neil’s to get Ana, the family did their best to explain the situation – and Yolanda – but Gil was forced to put Ana into the social worker’s custody!

When the FBI called the mansion, Sharon was furious at Jack for his continuous lies and stormed to the coffeehouse looking for Nick. Phyllis refused to tell Sharon where her husband was then canceled all her appointments when Sharon set out looking for Nick! After giving a warning to Jack to watch out for his wife – and marriage – Phyllis confronted him about his trip to Mexico! Jack promptly warned Phyllis to mind her own business then met with Heather and the FBI and only admitted to introducing Adam to the publisher, who was interested in Victor’s diary, out of pity!

Over talk of their Paris kiss, Nick admitted he couldn’t get it out of his mind, but ultimately he and Sharon chalked it up to reminiscing about old feelings from their past and agreed to move on. However, before leaving, Sharon told Nick that Jack set Adam up with the publisher who printed Victor’s diary! Later, Heather admitted to Adam that Jack appeared nervous during his questioning with the FBI and expressed her determination to find out why! After Heather warned Adam that the DA was going to test Victor’s diary for authenticity, and found out Adam hid his advance in a Swiss bank account, she demanded trust from him, as everyone involved was going to be investigated!

Insecure over Sharon and Nick’s kiss, Phyllis approached Brad with an offer to help him get Sharon back – and informed him about Sharon and Jack’s marital problems! Brad reluctantly accepted Phyllis’s help, for Sharon’s sake, and made it clear to Sharon that he would always be there for her. However, Sharon went home and announced to Jack that she was giving him one more chance – but Jack lied, again, about having any lingering secrets!

Michael showed Victor the diary, but he admitted that he bought it in Mexico, and that its contents were fake, and demanded that Adam be prosecuted – as well as whoever helped him! Later, Nick told Michael about Jack and Adam’s recent involvements!

Though Victor refused to forgive Nikki, Ashley called Nikki on Victor’s behalf and claimed he wanted to see her, to which Victor accused Nikki of bringing his diary home from New Mexico! It wasn’t until after Nikki stormed back to Paul, accepted his offer for her to move in with him, indulged in a kiss, and spent the afternoon making love – with no regrets – that Victor found out from Nick that Jack hooked Adam up with the publisher!

While everyone in Genoa City celebrated Thanksgiving, many still grieving Katherine’s absence, Murphy delivered Katherine, who he thought was Marge, back to her job at the diner! Though Katherine didn’t remember the diner, or how to be a waitress, she vowed to be the best waitress ever to have worked there – but refused to take any nastiness from her boss! After diner with Jack, Sharon and Noah went to the GCAC to have dessert with Nick’s family – and Jack used his free time to visit Victor in jail, to pass along his Thanksgiving blessings… Victor being behind bars!

It was a short week in Genoa City, due to the pre-emptions on Thursday and Friday, but you must have had your favorite show moment. Please leave your comments with Soap Opera Fan Blog below! Until then, please visit our Y&R news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, polls and comings and goings as well!

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