Days of Our Lives Poll: Christmas With Elvis.

How would you stuff EJ’s stocking?

The holidays are here and EJ has certainly caught a hold of the seasonal mood. Although his older brother is happy to give him advice, and Elvis is happy to dole out advice to his sister, as well as gifts to his alleged baby, what would you like to see him get?

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  1. From Lois

    I would love for Nicole to find out that she is still pregrant and that the baby is find. It could be that she was having twins and just lost the one (I know that is Odd but it a soap)and the other baby is find. She really desirve to be happy for a change.
    Let Sami and Rafe end up raseing the baby let everyone think the baby is Rafe, and his wife died giving birth, that way Sami could keep her baby and no one would have to know right now. Sami could tell Lucas that she had a miscarrige will in hiding, and doesn’t think that anyone else need to know.

  2. From Fan since 71

    Santa needs EJ a jumbo box of protection! that boy is FERTILE!

  3. From Bigdickw

    I hated all soaps until I retired in 2002. I became addicted to “Days of our lives” and have watched every episode since then. I thought I was nuts until I heard that Johnny Damon of the NY Yankees watches it every day to.
    Without a doubt, Chloi is the hottest gal on this show.

  4. From Katlady

    I would like all couples to be just normal couples with storylines. Not so many Musical lovers storylines. Days has become so repetitive.

  5. From Darcy

    Nicole should be happy with a baby but just not with Sami’s man; she need to fine her own man and stop going after every man who has the heart for Sami.

  6. From Tina

    It was disappointing that Nicole lost her baby..and Pookie, too, it seems. They need a dog on the show. people do have pets in their lives.
    Rafe is HOT HOT HOT. he will be the new, younger version of Drake. Drake is still hot, but I guess he makes too much money for having kept us fans watching for 20-plus years.
    Sami and Lucas – PLEASE put them back together. Lucas is boring with Chloe. He is great at bickering and bantering with Sami. No one else can handle her.
    Stefano is wonderful. Put him into action – with Tony and EJ as his foils. The storylines start to go that way and then drift off into nothingness.
    Hire some fans to come up with the storylines. The writers don’t appear to be fans of the show.
    Is Melanie on ‘ludes? Her slurred speech and swaying are signs of addiction.
    Victor – Where oh where is Victor? He is so gruff and strong, yet he isn’t used except to chastise Philip every now and then. What a waste of years of developing his character.
    EJ was never punished for raping Sami and shooting John. Why is he a hero? I like EJ, but you just can’t justify his actions with his great looks.
    Does anyone with any Days clout actually read these coments?
    Can you attach spell check to the comments?






  8. From deni

    sami and ej PLEASE

  9. From Jenn

    Tina I totally agree with you! To me, Melanie looks like a blow up doll! Lois, that would be a nice thought, regarding Nicole. I hope EJ and Sami do not get back together! Sami wants all the guys to want her. It is really annoying! Instead of getting rid of John and Marlena, get rid of Melanie and Dr. Jonas. They are both pointless! I hope that the story lines improve. They just leave too many things in the air. For example, Stefano’s wedding proposal and his revenge on Marlena. I really hope that things turn around soon!

  10. From Keesha

    I think Daniel is meant to be creepy (with all the girls).

  11. From Lucy

    I have to talk about Chloe and Daniel. That storyline is so retarded. Really stupid. I guess whatever you have to do to get veiwer.?????

  12. From Ann

    I agree Melanie should go and let Kate die. Dr. Jonas is a male slut! Nicole & EJ are good together. But this baby thing has become a fast forward through the scenes. Chloe & Brady should hook up again and ride off into the sunset. Sami & Rafe are growing on me. Keep John & Marlena!!! Tina you nailed it when you said the writers don’t seem to be fans of the show.

  13. From jenn

    augh! Nicole needs to be naughty – she does it so well! Sami and EK were so good at bickering as well. Why can’t they be together again? I think that the on and off again relationship of Sami and Lucas has gone on for way too many years. Although they have good chemistry, it is just getting old. I have been watching this soap for over 25 years – can’t they make one couple ‘normal’? I never used to like Sami but now she is growing on me. She deserves to be in a good relationship for longer than 3 months.

  14. From Linda

    Keep John & Marlena and let some of the others go. They are vets that need to stay with the show! It seems the writers don’t care about the fans. Nicole & EJ are a good pair. Sami & Rafe are good together too.

  15. From Katlady

    I think Daniel will turn into one of these doctors who fondel their patients. So far he has done something to everyone of his patients. When Chloe says something about the incident, other girls will come forward most likely. He’s cute, but wierd at the same time. Where is TONY and ANNA? Where is RALPH? and Of’Course Where is POOKIE? Lots of Characters missing with no explanation of their whereabout. Stephanie’s old Blonde boyfriend; Jet’s friend, I saw in a Gottschalks ad, advertizing briefs.

  16. From Julie

    my guess is that Nicole will somehow adopt Sami’s Baby pass it off as her & EJ’s. I think it’s high-time they let Sami seattle down with 1 guy already!
    hopefully, that guy won’t be EJ

  17. From Julie

    my guess is that Nicole will somehow adopt Sami’s Baby pass it off as her & EJ’s. I think it’s high-time they let Sami seattle down with 1 guy already! & hopefully, that guy won’t be EJ!

  18. From Rosie

    Sami is going to put her baby with the sisters at the convent, just for safe keeping, but they will let Nicole adopt the baby by mistake!

  19. From Chrissy

    I think EJ needs a new woman, a whole new wardrobe and …
    No, really, I would love to see him become as popular as Stefano. If you can call Stefano that. Always have liked EJ, good or bad.

  20. From Angela

    I think Nicole and Brady should end up together, Sami should go to EJ and tell him the truth and they end up together. And please, for the love of God, can someone write Melanie off this show?? I HATE her character. I fast forward through almost all of her scenes, she is so obnoxious.

  21. From Sharon

    I hope EJ gets a clue for Christmas…..then Sami!
    Rafe is great but needs someone else.

  22. From Staci

    This fake pregnancy thing has gone on long enough. Any scene now with Nicole and EJ, just means a channel change for me. Either think of something new as a story line or don’t bother. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted every time Nicole goes on and on about how EJ will leave her if he finds out about the baby. Finish this story line with EJ finding out the truth and do it soon. Leave Nicole and find another woman, get him someone that doesn’t make him look like a moron.

  23. From Janice

    I really would like to see Sami and E.J. get back together. Nicole is, and always will be, a sneak. I feel genuinely bad that she lost the baby but what she is doing to E.J. is horrible-he’s being made a complete fool of. But I think he will get his revenge!

  24. From Deb

    Nicole is morally reprehensible – NO WAY she should get EJ. I am not even sure she will ever regain viewer empathy at this point – she is simply too evil. Same goes for Melanie – I like coniving not scum i.e., Sami (well…somehow she pulls it off ;-) and Vivian.

  25. From Huge Fan since 81

    I have watched days since I was 5 years old. So I know a lot about it. Im goin g to start with… how did the actress that plays melanie get the part? Good Lord. She is so annoying. Not only the character but ( sorry ) the actor too. I turn Days off when Melanie is on too much, she makes me want to hit her. And Sami does need to be with Raef. EJ thinks is in love with Nicole, he needs to find out what is going on with her. Chloe and Daniel….Ewwww!! But not nearly as gorss as Lucas and Chloe. Philip and Stephanie are totally gross to. Philip has and always will be a total ass. Where is Roman? Im glad Nick is gone, the writers turned him into a pathetic mess.

  26. From victoria

    melanie kinda favors rachel mcadams to me

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