Days of Our Lives Poll: What’s Up With Dr. Dan?

Dr. Daniel Jonas continues to be one of the most mysterious characters on Days of Our Lives.

After he made a cringe-worthy pass at Chloe the other day, even fans of the character have been scratching their heads. He seems to become smitten with a new woman every few weeks, but it’s far from an equal opportunity thing. Even with all of the nurses flirting with him, he only has eyes for women he’s performing surgery on. We’ve never seen anything quite like this before, but is this really what’s at work?

Vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Have a great weekend everybody!

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    Put him with Dr Taylor if she stay’s around after helping John

    he is to old for Chelsea, Chloe

    find someone new for Chelsea not Max put Steph with Max

    Get Chloe and Lucas off asap

    send them some where

    As far as Philip goes he is perfect for Melanie

  2. From Audrey

    Put him back with Chelsea!!!! He doesn’t have chemistry with Chloe or Kate, Nicole or anyone else…none of them compare to his time with Chelsea and their romance…He admitted to himself that he is in love with Chelsea…Oh and about the age issue…can people please move past that…Chelsea is 23 years old….and she portrays a young adult woman on the show…she’s clearly over 21 and an adult…the show clearly addressed that early on thru several people…from bo to hope to doug to julie and etc…so lets move on from that!!! Nothing tops his scenes with Chelsea!!!! If you haven’t watched….go back and watch them…

  3. From Clarissa

    I think he still feels guilty about losing his ex-wife. I say pair him back with Chelsea because he was at his best when he was paired with her and he was dealing with those issues, their chemistry is off the charts, they are amazing together and I loved watching them together…You could feel their emotions and the intensity in their scenes.

  4. From Donna

    I voted that he still has issues about his wife. I don’t think he fully dealt with those but he was definitely making progress with them when Chelsea was in his life. I really miss seeing them together. It’s evident that he is better paired with her!!!

  5. From Adriana

    Voted. I want to see him and Chelsea back together. I think its been WAY too long. I loved their storyline together. Chelsea brought out the best in Daniel and vice versa. Sorry but daniel/kate, daniel/chloe and etc… none of them top what he had with Chelsea and I hope to see daniel/chelsea reunite soon!!!

  6. From Adriana

    Voted. He needs to be paired back with Chelsea. Together they made a great couple and they both got each other and they truly had the “IT Factor”. I really enjoyed watching them together. I’m sorry but daniel/chloe, daniel/kate…NONE of that them tops what he and Chelsea had together and I hope they reunite soon!!!

  7. From Adriana M.

    Voted. He needs to be paired back with Chelsea. Together they made a great couple and they both got each other and they truly had the “IT Factor”. I really enjoyed watching them together. I’m sorry but daniel/chloe, daniel/kate…NONE of that them tops what he and Chelsea had together and I hope they reunite soon!!!

  8. From carolann

    Daniel should go back with Chelsea. He admited after Rebecca died Chelsea was the woman I’m in love with. They have chemistry together and Daniel acts better with Chelsea then any other woman on the show. When Chelsea was in his life he was a much better guy and happy too.

  9. From Jodi

    I think he has a God complex. He obviously can’t keep work and his personal life straight. He and Chloe do have chemistry but he and Chelsea had way more! I can not stand him with Kate…He is way too hot for her!

  10. From cathy n

    I vote that Daniel is still feeling guilty over his wife’s death. He never really let himself grieve and go through a healing process. he just started jetting around the world, surfing and having meaningless flings with women. Then to his surprise he met Chelsea and his whole life began to change. She was the one woman who really got to him down deep. He fell deeply in love with her and saw the possibility of having something truly wonderful with her. He started wanting more out of his life and his relationship with Chelsea brought him great happiness. He was turning his life around thanks to her. I believe Kate’s illness undercovered all the pain from his wife again he never dealt with and then his break-up with Chelsea only made things worse. From what we gather of his life Chelsea is only the 2nd woman he has ever really loved. After going all those years being alone and finally finding a true love and soul mate he was devastated at losing her. This has really put him in a tailspin. He and Chelsea were incredible together. Chelsea also grew into a lovely and responsible woman and both of them seemed extremely happy. They have more passion and chemistry than any other couple on Days. Their romance, passion and love are what make Days worth watching. They are just so perfect together that the age difference is just a non-issue. Neither Chelsea or Daniel could ever be paired with anyone else. They have an undeniable connection with each other than runs deep. They make each other at their best. Whoever came up with the idea to pair these two in this love storyline was a true genius. Days must get this couple back on track and reunite them. They deserve to be happy together. They are each others true loves and soul mates. No one could be paired with them and ever come close to what they have together. DAYS PLEASE PUT THESE TWO BACK WHERE THEY BELONG, TOGETHER. As the old say goes,”If it’s not broken, don’t fix. They were perfect from the start and should never have been broken up. Please no more Kate, Chloe, Max or anyone else. Just give us Daniel and Chelsea back together again.

  11. From judy

    I agree with cathy n. Chelsea and Dr. Dan. He’s going in circles without her and she’s just not happy without him. Kate must realize that Dr Dan still loves Chelsea. She needs to undo the harm she’s done. Please put them back together. Please, Please. It was so much fun to watch them together.

  12. From Erin

    Daniel should be reunited with Chelsea. I loved him when he was with her. The Daniel/Kate pairing had a major ick factor and Daniel/Chloe are making me cringe too. Their scenes are horrible.
    Like some already said, when Daniel was with Chelsea he wanted to be a better man. I like the way he was written back then but since he lost her he seems to be regressing. And I admit I don’t like the writing for him at this point. It’s a shame what the show has done. I know that some viewer didn’t like Dansea but they were clearly about romance and not lust. And romance is what I want to see when I watch a soap.

  13. From Precious

    The only person Dr. Pervert should be paired with is a HEAD SHRINKER!!! He is one of the most creepy written characters on this show lately, and I DO NOT like him with anyone on this show. For a wonderful actor, he has been given rotten material to work with, and they didn’t need to go this route with his talents being wasted on screen…reform him, please, and then I may reconsider my opinion of him…..this show, by the way, is headed in the toilet anyway, so why bother???????

  14. From Susan

    I don’t know why he’s constantly attracted to new women; maybe he’s a sex addict? It could be sex addiction, guilt, a God complex, or all of the above. I think, however, that he has a sweet and sexy chemistry with Kate and I’d like to see them remain together. He really is too old for Chelsea and poor Kate hasn’t had a real relationship since she was married to Roman!

  15. From KT

    He’s a pervert … and I don’t like him. Kick him off the show.

  16. From young

    There is definetly a story line here. The thing that was so upsetting to me was when Daniel tried to make chloe think she was imagining that he came on to her. That is just wrong! Daniel is kinda making me sick. Do you think that he knows that Kate is not going to live is why he is hitting on someone else? He might be the kinda man that can’t live w/o a woman. It might be intresting to bring another woman into the picture from his past that might shed more light on his odd, sexual behavior.

  17. From kelli

    Daniel needs to get back with Chelsea. Chloe is just another moment that will pass and hopefully wake him up to the the fact he really belongs with and that’s Chelsea! She makes him a better man and I have been missing that old Daniel we saw from this summer. I plan on FF thru the scenes with Chloe, just as I did thru Kate/Daniel. Yuck! Come on people, put the right couples back together!! I’m just ticked at DAYS!

  18. From Amanda

    I voted that he still feels guilty about his late wife. He has obviously never fully recovered from that but at least when he was with Chelsea he was making progress. He admitted to himself that he was in love with Chelsea and not only that but when she found about him and kate, he told Lexie that he had just messed up the best thing that has ever happened to him in a long long time. I really miss these two together, i miss their banter, their romance, their scenes together…i really miss seeing them as a couple. I really loved their developing love story that the show had going on, it was something new, something refreshing and definitely unique. Shawn and Rachel really allowed the fans/audience to experience their emotions and intensity they brought with their scenes. I especially loved their rooftop scene…i still get get the same emotion each time I watch it. They really connect with the audience and they have perfect chemistry. I really hope to see them back together!!!

  19. From Lucy

    I vote the writers can not come up with GOOD storylines.

  20. From Keesha

    Dr. Dan and Chelsea are sick together. It turns my stomach and many others I talk to. He’s a sleeze.

  21. From Sharon

    I agree with Lucy. The writers need to explain Dr. Dan’s immaturity and move on.

  22. From Paki

    I love Dr Dan and think he is a great actor but they need to change how he is being portrayed. None of it makes any sense. He is making eyes at everyone. They need to quit wasting great actors. But I really don’t think they know how to write a great show anymore. All we see anymore is Nicole and Sami. The whole show seems to be made up of them and Melanie. Boring, boring boring.

  23. From Amy

    I think he still has issues about his late wife dying and he has not fully dealt with them. I think his character has severely regressed by being paired with Kate and now what looks to be with Chloe. I miss the sparks between him and chelsea, i miss their romance. Hope days puts them back together because they are one of the best pairings i have seen on this show in a long time.

  24. From Cindy

    I too love Daniel and I am very sad at what has been done to this character. The writers are going to have to do some tall writing to get the Dansea story back on track. It is very obvious after seeing Daniel with Kate and Chloe and an interlude with Nicole that Chelsea is who he needs to be with. Daniel is miserable without her!

  25. From Deb

    I like Chelsea and Daniel together. As for Nicole – she is so morally repulsive, she needs to go. Shame on the writers! Some things are too offsensive even in soapland! She has the morals of a slug!

  26. From Mari

    I’m sorry but this guy is straight up _____ and he is way too old for Chelsea and Chloe. They should bring in a nice young man for Chelsea and put Chloe back with Brady where she belongs.

    We do not allow actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  27. From Deb

    Daniel needs to go back to the likeable, sexy, strong character he was – not a whimp mooning after one woman after another. The only guy I fund myself grinning when I watch him now – besides Stepahno, as always! – is Rafe. He is sexy, funny, and very watchable (and I was and remain an EJami). Rafe is a hit. Bring back the strong EJ and Daniel of old.

  28. From Becky

    Daniel makes me want to vomit. He’s just gross! If the show insists on keeping him then find him a woman his own age and stop this madness.

  29. From mema

    I voted he still feels guilty about his wifes death. He has had enough unhappiness, Chelsea seemed to be the one that could make him happy. Let them be together. It was such a good thing. Let Kate dump him. Chloe love Lucas and Chelsea and Dan get back together. They belong together.They were so much fun to watch. Please!

  30. From francess

    Chloe has become the town slut; she’s slept with Philip, Brady, Lucas and now Daniel. Give me a break!

  31. From Kimberly

    I’ve watched Days from the beginning and I hate to say that I’m past being sick of Nicole and her non baby. I also can’t stomach Dr. Dan, does he really think he’s Gods gift to women? Get rid of Chloe, she’s really sleeps with anybody. Lucas deserves much better! John and Marlena should get back together, been going on way too long

  32. From Mimi

    He is sooo gross. I really can’t even stomache the scenes he is in. He really needs to go.

  33. From Connie

    I agree Dr Dan needs to go he is as bad as chloe. And kate is a slut too my god lets not forget all the things in her past and yet she hates Sami. Get real. Writers please wake up and smell the coffee we are blogging to tell you what we want to see. So please listen to us and take the hints

  34. From R.L.

    put him back with chelsea. thats the only thing worth saying.

  35. From Francesca


  36. From carol

    Dr. Dan is a bit creepy. But give him a better story line & maybe he would be a better person. I really liked him with Chelsea. She was a bit young for him, but they were good together. There was so much more story line to give them, and then they cut them off. Chloe is a little slut. Get things together & get back with Brady.

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