Days of Our Lives Polls: What’s Next Nicole?

The next step for Nicole?

A lot of people have been left wondering exactly how far Nicole will be pushing the baby plot. Since she can’t let EJ near her, will she let another man knock her up? Could Brady be that potent? Will she buy a baby from another woman? Will she steal a baby from Salem’s extraordinarily unsecure hospital? Will Daniel discover a miraculous way to get her pregnant using untested and dangerous technology? Will she try all, or any, of these things?

What do you think will happen and what would you like to see happen? Let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. From rice krispy

    It is so obvious that Sami is going to give up her baby and Nicole will adopt it.

  2. From me to you

    b*tch nicole is gonna try and get a man to knock her up and pass it off as EJ’s, seeing as how they already had the blood test.

    and i love rafe i think sami and him are wayyy cute but no worries, i’m still a die hard EJami fan :) but he’s a great way for her to pass her time ;)
    OHHH and i’m sure Sami will pass off her baby as Rafe’s baby :)

  3. From bill

    nicolw will somehow make a deal to pass off samis baby as her own,

  4. From amanda

    oh for sure but i wish EJ would find out and leave nichol and go after sami but it will be to late sami will have falling for Rafe and then EJ will have to fight to get her back that would be to funny

  5. From Sandy

    They have made a point of letting us know that the church Sami went to was once an orphanage and they still take children in extreme cases, Sami will put her child there thinking she will be keeping it safe from Stephano, Nicole will adopt it.. and when EJ gets suspicious and does another paternity test… it will be a match (much to Nicole’s surprise!)

  6. From bettyg

    Come on!!?? If Nicole is far enough along to show, how can she possible conceive and pass off this one as the original? People have been trying this since the days of Anne Boleyn, and NOT succeeding!

  7. From Teresa C.

    I Like Nicole she is a great actress. I would like to see her with Brady and I would like to see Sami back with Lucas he is SOOOOO cute.

  8. From Barb

    Can’t you see it coming ? ? Sammie will leave her baby at the convent to prevent EJ from claiming it, and Nicole will ge there (for some reason, probably to pray) and will take Sammie’s and EJ’s baby and claim it as her own. It wil probably be years before this is all discovered, good long time plot.

  9. From Katlady

    Barb is so right. I think its a predictable story line, and one that will drag out FOREVER !!!

  10. From Mary

    I feel that this is an insult to Nicole and her character. “If EJ finds out I lost the baby, he will leave me!”
    Come on! Nicole has more of a backbone than that. Where oh where did that Nicole go? I miss her.
    Damn, I really getting sick of Sami whining about not being with her family and kids. It’s everyday now!!!!

  11. From forever fan

    Well I hope the story does not end with Nicole having Samis baby! I would think EJ is smart enough to catch onto Nicoles odd behavior and figure something out!!! I REALLY hope these writers can be more creative and for once do something the public would like to see.

  12. From Carolyn

    I think Days needs to give Nicole a Christmas Miracle. She will run into someone at the docks who is pregnant, and for some reason can’t raise the child. Nicole agrees to help her. In return she adopes the baby and says it’s EJ’s. No more stolen babies………that story line is getting old.

  13. From KAY

    I think that Sammi is going to give her baby to the nuns at the convent and somehow Nicole is going to find this baby and adopt it and pass it off as hers and EJ’s and he will never know it’s not Nicole’s because it will have his DNA.

  14. From Days fan

    I think Nicole will take Ej and Sami’s baby. I don’t see how she could get pregnant now and say it’s the same baby. she would be 4 months behind. That story wouldn’t work. I think she should tell EJ the truth and find a surrogate-like Chloe-to carry her and EJ’s baby.

  15. From heather

    I think Sami is going to give her baby up for adoption to the convent. then since nicole will need a baby around the same time she will end up getting sami’s baby and neither woman know about it. then it will probably turn out the baby is sick and needs to test DNA then the truth will be revealed.

  16. From bettyg

    I think you’ve got a great plot there! But I think the “Christmas Miracle” will be Kate surviving her cancer.

  17. From Mary

    This story wont go our way cuz then if Nicole comes clean then there is no story to watch butt im liking this story very interesed to see were it leads too.. Plus the other stories are boring at the moment i was hoping nick was guna have a spilt personailty like on one life to live w the lady Jessica……

  18. From Mary

    The whole Nick story was very dissappointing was hopping for somthing out there to explain why he did wat he did but it fell flat.. Cuz with him having a split personality woulda explained a whole lot might even get him off from going to jail






  20. From Christina

    Let’s give Nicole a break, or even a miracle. Just once I would like to see something go her way; I really like the nice Nicole. She needs to tell EJ the truth and he should understand. Then maybe she can miraculously get pregnant again just in time for the new year! I love Sami and Rafe together. They have terrific chemistry. Chloe is way out of Lucas’ league; she should be back with Brady. Also, I’d like the truth to come out about Will being the real shooter before we all forget that it even happened.

  21. From Tina

    I don’t like the miscarriage story line. First the writers make Nicole actually a nicer person by showing us the caring mom side of her. Now they take away the baby and return her to being a distasteful character. I don’t care if she ends up with EJ or not. Her character needs a sweet baby.

    Regarding Sami…She should have anyone EXCEPT Lucas or EJ. She needs someone to pull her straight. Rafe would have been good, but it seems he is on his way out.

  22. From Pat

    Come on you writers. Do something original for once. I mean, do something that hasn’t already been there done that on DOOL or any other Soap. Sometimes the whinny or the B**** has to win.

  23. From Deb

    If Sami dumps her baby, DOOL will havehit a new low in unrealistuc character manipulation for the sake of overdone plot lines. Sami would NEVER abandon one of her children (based on the lengths she has gone through the years) and if they have her do that, they truly insult their viewers’ intelligence – although with the lame plots lately, I wonder if they think we have any? The same goes for the Chloe/Brady storyline – is that really the best scenario they could come up with? And how often is Lucas going to pledge undying love to yet another woman? Sheesh!

  24. From Sheila

    I hope EJ finds out about Sami’s baby before she does something stupid. Clearly he needs her in his life to keep him from under Stephano’s thumb. Nicole just needs to be with Brady, or maybe Rafe. Rafe and Sami need to be best friends. Nicole and Rafe would give Sami something to stew about all of the time.



  26. From D


  27. From D









  29. From diane

    Get rid of nicole…she’s such a piece of unsavory trash, she doesn’t even deserve a place in this show…Put her in the trash heap where she belongs…Maybe EJ will then be able to stand up and be the man he’s supposed to be, instead of the snivling whimp he’s become…Too bad, he had a lot of possibilities…

  30. From Sheila

    I see that Rafe is going to be stabbed. I think he is a great character to throw into the mix of Sami, EJ, and Nicole, and would hate to see him killed off. There are so many ways that storyline could be developed that it would be a sad waste.

  31. From Niki

    So annoyed with this show right now. I really liked the “good” Nicole. I am a women who has lost a baby and I could identify what Nicole was going through. But who does this kind of stuff? I realize it’s a soap and it can be far fetched but come on. This is incredibly insulting to me. I lost my baby and I had to grieve and then move on. Not adopt a baby and cover it up. It’s ridiculous. I think it’s time to move on Days. Get some better storylines.
    By the way…I am so tired of Sami whining about how bad the Dimera family is. Wasn’t she the one who was living in their house. Now she is telling a FBI agent how scary they are. Sami didn’t seem at all bothered while she was living there!

  32. From forever fan


  33. From Precious

    What Nicole is doing to EJ with this fake baby routine is going to come back and slap her in the face….I would rather see her JUST COME CLEAN and tell EJ the truth, for once, and adopt a child. He has already told her he LOVES HER, so what is her problem? He’s not going anywhere, speak the truth, for once, and see where the chips fall….nah…she won’t do that, the writer’s have already decided she’s going to get Sami’s baby, and this irks me to no end. Oh well, after John and Marlena are gone on Jan 23rd, so am I…I am tired of Dena Hickley and her so-called writing

  34. From Melissa

    Nicole needs to find her baby girl (Melanie). If will is old enough to be Sami’s then Melanie can be Nicole’s. Nicole needs to forget men for now and concentrate on her relationship with her daughter. Ej and Sami need to be together. Bring a different Will back that is 18 to pursue Melanie. This will really spice up things with Sami and Nicole! Make the scenes funny and intriguing though. Soaps can have good times and still be interesting. They do not always have to be doom and gloom.

  35. From Susan

    This storyline of Nicole looking to adopt is so similar to Kristin (Eileen Davidson) and her attempt to fake her pregnancy many years ago on Days. Can’t DOOL writers do better than to rehash old plotlines?

  36. From Catherine

    I agree with the others comments that having Nicole adopt Sami’s baby is so already been there done that. Let Nicole risk losing EJ tell him the truth and see what happens. But, how is it that Stephano hasn’t figured it out yet?

    Also, on the point of Nicole being Melinie’s mom. If you do that. Then isn’t she also Max’s mom?

    Please don’t ruin Brady by making him a drug addict again.

    It seems like the plan is to keep EJ with Nicole. Chloe with Lucas. And, Sami with Rafe.

    Would like to see Brady with Nicole. They communicate and have chemistry.

    And, now we have a dirtbag doctor moving hitting on his patients?

  37. From Tami

    I think she is going to end up with Sami’s baby and pass it off as hers.

  38. From Lisa

    Sami is going to leave her baby at the orphanage and Nicole is going to adopt it. I have a feeling this is how this storyline is going to end up. Sami goes on and on now how she doesn’t want Nicole to raise Johnny so this is setting up for that plotline. Come on DOOL, give us something better than this. We’ve figured it out already.

  39. From Melissa

    No I believe Max and Melanie have different mom’s because Max can remember when his mom died, but he never knew about a sister.

    I do like Brady and Nicole together.

    I do not like Sami and Rafe. Mainly because Sami already has kids with two guys. I think it demeans her character to put her into a relationship with yet another one.

    Anyway DOOL will probably let us down and in fact have Nicole adopt Sami’s baby. This would be so dumb because Sami would not just give up one of her kids and like she is not going to be able to tell that Nicole has her baby. I know many babies look alike, but I think Sami would be able to tell.

  40. From Katrina Albert

    Is there anything fans can do to stop this STUPID story line if Nichole ends up with sami’s baby I am done with this show and I grew up watching it! I hope for once they will do something right Sami and EJ belong together let Sami have this baby and EJ come to her rescue I like Rafe let him and sami be friends but this show needs to do SOMETHING before it’s too late!!!!!!!!! Fans need to stand up and cahnge where this show is headed down the same road over and over again!

  41. From Lisa Jourda

    I hate Cloe, with her big eyes, who is she after anyway? All the guys. I also would have thought Nicole would never sink this low, also, what happened to the alcholism. That simple?
    The writers are absurd. I have long been tolerating this show but with Stephano (always winning).
    I’ mglad that Marlena and John are leaving, they have been stale for about 10 yrs.

  42. From yvette

    sick of Sami -person playing Nicole is a great actress and DOOL needs to start giving her character a break and have something good happen to her. Dr Dan is a jerk!


    To the writers this whole scene is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has been done to many times

    Can we have some happiness on the show before christmas ????????????

    Do you ever listen to what the fans want?????????????????

  44. From Carol Case

    Nichol should wait until EJ is gone sometime, then take out the fake baby pad and tell him that she had a miscarriage while he was gone. BUT, she should wait until after they are married to do this.

  45. From Juanita

    I think Nicole will get Sami’s baby . But sometime it will need blood or something then of course EJ can do it. But I don’t think it will match EJ’s I do not think it is his baby. I think it belongs to Lucis .

  46. From Crystal

    I am soo over the whole Nicole faking her pregnancy scene. Ej and Sami belong together they have amazing chemistry when they are around each other. The writers need to have someone tell Ej about Nicole’s miscarriage and sami’s baby then have him go after sami and they end up sharing the holidays together with their kids. That would be a happy ending,but happy endings rarely happen in Soapland.. Oh well I quit watching the show a few weeks ago because I hate the storylines and I don’t believe that sami would give up one of her children she loves them all way too much. Even my grandmother quit watching and she has been watching the show since day 1. I hope the show gets better because I miss watching it.

  47. From Melissa

    PLEASE Brady tell someone about Nicoles secret!!! She sure ain’t gonna and it NEEDS to come out!!!

  48. From Connie

    Please let EJ find out about Sami having his baby and also that Nicole lost their baby. He needs to know. Hasnt Sami learned anything about keeping a son for its father? I am sick of Melanie she is a terrible character and actress please send her away along with Kate, whats up with the makeup when she is dying from cancer give me a break!

  49. From Brie

    I just want this to be over with.
    Im tired of all the EJ not being with Sami and its sooo obvious that those two need to be together.

  50. From candace

    I hope that they don’t write the story with sami giving up her child, sami may be a b**** but she loves all of her kids and i don’t think she would do this. I read on another website that someone thinks that Nichole’s doctor (baker) might kidnap the baby…I like that plot better, plus it would be ironic because Kristen did that to his mom (susan) about 10yrs ago, how fitting. However i really like Sami and Rafe, they kind of remind me of Luis and Fancy off of passions

  51. From Lois

    I think Nichole need to come clean with EJ and tell him she lost the baby. after the truth comes out he will want to stay with her anyway. Sami and Rafe are getting close let them past her baby off as his with his late wife who died in child birth that way no one need to know that the baby is EJ z
    and Sami can keep her baby

  52. From katie

    the nicole baby line is so boring and dragged out. do something fast. i’ve lost interest with the show.

  53. From Sue

    I love all the characters except Mel she irritates the —- out of me. EJ has to find out about Sami’s baby regardless of what Nicole does or doesnt do. That will put him onto an extremely important decision.

  54. From Marie

    I so tired of Nicole’s fake pregnancy and EJ’s sudden stupidity. I mean come on, he’s a Dimera! Either EJ or Stephano should have been able to find out the truth by now or was Rolf the only one who did the snooping??

    If Sammy gives up her baby I will stop watching DOOL. If Nicole adopts Sammy’s baby I will stop watching DOOL.

    It’s time for the writers to stop taking our DOOL dedication for granted and give us something original and interesting.

    Keep the original interesting characters and write something worthwhile for the new characters if they have to stay.

    For goodness sake if we have to tolerate Melanie make it worth our while other than making her manipulative and useless; we had Nicole for that already. If Melanie is Nicole’s daughter then let them reunite and the trouble begin already.

    I have watched DOOL from my Grandmother’s lap until now (I’m 34) and have to admit that I am getting too weary to continue to stay committed. Something has to change and FAST! DOOL owes us that much!

  55. From Pamela

    What bugs me about this story arc is that Nicole doesn’t trust EJ’s love for her. She thinks he’s all about the baby. If he is, he’s not worth her time anyway, and she needs to realize this. I think his heart belongs to Sami, and always will. But if she can’t trust their love, she’s better off without him.

  56. From Linda

    I have been watching Days since day one with my grandmother. I have to say that Days has to stop the Nichole story it is really tiring… Bring this whinning \What will I ever do without a man\ into 2009 and give her two feet to stand on. The whole prospect of Nichole and Melanie being mother and daughter was already done with Billie and Chelsie. PLEASE revive more story lines with more up to date realistic events. I love the idea of Sammie and Rafe with EJ thrown in the mix (how fun).

  57. From Mystisch

    Just wondering what everyone here thinks about all of this. I got some of this (in a fwd.) from a friend and my thoughts are in the inside of the ****’s.
    1 – Bo’s newfound psychic abilities. I don’t know where they are going with this, but I am curious to see how it will play out. It’s good to see him confide in Hope about it instead of trying to keep it a secret from her. This way they can have a story line together where they are united on trying to figure out what’s going on with him, instead of divided by it. **** I love this story line too… I also miss Celeste, Maybe she could come back even just for a while and help Bo hone his skills and help him understand them.****

    2 – New couples: Max & Chelsea and Philip & Stephanie. I think these couples both have potential as the actors have great chemistry with their current pairing. I’m not too worried about Max & Chelsea, as I think they will go forward, but Philip & Stephanie have me a bit more worried. Philip is never allowed to really have a relationship. Either his wife (Belle) is really in love with someone else, or he just uses his women as dalliances. So I hope he doesn’t get distracted by Melanie and continues to heat up the screen with Stephanie. ****Phillip & Stephanie won’t last, Melanie will win Phillips heart in the end and they will end up together, they’re both schemer’s and so they’ll heat up the screen with some great action in the near future. Maybe even some adventure concerning the Bio-fuel?? Max & Chelsea have been there, done that!! Max & Stephanie will end up back together and Chelsea will fall for Rafe… Keeping Rafe in the loop. He is such a pleasure to watch and I hope the writer’s will write in a great and true friendship between Rafe and Sami.****

    3 – Brady’s purpose. On a positive note, I was so happy that he didn’t go along with Nicole’s plan to fool the pregnant girl into thinking he was Nicole’s fiance’. I don’t get why he is keeping quiet about her not being pregnant in the first place, so it really wouldn’t make sense for him to blindly go along with her manipulation. However, I’m not quite sure why they brought him back. They need to give Brady his own story line and some real purpose on this show. ****I think the reason Brady is so wishy washy is because he still loves Nicole very much and knows that once EJ finds out what Nicole is doing he will drop her on her butt and Brady wants to be right there to catch Nicole when she falls. I think that this is going to take a while now that Nicole is adopting Mia’s baby, but Brady & Nicole will end up together in the long run and they will end up happy with the baby.****

    4 – Missing Kate. Just like Nicole, she’s losing her edge. She hasn’t meddled in a bad way in one of her son’s love lives in long time and she’s been so nice lately. Yes, I know she’s been distracted by her cancer and she’s been welcoming to Chloe because she donated bone marrow, but I think Sami needs to come back STAT to get Kate’s blood boiling again. ****I honestly like the New Kate, but I do think that Kate & Victor should repair up and that way things could heat up again as far a

    5 – Stefano’s soft side. Was anyone else confused by Stefano’s reaction to Theo’s hospitalization? He was actually weepy about it! That’s not Stefano. Of course he is all about family, but in a controlling way, not an emotional way. I felt it was pretty bizarre for him to wear his heart on his sleeve, but maybe he’s just getting sentimental in his old age. ****Sorry, but I appreciated seeing his soft side, everyone knows how much he loves his Grand-children!! I’ll bet that we see something in the near future about Theo not having Autism at all … The brain surgery will miraculously cure him. Also, I think that some time in the near future there will be a Dimera child kidnapped (One of the grands) and Stefano and EJ will have to ‘hurt’ some people (Maybe the “killer”??) to get the child back.****

    6 – John and Marlena. There’s nothing really new to say about them and the fact that they are leaving. It is quickly approaching so I will comment on it more later, but the only thing I have to say right now is that their scenes just make me want them to stay. It would also give Brady something more to do if his estranged father were around so they could work on their relationship. ****I just have nothing good to say about the loss of John and Marlena!! They have always been one of my favorite couple’s and it makes me sick how there are NO “super couple’s” on the show anymore. The writer’s just can not seem to “get a clue” that some people in the world truly DO believe in “True Love”!! The last and ONLY “True couple” on this show was “Grams & Gramps”!!!! No-one ever dared mess with that couple. Thank God!!****

    7 – Chloe and Daniel. Nope! Still not digging them. They are just unsettling. ****I used to like Daniel. Now, he just makes my stomach turn every time I see him. He is such a jerk… (Thanx writers!!) First Chelsea, then Kate, now Chloe?? And IN the mansion AT the engagement party!!!! How uncouth!! Only the most sick, uncaring, evil person in “Salem” would even consider doing something like that!! Oh wait… Let me remind myself… It’s DANIEL!!!!! — Sick, just sick!! And NO WAY!!! I do not want Lucas to walk in on something like that!! Why would anyone wish that on that poor man!!!!???? He gets out of Jail to go see the woman of his dreams (Sami) and finds her in bed with EJ and then you want him to walk in on Chloe and Daniel!! NO!! Let her break his heart a different way than that!! And when are the writer’s going to give HIM a good storyline anyway?? Maybe he and Chelsea?? WHO know’s?? They sure need to give the guy some happiness, he deserve’s to be happy just as much as anyone else!!****

    8 – Hilda. I love her. However, I fear her time is drawing to a close. Another good character whose time was too short. I will miss her and her sharp banter with Sami! ****Oh I am SO going to miss Hilda!! I hate that they are “killing” her!! COuldn;t she just be close to dead, go into a coma or something?? She has kids for crying out loud!! And she a Sami had some awesome scene’s together!! I really was loving their blooming friendship and was so hoping that she would talk Sami out of doing anything stupid with her baby!!****

    ****As for thoughts about Sami & Nicole baby stuff’s: As I said earlier — I think Nicole will adopt Mia’s baby, EJ will find out about it and will drop Nicole on her butt… Brady will help her through the loss and they will get together to raise the baby as their own after Nicole realizes just how much brady does and always has loved her. — As for Sami – I really would like to see her and EJ get back together. There used to be such a great chemistry between those two and EJ really knows how to keep her in line!! And the bay she is carrying is EJ’s and they do already have a child together. EJ never has let Stefano hurt Johnny and so WHY would he allow Stefano to do anything to this new baby. I think that after he finds out about Nicole and dumps her and then finds out about Sami’s baby EJ will become SUPER/OVERLY protective of Sami and the baby and they will become the most popular Supercouple of the year!! And yes I really love the chemistry between Sami & Rafe, but I think they should just become very close friends. Maybe Sami will introduce Rafe to someone in the family so that he can continue to stay on the show as regular eye and ear candy!! Maybe Chelsea & Rafe?? Wouldn;t that stir things up in Salem??****

    Shutting up. Hope I didn;t upset to many people here. Just some thoughts I had when I saw the email from a friend about the Soaps…….

  58. From cc

    I hope that sami and rafe end up together, yes ej and sami did have chemistry but lets not forget that he raped her, I think we all forgot that he originally was going to have Johnny aborted for stem cells for his crazy father, and that he caused a lot of mess for her and lucas and now that they are broken up, he has left her for the piece of trash nicole (love the actress). however i do kind of want ej and sami together, I think a really good plot would be that some how ej finds out he is not a dimera at all(just another victim of stefeno’s schemes). And then sami and he can be together of course after all the laundry has been aired out.

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