Days of Our Lives Spoilers for January 2.

The New Year will begin with a bang…

…or maybe not. Once again, naughty Nicole is on the verge of confessing a few of her recent sins to Elvis. Before she can utter the words that Dr. Baker and Brady have been whispering in her ears for weeks, EJ gets in the way when he throws his body down on one knee. He’s not imitating her fake baby pains either, he’s trying to make an ‘honest’ woman out of her. Elsewhere, Rafe continues to soften up and tells Sami that he’s more than happy to spend New Year’s with her.

New Year’s Eve will be getting a few more couplings out of the way as well. Philip will be using yet another holiday tradition as an excuse to put his lips on Stephanie. While he’s doing so, Melanie will be using her disappointed lips to pout. Meanwhile, Philip’s ex, Chloe, may be ignoring her own advice about avoiding questionable men. Daniel will be taking the injured diva to the hospital where he’ll provide her with some of his special attention and care.

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  1. From janet

    Days has always been one of my favorite shows.I have watched for years.days has to stay on for without it everybody would be show on to me and a lot of others.everybody that put this show together did a fantastic job.I Love It.Janet

  2. From Lisa

    I’m so excited about Phillip and Stephanie! I love watching their scenes together. It’s great to see Phillip with someone again. We haven’t really seen that since Belle.

  3. From Shelley

    ITA, I love Steph and Phil together. They are very well suited for each other.

  4. From shelly

    I hate Philip and Stephanie together. Stephanie belongs with Max. Please please please get ride of Melanie!!! she sucks!!! she cannot act and she is a waste of time!!!

  5. From Pat

    I like Phillip and Stephanie together, but would like to see someone new with him (not Melanie). They need to bring some new blood to interact with him. I haven’t seen any real chemistry between him and any of the women (except maybe Chloe). Also, please, please GET RID OF MELANIE. She is terrible. This review comes from somesone who has watched DOOL since the very first day it aired!

  6. From Precious

    There’s NEVER been a more irritating actress than this Melanie person…even Ava wasn’t as grinding on one’s mind as this actress is!! And THIS is what they keep over John and Marlena? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT>>>DAYS…!!


  7. From kennedy

    I actually fast forwarded through the whole show except for the parts w john and marlena. Days storylines are repeated over and over again. I think the writers need a crash course from The Young and the Restless writers..Y&R keeps veteran actors gives them great storylines and they ween in the new actors without shoving them down our throats.

  8. From jenny

    i like steph and philip together but even more i LOVE chelsea and max hooking up again. i love chelsea! melanie is so stupid and a waste of time….also i dislike chloe and wish she would get it on w/ dr. daniel already! i hate her and lucas together!

  9. From Stephanie

    I (dislike Melanie’s acting) on Days and I have watched for over 30 years. I hate the character. She gets on my very last nerve. If Days needs to save money send her packing.

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  10. From ashley

    I have been watching days for YEARS. I love the philip and stephanie storyline, but MELANIE needs to go she is annoying and can’t act that was the worst story line ever right up there with the trent story line. and nicole.. come on get rid of here again she is also terrible. keep doc and john get rid of the bad story lines!

  11. From libby

    ok, so Stephanie and Phillip actually have some chemistry I would not have guessed – and it’s great, both are fabulous actors – please, please TPTB give us a new years resolution and get rid of melanie – she is a total oxygen thief! Nicole and EJ are amazing and I am also rooting for Rafe and Sami. Chloe needs to get a clue and stay away from fickle Dan, and Victor needs to get some loving – where, oh where is Caroline? And please, please let us see enough of John and Marlena so I don’t go totally postal in the new year. And Patch/Kayla, Abe/Lexie and Hope/Bo need some serious air time, as do Maggie and Mickey – heck why bring on the new Mickey if we never, ever get to see him! AARGGGGHHHHHH!!!

  12. From Jenny

    Please, Please, Please tell me Nicole is not going to end up with Sami’s baby trying to pass it off and hers and EJ’s that would be a pathetic story line. I want Sami and Rafe together Sami should just claim the baby is his, i would!!!!

  13. From Amy

    Besides Rafe and the nuBrady…Days is not interesting. I love the vets of the show and I love Chelsea and Daniel but they are paired with the wrong people so again besides Rafe and the nuBrady nothing interest me. Daniel’s character has regressed since he was paired with Kate and now Chloe. Once again, he has no chemistry with Chloe or Kate…He looks like one of kate’s sons and he and chloe look like brother/sister. Chelsea and Max deserve happiness but they don’t have chemistry together, they have friend chemistry not romantic chemistry…I really miss Chelsea and Daniel being together!!!

  14. From Amanda

    I agree with you Amy, could we please get past this lustfest and end Daniel and Kate’s relationship already, i really don’t like Kate and you are right, Daniel looks like he is related to both chloe and kate. I really wish I had TiVo because then I could ff kate/daniel and daniel/chloe.

  15. From katie

    i am so bored with melanie, and the nicole baby line is so much carried on, and on. get to the bottom. same thing, over and over

  16. From Annie

    Phil & Steph make a cute couple. Daniel just doesn’t make much sense to me, period. As if writers can’t seem to agree what to do with him, every time we turn around he’s hitting on someone new. As for Melanie, can’t see folks getting upset about her one way or the other, talk about a yawn. Who cares.

  17. From judy

    I agree,get rid of melanie! And Daniel is a skirt chasing jerk.Is he trying to see how mwny women he can score with or what? I like EJ and Nicole together,just wish she would have told EJ right away about losing the baby.I think he would have stood by her.I hate to think what will happen to her when Stefeno finds out there’s no baby.

  18. From Judy

    I want EJ to find out Nicole lost the baby.. this is too Kristen like fakeing a pregnancy to get John…

  19. From Virginia

    Chloe is a sleeze and Daniel is a perv! This is ridiculous! Chloe and Lucas have NO chemistry either. Kate and Caroline need to go for Victor. I like Steph and Philip and Melanie has her comic moments. Enough of this false Nicole’s pregnancy and I sure hope they don’t go to a story line where Sami gives her baby up and Nicole gets it. Enough!!!!!!!! I do like Rafe and NuBrady is OK. I could see EJ and Rafe fighting over Sami (good vs. evil!). John and Marlena had gotten so sappy before his “change” that this is a pleasant switch to their characters and I hate to see them go!

  20. From Mary

    I wonder if Nicole’s baby was actually stolen by Dr. Baker…. for a couple who needed a preemie…. That would change this story a bit.

  21. From Rita

    my predictions from Nicole finding the baby on her own at the convent (which would end up being sami’s baby) is slipping, i’m going to go with that Dr. Baker will be told about the baby at the convent and he will go and get it for Nicole! OR sami will deliver at this clinic cause they won’t have enough time to get to the secure location!!

  22. From jessica

    I agree with everyone melanie is boring i wish they would hurry up and tell ej sami is preg with his baby i like him and sami together even though there is major chem between her and rafe and even though i felt a litte sorry for nicole when she lost her baby i dont like her with ej at all she is to coniving for him he is a good man who deserves better and days will not be the same with out john and marlena

  23. From Jess

    I think that Dr. Baker stole Nicole’s baby and told her she lost it. Then he is going to sell the baby back to Nicole. Of course, Stefano was in on it and will expose Nicole and she will loose EJ and the baby. Would be interesting.

  24. From Lisa

    I think Nicole did such a good job with the scenes when she lost the baby – I was crying. I want her happy and if that means getting Sami’s baby – so be it. I love TiVo been able to fast foward alot of the filler stuff.

  25. From Lilly

    Every good soap needs a villian & our villian is Melanie. I say keep her. Also, I love Nicole & want to see her happy & life go her way for once. I look forward to an elegant wedding like we have never seen before on Days & they live happliy ever after as a rich family should. I think that Chloe & Daniel kinda deserve each other. Kate’s outfit for new years eve looks like a grandma outfit that she is….she should marry Stefeno & let Caroline & Victor have the life they always wanted.Phillip & Chloe are definetly good together, but I would like to see a different actor play Philip. John & Marlena, old news. Bo & Hope need a good story line with Kayla & Steve. I have never cared for Abe. Lexie needs someone with a little more life. Max & Chelsea…just okay. Sami & Rafe could be very HOT. Brady needs to hook up with someone though, but not Melanie…she needs a bad boy!

  26. From Sandra

    I can deal with Phillip/Steph, I can also deal with annoying Melanie. What I can not deal with is stupidity. Lucas/Chloe pairing was stupid from the get-go. From the moment, Chloe shows up to ask Lucas, Hey wanna be friends? what was that? a few months later, Lucas proposes and he’s telling mommy how he loves her like he’s never loved anyone before? puh-leez…oh and I can not stand Dr. Dan anymore. sleazy scum bucket!



    I feel that Melanie would be better with PHILIP

    i Also feel that Chloe will leave Lucas standing at the altar because of Dr Daniel

    As far as Nicole the whole baby thing is boring

    Come guys Rafe can deliver Sami’s baby

    She is so upset not seeing the twins there is no way she will be giving her baby up for adoption

    Plus there is chemistry developing with her and Rafe ok

    Put Stephanie and Max back together

    Find someone new for Chelsea

    Have a Happy New Year Everyone

  28. From susan Ridley

    The rumor that John and Marlene will leave the show sickens me. It is bad enough that Bo and Hope do not even say That Chritmas card from Shawn and Belle was so precious, ect. It is like they never existed. I have watched this show since it began-John and Doc leave so do I and what is left of the faithful base. They want to cut the salary then start with Melanie(she sucks),Lexie&Abe,the fat lady who owns Chez Roux, and please foward this to NBC and your site is great.

  29. From Cyn

    The Day’s family has been a part of my life for 42 years. The longevity of the progam speaks for itself. I fully support cast and crew. You rock! Being a loyal fan I only hope and pray for the best for this program. May you all have a blessed year in 2009. Even with some of the older cast leaving I will continue to support the up and coming actors. May this be the best DOOL’s year yet.

  30. From Allie

    Even though I don’t like some of the storylines I will always keep watching. As much as I don’t like Dr. DIRTY Dan and Chloe together- the writers are going to do it anyway. I dont like Nichole faking the pregnancy- the writers will do it anyway! Sami not giving up her child- she will do it anyway! I don’t like Meliny at all- she will be here for most of 2009 if not all!
    There are some things I do like:
    Steph and Philip
    EJ/Sami/Rafe-this will be exciting in 2009
    Nichole getting caught in 2009(this better happen soon)
    Bo and Hope>they are the reasons I started watching DOOL.
    And I love Stefino- even though he’s bad, he’s very likable.
    So I will continue to watch.

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