Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of December 29-January 2.

As the year winds its way to a close, things will be heating up for the residents of Salem.

Philip will be asking Stephanie to help him ring in the New Year. Will this be a signal to a future for the pair, or will something, or someone, get in the way? Meanwhile, Steph’s ex, Max, will be doing a little New Year’s celebrating of his own when he shares a kiss with Chelsea.

There will be plenty of other relationship developments as well. While Chloe will be warning her ex-husband Brady to steer clear of Nicole, Kate will be pushing Lucas to move up the wedding date. Does she suspect disaster, or is there some other reason for the rush?

Meanwhile, Elvis will be giving Nicole even more of what she wants. By the end of the week, he’ll be on his knees popping the question. Outside of town, Rafe will be keeping Sami company as the eventful year comes to an end. He’ll even admit to Sami that he’s happy to be closing the year with her.

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  1. From Amanda

    Kate, trying to push up the wedding?? Wow, thats a change, usually she’s trying to stop it from happening.

  2. From Rosie

    How doesn’t Stefano already know that Nicole is lying about the baby? He knows everything before it even happens? I thought Chloe and Nicole were friends? Hmmm. Something is changing now that Brady is involved? Something tells me CHloe will make a mistake and sleep with Daniel, get preggers and try to pass the baby off as Lucas’. Gosh, can we move past all these been there done that stories already?

  3. From Marry

    I think that Theo (from events on Tuesday’s show)will need something from a relative to make him live and what it is is fetal blood from the umbilical cord from Nicole’s baby. Since Lexi and EJ are related the unborn baby is his only chance for survival and this will be the way EJ will find out that Nicole is NOT preggers.

  4. From joyce

    kate is wanting to push the wedding date up because she can see that Daniel & Chole have the hots for each other,& EJ is not stupid enough to let Nichol pull this baby thing off thats awful to make EJ look that stupid,he is a very smart man & she could never fool him like that & Sami would never let some one have her baby so don’t even go there Sami would never give up her baby she would tell EJ the truth get them back together Joyce

  5. From Harlee

    GO RAF AND SAMI!! WOOHOO! I would love to see her find happiness with that hottie and leave EJ and Lucas in the dust.

  6. From Rita

    I can see it already…Nicole will go the church and find the nun that Sami is speaking to and that is where Sami will leave her baby when it’s born…Nicole will take it for her own then. NOW with Theo probably needing something from a blood relative in the future they are going to test the baby and it will be positive and then Nicole is going to be shocked as she knows it’s not hers, but it really IS EJ’s and then she’s going to know that he has fathered another baby!! as for Chloe I think Kate is fearful of Daniel, and his wondering eye!! He makes me sick to my stomach!!

  7. From Clinton

    Kate wants to push the wedding up because she has the hots for Danial. Daniel is in lust with Chloe. Lucas is in Lust with Chloe. Chloe is in lust with Daniel. Lucas is Clueless as normal as to Chloe (and any other woman he gets involved with.)

    Meanwhile Max is unable to stop his ways of wanting to only have sex with his family members (Ok, Steph and Chelsea aren’t blood, but still…)and has gone from being the “soon to be” next Nascar Star, to someone that can barely afford to feed himself.

    EJ is actually having real feelings for Nicole, and Nicole actually HAD real feelings for EJ, but she doesn’t understand what a true relationship is about, for is she did she would of told EJ the truth about the baby when it happened. If she had done that from the jump, EJ’s love for her would of grown stronger, but in the end he will only see her as a Gold Digger when in fact she will truly love him.

    Both Chloe and Nicole will go through Divorce at the same time, and will both turn to Brady for comfort. Brady will be playing both women against each other, then the true love of his life the second that he will be forced to make a choice. Gwenneth and her mother Rebeca will arrive from the Harmony Prison to lay claim to him.

    Rebeca will be chased after by both Victor and Stephano, with Stephano will out because Victor actually has morals about Love and Stephano will be able to control her in a way that he will be able to control her anyway that he wants, and will basically be using her as a pawn to move is “merchandise” around.

    Rafe and Sami will actually fall in Love with each other and get married. We will see less of Sami mainly because Allison Sweeny will be doing much more other NBC shows. We will see more of Rafe as he will be working for the Salem PD, and the ability for him to do all of the adventures is that Sami will be somewhere with the kids, so that means that they don’t have to explain where the kids are.

    But what we all really don’t know, but will find out in the far future is that all of the people of Salem are Puppets for the Wil & Nick Cartel. Nick is really going to prison to select the goons and Wil is really in Europe studying and making contants within both the Kiriaks and Dimera organizations so that they can easily take them over at the right time.

  8. From judy

    thought stefano had the whole place buged does he never check.nicole has said plenty to for her plans to be known.

  9. From barb

    can we just bump off Melanie already? I cannot stand her. I liked Daniel at first but now he seems to go after anyone with a clitorius (sp.) Kate and Victor should get back together. I like Phillip with Stephanie but he’s already lying to her about bedding down with Melanie. Not good grounds for a relationship. I am starting to like Sami and Rafe (is that his name) together but still like EJ but he kind of makes me mad about how he calls her to write her off while she’s in witness protection how cowardly is he? I feel like the show is in trouble and the writers are going down with the ship. Too bad because this has been my favorite soap for over 25 years but I’m dedicated and will watch it until the fat lady sings or the cows come home, whichever comes first.

  10. From bill

    i honestly think Nicole will end up with Samis baby and pass it off as herown. it just might work for a while.

  11. From jaime

    i wonder if Nicole’s baby is actually alive…….well i mean, it’s pretty much impossible for a 20weeks old fetus to survive in real life…but then again in Days of Our Lives……i wouldn’t be surprised!!…..i want Nicole to be happy….with EJ preferably. Maybe doctor Baker stole hbaby??……naah….probly notno

  12. From Alta

    What is the point of having Deidre Hall work for a few minutes of screen time each week with absolutely no coherent story going on? She has been fired and her contract was up last August. John was supposedly dying of a brain malformation and having increasing seizures and blackouts that Marlena and Kayla were frantic about. That whole storyline has left for the land of Oz. Deidre and Drake are fired. What’s with the once a week, directionless, 2 minute scenes?
    What a shameful send-off for two characters and the actors who have done so much for the history of this show. If you were to put most of the casts pictures up on a board, I doubt that most soap fans would even know who the hell they are or what show they represent. This is not the DOOL most people would recognize.

  13. From TJ

    Well I didn’t know about the theo thing….you guys maybe missing the obvious….Sami will step up and say she is pregnant to help theo and abe….or atleast I would like to see that happen opposed to all the baby swapping stupidness

  14. From JoAnne

    I think EJ will marrying Nicole without a pre-nup and then find out no baby on board. Rafe will claim Sami child as his on, but will eventually have to deal what the Dimera up close an personal. This will come from Nicole blackmail attempt after she is dismissed by EJ. However, she will informed Stephano. Who will not let no other man rise a Dimera child. Phillip and Melanie will be togather, but she will meet her old model match in Kate. Who knows Melanie might learn something or Kate will have to duck her new moves. I would like to see Chelsea with Max, since she have change for the better. But if Nicole gets her hands on Sami baby I will stop watching the show. Especially as much as I enjoy my Sami.

  15. From Mike

    Please just tell me when this whole Nicole/baby lying drama is gonna end. They’re draggin’ this out wayyyy too long. Really, they are.

  16. From Joyce

    I am with you it is stupid to drag this out–I can’t wait until EJ knows the truth. What is wrong with Daniel–he sure seems to have gotten over Chels quickly–I really liked him before Still would love to see him and chels back together–

  17. From LindaLu

    I may be the only one on the planet who actually likes the Melanie character. I think the actress who plays her does a fine job of portraying what the writers hope to pull off as a “ditz” with good timing and alternately a schemer/scatterbrain. For Melanie’s young age and advanced experiences, I can’t see anyone else in the current female cast who could pull off this role and make everybody’s teeth hurt just watching her. (speaking ot teeth, hers are way too big and too many) There. feel better?

  18. From jaime

    LindaLu you’re not the only one, i like Melanie.

  19. From rach

    I hope they rap up the storyline with this nicole faking baby story. It is way to dragged out. The writers could add some more creativity by maybe making something unsuspecitng… Brady could be secretly still doing drugs and nicole could end up drinking and then she confides in brady and then finds out about brady and his drugs. E.j catches nicole drinking and eventually finds out about the baby and nicole turns to brady and they pair. E.j and stephano team up against sami. Sami and Rafe pair. Marlena and John stay on and they try to catch samis killer and try to help Brady. Philip and steph date. Maybe they could get Basic Black back in busniess and compete with Titan. They could also start geting the younger kids storyline for the near future like playing together hopes kids with lexis kids and with kaylas kids! Wish something would happen merry xmas

  20. From Cathy

    Sick, sick, sick of the poor Nicole baby secret. Please,let’s move on. It’s getting to the point that the writers are killing the possibility of Sammi and EJ reconnecting. You know that saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. That is what is going to happen with Sammi and EJ and what a shame that would be. That was the best part of the show. Now, I really like the Beau storyline of his visions. Great angle. Also like Brady a lot. Like his character–does a good job like on Passions; hope he and Nicole hook up. Get Sammi and EJ back. Find someone else for Rafe–perhaps the new psychologist who is treating John.

  21. From Tracey

    What the heck is with Daniel lately? He is certainly committment phobic. The minute he breaks chelseas heart by sleeping with the grandmother, he is onto the NEXT victim. What a realistic view of the Dr. patient relationships, lol. There is NO chemistry between EJ and Nicole, I dont know why they push it.. I just dont feel it. I love the rafe/sami or EJ sami as they would be a great BAD power couple. The phillip/Stephanie relationship has promise too. Chloe is pretty but as always she has ridiculous story lines, and then she gets written out.

  22. From mrsarr

    OMG I totally agree with you about Rafe and Sami!! They are so freakin’ hot together and they have more chemistry than her with EJ or Lucas! I liked it when she was with Brandon too!

  23. From Amy R

    I hate watching melonie.I do like Phillip ignoring her and not giving her the time of day. She thinks she is the only girl on earth and phil should want her. He is to smart for that.
    Phillip and Stephanie make a great couple and I hope they continue a story line for them.
    I also hate watching Nicole. Her storyline is so pathetic. I want Ej and Stephano to find out there is no baby and have her taking care of. She was warned not to try to pull anything over on the dimaras. She should have listened.
    Sami and Rafe make a cute couple but I still think she and Ej should get back together,raise there kids and live happily ever after.

  24. From Amy R

    Sami made a comment to Rafe about the dimera mansion having cameras everywhere in every room. Why have they not saw Nicole in her room half naked not pregnant??? Whats the deal? come on let them find out……

  25. From cathy n

    I’m ready for Days to reunite Daniel and Chelsea. I’m way over the Daniel and Kate fiasco and this soon to be disaster with Chloe. Daniel and Chelsea still are very much in love with each other. He finally found true love again with chelsea after years since his wife died. He was really becoming a better person because of Chelsea and clearly wanted more out of life than his constant jumping from place to place and one fling after another. After Daniel and chelsea’s break-up he is totally lost without her and started to go back to his old ways to dealing with loss like he did when his wife died. These two have incredible chemistry and passion together. They are the best couple on Days. They really brought life back to this show with their romance and passion. I miss them as a couple very much. No matter who they try to pair them with no one can come close to what they shared together. Daniel and Chelsea had a deep love for each other.This deal with Kate and Chloe is only superficial lust. His heart still belongs to Chelsea. They are what made Days worth watching. This Chelsea/Max deal is horrible. Can’t Days find max a love interest whose not a Brady. Even though their not blood related, Max has been a Brady a long time. This just seem incestuous to pair him with his niece. It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work this time. Days has already shown us the best pairing in Daniel and Chelsea. Now it’s time to get their love story back on track.

  26. From Tina

    I hope that Max and Chelsea work out. And Sami and Rafe is good too. Ej and Nicole need to get married and move to Iceland. Kate and Victor need to get together again. Nick and Melanie can live in jail together. Steph and Philip will work. Stephano and Marlena need to terrorize Salem together. Thats about it.

  27. From Jamie

    Dr. Dan has chemistry with everyone — which really comes in handy for the resident man wh*re! LOL

    I do like Melanie. She’s one of those gals that you love to hate! For a tiny girl, she sure does munch on junk food a lot! LOL

    Don’t worry so much about Nicole. Bo will envision the barren momma and spill the beans!!

    I can’t wait for Rafe and Sami to admit that they are falling for each other. Those will be great scened when Alison Sweeney comes back to work after having her baby.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  28. From Grandma K

    Phillip and Brady will team up and run Basic Black. Sami and Rafe are very good together, Sami should not be with EJ, the man raped her. EJ and Nicole are good together she can also handel Stefano. Bo will save Thio with his insite or esp. No more baby swiching old news.

  29. From Lucy Ricardo

    I thought Daniel was so sexy and adorable when he first appeared. Boy, is he creepy now! I can’t even tell any more what his feelings are for Kate. He might as well just pair up with Chloe because there is ABSOLUTELY no chemistry whatsoever between her and Lucas. When they kiss it almost has an incestuous brother/sister creepiness to it. Break them up already! (Poor Lucas.)

    I agree–it’s pretty obvious–that Nicole is going to end up with Sami’s baby. I’m sure the convent (“former orphanage,” hint hint) is conveniently located near Sami’s hideout because she’s going to bring the baby there rather than have it end up a DiMera. I guess we’re going to see a very selfless side of Sami.

    Rafe is cute, but he does have a sort of dopiness to him. Does anyone else think he sounds an awful lot like Ray Romano? I feel like I’m watching Everyone Loves Raymond . . . maybe that’s why I can’t get the dopey image out of my head. It would be nice to see Sami end up with someone very different and very new like Rafe. Of course, after she has her baby (in real life), I’m sure she’s going to disappear for awhile. Not sure how they’re going to write that in.

    It’s been awhile since we’ve had a character so unlikable like Melanie. There were glimpses of a likeable and vulnerable side of her at one time, but she is REALLY bad now. At least she’s someone we love to hate. Her hand mannerisms are funny. My daughter and I imitate her after we watch the show!

  30. From Lana Rideout

    I agree that Sami and Rafe would make a good couple. Lucas deserves better than Chloe, although I liked her when she was on many years ago. Who remembers the scene at the High School Prom? She was a very sympatheic character, esp when she had cancer and her baby sister saved her life.

  31. From Maria

    I would rather Kate be with Roman again instead of Victor. <3

  32. From TJ

    Hey amy I didn’t think about but your right they have mention the cameras through out the mansion why haven’t Stefano noticed that…..the writers on this show have no real imagination the keep recycling the same old storylines…if I were on my last leg I would go out on limb…I also love Sami…no matter who she is with Allison is a great actress….but please no baby swapping

  33. From days fan 22 yrs.

    I want the Nicole fake baby story line to be over already but as for every one’s idea of her getting Sami’s baby,that will never happen! Sami would never give up her baby!! I think EJ or Stephano will figure it out, or Dr.Baker will tell on her, or maybe even Brady will tell on her. But there is no way she will get Sami’s baby with out Sami fighting like crazy! Dr. Dan is just a sick perv. I hope Chole and him end up together he’s about the only man in Salem she hasn’t been with already. Lucas needs to hook up with Melanie. Phillip and Steph are great together. And as for Max and Chelsea, that’s just another kissing cousins line. Let him find a girl not related to him.

  34. From Cristy

    I think EJ & Sami should be together they have a 2 children together & that is enough, though I like Sami with Rafe. I think she will keep the baby & say that its Rafe & he will go along with it.

  35. From Sarah

    So I’m thinking Nicole will end up adopting Sami’s baby. Just wish they’d move it along and get on to something else.

  36. From Edith Hooley

    Get on with it! Let EJ find out about Nicole and Sami. Please let EJ and Sami get together.. NOT Nicloe.

  37. From Amy R

    Nicole justs thinks she can handle Stephano. Ha ha thats funny know one can handle Stephano. I wish her pathetic baby storyline will end. She needs to come clean with EJ. But no not her now she wants to add to her lies by killing Dr. Baker. EJ can’t and will not be with someone he cant trust…

  38. From Amy R

    Ej better watch out if Nicole cant have him she will probably try to kill him so Sami or anyone else can’t have him..

  39. From Ashley H.

    Not feeling the whole idea of Max and Chelsea getting back together. Please pair him with someone who is not family. I’m still not a Stephanie fan but I like her a lot better with Phillip than I did with Max…he brings out her fun, flirtatious side. Daniel is continuing to gross me out. I think Sami and Rafe look and are hot together but I would like to see her single for awhile and just show her being a single mother. She just hops from relationship to relationship. They could be good as friends and then eventually work their way to relationship status. I have always liked Chloe and always will. A lot of message boards think of her as “fast,” but come on people…she’s only been with three guys: Phillip, Brady and Lucas. Although they are related in someway, but who isn’t on Days. I like where they are going with Bo’s psychic storyline…bring back Celeste. I’m team Melanie! EJ and Nicole…bleh! This baby storyline has gone on too long…EJ is the new Ethan Winthrop…LOL! Oh and I’m happy to say Eric is doing one hell of a job as Brady, because his cluelessness on Passions was killing me.

  40. From cathy

    Phillip and Stephanie together isn`t right cause they are kin to each other. Bo is phillips half brother and Bo is Stephanies uncle.

  41. From Lucy Ricardo

    As long as Lucas knew about Sami’s pregnancy from (almost) the beginning, why didn’t the two of them just agree to say it was Lucas’ baby? After all, the baby was conceived the night Lucas arrived home from prison. Lucas agreed to go along with keeping the pregnancy a secret, but it seems that announcing he was the father was a no brainer. I don’t see how she could pass the baby off as Rafe’s–she was pretty far along when she left and the math is easy to do. Speaking of math, we all want the Nicole baby storyline to end, but shouldn’t it go on for the length of a pregnancy? At least soap opera length, which is somewhere around nine months (although I could swear people on soaps have been pregnancy for 10 or 11 months–and Kayla’s pregnancy seemed like it was one trimester!).

    Also, it seems like the writers are suddenly skipping over dialogue that the viewers are not seeing. A few times I thought, did I miss something? I thought it would be a big deal when Bo told Hope that he was having visions, and the next thing I know, Hope is saying, “Did you have another one of those visions?” And I would have liked seeing the scene where Bo tells Hope he saw Zach on the pier, but they denied us that one, too. Weird what they choose to gloss over.

  42. From Latoya

    I really hope sami keeps her baby and finally tell EJ the truth and please I am begging let Nicoles secret be revealed finally.Let Samie and EJ raise their children together its about time she deserves some happiness.

  43. From Sheila

    Stephano is really slipping if he doesn’t know that Nicole is lying and that Sami is pregnant with EJ’s baby. I wish they would speed the whole story along and let EJ know the whole truth about everyone. These days it is easy to skip watching for several days.

  44. From Jamie

    Lucy Ricardo………I swear, I said the same thing about missing episodes! When Hope said that to Bo about his visions, I looked back at my DVR to see if I had missed a show.

    Also, that is icky about all these kissing (and more) cousins! The Dimera’s need to bring back Kristin & Peter and their surprise brood to add to the Salem dating pool.

  45. From Angie

    DOOL needs some new juicy story lines The lines right now are totally boring. I like the idea of Sami and Rafe together, I think that on New Years Sami and Rafe should kiss and that Rafe admit to Sami that he loves her and tell her that he isn’t going to let her give up her baby and then Sami say’s you got a better idea Rafe.and Rafe tell her she could tell everyone he is the baby’s father. Since noone knew she was Pregnant but Lucas. As for The EJ and Nicole deal they could have it where Ej knew she was going into preterm labor and had Dr. Baker pretend that Nicole’s baby was dead when it really survived so he could see if she had really changed or was still a schemer and then let Nicole find out what EJ done and be able to find her baby and take off to Europe with the baby and the EJ realized that she found out what was going on andleft the country and EJ need his father to help him get his son back and the Stephano and EJ go after Nicole. I would like to see Melanie and Stephanie get into a fight and Stephanie slap Melanie and I would also like to see Kate like Melanie because she reminds her or her when she was younger and Kate scheme to get Melanie and Phillip together and then get Stephanie to stand up to Kate. Have Kate and Melanie working to gether where Kate tells Melanie she will help her get Phillip if she will help her get Roman back. Please lets get some good storylines going again instead of something that makes you want to fall asleep.

  46. From Nikki

    Hurry up and get Sami and Rafe together. For once, finish a storyline and keep your audience happy or soon nobody will be watching.


    Well I hope that every works out for Sami and RAFE

    As far as Nicole goes and EJ when is this whole scene going to end

    I guess Kate knows Chole and Dr Daniel more than anyone

  48. From Grandma K

    Bo and Stephanie are blood kin, Bo’s Mom is Stephanies Grandma. But Phillp and Stephanie are not blood kin. Max is not blood kin to anyone except Melanie. Melanie is playing her part well, everyone hates her. The show needs something to make it worth watching Like What will she do next?

  49. From Jamie

    Grandma K, I stand corrected, I was thinking that Stephanie was Philips blood neice.

  50. From Amy

    I think it’s crazy that the writers are using the same story line with EJ & Nicole as they used with John & Kristen when Kristen lost her baby & then paid a woman to give her her baby which the woman named Elvis who is now EJ!! So I guess history really does repeat itself!! LOL

  51. From Di

    Has anyone stopped to think that when Sami has the baby that the doctor may turn out to be Dr. Baker and he could tell her the baby died? I can’t see her giving up her child on her own. Maybe Nicole and the doctor devise a plan that he will get a baby for her and it will just happen to be Sami’s. They could get away with it for a very long time. I don’t want Sami and EJ together and never have. I really like him with Nicole. I think Daniel and Chloe are a good match. I so don’t like Chloe with Lucas. If Lucas can’t be with Sami then find him somebody new. I love Sami and Rafe together. I like Phil and Steph together. It sucks that they are getting rid of John and Marlena. They should get rid of Bo and Hope…………..I don’t care for them…….at all. I don’t care for Kayla and Steve either (though I used to love Kayla and Patch) The show definately needs some help. I’ll keep watching though as I have for 32 years. (Ouch! That hurts!)

    Steph together. I think it sucks to get rid of John and Marlena……get rid of Bo and Hope instead. I don’t care for them………or Kayla and Steve. I loved Kayla and Patch though.)

  52. From Phil

    At first, I really felt bad for Nicole when she lost the baby… EJ and her were really good together… but for her to hold back… I see she is just the old witch she also was… I never like EJ with Sami… I wanted her back with Lucas, but I think Rafe and Sami are great together… Daniel has to go… He’s a horn dog… Chelsea is young enough to be his daughter and Kate old enough to be his mother… I really missing Alice at Christmas this year… But Choloe dropping her Christmas ball and breaking it was priceless… Omen… LOL… As for Melanie… She plays the charactor great… You love to hate her…

  53. From CG

    It’s too predictable but Nicole will probably adopt Sami’s baby from the nun’s orphanage…and this whole charade will drag on for too long! Sami should be back with EJ. Nicole should be with creepy Daniel.

  54. From AnGeL

    Lmao…Nicole deserves too be a mother…And be happy with Ej…But Rafe and Sami belong together…Rafe’ll marry Sami and raise the baby as his own.He’ll sleep with Sami here very very soon.And Hilda will walk in on them in bed together.Rafe and Sami are days next super couple.

  55. From tima

    I am just watching this for Chelsea and Max. They seem to be the only sensible people left. All other recent pairings suck. Everytime some one say they love each other I gag. They are only in love till one of them sleeps with another person.
    Chels being a brady never bothered me. 1st Max was adopted. 2nd she didn’t know she was a brady till wayyy later. 3rd when they 1st started they had no clue of the being brady knowledge. I love them!

  56. From Rich

    Some of you have been writing what I have been thinking-that Sami will deliver her baby and take it to the Sister at the church and the Sister will put it in the orphanage, and Nicole will go there and adopt the baby (never mind the paperwork)and it will be brought up a DiMera which Sami was always fearful of. It will serve Sami right.

  57. From janiebell

    Why doesn’t John and Brady run Basic Black together? After all John started the company for his son and daughter, Brady and Bell, and with Bell traveling the world, why not have Brady get back in with Cholie and the 2 open a branch office of Basic Black in, oh say Spane nand John operates the main office in, Salem?

  58. From jaime

    Chloe and Brady together…NOOO…..don’t see it working! Brady is so hot!! So very very hot)) lol…..him and Nicole would make a good couple but Nicole loves EJ so i don’t really know…….

  59. From murph

    Whatever happened to ALice Horton?taking a nap for the tree trimming please or did I miss something with her character or her health in real life?

  60. From Kelly

    Not sure if this has been mentioned. But Sami keeps mentioning how she doesn’t want Nicole to be a part of her children’s life…..CLEARLY, Sami will give up her baby for adoption and Nicole will adopt Sami’s baby and raise it with EJ. Anyone else agree?

  61. From Kelly

    In regards to comment 41. Lucas didn’t want Sami to say that the baby was his because he didn’t want to be a part of her schemes. And because she lied to Lucas when she was pregnant with Will and said that Austin was the father.

  62. From quirinogal

    EJ and Nicole? Sick of Nicole as a manipulative _____. When are this so called smart DEMIRAS ever going to find out that the ____ is faking her pregnancy? She is jobless, no money and wondering how can she afford to do all the things what she is doing like adopting besides when it comes to adoption the COUPLE will be checked thoroughly before handling the baby and it costs $$$$$. Hello, can’t you come up of better story? I know that EJ raped Sami but he had changed and been a good person. I still think Sami and him should be together and dumped the _____ and liar Nicole. Marlene and John, if they’ll be gone, I don’t care anymore about the show. I won’t be missing it anymore.

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  63. From LANA


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  64. From BombSquadWife

    Ok, I am dying to see some glimpse of Sami and EJ getting back together. Nicole needs to get blasted big time for what she is doing. I am concerned as to how long the charade will last. I can’t bear the idea that Nicole buys/adopts Sami’s baby unless Sami quickly realizes Nicole’s baby is hers and finally opens her mouth!

  65. From starr

    ok sami is going to have her baby at dr baker hospital were he is going to give it to nicole i can see it all now ..

  66. From Veronica

    Ok, Rafe is cute and all, but EJ and Sami have the chemistry, the history, character development to make a sensational reunion. Melanie is a young Sami reincarnated. Nicole should just get screwed and then Brady can put her all back together again. Chloe and Lucas suck together. Daniel falls to quick for everyone. What is it. An online chemistry test?

  67. From Beth

    Ok, I don’t like this idea about Sami giving up her baby and Nicole adopting it. Sami and Rafe should be together and raise this one. Any real person would want to feel the baby move sometimes, don’t ya’ll think? Instead, he says “oh you feel different” .. duh. Maybe John (he is a Dimera) will need the cells from Nicole’s umbilical cord since he is the one who’s dying at times. Good grief, Days needs to get some of these storylines over with…keep going with Sami/Rafe, uncover Nicole’s big secret, Chloe needs to go on a singing gig in Switzerland.. no, she just needs to go! WHAT AM I SAYING??? IT’S A SOAP OPERA! And I’ll still watch it anyway.

  68. From Beth

    Oh, and don’t forget that Chloe followed Lucas to the clinic and found out Sami was pregnant. Did she tell Nicole or not?

  69. From Michelle

    Ok.. so here is what I predict is gonna happen… Sami is going to give up her baby to Sr. Theresa at the orphanage and somehow Nicole is going to catch wind of this and she is going to wind up adopting Sami and EJ’s baby and passing it off as her own!

  70. From Trish

    I wish they would hurry up with some of these lame-a** stories! They made Ej look like a dumba**, Sami a baby machine, Lucas a winey brat, and Nicole is annoying as he**!, and every one else is a “Salem Zombie” doing the same stuff, same lines, and same stories!! HO-HUM SNORE!!!

  71. From lj

    I can see it now, Chloe will betray Lucas with the man-whore, Daniel, and EJ will find out Nicole is lying. They will both decide they want Sami back, but when she finally comes back, she will be in love with Rafe. And I swear, if they have Nicole show up at the convent and adopt Sami’s baby, I WILL SCREAM!! Can we NOT go with the obvious here, people. I would love to see Rafe stick his neck out and say it’s his baby, then get fired from the FBI, and get a job with the Salem PD. You know Roman and Bo would give him a job, because they would be so happy that Sami was moving on with someone new and different from Lucas or EJ.

  72. From Sherry

    Phillip is not related to Stephanie. Phillip is Kate and Victor’s son. Bo is also Victor’s son but with Caroline. That makes Bo and Phillip half brothers. Bo is also a half brother to Kayla because Caroline is their mother. This makes Stephanie Bo’s half niece but through Caroline not Victor…Therefore making Stephanie not related to Victor.

  73. From Lilly

    I am ready for a HOT scene with Sami & Rafe! Also, a double wedding ceremony with Nicole & EJ & Chloe & Lucas!

  74. From Sherry

    the rest of post 72…Therefore making Stephanie not related to Phillip. ooops

  75. From Sherry

    Also, Max and Chelsea are not related. Chelsea is Bo and Billy’s daughter and Max is not blood related to Bo, just a brother through adoption. The same goes for Max and Stephanie. Max is not blood related to Kayla, Stephanie’s Mom, just a brother through adoption. Therefore, again not blood related uncles dating their nieces.

  76. From Allie

    Everyone is forgetting that Chloe also knows about Sami being pregnant…
    I would rather have Rafe say it’s his babey then Nickole getting it. I’m really liking Rafe and Sami, even though I want Sami with EJ in th end.
    I don’t want Max with Chelsea. I like Philip and Stephanie. I feel bad for Lucas- him and Chloe will not get married. I don’t like dirty Dan or Melonie- but we do need some bad sickos on the show. I hope that Abbey will come back on the show and her and Max can continue what they started.
    The love triangel for 2009 (i hope) will be EJ-Sami-Rafe! I can’t wait till Sami comes home with Rafe.

  77. From Chandra

    Sami and Rafe should be together, Nicole should tell EJ, but they should stay together, unless they get her together with Brady. Max and Chelsea should so be together. And Chloe…well she shouldn’t be with Lucas, I feel bad for him. And lets see what happens with Philip and Stephanie. Maybe Stephanie and Lucas should hook up and Philip and Chloe can get back together…

  78. From Pat

    Can’t these writers ever come up with anything original? I mean come on, we had Kristan feining her pregnacy to keep John from Marlena, now we’re heading down the same track with Nicole and EJ.
    I’ll be glad when Deidre Hall has gone and I won’t have to watch this crap anymore

  79. From Jewellady

    I love some of the storylines posted here by the loyal viewers! Let’s just hope the writers are paying attention. As far as the John & Marlena fiasco is concerned, I just can’t believe that some of the newer characters are given the chance to stay and two of the backbones of the show are being ousted. New characters (besides Rafe, who is a breath of fresh air, and Brady, who isn’t really a new character at all) need to be dismissed. I don’t know who I would choose but anything would be more fair than letting John & Marlena go…WAIT A MINUTE! Why not fire the writers and hire some of the posters from this website!! YAAY! Now all the actors can stay!!
    I am so psyched that the actors portraying Rafe & Brady have come to the show. I loved them on Passions! I still miss that show following Days. It was so Dark Shadows-y in a really fun way!!

  80. From Mel

    Dr. Dan only falls for the sick women, that is what is so sick about him. Chelsea almost died saving her dad — he loved her; Kate is dying of lung cancer — he really loves her; then he finds out Chloe had cancer and now she is in the hospital to save Kate and he is falling in love with her. What is up with him falling for sick women? It is some sick fetish.

    Sami and Rafe are hot together but I feel there is so much unfinished business between EJ and Lucas. Can she just be done with those two so she can move on with Rafe. She still has this lust for them though and that may ruin any happiness with Rafe.

    I agree, the DiMera’s are super smart people and usually know all the bad before it happens, so why do Stephano and EJ continue to believe Nicole is pregnant? WHY? I have been thinking it all along that Sami will give her baby to the orphanage and Nicole will snatch it up. Then when a blood test will need to be done, the baby will match EJ and Nicole will not have a clue. She will crap her pants when she finds out Sami carried one of EJ’s babies full term, and all her dreams will become shattered. But, she can’t blame anyone but herself.

    I have a love/hate relationship wiht Melanie. On one hand, she is extremely good at being the annoying girl but on the other hand, she is annoying. So, she does one heck of job playing her part.

  81. From Days Fan

    Lol to the comment above….sick fetish for sick women)))

    Sami has lust for everybody…it’s over for her and Lucas…she cheated on him and there’s no way to go around it. She doesn’t belong with Dimeras!! So….Sami and Rafe all the way from now on!!!!

  82. From lisa

    I think they need to wrap up the whole sami being in hiding thing its been going on for far to long now, everyone knows she is not going to give up her baby at no cost, and as far as her and rafe being togther, NO NO, sami ain’t that despirate for a man, she loves ej and ej loves her, so hurry up and put them together already, let them bring in the new year together, And I belive that the whole theo thing is going to bust nicole out of the water ecspecially when she gets around bo. I also don’t really belive zack is dead now, I think when bo saw zack the other day it really was zack but he had amnesia, I belive that whole thing was a setup by stefano and he really is alive and living with someone else, and now that bo has visions hes going to find him and bring him home, and chelsea can finally have peace with herself. And as for dr. daniel he gets on my nerves really bad, hes to old for chelsea, and now hes playin kate, and he doesn’t look right with chloe. I also think they need to hurry up and put nicole with brady let her finally be happy.

  83. From jaime

    yeah i read in the magazine that Bo and Hope will be getting a great storyline….and then Kayla’s life will be in danger, it’ll all be connected with Bo, Hope, Steve….

    I somehow don’t think that Nicole will end up with Sami’s baby….

  84. From e25451

    Noooooooooooo! If anyone saw the video clips… if you didn’t then don’t read…not Chloe and Daniel!
    I’m getting so frustrated with DAys.. I mean I like some stuff like Phil and Steph and Chelsea and Max but then nothing… All the other characters seem to be losing their edge…Nicole is whiny and desperate, EJ isn’t smart anymore, Please give the actors and actresses better storyline please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. From terri

    I am SO BORED with the Nicole/baby/stupid Ej story line that I have taken to taping it and fast forwarding through the boring parts with Nicole.It nows takes me less than 28 mins to watch an episode. Come on guys..find something interesting to write so we can enjoy the program once again

  86. From Tina

    I can’t stand Melanie and I hope that story line ends soon. I am also tired of the Nicole/pretend baby thing. Let’s move on already. I missed today’s episode and planned to watch it on Soapnet tonight only to find that they are showing Monday’s episode billed as Tuesday. Bummer.

  87. From Tina

    I can’t stand Melanie and I hope that story line ends soon. I am also tired of the Nicole/pretend baby thing. Let’s move on already. I missed today’s episode and planned to watch it on “Soapnet” tonight only to find that they are showing Monday’s episode billed as Tuesday. Bummer.

  88. From Kat

    Please get rid of Melanie can’t stand her. I think days needs some new couples together, have Rafe tell Sami he is not letting her give up her baby. I like the idea of him claiming to be the baby’s father and telling her is falling for her. Please either let stephanie and phillip break up or move their story line up its getting to be dull already what happened to the fire we use to see in stephanie I would like to see it back. I also would like Nicole to have EJ or Stephano find out she really is not pregnant. Stephano always knows things before they happen why hasnt he figured this out already he was always smarter than this. Id like to see him confront nicole and get some action back into days Ive been watching this most of my life not happy they are writing John and Marlena off the show please quit dragging the story lines out forever come on already enough is enough nicole should have already been found out by now.Please get some romance and action combined back on days I miss the way the stories use to be usuallly it did not drag on for weeks on end.

  89. From Mary

    Stefano IS coming off as ridiculously naive and forgiving. Time for him to figure out Nicole’s madness. Sami saving Theo with her DeMera baby? Gotta love the fans for coming up with that one. Love it. Doubtful – but love it. Marlena and John wrap up is predictably aggravating and embarrassing for us and for them. Suddenly all is well and good-bye as they sale into the sunset. Please.

  90. From Renee

    I want Rafe and Sami to be together, they make a good couple!

    As for Chelsea and Max I know it’s weird, but I want to see them together.
    Nichole needs to just spill it out about the whole no baby thing! cuz it just isn’t rite her trying to hide it!
    As to them not seeing her half naked I can’t see how that could happen Stephano has
    to know about that! I think it’s
    funny cuz when the whole nichole thing happend my sister thought she was gonna go
    be a good person and tell EJ right away and I’m like no she’s going to go back to her old self
    and not tell him. Sure enough I was right. I’ve been watching Day’s for 19 years that I’ve
    been alive and can pretty much read the writers thoughts as to how the actors are going to
    do the things they make them do.

    I think Kate and Daniel should just try and work things out even though Kate has an
    Idea as to that he has a thing for Chloe. I think Chloe and Lucus actually make a good

    I just wish they would have Nichole tell EJ about the baby, becaues It Isn’t right that
    she’s keeping it from him.

    I think that Rafe is going to say he’s the dad to Sami’s kid, I really want to see them
    together. They make a cute couple. I always had a thing for Rafe on Passions as he played
    Louise he’s always good at acting!! Plus I don’t think Sami could give the baby up, they’ve
    never played her out to be like that. Yeah with the whole Lucus thing way back when she was
    trying to always get him back, but now they’ve made her out to be the good Sami and I really
    like her charcter. They’ll probally be writing her out soon because of her being pregnate in
    real life though. Expeshally with her being on the NBC show Biggest Loser, but they’ve
    Got her filmed in Day’s so I don’t think other then when she’s with the baby they
    probally wont kill her off. I just want to see her and Rafe get together and I think
    that’s going to happen real soon! I can’t wait!!

    As for Brady I think they just need to find somebody knew for him. I like the whole Steph
    and Phil thing going on because they make a cute couple. Mel just needs to leave them
    alone so that they can be happy. I just don’t like that girl. She trys to ruin everyones
    relationships it seems!!

    I think alot more about all this, but right now I’m tired n can’t type much more plus this
    is long enough Lol. So I can’t wait to see the futer for Day’s of our lives. Hope everyone
    had a good New years!!!

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