Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of January 5-9.

The New Year is here and no one in Salem is wasting time getting on with their lives.

Finally out of the hospital and recovering from cancer, Kate tells Daniel that she wants to take a break from their relationship. What brings this on? Is she tired of him, or does she suspect that he is up to something? It could have something to do with whatever pushes Lucas to lose his temper and give the good doctor a sock in the jaw. In what might be another relationship upset, the elated, and now engaged, Nicole, will stumble upon the pre-nup agreement that Elvis has drawn up for them. Will this tell her something she doesn’t want to know, or give her hope for the future?

Across town, a few couples are trying to bring the passion back into their relationships. With her usual skill, Hope manages to convince Bo to take a romantic break with her. But how romantic will it be when he is continually tortured by visions? When Theo must undergo surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, will this stop Bo from being able to relieve his pressure?

Meanwhile, the pressure on John’s brain seems to be easing a little. His memory will be coming back with some force when he recalls seeing Marlena on a pier many years ago. Could this be the beginning of their long awaited reunion? And another couple may be rekindling the passions of their past when Max offers himself as Chelsea’s date for the engagement party.

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  1. From Kate

    YAY! I love DOOL and can’t wait to see how everything plays out! I can’t wait for Nicole to get caught with no baby!

  2. From Delores

    YES!!! I can hardly wait for the bottom to fall out for Nicole as it will I assure you. I mean, has she considered the thought of how she is going to FAKE the LABOR and delivery? HMMMMMM. And what IF a paternity test is demanded or what IF something happens to the baby they need a transfusion and all. Every one knows the FATHER is usually the one with the same blood type as the baby and visa versa. HMMMMMMM—-VERY INTERESTING here on these details. OH GET A LIFE DOOL!! PLEASE end this story line like this or, have the MAID to find her pregnancy briefs or whatever that thing is she wears and tell Stephano, and then he will tell EJ and then…Hoo hoo HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  3. From JENNIFER

    Maybe sami gives up her baby and nicole gets it. so they would not have to worry about paterinty test.
    we will see

  4. From ada

    I think that Nicole will somehow end up with Sami’s baby? Wouldn’t that be something.. I WISH they would just end it. Get rid of her. There’s no chemisty between her and EJ. Get rid of her!

  5. From Tricia

    What I think is going to happen to Nicole is when Sami takes her baby to the convent; somehow, Nicole will end up with Sami’s baby. Then is EJ does a paternity test, it will be a match since he is the father of Sami’s baby.

  6. From nadia


  7. From Snowy

    I also want the stupid Nicole story line to end.

    Make Ej walk in with out her wearing the the belly. Muahha

  8. From Sue

    I think Sammi will give her baby up for adoption and Nicole will adopt Sammi’s baby. Nicole won’t know that it is Sammi’s and Sammi wont know Nicole has her baby. Just something to think about.

  9. From Angie

    Sami and Rafe should get together definitely. Nicole will get busted I’m sure. And for Goodness sake please take freaking Melanie off the show when Nick leaves. She is so goofy. I am almost to the point of not watching DOOL because she is still on there. Philip and Stephanie definitely make a good couple. Go Days

  10. From Sue

    Also, if EJ has paternity tests, it will show that the baby gets from Sammi is his. Won’t this make an interesting story line.

  11. From patti

    O.K. – I’m done with Days. I have watched for 40 years and I’m done. No more Marlena – no more show for me. Way to go Ken!

  12. From tima21

    Omg I loooooove nicole, she is just tryin 2 get the man she loves. I hate samantha she wines to much I can’t stand her voice ewwwwwwww I hate sami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. From forever fan

    GRRRRR I want this thing with Nicole to END already I want Sami home and as much as I want to see her with EJ Raf and her are growing on me!!!!! Oh I am so happy about John and Marlena finally come on writers lets get some good romance going and do something we have not done in the past.

  14. From Precious

    I’m another fan that wants Nicole to get caught up in her lies with this fake baby crap…I could only wish for EJ to walk in on her WITHOUT her pg belly on!! If she “loved” EJ sooo much, why not just tell him the truth???? Little late for that now, though….Hopefully, we will all get through this soon; as it’s been going on waaaaay too long!!
    I am waiting to see how Marlena and John are going to end. There’s only a few weeks left, and with them only being on screen once a week, I don’t know how this is going to please the fans of this enduring couple…please give them a decent send-off…!!!!

  15. From Maria

    If Kate is going to dump Daniel then I hope her and Roman get back together!! <3

  16. From Sabina Rubbinaccio

    Hasn’t anyone figured out yet that Nicole somehow will wind up with Sammi baby. If they take a paternity test it will work out because he’s Sammi’s baby’s Dad also.

  17. From Grandma K

    Sami has to leave the show to have her baby, what will they do with Rafe? The Dr. will find a baby for Nicole, Will it be Sami’s? I hope 2009 will have good story line for us. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  18. From Debbie

    I am really starting to like this Nichole. Give her a break already, it’s just TV.

    I am wondering if they’ll find that Nichole did not actually miscarrage, but her baby survived and Dr Baker sold it too.

    Anything can happen, after all, it’s just TV.

  19. From Jen

    Nicole somehow getting a hold of Sami’s baby would be an interesting twist. If tested for paternity, EJ would still be shown as the father to that child. I really think Sami will give the child up to the convent. I bet this is where Dr. Baker gets the child.

  20. From barb

    I liked someone’s idea that Rafe pass off Sami’s baby as his own, that he is a single dad and have Sami fall in love with him and get to be with her baby. The storyline of her giving the baby to the convent and Nicole getting it seems so predictable, I wish the writers would read some of these ideas from viewers…. they might actually get some good storylines. Did anyone else notice that Melanie is always shoving some piece of food in her mouth. They need to make bigger pieces of food so she can’t actually talk. Her voice is annoying as all hell. I’m wondering if Phillip actually does like her on some level or is really pissed off at himself for sleeping with her and now that ruining things with Stephanie if she finds out he lied. I think Stephano had something to do with Nicole’s baby. Does anyone else remember him having Joey (Steve and Kayla’s baby) for that period of time that he was gassing out the hospital and that he had a little pin prick on him? Do you think that storyline will go anywhere or just another dud, dead ending? It would make for something interesting if they used that with Nicole’s baby and then gave Steve and Kayla a nice beefy storyline again.

  21. From angelbaby

    I think that when sami gives up her baby to the nun , she will sell the baby to dr baker and dr. will give it to nikky and then everyone will eventually find out that it was samis baby not nikkys. or i could just be wrong

  22. From stevemokay

    I think Nichole had her baby and Dr. Baker has it somewhere and will sell it back to her. I like this idea better than her getting Sami’s baby. Sami and Rafe need to get together after she comes back from maternity leave.

  23. From jaime

    why does everyone hate Nicole so much????? No seriously…..have you people forgotten of all the things that your precious sami have done????????? Sami is a freaking lier just like Nicole…….so big woop.,,,

    Sami gets on my nerves more than anyone else in this show….

  24. From jaime

    another thing….somehow down the line….for some reason i think that Nicole’s baby is alive….
    Do you guys remember how Stephano offered her a drink a while ago???? WHY ON EARTH would he want her to drink if he thought it may harm his grandchild??????

  25. From callmecrazy

    why is it that Nicole keeps telling the doc that she will destroys him and bring him down if he does not help her? Doesn’t she know that if she brings the doc down for not helping her, the doc will tell everything he knows on her including the big( SHE LOST YOUR BABY EJ). who does she really think will get the raw end of the deal. I want Sami and Raf. For what EJ has done to Sami he needs to be alone and think about what he did wrong.

  26. From callmecrazy

    also I believe that this is what is going to happen. Doc Baker took Nicoles baby at birth and is making her think the baby is dead because he is a baby seller. Nicole is going to get her way and she will end up with Sami’s baby. right before she has her fake dilivery dr,baker will get scared and realize the demerias will kill him if they ever find out what he did and he tells nicole that her baby is alive. Nicole will pretend that she had twins. everything will seem perfect for a little while, and nicoles real baby gets sick and the only one that can save her is sami’s baby. they do dna on nicole and ej before the sergery and TO WHAT SURPRISE…. nicole is not the mother of one baby, but ej is the father. that will blow nicole out the water and all her lies and that will lead straight to sami as being the baby mother.

  27. From Jamie

    I’m sure John & Blondie will get remarried and head off to an extended honeymoon. That’s how they’ll sail off into the sunset. OR, Sami will tell them that she has given birth and they will secretly go to help with the baby. Wouldn’t it be something if THEY came back with Sami’s baby — passing him or her off as their own?

  28. From Nana

    Please! Do any of the writer’s seriously think they can continue getting away with unbelievable and crappy story lines? Bye-Bye DOOL … you’re very close to the final grain of sand dropping. I’m hopeful that at least one of you will improve some brain matter in 2009.

  29. From Katie

    I think that everyone has already figured out that Nicole will end up with Sami’s baby! Duh that was obvious enough….I don’t really care for Nicole and EJ being together. That story is kinda getting old….next. I kinda like the idea of Chelsea and Max together and Stephanie and Phillip are kinda growing on me too. They definately need to do something with Melanie. She needs a guy (maybe Brady) to set her arss straight. I think it’s way to funny that Lucas might lose another woman…I mean Chloe and Daniel obviusly have some heat….that’s gonna be interesting.

  30. From Sophia

    It is sooo obvious that Nicole will end up with sami’s baby!!!!
    Then when somebody is gonna find out that Nicole faked it, Stephano is gonna demand a paternity test.. Nicole is going to freak out..but in the end.. It’s going to match EJ. So predictible… It is so obvious that sami is gonna give her baby to the nun.
    I do not lie this story at all!

  31. From Sophia

    the show is getting more and more low story lines…. like passions… yuk

  32. From Paula

    I am so upset about John and Marlena, they should fire Melanie and Stephanie, they both get on my nervous! As for Sami, I hope she comes clean with EJ and tells him the baby is his. Nicole what can I say she is a gold digger but I love her! I wish they would fire Chloe too, she does not belong with Lucas! I love Sami and Lucas together! Lets hope 09 will have better story lines!!

  33. From Jeanne

    Nicole will get Sami’s baby. Sami won’t know. Sami will start looking for her baby with the help of Rafe giving them time to fall in Love.

  34. From Dianne

    The way I see it, the little girl or boy will be Sami’s baby. Somehow the good doc will be the one to delivers it or the nun will be in cahoots with him. And then there will be an illness and it will need blood and EJ will have the correct type but not Nicole and the story will go on. Melanie is driving me nuts. I wish Vivian would come back and spar with Stefano. Getting rid of Marlena and John is NOT a good idea.

  35. From chrisyb

    ok—my thoughts…
    Nicole most likely will get Sami’s baby and that will be a whole storyline–
    I like Sami and Rafe–get them together after her maternity leave
    Melanie–hate this character–she should be kicked to the curb

  36. From sweet pea

    Call me crazy, but I’d just love to see Sami in a threesome with EJ & Rafe….giggle

  37. From Winnie

    omg this whole Nicole lying about the baby thing is really annoying! I cant stand her anymore. I just hope the writers make this story line end already. Its about time EJ finds out the truth about this woman…how can he be so stupid not to know that Nicole is up to something no good…gosh he is a Dimera for Pete’s sakes! Cant he figure it out already..come on now!

  38. From SJ

    OMG! I am the master of plot breakers in my group, but this time it just seems too easy. Will the writters really take the easy way out and let Nicole get Sami’s baby???? Please let Nicole get caught. I mean she will still be able to stay on DOOL, she will be super vilian-able, and she won’t have to be some whinny be-ach! Please read this writters and do the right thing!

  39. From Ian

    So, just out of curiosity, am I the only fan left in the world who still wants to see Sami and Lucas work it out. They are like a young Doug and Julie to me and deserve to be happy. If not, then Sami and Rafe. I just still have a big problem with them trying to work on a romance between a rapist and his victim. Also, I am sick of all this crap about how EJ has changed because he saved John. Does no one remember that he is the one who shot John and almost killed him a couple years ago. I think that was right about the time he had is sister thrown in a pit for months and let her family think she was dead.

  40. From Ian

    I almost forgot the other thing that has been bugging me. Through this whole cancer thing with Kate, did they just forget to have Cassie and Rex checked to be donors? Or to include them in the family video chat? I understand Cassie not being involved since she never got along with Kate, but Kate and Rex had gotten pretty close before he left. In fact, that was why she didn’t like Mimi. Once again, Kate didn’t think a woman was good enough for one of her baby boys.

  41. From Lois

    I still think that they should pass Sami baby off as Rafe so Sami can keep her baby. She would not give up her child that not Sami. Rafe and Sami make a good Couple.Has everyone forgot how EJ got together with Sami(Raping her and Forcing her to Marry him) they should not be together a rape victim with a rapest how dumb. We desirve a better story line then that. I also think that Nicloe baby is alive and the Doctor has her and he will give her back to Nicole to get her off his case and end it with her once and for all and save his own skin. He has her in an inkavator and was waiting for her to get big enough to sell her so that giving her back to Nicole would be his perfect way out.

  42. From jojo

    I can’t wait until Nicole gets busted by the Dimera’s. She’s crazy to think that she would get away with it.


    I can’t wait for Nicole to fail

    I had enough of her

    I hope things finally work out for Sami in the new year

    For the writers I missed days on dec 30 due to my birthday

    I stay up to 11:00 to the see the show it was monday show

  44. From Allie

    To #20:Philip did not sleep with Melanie. He almost did if I remember correctly… He had stopped himself before they did anything.
    And about Melanie stuffing herself with food all the time… make the food bigger so that she will choke on it and shut the —- up! LOL
    I don’t like her but we need her on the show to have someone to hate.
    Happy New Year!!

  45. From Ginger

    I hope the writers don’t let Nicole end up with Sami’s baby. I kind of like the story of Marlena and John taking the baby with them or her passing it off as Rafe’s (although, the timing is off). I don’t think Nicole will get another person’s baby other than hers or Sami’s because we haven’t met that character (remember Lexi and Hope’s storyline). They could bring Nicole’s baby back in the future like they did Georgia (Bo and Billy’s dead baby). It would be more interesting if the doc gave Nicole her baby without telling her. Somehow, EJ will find out about Sami’s baby, but that will be after he’s bonded with Nicole’s or at Nicole’s wedding like she did with Will to Carrie. I just hope it’s a surprise storyline because I’m bored with it already.

  46. From Ginger

    Thanks for bringing Cassie and Rex up. It looks like they forgot about them and Eric. Did anyone wonder why Marlena didn’t ask to see Johnny for Christmas? She was at the mansion…

  47. From Ginger

    One more thing about the rapist comments: Jack Devereaux raped Kayla when he was sick. He conned her into marrying him. We all grew to love him and Jennifer…

  48. From JANE

    KEEP MARLENA AND JOHN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. From Melissa

    I hope Rafe & Sami get together & they pass that baby off as Rafe’s!! They are so cute together!! I love watching Stephanie & Phillip together!! I hate Melianie!!

  50. From Dillon

    I have a hard time believing Sami would give her child to a convent, but it looks like that’s where the story line is heading. If everyone can predict the storyline, what makes the show worth watching?

  51. From DonaTo

    I am so upset that they are getting rid of John & Marlena…I do love the Nicole story…it’s ironic how the DiMera’s are the ones in the dark about this when it was Stefano & Kristen’s scheme that produced E.J. in the first place…I do think that Nicole will end up with Sami’s baby…I cant wait to see how it all plays out…as for the Mel/phillip/Steph thing…I HATE IT! Send them all off the show…please!

  52. From WatchingSomeMovies

    I would really hate if they did the Nicole get Sami baby thing. This storyline is such a rehash thing they need to end it sooner rather than later

  53. From barbara

    Please, please end the baby stuff. Nicole is tooooo much and I am sick of the whole scene. If Sami gives up her baby and Nicole gets it I will sign off forever because it’s soooooooo unbbelievable and contrived.

  54. From Donna

    I am sick of Nicole and her tricks but I think the baby is alive and Dr Baker is in the baby market.He makes them think they lose their babies and then keeps them and sells for money. He is a sleeze. I think that Nicole would have been a good mother and turned her life around but I want her to have her own baby. Moving on, Lucas and Chole have no chemistry and he also should not get stuck with a woman that is thinking about another man. He is a rebound thing for her. I think Phillip was a rebound thing for her too because she loved Brady. I hate the fact that John & Marlena are being taken off of the show but I think they should give a full week of John’s memories coming back along with bringing back Belle and her daughter so that he can remember all of them. I want to see the joy in all of their faces as the loving husband and father not to mention sexy John Black comes back to them. I have really missed him. I can’t imagine the show without John and Marlena. If it boils down to most of the veterans being let go and only the young ones left to play their parts I probably won’t watch any more. I have been a DOOL fan for 30 or 35 years. I did wonder about Cassie & Rex and why they were not included in the cancer story line. After all they are also Kate’s children. I do not want the Nicole gets Sami’s baby storyline. Sami would never give up her baby, she is a good mother despite her mistakes. EJ and Sami got passed the rape and he did ask for her forgiveness. He genuiely loves Sami and not Nicole. Sami loves him as well or she would not have broke down and cried when she found out he was going to be with Nicole. EJ turned over new leaves in his life and he is not the evil DiMera that everyone is afraid he is going to be. DOOL please reconsider letting John & Marlena go. They are part of the glue that has held this show together so many years along with Bo & Hope, Steve and kayla, Sami, Phillip, Brady ,Doug and Julie Maggie & Mickey need I say more!!!

  55. From miss

    I hate the ideal of Nicole taking Sami’s baby. What in the world is Sami thinking about even trusting her baby with anybody with what happened to john when he was little. Not even that this puts you a mind of something that would happen on Passions. And we hate dragging on story lines. Reunite Sami and EJ .togethetogethertogetherbefore to long

  56. From DENIE

    i would like to see lucas and Sammi together and BRADY AND nICOLE.I do not like Chloe at all and I do not like Dr. Dan, so I wish the two of them would get together.

  57. From lstangelgirl

    Okay, For starters I have watched DOOl for a long time anyway Nicole used to be so witty and funny bad girl or not I loved her sense of humor. Now with the new writers I supposed they decided to make her an emotional wreck even before the \miscarriage\ and yes I think they may find out that baby did live and get sold to the highest bidder. It does seem toooooo obvious they will give Nicole Sami’s baby. I don’t know that they will actually go that route. Sometimes I like Sami but she is bitchy and irritating still. I am liking the Sami and Rafe chemistry. I could see them hooking up. I’m not loving Chloe and Lucas. I think Chloe and Phillip were hot together or put her back together with Brady. You know I named my daughter Chloe. So I hope the writers do something good with her Character. Something about Stephanie is just irritating like she is a bitchy little princess. I kind of like Melanie. They gotta have the bad girl. I just think she is misunderstood. Have a great New Years DOOl Fans.

  58. From Mary

    John and Marlena have had one foot out the door since 1999! Their characters have not been interesting in a long time, once in a while they give us something to talk about but this past year would have been better if he stayed dead. But letting them go was a good business decision. If we want to keep watching DOOL they needed to go. And they can always come back, even fom the dead…

  59. From AJ

    I am sadden to see Marlena and John go. BIG MISTAKE!
    Nicole, the nun and the Doctor should get caught in their lies.

    Couples who have great chemistry and should stay together or be coupled.

    Marlena and John (with his correct memory)
    Sami and Lucas
    Anna and Tony
    Kate and Roman
    Chole and Phillip
    Victor and Caroline (Mr.Brady deceased)
    Nicole and Brady
    Melanie and Eric (bring back Sami’s twin brother: someone who Melanie will have great chemistry with)
    Stepheno & Celese (bring her back)
    Bo and Hope
    Kayla and Steve
    Maggie and the 1st Micky (not the one on their now)
    Lexie and Abe
    EJ and Dr.Thompson(Marlena’s colleague)
    Doug and Julie
    Stephanie and Rafe
    Chelse and Max

    After everyone is together, then put together an interesting storyline addressing real issues that we face in today’s time just as you have in the past. I have been watching Days for 40 years and I love the storylines as they address the worlds issues. Upline Abe’s new office of Mayor and let’s vote for a President of Salem (Mickey) and let EJ run the Law Office of Mickey Horton until his Presidental office is over. Just a thought of many that I have.

    Have a great and wonderful New Year!

  60. From diane

    End the torture and torment that the disgusting nicole baby theme is drawing out…she’s a pig…get rid of this piece of trash…better yet, get rid of the morons scripting the show…It’s really sad to see what they’ve done to DOOL…

  61. From DaysAlways

    Keep John & Marlena! THEY ARE DOOL
    Sammi would NEVER give up a baby!! She would let herself be thought of as a slut before she would give up her baby!! Stephano knows everything going on in that house! Nicole = DOOM, Dont make EJ stupid! FIRE THE WRITERS THEY DON’T KNOW THE CHARACTERS!!

  62. From DaysAlways


  63. From DaysAlways

    I want my DOOL back KEN! I have been watching this for 35 years & this wont be DOOL when John & Marlena are gone! In fact the writers are just writing script, they are not good enough for DOOL!They don’t understand they show & they are draging DOOL Down! There are many faithful watchers that are very upset with the ignorance of the writers.

  64. From Nikkita

    in regards to Kate’s kids Cassie & Rex not being tested, if memory serves me right, didn’t Cassie die? When the Dimera’s were killing everyone and Marlena was the killer?

  65. From Maureen

    For those talking about Rex and Cassie, didn’t Cassie die? I seem to recall her being murdered (?)

    And, the ‘writers’ are pathetic! they haven’t bothered to check the background of many of the characters and it is da-n annoying for a long-time viewer. Real writing for a show like this takes research, not just cranking out crazy storylines!

  66. From starkiss0910



  67. From Chelle

    I will say it again, If Nicole gets Sami’s baby I will stop watching Days. We need some stories and characters with some depth! We all could write better story lines than these.

  68. From Diamond

    I agree…if nicole gets sami’s baby…I am done as well! And Melanie needs to leave. She is a terrible actress!

  69. From Jen

    I think, Sami will end up delivering with Dr. Booker, he will steal the baby and tell Sami her child was stillborn. Nicole will get the baby, and Sami will grieve.
    MUCH later on, it will all be revealed.
    Predictable. And annoying.b

  70. From nancy

    I LOVE Nicole, she’s the reason I started watching the show again. I like Sami but I can’t stand the Philip, Stephanie, Melanie storyline, I FF it through that. BORING.
    What the writers have done to John and Marlena’s characters is pathetic so they might as well go as long as that’s how they’re going to be. Too bad.

  71. From Ian

    To answer the Cassie and Rex question (about Cassie being murdered), Cassie was “murdered,” by Marlena in the same way that Jack, Abe, Maggie, Caroline, Doug, and Alice were all murdered by here. No one really died (and Marlena was not the real killer). They were all taken to that wierd New Salem Island by Andre’ and they eventually all got away (though it took some more time than others). So, Cassie is still alive and, according to some sources she is living with her twin brother Rex (though the show never said she went with him). Basically, she entered that same magic door above the Brady pub that Max (as a child) and other characters have, never to be heard from again.

  72. From barb

    Does anyone recall if Phillip actually slept with Melanie or did he stop himself? I don’t know why but I thought he had actually slept with her and then it she was p.o.’ed because he still told Bo about her even though she tried to use her bed to keep him quiet. Also, technically if he did, she was still only 17 at the time. I would hope he has better sense than that but we are talking about a man who is ruled by his codpiece and not his head.

  73. From Debbie

    I think Nicole will get Sammy’s baby to raise.

  74. From Alane

    I don’t usually blog, but have to get my 2-cents in about Days. I’ve been watching since 1965 and am considering not doing so any longer. — The current story lines are worthless. KEEP JOHN AND MARLENA and give them some good material. Melaine MUST go – Titan should buy her out on the condition she leaves town and NEVER returns, and she’ll take it ’cause she loves money more than anything. DANIEL is an unethical, amoral snake with no redeeming qualities. Too bad the writers had Nicole lose the baby and then not to tell EJ. This fake baby line is like Kristen all over again — it was stupid then and it is now. End it already! Nicole was pretty far along when the baby was stillborn; it should have been given a funeral and burial for heaven’s sake! What’s with Max hitting on his nieces all the time? I know they are blood related, but there are plenty of other girls in Salem. I don’t see any use for Max in any stories right now. Maybe he can go away with his sister when she leave town. And why has NOTHING ever been said about their mother(s)? Isn’t anyone in Salem curious about that? I’m so tired of Sami’s constant temper tantrums. Rafe is a nice guy who doesn’t deserve what she dishes out. That whole story line has been dragged out long enough already! I hope Lucas finds out about Chole and doesn’t marry her and somehow gets back with Sami and claims her baby as his. He and Chole have NO chemistry at all! Maybe she and Daniel could run off together and disappear. It’s so ironic that Days is keeping them and Melanie and Max and firing John and Marlena. Ironic and stupid! THough I’ve got more to say this is already too long, but I had to get it off my chest in case anyone ever reads this.

  75. From kristy

    Okay, Im sick of this whole thing with Nicole… but I have an idea of what might happen. It’s a stretch… but nothing would surprise me at this point…. Sami is considering leaving her baby at that orphanage… right?? well, I think somehow she’ll leave her baby there to protect it, and then Nicole (not knowing it’s Sami’s baby) will adopt it. The baby would still have EJ’s DNA! Nicole will end up with EJ and Sami’s baby without even knowing it!!!!

  76. From Gr8B1

    I want Sami to come clean w/EJ about the baby. I do like Sami and Rafe together, I think she could tell EJ and have Rafe too. I just want to scream because of Nicole and her not fessing up. I want her to be busted soooooo bad. I want EJ find out w/out her knowing.

  77. From laura

    I have to say I am loving some of the pairs now. I think Sami and Rafe are hot together, but they need to hurry up and get to the making out. Don’t get me wrong, the shy flirty thing is cute, but it is getting kind of old. I am also LOVING Stephanie and Philip! Their chemistry flies off the screen. I do think Max and Chelsea are not working, but I didn’t think that back in the day either, and I think I prefer Nicole and Brady than EJ. I don’t know, I guess there is just a part of me that wants to see EJ and Lucas alone, pining to be with Sami again while she is off steaming things up with Rafe. Plus, it would be awesome to see them groveling at HER feet for once.

  78. From laura

    By the way, I am so excited that John will be getting his memory back soon!!!! It’s just a bummer that they will be leaving soon after.

  79. From laura

    By the way, I am so excited that John will be getting his memory back soon!!!! It is just a bummer that they will be leaving soon after.

  80. From Lily

    Some of the people on Days need to be couples. Seems like there is just a bunch of hopping from bed to bed. No love, no commitment like John and Marlena and Bo and Hope. Seems like now the important thing is lots of clevage and who is a tiger in bed or the elevator. Lucus and Sami could be that super couple. I am with you IOan. I have a problem with a rapist being the love of Sami’s life. Lucas and Chloe UGH! I have to sip past them. I think Melanie is a good character. You aren’t supposed to like her. She is most annoying. She gives the show a little sest.
    I REALLY would like to see a fun character on Days. I enjoyed Nick then they had to go and make him a lunny. no one on the show makes me laugh anymore.

  81. From Jami in Corona, CA

    Well, maybe I am the exception, but I like both Nicole and Melanie! They both have the GUTS to go after what they want!

    I also like the Nicole Baby Storyline. I am convinced that Sami will give her baby to the nun at the convent/orphanage, and then Nicole will come along and adopt it. That will solve her problem very nicely, because in the event there is ever a paternity test, it will come back showing EJ as the father. Perfect!

    I am SO GLAD that Max and Stephanie have split up. There was just something so ICKY about a sexual relationship between a man and his niece!!! Yes I know that Max (having been adopted) is not “really” a Brady, but still!! With all the women in Salem, couldn’t Max have found one who is not related to him?! That storyline reallllly gave me the heebie-jeebies, and I am SO GLAD it is over.

  82. From Renata

    To the writers of DOOL; listen to your fans….drop the Nicole/EJ story line. We are all sick and tired of the fake pregnancy story line! It has been done to death!!

  83. From Terri

    I have watched DOOL for too many years to count. I have found myself fast forwarding most of the show. I hate Melanie, I’m bored with Kate/Chloe/Lucas/and the creepy doctor. I’m tired of the storyline with Nicole and wish she would get busted on her secret. I am most disappointed with the fact that John and Marlena will be leaving. DOOL will never be the same.

  84. From carrie

    i think somehow nichole will some how end up with sami’s baby

  85. From barb

    Amenn to Lily, isn’t that the truth… there really is no love or committment. It seems the soul mates are instantly sleeping with someone else the minute they hit a snag in their relationship so much for working things out. No wonder this country has such a high divorce rate. In anycase, it’s true there are no super couples and if the cleavage gets any lower, I fear something is going to pop out, besides the men’s eyes.

  86. From charlotte

    I like the post site. No one has said this ,but I am sure MANY people have thought about it . Why does EVERYTHING Chloe wears have ALL her cleavege showing. Has she ever fallen out on rehearsal or while taping an actual scene. LOL
    I like the thought of Nicoles baby alive and getting or even buying it back . Sami would NEVER give ANT babyup


    I can’t beleive that so many fans think that Sami will give her baby up

    No way especially now that she is finally having feelings for Rafe we need a new twist for Sami and Rafe ,also Rafe can deliver her baby

    The scene with Nicole fake pregancy is getting old!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. From Annie

    I can’t wait for Sami and EJ to be together. But it would be nice if Sami would be nice to him. I also like her with Rafe(what a hottie!) I truly think that they will hire John and Marlena back. They are making too much money, and I think they will bring them back part time. It had to happen sometime.

  89. From Bennie

    I see there are a lot of us that feel the same way. Get rid of this stupid baby story of Nicole’s. This makes EJ look as if he is going through life with both eyes and ears closed. He is neither seeing or hearing anything that makes any sense. Just acting as if he has no intuition at all. We all know in the past how intuitive he has been. So to me they have made EJ just plain stupid. Who would not recognize that something is not right with this picture. A lot of signs given to him but as I said, he is playing stupid. Get rid of this please. Writers are you listening to us, the viewers?

  90. From Mary Ann

    Please get rid of Melanie…She has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard and her acting is soooo put-on. (PHONEY) I really can’t stand to look at her anymore. Maybe if she keeps eating, they will throw the fat witch off the show.LOL I thought she would have been long gone by now. Everytime I see her, I want to slap her face. I wish someone on the show would do that for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, let John get his memory back. This is getting boring. Put him back with Marlena and get it over with.

  91. From ss

    I sure hope Nicole does not end up with Sami’s baby. I would love for Sami to pretend it is Rafe’s. Of course EJ will be suspicious and find out later he/she is his. I really want Nicole to be found out. I am so over this fake pregnancy story line. Max and Chels is just gross, he is her uncle. Daniel (Dr. Perv) just needs to be written off the show. They need some more new men for the show. Too manywomen not enough men.

  92. From daisy

    Since Sami didn’t even know Rafe until she was showing in her pregnancy, how could they pass off the baby as Rafe s and Sami s? Dr. B could have removed Nicole s live baby,and with the miracles of TV kept the very premature baby alive.

  93. From daisy

    it is interesting…..

  94. From Debby

    Heard John and Marlena are leaving days or were asked to leave. If the writers cannot come up with interesting story lines for these 2 DOOL veterans, shame on them. The John memory thing is a bit too much now.
    Nicole’s role should have let her continue to be nice and have some happiness for a change. Chloe and Lucas are so mismatched, she needs to go back to Europe and sing. Sami and Rafe make a great couple but think she and Lucas belong together, not with EJ. He is evil, he is a DeMeara. Melanie needs another role or to be paired up with someone, How all of a sudden she is an executive from being a secretary? Just a silly storyline. Victor was funny when he fired his son and grandson in the words of Donald Trump. I think Kate and Victor belong together. And it’s about time a male slept around with chicks instead of portraying women in that role. Although the young doctor is taking it a bit too far and he and Chloe will hit the sheets.

  95. From Tara

    I have a feeling Nicole is going to end up with Sami’s baby. No one knows she pregnant so I have a feeling this is whats going to happen. I cant stand Nicole and E.J!YUK! I also like Steph and Max better then Chelsea and him but whatever! We shall see how it all plays out…

  96. From Tara

    I definitely think Melanie needs a better role! Her role is kind of sickening and boring!

  97. From janiebell

    Nichole wakes froma winter’s night dream to learn she is still pregnant and engaged to marry E.J. Sami looses her baby and the killer is caught. Sami is freeded from the safe house. Sami&Lucas wed again. Brady and Cholie leave Salem. The old John&Marlena, and Steve/Patch&Kayla get more and better storylines. Victor rushes Kate to Europe to a famous cancer doctor. With Kate gonewith another and Brady left town with Colie, Doctor Dan is all alone. Bring on a love interest for Roman.

  98. From Amy

    Why does Melanie have to be eating in every scene now? The chocolates at Titan, the cookies at the pub, and there was a grape somewhere in there too. All the same way, she pops it in her mouth, does the same shoulder twitch then half smile and walks away.. its so annoying! Be versatile melanie, get some new moves, you can do it! you can do it! :)$

  99. From babygurl

    Sami would never give her baby up. It seems like that is where the writers are heading but it would make no since, sami is all about family and mainly her kids. I think the should put Sami and Rafe together and act like he is the father. I don’t think EJ is smart enough to figure it. Nichole has been unpregnant for how long now and he hasn’t figured it out.

  100. From karen

    nicole and ej gets married… sami and body guard get together and themmlater marries and keeps her baby as their own

  101. From Missey

    I think Nicole should get caught. I hope Nicole does not wind up with Sammy’s baby (that would not be a surprise)We came to that conclusion. Writers come up with some thing more original.

  102. From TJ

    Everyone hated Max and Stephanie together because they are step brother and sister, but no one has said anything about Stephanie and Philip being together and they are actually blood kin. Let’s review:
    Philip is Bo’s 1/2 brother-Kayla is Bo’s 1/2 sister-making Stephanie Bo’s 1/2 niece which makes Philip, Stephanie’s 1/2 uncle by blood. If I am wrong please correct me. But if I am right why are they dating?

  103. From joy

    Oh please please let nikki get caught,just don’t let her end up with sami’s baby,there is way to much of that and it gets old. sami needs to bring her baby home and let everyone figure out who’s it is. Maybe rafe will change his mind and pretend it is his. oh a good story that would be. and finally ty for gettin john back!!

  104. From Rob

    I love the Rafe/Sami storyline but I believe that Sami and EJ will get back togeher because the passion they have for each other will not leave. I believe when EJ and Nicole will try to get married, then sami will come in before they say their i do’s and reveal to everyone that she is pregnant with EJ’S child becz she don’t want to lose EJ to Nicole.

  105. From Lois

    Let Nichole find out that the Doctor has her baby and that she get her back just when he is about to sale her to another couple. EJ never finds out what happened and they get and married and raise their little girl. Let Sami and Rafe raise her child as Rafe’s child he had and his wife died in childbirth. Of course the truth will come out many years later that the child is really EJ whcih will make for some drama with Nichole and EJ.

  106. From April M.

    The whole Nic. n E.J. thing is too predictable, and therefor not intresting enough to drag out for 3 years, but I fear thats where it’s going. :(

    I like Philly with Steph, that works….. not so sure I want Max back with Chels. tho, like ‘um both but not together….. Chels. was good with Nick. I think they should bring him back. :)

    “Ethan” makes a good Brady….. and I like “Louis”‘s roll in Salemn.

  107. From Jack Kanov

    This whole Nicole thing is borrrrrrring. We fast forward through that crapola. Daniel is a shmuck. Chelsea is fugly. Hope needs food.

  108. From Cindy A.

    I sure hope they don’t give Nicole Sami’s baby. Baby mix ups and paternity tests come with every pregnancy. Can’t the writers come up with anything new?

  109. From Sheila

    I wish EJ would stop being such a sap around Nicole. Michael Corleone he isn’t, but if the writers would get a clue he could be a fair imitation. Stephano is still wandering around clueless. The cast is in place, the writers need to step up if they really want to keep DOOL around.

  110. From ladybug

    speaking of uncles and neices hooking up,,,isn’t phillip stephanie’s uncle? Bo and Kayla and phil are all sibblings which means that Kayla’s daugher Steph is having sex with her uncle!GROSS!!!At least Max is not a blood relative to Chelsea.I also agree to get rid of Melanie!(((REMOVED ACTRESS BASHING- Admin))). As for the fake baby story,E.J must never want to touch Nicole’s belly.My husband always wanted to feel the baby kick and it’s pretty obvious when they do so if E.J would just touch her,the fake belly would feel just that-fake!!I agree that the sleezy doctor told Nicole that she miscarried and is holding her little girl til she’s old enough to sell.Didn’t Nicole actually dream that she had a baby girl before the nurse told her she lost the baby and that it was a girl? Anyways I hope they get through this baby senario soon cause it is getting quite boring.That’s all!

  111. From pattypat

    I have taken time to read all the above comments and it is the same over and over with the Nicole baby storyline. I have been watching Days since the 60′s and I dont’ know what the writers are thinking about with the story lines. All I can say is the ratings will do DOWN when John and Marlene leave. That makes me sad.

  112. From Pam

    I think it is going to be a HUGE mistake for DOOL to get rid of John and Marlena. There are THOUSANDS of fans who love watching them and have been waiting for John to get his memory back so that he and Marlena can get back together.
    I think Lucas and Sami need to work out their problems and get back together and I think Nicole needs to come clean with EJ and tell him the truth. If they really love each other, then they can work through it together. I think EJ and Nicole are good together and Nicole seems to have changed. If Sami can change after all these years of the crap she has pulled, then why can’t Nicole change? She just wants someone to love her & isn’t that all any of us want?

  113. From jude

    Keep John and Marlene. Get rid of all the others. These two are a must for the show.

    Too many people know about Samis baby for it to remain a secret. I would like for this to be Lucas kid and then when they do the paternity test it could really be a surprise for everyone.

    But I also like the idea of Niks kid being alive. I thought the doctor was crooked from the beginning.

  114. From Elana

    Please take that pain in the butt Melanie off. When she is on I turn it. She is of no use to the show. Let Nicole get busted. She has schemed too long. Get EJ and Sami back together where they belong.

  115. From Lana Rideout

    I agree that Melanie needs to leave. Her whinny voice and sly smiles are enough to make me want to strangle her. It would be nice if they did a better job with Lexie and her little boy. It would help people see the right way to deal with such problems.
    Sami and Rafe – Yes! But I really think that Sami and Lucas belong together.

    Keep John (with his memory) and Marlena (Doc) together and on the show at least for a good story once in a while kind of the way they bring Doug and Julie back on the show. I always love the Horton Christmas tree with the ornaments.

  116. From Stephanie

    I LOVE SAMI AND RAFE! The whole sami and lucas got old and ej just never worked for me. I just really love them together! And I love phillip and stephanie. And I would love Nicole and Ej together if she would of just came clean about the miscarriage but i still think they could make a pretty interesting and villianish couple!!!

  117. From Demetria

    I hope Nicole gets away with it. She truly loves, in her way, EJ and he loves her, in his way. What the hell, a baby is a baby and if you think it is yours, it is anyway. So what? Let someone be happy for once. Nicole deserves to finally have some happiness. So few of us do.

  118. From Nancy

    I have watched DOOL for over 30 I’ve seen just about every scenario the writers have thrown at the viewers. But what will get me to rethink watching DOOL again will be a storyline re: Sami putting her baby up for adoption and Nicole adopting it. That’s low even for DOOL! And how will Nicole explain having a baby without EJ in the delivery room? Do the writers think we’re THAT stupid? Don’t do it!!!

  119. From lee

    been watching days for over 10 years. big mistake to lose john and marlena. two of your best characters. thet have been through so much it will be a big loss to days when they go.

  120. From Veronica

    Well, since Sami is actually pregnant, won’t she go on leave? Will she have to go into further hiding if Rafe has to clear their cover to recover. Nicole needs to be caught, but I hope it is by EJ. He is the James Bond of DOOL. If Stefano finds out first, he will hold it over EJ forever. Nicole is just psycho. I hope s

  121. From LC

    To TJ – #102, Phillip and Stephanie are not related by blood. Bo and Phillip have the same dad Victor not Shawn which would make there no Brady blood relation between Phil and Steph. Caroline is Bo and Kayla’s mom but Kate is Phillip’s mom. So although Kayla and Bo share blood relation, Phil and Steph are free to do whatever they like! LOL! PS: Technically speaking Bo isn’t even a Brady he is a Kiriakis by blood.

  122. From Ann

    I forsee the story plot of Sami giving her baby up and Nicole getting the baby. When paternity is done, it will show that it is EJ’s. This will cause angst for Sami and EJ will be raising her child, again. I expect a great cat fight between Sami and Nicole over this child.

  123. From Barb Grissom

    I have yet to figure out how the writers/producers can keep all of the selfish,shallow kids who don’t give a da– about anyone but themselves, especially that conniving Melanie and toss away the best couple they ever had in John and Marlena. Have ya ll gone nuts or are you shallow and selfish, too?

  124. From Jack Kanov

    Soon John and Marlena will be gone and so will we. I mean the writing is crappy to say the least and yes some of us could do better.
    The doctor has Nicole’s real baby stashed away in an incubator somewhere I bet. Melanie like Chelsea, fugly and annoying. Always a thorn in everyone’s side. Nick was good and geeky but tolerable. Bo’s stupid visions is a bad writing idea. Stephano show he’s has eyes in the back of his head but lately that eye must be closed. Doesn’t Ralph see any of this. Maybe Stephano knows what’s going on and he is just be coy and ready to spring out like a rattled snake. Maybe he has the Nicole’s baby and he and the doctor are working together. The one smart thing DOOL did was bring him back. Whatever happened to the old Brady. He was cool but I like this one too. Why is Kate’s voice so raspy? Does she smoke in real life for her voice to be like that? What’s up with the one nail being painted a different color. Stupppid. Dr. Dick needs to think with the right head. Daniel. Don’t get me started on him. Lexie needs weed. Bring back Celeste. She had nice rackage.
    GO CELTS! GO BRUINS! damn the Yankees and Lakers (evil empires)!
    rack me, I’m out
    Jack Kanov aka Dick Hertz

  125. From Jack Kanov

    I rally shoudl prouf reed

  126. From Lisa/St. Louis

    You could see the whole Nicole gets Sami’s baby coming from a mile away. When we found out the one hit wonder got them both preggers at the same time…please. What ever happen to the shock factor of Soap Opera’s? I miss that.

  127. From LA

    I like Nicole! Love her character, even if she’s evil. I want her and EJ to be together. I want Sammi and Lucas to get back together. I hate Lucas and Chloe together! She needs to get busted with Daniel!

  128. From Jess82

    Does anyone else think it’s possible that Nicole is going to end up with Sami’s baby?

  129. From Karen

    A lot of time was invested into building the “past” tie between Sami and EJ, and why they now found themselves almost uncontrollably drawn to each other and love bloomed between them. It is totally out of character for Sami to even CONTEMPLATE that giving her unborn baby to a convent would be better than keeping it and her and EJ battling the DiMeria’s for the right to raise their child as they choose (even Lucas finally acknowledged and accepted the deep love between Sami & EJ). I kinda liked someone’s earlier prediction that a very pregnant Sami crashes the EJ/Nicole wedding, proclaiming her continued love of EJ and the fact that she is carrying his second child. Which, by the way, already having one child being raised in the DiMera name, what is the big deal that a second one would as well. At least the siblings would all be together, raised by both sets of parents. And at Sami’s big wedding crash revelation, EJ also learns that Nicole is not really carrying his child any longer at all, and has been scamming him for months. I am tired of EJ being portrayed as some milk-toast idiot when his character lines in the past proved him to be quiet intelligent. And yes, Lucase and Chloe are an awful match, and Dr Dan is nothing more than a male slut who has consistantly had an unprofessional PHYSICAL involvement with every female patient he has been matched up with on the show so far. And to satisfy my curiousity, just what the devil IS his medical specialty cause so far I’ve seen him involved as the medical expert on everything from heart and organ transplants to spained ankles. For a medical degree covering that wide of a range, I would expect him to have been at least 50 yrs old by the time he completed his medical degrees and had some actual in-field practice. The writers of DOOL really do need to sharpen their game and listen to some of the viewers.

  130. From Karen

    by the way, I actually LIKE Nicole and think the acting of her charater is excellent. I just don’t want to see her story line “rewarded” by her getting away with the baby scam she’s trying to pull on EJ, especially when I think EJ and Sami belong together (destiny soul mates, so to speak).

  131. From Karen

    By the way, I actually LIKE Nicole and her character is played excellently. I just don’t like the idea that her character might actually be “rewarded” by successfully pulling off her baby scam against EJ when the writers spent do many months developing the “its destiny/fate that EJ and Sami be together”. Give some new, equally riveting story line for Nicole, but as another viewer wrote, DOOL needs some new “power” couples. Sami & EJ could be just that. Don’t start interesting storylines and then just let them derail without some believeable explanation. I would think that the Brady/DeMira marriage of Sami & EJ could give a lot of interesting “Romeo/Juliet” story lines down the road, given the long history of distrust and hate between the two families.

  132. From Emmy

    Dr Baker could have Nicole’s baby. Ater all he is a dr. He could have found a way to keep it alive with the intent on selling it. Or – he took it to Stepheno. You know how he values ‘family’. The pin prick on Joey could be something to clone him with. After all, Raulph was supposed to rebuild the lab. I got the feeling Dr Baker will call Stepheno or EJ and blab about Nicoles miscarrage to saave his skin.
    I don’t like Melonie. Her mouth (smile) is so irratating to look at. She looks like she is growling – Grrrrrr. She has no story line, dump her. I thought she would end up as Nicoles daughter and didn’t remember for some reason- amnesia or drugs. Max seems to have nothing to do with his sister???
    No-Sammy and Rafe? No! He is so dorky. I like Ej and Sammy together but I like EJ and Nicole too but Nicole will be found out, EJ will find out about Sammy’s baby and that will be that.
    I don’t like Lucas and Chloe-no chemestry. They have no great love affair. That came out of the blue.
    Dr Dan has a problem getting involved with his patients-a big problem. I think Kate knows it.
    Marlena and John gone?? No way!!
    And this thing with Bo, what is that about?

  133. From Misty

    Why not have the Nichole/Mia story work out like this:
    Nichol soon learns, alone with Mia that they are sisters and neither never knew the other exisited untill Nichole needed to adopt a baby. What a strange thing to have happen, the very baby Nichol wants to adopt is that of her very own sister. They soon bond and while searching medical history, learn that Nichol never lost her baby but that night Nichol went to the clinic, the “Doctor” Nichole saw took Nichol’s baby and has the baby stached in a steral area for premature babies and plans to Sell to the highest bidder” once the baby reaches maturiety, maybe Nichol herself. Nichol and Mia agree to work together to get Nichol’s baby. Nichol promises Mia that if/when they get Nichol’s baby, Nichol will take Mia to meet E.J. and she will introduce Mia as a “sister Nichol never knew she had.”, and Nichol will help Mia raise her baby, They will raise their babies together, as they,themselfes should have been raised together.

  134. From G in MN

    Question – if, as we are led to believe, Stephano had the mayor killed, why can’t he call of the hit on Sami?
    I would love to see Dr. Sleezy Dan and Chloe take off for an loooong vacation to Europe. They both are worthless. Please give Nicole a better story line. She is one of the best young actresses on the show. Sami and EJ should be together. Lucas is too much of a mama’s boy. Give him a backbone. Kate and Victor should get back together. BTW, didn’t Stephano propose marriage to Kate just a few months ago. It’s hard to keep up with storylines especially when they ignore things that have happened.

  135. From Carmel

    Please get rid of Melanie she makes me sick. She is worse then Stefeno always lurking around and no one wants her around anyhow never did care for her storyline .Keep Marlene and John around what are they thinking

  136. From Karen

    Hey Misty, that’s a pretty cool story line idea. I like it, with the exception that I still think Sami adn EJ need to be brought back together, or the point of those many months of developing the “past” tie that binds them was totally pointless and unrewarded. As a viewer, that’s what I occassionally expect for months of following a story line … a reward. Whether its bringing a couple together destined to be together, or letting a villianous charater get their come-uppence for their misdeeds. Even if the reward moment is short-lived, it still needs to be there, not just dropped with no ending (like the past bond that drew EJ and Sami together). Sure, he raped her, but there was a strong chemistry happening between them before, and after that incident. Come on DOOL writers, step up to the plate on some of these story lines or turn the task over to some of your viewers.

  137. From Sue

    I told my daughter she should be a writer. She guesses the plot before it ever happens. She said the writers are so predictable. I will see if she is right about this. She says Sami will give her baby up for adoption at the convent and of course Nichol will adopt the baby.

  138. From Trish

    I wish for Melanie to just somehow get caught in her own web of troubles. Like have that design that Nick came up with taken from her and she not see one red cent from it. Somehow Victor takes it from her cause as we all Know he is Tytan. I would like to see Sami and Rafi get together they are so cute. and Nicole to get caught as well she deserve it. I really do hope that the story does not go they way people are say about Nichole getting Sami’s baby. Sami needs to raise her children and she needs to do it with Rafi. And please Keep Stephanie and Phillip together, he deserves a good girl. Max brought this on himself.

  139. From katherine anderson

    I have watch days when julie shop lift at maces the day it started and the only comment i can say is when it gets boring i lose interest. the thing with nicole is getting unreal and can guess what is going to happen, It needs to end Brady is not so dumd to do everything nicole wants him to do after she allmost gave him dope. its time to bring it to a close because ej is suppst to be strong and belong with sami after all they have the boy together I will be intersting to see how nicole gets caught i hope its soon because right now its boring

  140. From katherine anderson

    By the way mac is not a brady he was addoped He is was not dating his niece excuse my spelling as i am 75 yrs and hands dont work to good

  141. From katherine anderson

    Brady is to smart to fall in Nicole traps . i want to see mac and stephine back together because phillp is to good for her. i want see shawn and belle back on the show .they are good couple ..i like to see john get his merony back so him and marlena get back together .and want ot see kate get caught in her acts the way she acts so goody to shoes .she seems act like her kids are prefect…

  142. From Karen M

    FINALLY, A FEEL GOOD MOMENT. I loved that Brady (with class) didn’t give in to Nicole and pretend to be her fiancee, AND he clearly and accurately stated to her the need to come clean with EJ, that if EJ does in fact love Nicole (as she claims), than EJ won’t throw her out, and if he does, than is EJ really worth keeping? Admittedly, that is EXACTLY what I am hoping EJ does when he learns the truth, because he only thinks he is in love with Nicole because she is “carrying his baby”. He still longs for Sami, and that would only intensify if he knew that she (Sami) was in fact carrying the second child they share. I’m still kinda liking that idea of Nicole and Mia discovering they are related (sisters?), and while Nicole might ultimately lose EJ (who she never really had), she might still end up finding a family to love and care for, which would be cool for her as well.

  143. From Diana

    I absolutely love watching Days! I stay up late everynight to watch the show since I work during the day. I’ve been watching for years. I’m sad to see Marlena & John go but I’m glad he’s getting his memory back. It would of been a good story line to see John begin tormenting Stefano for a change after regaining his memory, it would be interesting. John & Marlena are adorable together and so are Bo & Hope. These two sets of couples have been through alot but are still in love and that’s what it’s about. I like the story about Nicole but I would love to see EJ catch her in this lie somehow, either he finds the belly on the bed while she’s showering or being suspicious that he follows her and finds out she isn’t really pregnant. Maybe Nicole should wise up, after finding out the doctor is a baby broker, hasn’t it occurred to her that her baby is alive? Maybe Brady should do some snooping around & find the baby. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out but I hope Sami does not give her baby up. I would like to see Lucas tell EJ about Sami’s baby. I like EJ & Nicole together & I think Sami & Rafe would be a good couple.

  144. From Karen M

    Please PLEASE tell me EJ is gonna start disbelieving Nicole’s transparent stories and excuses and decide to quietly start checking up on her activities until the real truth comes out. Meanwhile, I am amazed that the “Doctor” appears to have eadily excepted the ageement made between Mia and Nicole without angling for some kind of financial cut from Nicole to keep quiet about the deal since he was initially in it for the money and now seems to have been cut out of the loop, so to speak. Hummm. Aside from the one night of physical contact between EJ and Nicole in the elevator, he’s not getting any more physical affection from Nicole then he did from Sami when she became preg with the twins, again from a one-time encounter (the boy must be potent). Wish they’d show EJ day-dreaming about Sami, her safety, and wishing she were back with him. It’d make his discovery of Nicole’s lying even sweeter when he realizes he should never have given up on winning back Sami’s heart.

  145. From Karen M

    Still hoping EJ is unwilling to accept Nicole’s stories without actually investigating them (why didn’t he ask her WHERE the faciloity is located where she is supposedly doing counseling? I can hardly wait for this girl to get caught in her lies (even more ironic when you recall that the whole “not really preg lets find a baby” story line was part of EJ’s OWN birth mothers story). Come on EJ, you’re too smart a guy to let Nicole slide this by you so effortlessly, after all, you ARE a DeMira. By the way, did the DeMira’s stop using their OWN investigators to find the guy trying to kill Sami? with their resources (financial and contacts), I would think progress was being made by them as well as whatever the police are finging out (which doesn’t seem to be much). We need this whole story line to be wrapped up and resolved. My interest is being diluted by the unbelievability of the story line. Come on guys. We’ve followed long enough. Give us some story-line reward.

  146. From Karen M

    I’m 56 educated professional woman who admits to being a DOOL fan since the 70s (taping shows when unable to watch due to work). But I am beginning to think the writers are either writing the scripts to appeal to Jr High age girls, or the scripts are being WRITTEN by Jr High age girls. Not only have the scripts become predictable, but are also often unoriginal and portray the charaters as annoyingly stupid and maniputable. I swear, if Nicole manages to successfully pull off this scam on EJ, and to add further insult, do it by somehow managing to do it by getting her hands on Sami’s baby, I will switch over to another channel. EJ is not stupid, and shouldn’t continue being shown as clueless, especially since it is a powerful Dimera. And Sami has turned into a real sappy whiner (far from the head-strong confident girl/woman we’ve seen over the years). For years she was one of my favorite fiesty characters, but I find it totally unbelievealbe that she would even consider giving up her baby (temporary or not). I really do enjoy the actress who plays Nicole, but this story line is seriously bugging me. It better shape up soon, or I’m outta here. Karen M

  147. From Kaitlyn

    Ya I hope someone tells EJ and then he gets all suspicious around Nicole and then she ends up blurting out the truth then her and EJ get in a big fight. It’ll blow up in her face that she didn’t tell EJ the truth when she had the miscarrige.

  148. From Kaitlyn

    Nicole’s a witch she doesn’t deserve EJ!!!!!!!

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