General Hospital Comings And Goings For December!

In the ever-revolving door to Port Charles, here’s what’s new.

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) and Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) will be leaving Port Chuck for parts unknown now that Robin has tied the knot. Come back soon!

We got to see Dylan Cash’s sweet face, albiet in his hospital bed in a coma, on December 29 when Carly and Sonny visited him on his birthday.

On December 23, Mike Muscat will play none other than Santa Claus. He’s been on many Primetime shows such as “Golden Girls,” “L.A. Law, and “The Practice.”
Sandra Hess (Sasha) will meet her maker (thus leaving General Hospital) the week of December 22.

Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) arrives in Port Chuck in time for Robin’s wedding. His first (of many!) air date is December 22. That’s a big fat Merry Christmas to vintage GH fans!

Senta Moses will make the scene in late December as a character named Winnifred. Her first order of business will be to cross paths with none other than Damian Spinelli.

Special Agent Rayner (Mark Pinter) has left the building. (For those who aren’t big Elvis fans, that means he’s gone.)

Looks like Carly’s going to have Jax in her orbit for longer! According to Ingo Rademacher’s website, he has just signed a new contract to stay on. That’s great news to this fan!

Sarah Joy Brown’s contract was up in January 2009, but Soap Opera Fan Blog has just learned that she has already signed a shiny, new one-year contract! Congrats Sarah!
Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) is about to return to GH for a ‘handful of appearances’ according to one source. Huh? Please tell me that he won’t be a ghost!

We already know that Nadine’s Aunt Raylene will be played by Mary Gross beginning December 4. But who knew that a the rest of the clan would be coming along too? Jack Wallace (Nadine’s Uncle Vance) and Brian Turk (cousin Bo) are coming to Port Charles on December 3. On December 12, Ian Reed Kesler will make his appearance as Eric Holt, Aunt Rayleen’s lawyer. I just bet that Aunt Raylene has plenty of quirky expressions about lawyers, don’t you?

Now that “Lipstick Jungle” has been cancelled, will Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett) finally make her appearance in Port Charles for a while?  All we know for sure is that Bob Guza still wants to lure her back and she is still interested in working something out.

Word is that Maurice Benard is very close to inking a new deal to keep Sonny Corinthos front and center in Port Charles for a while longer! Now all he has to do is convince Sarah Joy Brown (Claudia) to resign when her contract expires on January 14, which is reportedly exactly what he intends to do.

It’s not clear yet exactly who will play Sonny and Olivia’s son Dante, former Y&R actor David Lago has been seen around the studio. Look for Dante to come to Port Charles early in the new year.

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