General Hospital Weekly Summary from December 22 – 26!

It was pretty much ‘Scorpio Week’ in Port Charles.

With Robin’s wedding looming, Christmas seemed like a sidebar for the most part. She asked Robert to give her away, but he felt as if Mac deserved the honor more than he did. He agreed to talk to Mac about it and, of course, Mac gave his blessing. At a Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese takeout, Robin toasted her family and thanked them for all the support through the years!

Although Maxie was worried sick that something would go wrong before Robin and Patrick could exchange vows, nothing stood in the way. Patrick had heartwarming talks with Sonny and Robert, while Robin had hers with Mac and Anna. Luke showed up and helped Robert to lighten up and Matt showed up to stand up for his half-brother.

Claudia spent the week trying to find the DVD that Jerry planted at Sonny’s house. She covered her suspicious behavior by telling Sonny that she was being forced to have sex outside of their marriage because he won’t let them ‘go there.’

Sasha died before telling Jason where Sam was, but she managed to assure him that the Russians were leaving town. Spinelli’s computer prowess helped to locate Sam and Jason jumped down to cover her up while they waited for help. She narrowly escaped hypothermia, but after a short hospital stay she came home and promised Lucky that she wanted a fresh start with him.

Carly and Morgan bid Jax a sweet farewell before he left to spend the holidays with Lady Jane. Jax gave Carly a kiss under the mistletoe at Morgan’s urging, but he looked pretty happy to do so.

Jason went to Sonny to tell him that the Russians are leaving so there was no longer any need for him to align himself with the Zaccharas any longer.

That’s pretty much the scoop for this week guys. Do you have anything to add? Post your comments below and let Soap Opera Fan Blog readers know your thoughts about what’s going on (or ‘going down’) in Port Chuck.

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