New General Hospital Poll: What’s the Worst Storyline of 2008?

A lot has happened to our friends in Port Charles in 2008.

Give some thought to what you really didn’t enjoy watching this year. If a different storyline comes to mind as your personal worst, please comment below and see if anyone else agrees!

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  1. From christie s.

    The kidnapping of jake a SECOND time, and the obvious whitewashing of sam mccall’s character in that storyline. Not only lame an insult. This fan and many others haven’t forgotten what that her character was responbible for the first kidnapping by doing NOTHING and sitting on the information for days. Tired of TPTB thinking fans are stupid.

  2. From Terese'

    I hated that they put Elizabeth and Jason through another kidnapping. This is crazy. I guess they did it so they can put horrible JASAM back together. She is forgiven for watching Jake get kidnapped the first time because she saved him this time. Give me a break. If Gh insist on Jason back with Sam and Lucky back with Elizabeth, I am done! How many years do we have to watch these boring couples?

  3. From christie s.

    Terese’ I totally agree with you. What bothers me more than anything is how obviously absurd Jason and Elizabeth forgiving Sam for what she did, even more absurd is hearing about Jasam teaming up b/c I haven’t watched since the kidnapping. STUPID!!

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