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Days Of Our Lives was lucky enough to have landed veteran soap actress, Sandra Robinson [formerly Sandra Ferguson] to play opposite Drake Hogestyn’s John, and Deidre Hall’s Marlena! It was a pleasure chatting with her. She began by telling me she misses snow, living in California, and then filling in the blanks about how, after jumping to Primetime and filmwork, she has found herself back on Daytime on Days Of Our Lives.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: For anyone who’s not familiar with you, please tell us about yourself.

Sandra: Well, my history in soaps started with Another World. I was just out of high school when I started that! I was on that show playing Amanda Cory for a very long time. I left it, then came back, and then it went off the air! I’ve also worked on The Bold and the Beautiful, Sunset Beach, and General Hospital, so I kind of floated around a little bit! After General Hospital it was not my intention to go back to Daytime, but the executive producer at Days Of Our Lives, Gary Tomlin, is awesome, and I’m glad now that I did. I’m not going to say I did it for him, but he was a big reason I did it. When I heard he was there – I have a lot of respect for him – and some of the writers I recognized too – it’s actually been a great set, it has that kind of ‘family’ feel in every department because a lot of them have been there for many years. It’s very welcoming and a very nice place to work.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: I remember when Another World ended, and how upsetting it was for so many people – what was it like for you?

Sandra: The most memorable thing, is that we knew that we were going to find out one way or another that day if the show was going to be cancelled or not. The producer called all of us, cast and crew, down to the set. We were in the middle of a move from one set to another, so everyone came to the set we were moving to for the next scene and kind of stood around it. The executive producer walked into the middle of the set and it was a graveyard! I just remember laughing – what else were you going to do? I just thought it was so ironic that he was standing in a graveyard telling us that this show was going off the air. It’s a strange feeling.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: You weren’t the first actress to play Amanda on Another World, and you stepped in for other actresses on The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital [as Brooke and Felicia, respectively], but you originated your role on Sunset Beach, and of course, your current role on Days Of Our Lives, Dr. Charlotte Taylor. What is it like to originate the role as opposed to jumping in and playing an established character?

Sandra: Actually, I think it’s a lot more fun! It can be a little intimidating, because this character [Charlotte Taylor], for example, has a lot of idiosyncrasies and things that will come out concerning her ability to deal with her own emotions – a psychologist! [laughs] But, because there wasn’t a ‘map’ of the character when I signed up for this, it was kind of, ‘Well, what do they want?” and they’re looking at me, saying, “So, what’s she going to do?” So, we were all kind of building as we went along, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. She’s got a lot of interesting little corners of her personality.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: You’ve done lots of work in Primetime as well – most recently on Two and a Half Men. What was that like?

Sandra: [laughs] That was a really small role! It really was, but just being around the talent on that show, the writers, and I worked with Jon Cryer, who I loved – he’s just so good! So that was fun, but I’ve also done a couple of Hallmark movies. The one that’s coming out next is called “Ice Dreams”, which will air on the Hallmark channel sometime this winter – probably in January. I play the arch-nemesis girl – it was fun! I actually got to ‘slither away’! [laughs]

Soap Opera Fan Blog: You also have a project on the go titled, “Georgian, Warrior of Honor”.

Sandra: I’ll be filming that in January. That’s an independent film with a very interesting director, who met with me, and I agreed to do a little supporting role in the film – so it should be sort of fun! I have another film called “The Man in the Silo” that is also set for distribution and is really neat. It’s great to have the opportunity to work with new talent. For example, the guy who is doing the movie I’m shooting in January just came out of film school. He won awards doing films even while he was still in school! So you get to see what the new take on films is – it’s fun.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: Sounds like you don’t have much time to yourself, but what do you like to do if you do get time off?

Sandra: Well, I have a horse – that takes a lot of time. I don’t claim to be a good rider, but she’s teaching me! [laughs] We [she and husband, Allen Robinson] live in an area where I can do a lot of hiking and mountain-biking, and do little day trips and things to wine country, and we see friends and movies when we can. I try to see movies when they come out, I do miss a lot though. I would have liked to have seen “The Dark Knight” in the theater!

To get the scoop on Dr. Charlotte Taylor, and read Sandra’s hints about what’s ahead for her Days Of Our Lives character, visit our sister site,, to read part two of the interview!

Do you remember Sandra from any of her previous roles? Do you remember when Another World ended? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. From Anastasia

    I remember when Another World ended. It was terrible. I was so sad. I had watched Another World for over 25 years and it seemed like family to me. I still say that it was the best soap on TV. Sandra was great as Amanda. To me she was the only Amanda.
    It is great to see Sandra on TV again.

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