Soap Opera Fan Blog Speaks To The Young and the Restless’s Eric Braeden!

Getting Eric Braeden’s Viewpoint on Victor Newman!

Soap Opera Fan Blog was extremely fortunate in being given the opportunity to speak with Eric to find out what his impressions are of the latest storylines for Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless, as well as his outlook on the soap industry as a whole!

Soap Opera Fan Blog: On the show, Victor has struggled through a depression since Sabrina’s death. Some viewers felt that this didn’t fit their perception of Victor – what is your perspective?

Eric: I agree with them. I think it was precipitous – the relationship didn’t last long enough to have caused that, I don’t think. Could that happen in reality, in that short period of time? I don’t know – that’s a very good question. [Maybe with other aggravating factors] I think what really drove him to it was his break up with Nikki. Because that was based on the long term, and he could not understand her sudden interest in politics and wanting to run, and being advised by a man he knew was no good. Then, his son collaborating with Jack Abbott – all of that absolutely just rubbed him the wrong way. I think he saw things fall apart around him, and I think the thing with Sabrina was just the final insult. He felt alienated from his family – that caused the depression.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: We’ve been joking here at Soap Opera Fan Blog that the longer Victor stews behind bars, the worse it’s going to be for Jack Abbott! How do you feel about having another go ’round between Victor and Jack?

Eric: Oh, absolutely! It’s always good! You know, Peter plays it so brilliantly – it’s very good. It is partly what drives the show, I think.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What is your take on Victor’s son, Adam, and how he has managed to alienate himself from his father to such a degree?

Eric: Obviously, there is something very sad about it, and yet he feels so utterly betrayed by him, that he has no deep feelings for him. He just feels utterly betrayed. And he felt utterly betrayed by his other son, Nicholas, who framed him and went to the Feds to squeal on his father’s corporate malfeasance. He has never, basically, forgiven his son. So there’s something very sad and tragic in Victor’s life – that both sons have turned against him. I’m very close to my son, [in real life] so it would make me very sad.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: Do you have an opinion on them writing in the character of Adam, and then having that betrayal happen?

Eric: I think it all worked out very well, I really do. The way they did that is very clever, because it is such a fundamental betrayal of the father/son relationship. He had a father to open all the doors for him, and he got ahead of himself – too ambitious – he didn’t really know his father either – obviously not. So, therefore, it’s not as painful as it would be with his other son.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: You’ve had your share of love scenes lately, both in your movie, as well as on the show with Raya Meddine [Sabrina] and Eileen Davidson [Ashley]. Do these get easier with time?

Eric: I’ve never really been uncomfortable [doing love scenes]. As you get older, and the actresses get older, it is easier to play – obviously, it is based on a sexual attraction – but more than that it’s the emotional. The emotional ramifications of being in love plays more easily as one gets older. One has more experience. When one is in love, one is totally vulnerable, and in that lays the potential for enormous disappointment and hurt. No wonder they say that love and women have brought down empires! It’s true – one is able to lose it whilst in love. As you get older you understand more and you can play it better.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: So, now that Victor is back with Ashley, and Abby is due to return, what’s ahead for Victor?

Eric: Well, I’ve loved working with Melody [Nikki], and will continue to, I’m sure, in the future. I’ve loved it all those years, and she has a great sense of humor, and is wonderful to work with, but I always felt from the storyline point-of-view, that with Ashley, there was always something left unsaid and unresolved in that relationship, and hopefully it will now run its full course.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: How do you think Victor will cope with having a teenager in the house?

Eric: She’s delightful! [Hayley Erin, as Abby]  She’s wonderful – very good – wonderful to work with. A real breath of fresh air. I’m a lucky man.

Soap Opera Fan Blog is pleased to tell you that this exciting conversation with soap icon, Eric Braeden, doesn’t end here! Our sister site,, has even more!  Visit to read about what Eric’s favorite scenes have been, find out about the man himself, and hear what he thinks about the Don Diamont ouster and the future of Daytime! A;so, don’t forget to check out the interview on where Eric discusses his film, “The Man Who Came Back,” and find out how to get a copy for yourself!

- Candace Young

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